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Dolphins roster moves and what they mean

The Dolphins have announced the roster moves which got them to the mandated 53 man roster:

WAIVED: CB Vincent Agnew, TE Brett Brackett, WR Patrick Carter, G Garrett Chisolm, QB Pat Devlin, TE Dedrick Epps, LB Jonathan Freeny, RB Nic Grigsby, T D.J. Jones, T Matt Kopa, WR Phillip Livas, WR John Matthews, CB Nate Ness, LB David Nixon, QB Kevin O’ Connell, WR Julius Pruitt, S Mark Restelli, LB Robert Rose, TE Mickey Shuler, LB Quinton Spears.

CONTRACTS TERMINATED: S Gerald Alexander, CB Will Allen, NT Ronald Fields, RB Larry Johnson, FB Lousaka Polite,T Ray Willis.

PLACED ON INJURED RESERVE: T Lydon Murtha. A source tells me Murtha suffered a torn ligament in a toe.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Dolphins are at 53 players and some that made it today might not be on the team in a couple of days. The Dolphins are right now searching for a No. 3 QB -- which, by the way, may be a kid added to the practice squad. They have six WRs on the roster so that might be a position where movement yet happens. The club kept six DEs but only three RBs. All this raises questions and makes it clear this team is not complete.

The Dolphins kept Jeron Mastrud over Shuler. Also, John Jerry, a disappointment this camp, makes the team anyway. I suppose the draft pick investment in Jerry from a year ago -- a third rounder -- and the fact he's so young has saved him.

The Dolphins kept 10 linebackers -- five inside linebackers and five outside linebackers.

The Dolphins kept none of their undrafted rookie free agents.

It seems that rookie Frank Kearse beat out the veteran Fields for the backup NT job. That is not quite right, in my opinion. Fields is better than Kearse today. But the Dolphins can always move Randy Starks to NT if starter Paul Soliai is injured for any significant amount of time. So in fact, it seems Fields was not able to beat out Starks for the backup job. Kearse is a project but he's shown flashes and he's a fighter.

By the way, Chester Taylor was cut today by the Chicago Bears. Brandon Meriweather was cut by the New England Patriots. Because both have at least four seasons of experience, they become unrestricted free agents right away. They do not go on the waiver wire to be picked up by whichever team claims them. I hope the Dolphins are on the phone with somebody right now!

The biggest surprise of all this news has to be the cutting of Polite. Tony Sparano gushed about Polite and talked of how you couldn't find legit FBs in today's NFL anymore. He said Polite was one of those valuable guys and said how it would take a lot to convince him Polite had to go.

Well, he got convinced. I do know this, Polite was one of the top 53 on this team. He was a good locker room guy, also. Obviously, the Dolphins found reasons that overcame those assets. He was expensive in that he was going to cost $1.45 million against the cap. The Dolphins save $1.35 million by cutting him. This was the final year of his contract.

I suppose it is possible Polite is signed after the first week of the season at a discount and also without a guarantee for the entire year. But I also think other teams might show some interest in him.

Finally, I cannot stress enough that this does not end the moving and shaking of the Dolphins roster. This is mediocre team by most accounts. It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite. I assume the front office is busy doing some of that work as we speak.

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Henne throws a very nice deep ball. He just doesn't throw it where he wants it to go.


I can see getting Cowher (although Ireland would have to go too and it seems like Ross likes Ireland for some reason?). Cowher would bring a reputable coach to town.

I am pretty much going to rule out Andrew Luck being a Fin. We will be a mid to lower mid pack type team. There will be several teams ahead of the Fins in the draft that will be clamoring for Luck. I can't envision the Fins doing a 3 first round picks mega deal to go up to #1 and get Luck if he is still healthy and has the season all predict.

I believe the Fins will not have the draft pick firepower or steel nads to hand over a crazy Hershcel Walker type trade to land Luck.

