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Dolphins narrow gap to 16-10 to start fourth quarter

It has been a tough day for the Dolphins.

And yet, they are narrowing the lead the Texans held at halftime and they have a chance to take the lead with a touchdown.

Ain't that crazy?

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there, please.


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Fire the Italian!

Mercy act from one coach to another not scoring agian. How nice.

Bills 2-0
Patriots 2-0
Jets 2-0
Dolphins 0-2


Love Jeff Fisher, I like Daboll and Henne also,HENNE is not the problem right now

I'm sick, this was a winnable game. I've supported this front office, coach, and QB way too long now...they all must go

Tony, are you concerned about the rest of the season?

"Well, at the end of the day...when this thing is all said and done...at the end of the day, we played a clean football game...If I can watch the film, I'd say the plays were there and we just didn't execute on only 1 play...so, at the end of the day...we'll get this straigtened out when this thing is all said and done"

MANDO! IM EFFING POed!!!! WTF! Every weak team improves and WE DO NOT!!!! Effing kill me!! We suck!

The coaching staff needs to be on the first short bus out of town!!!


Phins look like a lost puppy every week.....they cant control mommentum of any kind of drive without taking 10 steps back...At this point, sparano looks like he has lost this team....0-2...1-11 at home last 12 games,

special prayer goes out to mike dee and stephen ross for fillin the seats the rest of the year....


WOW our Dfence can not stop anything! Thay F%$#@*^ SUCK

0-2 as expected. 0-6 vs the Houston Texans. What a loser franchise.

Live update (unfortunately a very very sad one).
The fins loose and are now 0-2 once again. This has got to be THE WORST team in the league right now. Sporano and Ireland, we the fans demand both your resignations effective immediately! Your incompetence has resulted in nothing other than a failure. Go ahead and do us all a favor and blackout ll of the remainding games. It just hurts too much.


Rock bottom, anyone? Anyone?

well they just lost, 0-2 and 2 games back in the division what a way to win the crowd TONY

Sparano is an O line guy. Bottom line, that is where we should be heads above the rest. Still, Ross is an idiot, proved it at the end of last season. I share your frustration. We have to start over with a new organization.

With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins pick...Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

If Belichek suddenly became HC down here, I guarantee you that half the roster would be cut. The problems here run very deep.

Absolutely pathetic..what is Carroll doing covering Johnson in the first place. Lets face it, this team is just not very good, I think they got out-played AND out-coached. The offense can move the ball, they just can't seem to make the plays when it counts. The defense just plain wilts. If they get more than 4 wins this year, I will be surprised.

We are 0-2 while the jets bills and pats sit at 2-0. Smdh... Thanks alot wannBe fish!

With this staff they would pick a long snapper with the first pick ... not Andrew Luck.

SPoreANUS needs to be on Jersey Shore with all his Guidos not coaching an NFL team.

Nollan carrol needs to join Benny sapp at the picket lines.........for unemployment...

This kid has been burned consistantly in two straight weeks....

2 good things have come out of the this game, Daniel Thomas is a stud running back, and we only have to wait about 4 more weeks for the regime change!

Columbo is a boy playing in a man's game, got his a s s handed to him today. Defense couldn't tackle a McDonald's Big Mac. Defensive line is always over-matched, wouldn't matter if we were playing a D-3 college offense, we'd get gashed every play. Solia did his impression of the invisible man for most of the game, don't understand why Nolan Carrol isn't selling insurance, he has no business being in a defensive secondary.

Way to go the last four years FO...Ireland, Sparano, all others responsible...
Mando..ask some tough questions at the presser...also tell them that the fans are calking for Ireland and Tony's heads!!!

Yes the problems are very deep, to those who thought it was all Henning...

A good organization would win with Henne. He is not the issue here folks.

Withe the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft....The Miami Dolphins have chosen Mike Adams...Offensive Tackle, OHIO State

The offense can't finish, the defense now officially sucks. The "once proud franchise" was a generation ago. The fans of today only know this team as a bottom-feeder...sad, so sad...

Someone pick up the phone and Call Jeff Fisher.......

