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Dolphins roster moves and what they mean

The Dolphins have announced the roster moves which got them to the mandated 53 man roster:

WAIVED: CB Vincent Agnew, TE Brett Brackett, WR Patrick Carter, G Garrett Chisolm, QB Pat Devlin, TE Dedrick Epps, LB Jonathan Freeny, RB Nic Grigsby, T D.J. Jones, T Matt Kopa, WR Phillip Livas, WR John Matthews, CB Nate Ness, LB David Nixon, QB Kevin O’ Connell, WR Julius Pruitt, S Mark Restelli, LB Robert Rose, TE Mickey Shuler, LB Quinton Spears.

CONTRACTS TERMINATED: S Gerald Alexander, CB Will Allen, NT Ronald Fields, RB Larry Johnson, FB Lousaka Polite,T Ray Willis.

PLACED ON INJURED RESERVE: T Lydon Murtha. A source tells me Murtha suffered a torn ligament in a toe.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Dolphins are at 53 players and some that made it today might not be on the team in a couple of days. The Dolphins are right now searching for a No. 3 QB -- which, by the way, may be a kid added to the practice squad. They have six WRs on the roster so that might be a position where movement yet happens. The club kept six DEs but only three RBs. All this raises questions and makes it clear this team is not complete.

The Dolphins kept Jeron Mastrud over Shuler. Also, John Jerry, a disappointment this camp, makes the team anyway. I suppose the draft pick investment in Jerry from a year ago -- a third rounder -- and the fact he's so young has saved him.

The Dolphins kept 10 linebackers -- five inside linebackers and five outside linebackers.

The Dolphins kept none of their undrafted rookie free agents.

It seems that rookie Frank Kearse beat out the veteran Fields for the backup NT job. That is not quite right, in my opinion. Fields is better than Kearse today. But the Dolphins can always move Randy Starks to NT if starter Paul Soliai is injured for any significant amount of time. So in fact, it seems Fields was not able to beat out Starks for the backup job. Kearse is a project but he's shown flashes and he's a fighter.

By the way, Chester Taylor was cut today by the Chicago Bears. Brandon Meriweather was cut by the New England Patriots. Because both have at least four seasons of experience, they become unrestricted free agents right away. They do not go on the waiver wire to be picked up by whichever team claims them. I hope the Dolphins are on the phone with somebody right now!

The biggest surprise of all this news has to be the cutting of Polite. Tony Sparano gushed about Polite and talked of how you couldn't find legit FBs in today's NFL anymore. He said Polite was one of those valuable guys and said how it would take a lot to convince him Polite had to go.

Well, he got convinced. I do know this, Polite was one of the top 53 on this team. He was a good locker room guy, also. Obviously, the Dolphins found reasons that overcame those assets. He was expensive in that he was going to cost $1.45 million against the cap. The Dolphins save $1.35 million by cutting him. This was the final year of his contract.

I suppose it is possible Polite is signed after the first week of the season at a discount and also without a guarantee for the entire year. But I also think other teams might show some interest in him.

Finally, I cannot stress enough that this does not end the moving and shaking of the Dolphins roster. This is mediocre team by most accounts. It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite. I assume the front office is busy doing some of that work as we speak.

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jalen parmelee was cut by the ravens. i'd like to get him back.

Why Pat Devlin? Doesn't that leave us with only 2 QB's?

Sad to see Lou Polite go.

Lol yeah! has nothing better to do then to subscribe and be first post each time. Whatever makes you happy in life

Oline still in trouble. RB situation not impressive. Going to be eating lotsa pasta.

Why would they cut Devlin? I love having a rookie QB to come in for garbage time. It makes garbage time feel more productive. I guess Reggie Bush really isnt a candidate to be the PR. Why would they cut Polite? He's worth keeping even if its just for short yardage.

I always thought "yeah" was Armando.

HELP! My right side is falling apart!

Lol yeah! has nothing better to do then to subscribe and be first post each time. Whatever makes you happy in life

Posted by: What Are Your Credentials? | September 03, 2011 at 06:43 PM

Subscribe? Are you kidding me? You pay for this juvenile pie throwing contest? Whatever makes you happy in life.


Posted by: Yeah! | September 03, 2011 at 06:37 PM

Q: How does HE do it?

A: Blog Hit Troll ;)

Keeping spot open for carson palmer???

If you subscribe to this blog you get an email/notification (I believe) every time a new blog is posted. That's how he knows and posts. He just has nothing going on at that time so he has time to post. I mean normally I'm busy and check all the blogs at one time

They'll try to get Devlin on the PS.

I wonder who they could possibly be looking at to bring in?