Possibly one of the other top QBs? Henne has to pilot the Fins to the playoffs or I believe Ross will mandate stepping up the all out hunt for a good QB replacement.


"This is mediocre team by most accounts. It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite."

Oh, for flying frickin crying out loud Armando, do you even think about what you're writing? IS THE FINS D AN ELITE UNIT OR NOT? YES IT IS!!!!!!!!! Holy frickin crap. Just give up. Cover West East Lake Jr. High School Flag Football instead. Pathetic.


Sometimes he should have to yell "FOUR!!!"


thank you Rob, it was indeed San Diego who cut him, not Tennessee.

Catchya all after a bit... Cheers,

NP Westcoast. I hope the Fins put in the claim as I think the guy can play QB in the NFL.


Any cut list without columbo's name on it is not a legit cut list. This team and front office suck. They, once again, cut useful guys in favor of useless ones. All in the name of saving Ross money. The list of guys that shouldn't have been cut is long. Especially for a team as mediocre as this. Don't be fooled by the slight preseason success. This team is paper thin and one injury away at most positions from disaster. Also, don't hold your breath for big names to be signed. They will be too costly for this owner and FO. Especially this year. In reality, look at the schedule and any true and objective person would have a tough time coming up with 6 wins. Especially given that their road record is so tough.

cutting polite is the horrible.

So the Dolphins did keep Marlon Moore...Great! A bit surprised about Polite but Clay is the future I guess. How hard is it to find a 3rd string QB? We need help and depth on our o-line. We need depth at the tight end position. Now with Will Allen gone we need depth at the CB position. Still a lot of work to do.

I thought Kevin O'Connell was actually a better candidate for development than Devlin, and both could have passed up Henne over time from a talent and productivity standpoint. It is one of those potential Warner / Brady scenarios, where the potential for a better QB coming from the third or second string might never be realized unless one of those unforseen circumstances arise.

Columbo will kill our QB, Polite will get a 1st down. Wow.....

Teams that draft in the middle of the pack stay in the middle of the pack year after year after year. We need to suck it up, beat the Jets once and Pats once (at the end of the year) and get that first pick next year. I'll take one bad year for 10 years of contending. I mean look at the Colts - one bad year, draft Manning and they are in it every year. I'm not saying there is a Manning in next years draft but lets see about Luck - what I've seen so far looks pretty damn good and he would look real nice in the Aqua and Orange.

Can anyone honestly say when looking at the schedule that this team has a realistic chance to win 7 games? If so, please explain. It looks like another styrofoam brick throwing at the TV season for me.

Fat Parcells, I agree. When a team drafts in the teens, it's almost a curse. Not good enough to win and not bad enough to draft well. Especially with all the misses in FA.

Armando - do you really think Sparano cut Polite for salary cap reasons? That's crazy thinking IMO. Sparano wants the best 53 so he can win - let Ireland worry about the cap.

We know Sparano likes Polite so it was simply a matter of numbers, he did not have room for him on the 53.

"He was expensive in that he was going to cost $1.45 million against the cap. The Dolphins save $1.35 million by cutting him. This was the final year of his contract."

Let's not forget that the eminently mediocre Mr. Wilson (#35) is listed as a CB.

God bless our great nation.

Jon Jerry was kept because he is a servicable backup and you need those. He's nothing more than servicable which is what most other OL backup's are, otherwise they'd be starters.

Polite gone Marlon Moore sticks.

3 yards and a cloud of dust gone and down the field attack football in.

Brandon Tate cut by patsies too

jrljr2, it all depends on what the offense does, particularly Chad Henne. The defense is pretty good, not dominating but pretty good. Certainly good enough. The Packers won the SB with a pretty good defense. Was it dominating? Not at all. But good enough. If Henne takes the next step, if Bush has a career year, if somehow our pathetic right side of the o-line plays great, if our young WRs put up great numbers, if Marshall makes the Pro Bowl, this team will win 10 to 11 games. I know, a lof of if's. That's the reality of it, like it or not. Defensively, if they can find a way to create turnovers, they will be pretty darn good. But they have to come up with interceptions and create turnovers. That's about the only concern. Another CB wouldn't do any harm either. That would be my analysis of the 2011 Dolphins. Just one man's opinion. Reality could be very different.