I can't do another year of this, last year I buried nine dogs, the shelter is starting to ask questions. Well I better start digging before it gets dark. I'm getting a French poodle next.

Posted by: Why Me | September 18, 2011 at 07:10 PM


2 down, 14 to go before with draft Andrew Luck with the first pick.

All you idiots who think Henne isnt the problem!!! Do you honestly believe he can bring the team to a superbowl or even playoffs. here is nothing consistent abut him. Henne sucks Sparano is just garabage. The o line sucks, Ireland sucks. I can go on and on and on. Jesus himself cant save this frnchise.

I'll admit, Daboll seems OK, no doubt the worse calls are the ones that Soprano makes, like critical 4th down plays and going for it or FG tries. Also, Thomas might be a find.

Otherwise, this whole thing stinks to high heaven. Fire Soprano tonight, elevate Nolan to HC (no real coach is going to take over team in week 3 of a season), and get ready to replace Ireland ASAP.

Henne regressed to the mean this week, go get Garrard so we can be competent when he has aparticularly bad game or gets concussed.

However, no sense doing anything if Soprano remains HC.

The only team in the league that is suffering from the lockout. How sorry can it get? These are professionals at work, (supposedly). This is a team that evidently is not prepared for this season. A bunch of old, heartless, tired, unconditioned, broken down atheletes with no fire and soul. This is going to get ugly big big time. Desperation mode is seriously in effect. And for all you dumb nitwits that are so optimistic, retire all your future dumb comments. This team is the laughing stock, circus act, baffoonery of the league. This beautiful city deserves better. Damn you Ross!!!!

if anything Henne has played the best on our team so far this year he has put the ball where it needs to be 99% of the time. The receivers have dropped TDs and our kicker can't make a field goal.

When we reach the 0-4 mark in two weeks and the pressure is on the owner Sparano will be fired - at that point who the hell cares who's the coach, he's just keeping the seat warm.

When we reach the end of the season and win only 3 or 4 games, then Ireland can go...

What a shittie team

When we reach the 0-4 mark in two weeks and the pressure is on the owner Sparano will be fired - at that point who the hell cares who's the coach, he's just keeping the seat warm.

When we reach the end of the season and win only 3 or 4 games, then Ireland can go...

When we reach the 0-4 mark in two weeks and the pressure is on the owner Sparano will be fired - at that point who the hell cares who's the coach, he's just keeping the seat warm.

When we reach the end of the season and win only 3 or 4 games, then Ireland can go...

Can not blame ont he offence the defence does not stop anything

Is there anyone in Virginia who can share my pain? I am officially po'd.

Yea me Im from VA and Im a big time fan just dont get our defence anymore cant stop anything

Our players are not conditioned. That's coaching. We have lost the advantage of playing at home. Other teams are letting us wear ourselves out. Watch, we will win some road games.

yea Im from Va defence??? dont know where they are

Where in VA?



Another decade of this type of incompetence, and this franchise will not be guaranteed to be around much longer than that. The times, they are a changin', but not the stinkin Dolphins.


They can't be serious about winning if their gonna put Nolan Carroll on Andre Johnson. If were not at least a .500 team in mid season, I hope Stephen Ross fires Tony Sparano. Then Bring in a new GM next season because Jeff Ireland is not a good talent evaluator. They had four years. Bill Parcells failed us.

LC1516 whre you from

The outrage on this blog is not as widespread as it would be in another city. Our owner is not pressured enough by fans plain and simple. If Ross ran the Steelers this way, he would need police escorts into the stadium and 24 hour security. This guy needs to grow a pair and show us he cares.

Right now i live in Richmond.

Another peice in the Ross puzzle falls into place.

If our Dfence could play like last year and offence play as good as this year so far Minus the thimas fumble we would be undefeated. but goes to show that we cant have both!


Jason, our team never plays a complete game. Sparano can not get all units to consistantly play well. This has been the case for his entire tenure. We have talent, we just lack execution. I mean 6 trips to the red zone and 1TD?? Are you kidding me?

Im not going to blame this on a part of the franchise that does not play the game but the part that has taken a step back from last year (THE DEFENCE)

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