Subscribe? Are you kidding me? You pay for this juvenile pie throwing contest? Whatever makes you happy in life.

Posted by: Tony Pasta Al Dente | September 03, 2011 at 06:46 PM

Did you have to pay to post? It's not a payment subscription service. Explanation of what subscribing is was made in my last comment

I hope the 3rd QB does not reach a point of relevance this season, but I was looking forward to them developing Devlin.

Yeah is alert and we need more "lerts" on this blog!! LOL but seriously, Got to go out and sign best OT available esp with Murtha down and qb. TE should be ok with Clay being 3rd unless find upgrade for Mastrud. suprised Allen let go and polite.

I don't subscribe or pay for anything here. No need to.

d oline, hope 3rd qb not a point of relevance on 12th sept!!

The search is on for QUALITY RT's...

guess the te picture went from "muddy" to turdy and they cut those guys who'd been hanging all offseason, but then there were no fa te available right? NOT!

If they don't fix the OL, they'll need a lot more than 2 QB's.

Anybody got any ideas about a 3rd QB?

we used 3 in one game last season, but then that was when cp dislocated shoulder doing up chin strap

I can't believe that they did not hang onto Will Allen. What if davis or smith gets hurt; then what? I guess that they feel like they can find someone better than Larry Johnson in the waiver wire.

f72, will trade next years first for mallet on advice from finfans!!!!!

If they need a very solid #3 QB they should snag my nifty sleeper rookie QB pick in in Scott Tolzien from Wisconsin.

The guy was crazy accurate in college (one of the top comp % in the nation)on a run based team.

I was at the Chargers preseason game vs the 49ers and he was lighting the Niners up with some very nice throws. He has great accuracy and seems to know ball placement in allowing his guy a great chance for the grab.

We could use as much accuracy as we can get as we seem to have some talented pass catchers in Marshall and Gates.

The guy that needs to step up is Clay the H-Back, Full Back TE. He can't be a good player if he can't catch the ball. He was drafted by this regime and his versatility is what landed him on the roster but, he needs to make plays that come his way to matter much.

Lousaka Polite was extremely effective at getting the needed yard.

Who knows with RB Larry Johnson as to what could be. He seemed to show some things in very limited play. Lex Hilliard playing special teams and fullback/HB probably gave him the nod but I believe LJ is still a better pure RB even at his age. LJ has a nose for the endzone and can get small when he has to. Maybe they add LJ later if the running game stalls or has injuries?

Merriweather...pure talent wise he would have to be in the mix vs our safeties. His off field activities need to be cleaned up.


I agree; they should make a move now for Mallett before it becomes known how good he is.


NO way on Mallet!

There may be 3 really good QB's next year, though. Luck, Barkley and Landry. I'd be happy to try any of them with a 1st, even a trade up scenario giving up other picks, too.

Is Tolzien available? I remember the scouting report on him when he came out.

Hey, if they need a 3rd QB, I hear Pat White is still available.

No, not Pat white; Jay Feidler!

Comedyguy....YUK YUK YUK!

"It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite. I assume the front office is busy doing some of that work as we speak"

Nice set up for your next story if they dont do what you think , eh?Seems to be common this year. Phins were eviscerated by the media from the get go for passing on mallet 3 times, like the rest of the nfl did and its just snowballed from there.
We are the most underrated team in the nfl and the current whipping boy of the nfl and media(espn)

John Jerry is tub of goo that whiffs...ridiculous . All beat writers predicted Joe Berger was history. Guess Murtha on IR opened up spot. Nolan Carrol over Will Allen must be STs. Otherwise, seems about right...no depth @ LT or RB. Too many WRs. Something is going to change.

Hey, seriously, I wouldn't mind Tebow for 3rd QB if he could be had cheap. There was talk recently that he might not make the Broncos roster.

ff72- only kidding on mallett!!

looking at o-line em up stats from last year carey dolphin sacks allowed leader colombo cowboys leader

just wonder if ts confused by too many late nights grinding the stats and figured he'd get the guy with the most sacks from dallas to match up on the r-ol with his own stat leader!!!

i am not surprised at keeping Kearse over Fields. Fields was slow in the games i noticed.

Kearse probly equal to fields in long haul. youth movement continues.

Ryan Mallett is Dan the man all over again and we pasted on him.

ooops shouldn't have opened the mallet wound thing

i'm still upset we didn't get kaep though!!


I knew you were kidding about Mallett.

Wow, I didn't realize that our RG and RT led the league in sacks allowed last year. How crazy is that?

If the right side of the OL doesn't get fixed, it will be TS' downfall. Ireland, too?