Surprised by Polite. Rude awakening.

Donnie Avery cut by Rams

Trindon Holliday cut

Hard to believe someone like Shaun O'Hara is available but we keep stiffs like Berger and Jerry. No wonder this o-line has been a mess for years now.

To: jrljr2 - in this league you need to either win 13 games (home field) or win 3 games (or less) in order to get impact players. I call it the 13 or 3 rule. Teams that deviate from this spend years and years and years spinning their wheels - I can give hundreds of examples but here's a couple: the Dolphins right now, the Chiefs and the Dolphins of the 90's, the Jags, the Bears - teams that are always just good enough to contend for a Wildcard but just not good enough to win their division finishing between 7-9 and 10-6. These teams are never good enough to win it all but just good enough to contend for a Wildcard berth. These teams stay the same every year. Perfect example is the Steelers - they were a team that contended under Cowher for 8 years - made the playoffs some years but were never good enough to win it all - they went 4-12 one year (or whatever it was) and they got Big Ben. The rest is history (that I'd like to forget). I'll sacrifice one year for a couple championships any time.

Poll on NFL.com about the Dolphins. Not the Herald, Not the Sentinel, but NFL.com, 66% of the people believe the Dolphins will win 9-11 games this year. 66% good to see there are still fans out there, especially after having to read all the naysayers here

when fasano will be CUT ?

when fasano will be CUT ?

I don't have a good feeling about Daniel Thomas - what did Fat Parcell's protege see in him? He looks like the kind of back that are a dime a dozen in this league. Too big and too slow. I hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it.

Jerry should have been cut...he isnt going to make it guys...simple.Moore is still ON which I like...The TE's are a problem still with NO REAL QUALITY including FASANO....Surprised about POLITE....a bit IMpolite i suggest, but he was poor last year...The O Line is still very very poor which reflects squarly on Sparano....very very sign that he could NOT get that one fixed in all the years as yet...Colombo is an TURNSTILE and Sparano is a stubborn man...thats a problem....

Rob in Oc....how are you mate??....Why isnt Kris posting?....

Agreed...biggest mistake the FO has made will be MALLET.....big big mistake

Sammy Morris would give some good depth and leadership to the Dolphins. He would help our special teams as well. Would make sense to me.


If it was April of 2006, I'd be excited about Reggie Bush - I'm not sure he is the answer either.

Players I would Claim---

Dont know what the price tag is for Merriwheather? but never loved the guy

Young safety---(cut Culver)

Deandre Mcdaniel
Robert Johnson
shiloh keo

chris ogbonnaya

Dorin Dickerson

Clearly QB/OT we have to add a body


A poll on Greg Cote's Random Evidence of a Cluttered Blog had 54% thinking Dolphins will win from 9-10 games or more. That poll includes votes from annoying jets skanks.

This is the week for eternal optimism. The bye week will be the week of eternal pessimism coupled with the beginning of the Sparano hot seat chatter. They did far to little to improve the offense.

QB Graham Harrel cut by Green Bay.

Trindon Holliday cut

Posted by: dishpan | September

That guy takes a lot of plays off.



bobby is acting as if he owns this blog like dyingbreed .

If any of the veterans cut today are brought back after the first week of the season, then this clearly shows that the FO is abut saving money and not winning. I'm not convinced that the players kept over Allen and Johnson have any upside to them. Time for the Dolphins to show they want to win by pursuing some of the good vets cut by other teams.
Merriwheather would be an improvement to the Dolphind secondary, AND he knows the PATS. This could be good in more than one way.

