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Dolphins narrow gap to 16-10 to start fourth quarter

It has been a tough day for the Dolphins.

And yet, they are narrowing the lead the Texans held at halftime and they have a chance to take the lead with a touchdown.

Ain't that crazy?

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there, please.


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i would feel better is sparano had a dennis green moment instead of his baby-babble nonesense.

How can a once proud franchise be like this for the last four years under this management ? We need a BIG change here jn Miami... I want my winning fin's back!!!

Hail to the King! Peter King that is, he was dead on when he predicted this. FU KING, DIE YOU NY LOVING FAT SAUSAGE SWALLOWING PIG.

ok, so maybe we're a laughingstock this year. Sparano is a joke, Henne is Henne, Ireland is great at acquiring B-talent. Let's bring in the next front office.

season over

If soprano says we did okay, he should be fired on the spot

If I was on the Dolphins, I would be lying to myself if I felt my coach was good enough to make us champions. I know these guys are fed up with it.

defense needs to get their sh*t together, and learn how to wrap up the ball carrier when making a tackle.

Columbo-another failed Cowboy-finishes off the Dolphins-you knowq the team that gave him millions

Watching the pats. Man I wish someone would seriously hurt brady

WTF! Good players bad couching! Why was Bush not on the field more often? If TS likes Thomas so much figure out how to put both on the field at the same time!

This is still my team, but I'm not watching this crap anymore! I'm tired of it! I'm certainly not paying to go to the stadium!

So we got beat by the 2 best offenses in NFL.
Big Deal.

As Colin Cowherd says on ESPN Radio....Good teams have a good Owner, Coach, and QB......We are 0 for 3.

MaCo ... you're absolutely right, the Robbie family wouldn't have had to sell if there wasn't such an incredibly high estate tax at the time.

I'm glad I canceled Sunday ticket on Friday and saved myself $330.

next home game I will be there, so at least there will be another sellout

Another disapointing loss. how much longer can the fans endure these losses and awful team play. Poor coaching terrible QB play. Miscommunication on special teams. What a waste guys...I have been a friend since 1983 and I have been discouraged as a fan by this teams play this year. I can't even buy a jersey this year because there is not one player that I completely root for on this team.

fire jokarano!!! i'm about ready to boycott all things Miami

The first two games of the year remind me of TET offensive...There is NO light at the end of this tunnel...I have supported Sparano and Ireland the last two years, despite some questionable decisions...I do believe the dolphins have some talent, but Ireland lacks the ability to find the necessary additional pieces of the puzzle, while Sparano lacks the ability to bring together the talent he already has...Unfortunately, there are no easy answers and it appears things are going to get worse, much worse, before they get better - very disappointing...Armando do you agree???

any doubt sporano should have been replaced? That timeout call was just the latest example of incompetence at the coaching level...please dump him and now!

Never in my 20 years as a fan of this team have i been so disgusted. Steven Ross should save himself some face and just promote Nolan as head coach and get rid of Sparano. Send a message to this locker room.

Poor JT...

Posted by: Marc | September 18, 2011 at 07:03 PM

Screw JT.

We are 0-6 against a new franchise. What a disgrace. I hope this team loses every game because they simply suck.

Gradkowski is unbelievable. Brady just went over 400 yrds

Phin fans we are just not verty good team, thats why mistakes for us are magnified because we need to play an absolute perfect gaem against these types of teams. just can'y happen I'm praying we lose every game and find a coach and build with luck.

Mercy from texans, how embarrassing

0-2 at home when does the coach get fired?


Go for a TD ... completely humiliate this totally useless staff.

Henne is not the problem with this team right now, defense & Special Teams

Ross, your fan base is sick of this. Do something, or even sick guys like me are out. And that is something I NEVER thought I would say.

i can't believe that first half...totally unacceptable

Will be 11 years running that we will not make the playoffs. No 0-2 teams make playoffs since added divisions What a joke


get gruden get luck or jones get us on the right path to winning

Hey phinfan...Notice you didn't bet on the comeback...

Plane's ready, boss! Where to?

Damn Vontae is poorly conditioned man...the best corners in the league dnt get taken out of games becuz something is hurting them...becuz they make sure they are properly conditioned...damn loud mouth cant even back up his talk...jzt keep ur mouth shut from now on Vontae...


Classy move by Kubiak.

I can't do another year of this, last year I buried nine dogs, the shelter is starting to ask questions. Well I better start digging before it gets dark. I'm getting a French poodle next.

Im convinced we do have some talent on our roster. We just have one of the worst hc's in the entire league. Sparano needs to be fired tomorrow morning!

Please Ross, sell this team to someone who cares, or at least someone who has some football sense.

PriceMaster - you clearly know nothing about football

normally, saying fire the coach is a knee-jerk reaction...but what else is there to say about sparano? the verdict is in.

Should have gone at 4 and 1, but they prefer to go on 4th and 19, that tells you what kind of coach we have!!!

Thanks for the live blog Armando. I will continue to read the Herald about the Dolphins everyday.

Mando, we use to own the AFC! What's happened!!!

Armando...how could we lose to a team with Jason Allen in the secondary? Is there anyone in Virginia who is a Dolphin's fan?

Post game press conference with the Fist pumper.

NFL network.. Tony, how does it feel to lose all your home games once again?

Fist pumper: Well, we had single coverage and man wide on a 5 and 3 fist in and out two and 3 play and the tea was supposed to pull the guard.

ESPN: TS, why did you think that you would trick the Texans on that 4th down play?

Fist pumper: Weeeellllll, the 4th tree and wide was going to the slot but the Fist and anis got kind of turned around so we went hot route and chad read the TE but the wide was single coverage and we called a time out as they read our play.

Good night.

Nolan, Nolan, Nolan, NOlan!!! This team is stupid!!! They are a reflection of the Joke we have as a coach

Love the phins but my heart is broken...

I see this happening: Sparano fired. Next year, a new head coach. Daboll is out. The new coach brings in his own guys, a new system, and we start this entire, depressing cycle all over again.

Don't understand how this guy is still coaching this team!!! If you can't win your home games then [in the words of Vince McMahan ] YOUR FIRED!

So is anyone planning on going to the next home game

Those that want to pin this on the QB are nuts! Our o-line sucks and this team reminds me of the Canes under Randy Shannon, no focus and attention to detail. Sparano should have been canned! Jeff Fisher would be my choice.

"Empty stadium, team that is out of shape and ill prepared to play, the field looks terrible, 11 out of 12 lost at home, How pathetic this once proud franchise has become."

Posted by: CreteJohn

Well put my friend!

Full scale change must happen - maybe in 4 years we can be relevant again. Just plain sad.

Out coached once again

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