I liked Polite, Livas and LJ, I can see Devlin going, but Will Allen, maybe the practice squad. There will be moves, so these guys may be grabbed by another team. I don't think anyone can predict what the FO is thinking! Mando????

Ryan Mallett can't drop back and chew gum at the same time.

if j long is actually 100% then sacrificing him to the pre-season was worth it, big if though, + if jake goes down with knee probs we in deep do-do who is our back-up l tackle?? carey?? omg

on a serious note I think ts wants to regain his kudos as an o-line guru by keeping carey and colombo where they r coz if they improve he'll claim it was down to his superior coaching talents

f4l - had to wipe that bit of hope you'd given me about willis coming in and being the saviour

lets hope he doesn't start somewhere else this season!!

ff72 - not league leaders - team leaders


would've kept lj as well, but did only have 1 decent run against 2/3 stringers, would've kept him for apparent change of attitude and prev pro-bowl perf

Mediocre? Wow, that's a draconian view of the roster, Armando. The Dolphins D is considered to be a top five by most NFL "experts". With such respect being shown to that third of the team and some potent weapons on offense, it would be pragmatic to say that this is more than a mediocre roster.

If Tolzein is available, the Dolphins should grab him. I watched him play at Wisconsin, and his accuracy and ball control set all kinds of records. Hope management is working on it.

i hope we can secure a couple of older veterans from other teams roster trimming. we sorely need some veteran leadership in the locker room. i like jalen parmelee alot from the ravens. we drafted him;ravens poached him off the PS. he's a good rb and ST.

finsfan72 @ 7:10.

Yes he is available.

Some teams are not going with 3 QBs or simply trying to stash one on the PS.

I believe he can outplay Devlin based on what I have seen of both players in the preseason.


Mediocre is right Armando - I can sum up the Dolphins season real easy - when Henne plays well, they'll have a 90% chance of winning. When Henne struggles - 0% chance of winning. Bottom line.

Tennessee did release Tolzein, but I think he is on waivers. Don't know how Dolphins rank on picking up players on waivers. If they can get him, they really should do it.

You're wrong about Kearse. He wouldn't have cleared waivers. Whoever scouted him should get a prize of some sort. He has tremendous upside talent.

John Jerrys still on the roster??? That guy is horrible! Obviously Ireland has a pride issue, because Jerry is nothing but a mistake. There are some decent players that got let go but I doubt Miami will bring in anyone of consequence. Ireland would have to admit he made a mistake at another position he stocked.

The Colts cut Tommie Harris who by all accounts has had a good if not great pre-season. An NFL team can never have enough good D-lineman. Sign him up.

This offense is still missing too many pieces and is still in major transition just a week before the open. That does not bode well.

i had a feeling polite was history when sparano gave him his blessing a week ago.

Couple of predictions...

Mallet is the real deal and he will cause the Fins to regret not taking him. I could care less whats available next year as that is a year away. If all those QBs some are touting from next year are that great the teams finishing below us will snap them up to change their franchise fortunes. So it's King's ransom or we miss out on the Qbs in next years draft as other teams will need franchise QBs just like us. Mistake #1 in not drafting him (in the 3rd round no less...sheez!)

RB Taiwan Jones, now of the Raiders, will be the second player that Miami will wish they had drafted. Daniel Thomas is a nice RB and has some power but he is not going to be "scary" to any DEF. Players like him can be found around the league...such as Larry Johnson. Taiwan Jones will push McFadden(a first round pick) and Michael Bush for playing time while adding a stronger receiving element. Mistake #2 as Taiwan Jones was a mid round pick as well.

QB Scott Tolzein will make a roster somewhere and be groomed into a good QB.

Pouncey will be a good player and has already shown some nice flashes. Bloodlines are there and he just needs experience.

Gates looks like the speedster WR they wished Ginn would have been. If he has a QB throwing to him that has downfield accuracy then Gates will do his part and run by some DBs.

Side note:

I have been as scathing of Henne as most Henne detractors on here. In light of being totally honest I will say that Henne looks lighter than I have seen him in the past. I hope he continues to build on what seems like his best preseason yet. I can't trust the guy and will believe he has improved ONLY after he proves it on the field. Live bullets have a way of causing a player to revert back to old, bad habits.


Bottom line: Luck and Cohwer in 2012!


QB Rookie Scott Tolzein was cut by the Chargers not Ten... just FYI.

The Fins could try and poach him if they want. I would like to see them put in the claim. He throws a nice deep ball (that Gates could run under). His arm strength is not the greatest but he is very accurate. Joe Montana got away with soso arm strength and throwing a very catchable ball.


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