Should have parted ways with either Benny "The Drip" Sapp or Nolan "Can't Cover" Carroll and kept Will Allen. I guess management doesn't want to admit that they virtually got nothing for Greg Camarillo and Ted Ginn.

Guys like Jerry are bottom depth chart feeders. Here today and gone tomorrow. Guess he showed enough to be on the roster today but as soon as better is available he's on the short list for tomorrow.

Devlin is ps material, depending upon how quickly his development progresses, he'll be called up to the big league(3rd string). Guys b!tching about a 3rd string qb need remember:

"If push comes to shove D Thomas played qb in college. Should it ever come down to it, we only need a 3rd string qb to finish off a game should both the #1 and #2 qb's go down the same game. D Thomas can get through at least that".

Rest assured that following week a qb would be signed in that situation if by "GROSS MISFORTUNE" it occurs. Some of you cry about totally nothing. LOL...

Some posters here are living evidence the reason some of you come here is because your real world friends already know youre to dumb to listen too! LOL...

Brady in week 1 will pick apart our secondary, focusing on our nickel back, be it Carroll or Sapp, throwing in the seam to his multitude of tight ends and slot receivers.

We still don't have a punt/kick returner why cut Livas and that keep Colombo??I feel bad for Henne and the running game!! But also Will is better than Sapp when Healthy why keep 10 LB andddddd. I can't believe Colombo is still on the team!!!!! And why they didn't keep Grigsby???? Did I mention. Colombo still on the team!!! Hey is Tony Sparano still on the team??? Man I thought for sure he'll get cut!! LMFAO!!!

Hahaha. GO PHINS!!

PLEASE ,DB ...STOP USING THE (( LOL )) .WE KNOW YOU R HAPPY ....................

Im not going to lie, I love tooting my own horn at the blog village idiots(if you dont consider yourself one of these you need not respond). So I will.............

I told you guys Marlon Moore was too valuable to cut! LOL...

Not saying it will happen but Hartline could perhaps be considered as TRADEBAIT! Remember CAMARILLO!

"If push comes to shove D Thomas played qb in college. Should it ever come down to it, we only need a 3rd string qb to finish off a game should both the #1 and #2 qb's go down the same game. D Thomas can get through at least that".

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 03, 2011 at 10:01 PM

Now DyingBreed has our 2nd string running back just magically switching to QB. If anybody else said that he would laugh them off the blog.

Yeah Camarillo who we got Benny Sapp for - what a great trade that was!

DyingBreed, if Sparano puts that weight back on he can play guard if someone goes down, no?


You sound like one of the village idiots here. Sapp earned his spot here. Allen didnt do his self any favors with lingering injury issues during camp. Best man wins. Sapp was best during this camp.

Keep Grisby? Even Hilliard had greater roster value and flexibility. Gribsy will land right where he need be for now....practice squad.

Why do you guys think youre better talent evaluators than the coaches who see them perform everyday and know exactly what they are looking for from these players based on the system implemented?

Tony may need to play right tackle the way Columbo's been playing.

Maybe that's the idea TS will put the weight back on because he knows Colombo sucks!!

Sapp = Tree Goo!

Why do you guys think youre better talent evaluators than the coaches who see them perform everyday and know exactly what they are looking for from these players based on the system implemented?

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 03, 2011 at 10:12 PM

And didn't you say today Devlin earned a 3rd string spot? You didn't know better now did you? Your hypocrisy has no limits!


Gonna take a guess & say Hartline gets traded. Phins don't need a seem threat te 'cause he will have to line up on the right side & help Colombo pass protect. All my C-Boy friends say Colombo has no knees left without me prompting them about his play in Miami. Should have kept Livas, Allen & Johnson imo.

Anybody looking for work?

DyingBreed is looking for some worshipers, please apply here on the blog. You get to follow along with his opinion only until he changes his mind and laughs at you. Try it.

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