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Dolphins roster moves and what they mean

The Dolphins have announced the roster moves which got them to the mandated 53 man roster:

WAIVED: CB Vincent Agnew, TE Brett Brackett, WR Patrick Carter, G Garrett Chisolm, QB Pat Devlin, TE Dedrick Epps, LB Jonathan Freeny, RB Nic Grigsby, T D.J. Jones, T Matt Kopa, WR Phillip Livas, WR John Matthews, CB Nate Ness, LB David Nixon, QB Kevin O’ Connell, WR Julius Pruitt, S Mark Restelli, LB Robert Rose, TE Mickey Shuler, LB Quinton Spears.

CONTRACTS TERMINATED: S Gerald Alexander, CB Will Allen, NT Ronald Fields, RB Larry Johnson, FB Lousaka Polite,T Ray Willis.

PLACED ON INJURED RESERVE: T Lydon Murtha. A source tells me Murtha suffered a torn ligament in a toe.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Dolphins are at 53 players and some that made it today might not be on the team in a couple of days. The Dolphins are right now searching for a No. 3 QB -- which, by the way, may be a kid added to the practice squad. They have six WRs on the roster so that might be a position where movement yet happens. The club kept six DEs but only three RBs. All this raises questions and makes it clear this team is not complete.

The Dolphins kept Jeron Mastrud over Shuler. Also, John Jerry, a disappointment this camp, makes the team anyway. I suppose the draft pick investment in Jerry from a year ago -- a third rounder -- and the fact he's so young has saved him.

The Dolphins kept 10 linebackers -- five inside linebackers and five outside linebackers.

The Dolphins kept none of their undrafted rookie free agents.

It seems that rookie Frank Kearse beat out the veteran Fields for the backup NT job. That is not quite right, in my opinion. Fields is better than Kearse today. But the Dolphins can always move Randy Starks to NT if starter Paul Soliai is injured for any significant amount of time. So in fact, it seems Fields was not able to beat out Starks for the backup job. Kearse is a project but he's shown flashes and he's a fighter.

By the way, Chester Taylor was cut today by the Chicago Bears. Brandon Meriweather was cut by the New England Patriots. Because both have at least four seasons of experience, they become unrestricted free agents right away. They do not go on the waiver wire to be picked up by whichever team claims them. I hope the Dolphins are on the phone with somebody right now!

The biggest surprise of all this news has to be the cutting of Polite. Tony Sparano gushed about Polite and talked of how you couldn't find legit FBs in today's NFL anymore. He said Polite was one of those valuable guys and said how it would take a lot to convince him Polite had to go.

Well, he got convinced. I do know this, Polite was one of the top 53 on this team. He was a good locker room guy, also. Obviously, the Dolphins found reasons that overcame those assets. He was expensive in that he was going to cost $1.45 million against the cap. The Dolphins save $1.35 million by cutting him. This was the final year of his contract.

I suppose it is possible Polite is signed after the first week of the season at a discount and also without a guarantee for the entire year. But I also think other teams might show some interest in him.

Finally, I cannot stress enough that this does not end the moving and shaking of the Dolphins roster. This is mediocre team by most accounts. It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite. I assume the front office is busy doing some of that work as we speak.

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This is mediocre team by most accounts. It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite. I assume the front office is busy doing some of that work as we speak.

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A week or so ago, Sparano acknowledged his o-line was damaged.

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Posted by: Craig M | September 03, 2011 at 11:09 PM


How many persons can be counted in Craig's extended group of, "we"?

I've heard of split-personalities before, but none that ganged up all at once with identical consensus.

It's going to be incredibly difficult to watch the Dolphins this year if they fail to pick up 3rd and one or 4th and one. Lousaka Polite kept our offense going by picking up critical yardage situations last year; not to mention his lead blocking behind a poor offensive line. Here's hoping this isn't another move that blows up in our front office's face again.

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head and say "WHAT"!! Dont agree with the Polite cut..Who else can you find that almost allways picks up that yard. 46 attempts 44 converted..Don't find that stat everyday..Oh well, can only hope for the best, and I don't agree with Mandoe saying "mediocre team". I do think we are better than that.

Black Saturday...sucks for these young men

Question #1: Why get rid of Ricky Williams? Is it because he called Tony Sparano a micromanager of the game? Big whoop! Grow up. We could really have used Ricky right now and his 4.3 yds/carry.

Question #2: Instead of getting Dallas Cowboy rejects why don't we pick up some Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?

Question #3: Why move the games to 4:00 PM when we can have the South Florida heat advantage against our visitors with the 1:00 PM starts. Oops, keeping the fans and celebrities comfortable must be more important.

Question #4: Why keep tinkering with the offensive line. They should leave everyone where they are most comfortable. Long at LT, Incognito at RG, Pouncey at LG, Carey at RT, and get former all-pro O'Hara and put him at C.

Question #5: Do I think the Dolphins are going to be good this year. Yes, I do; and I believe they will surprise many naysayers. The defense is stout and should take a look at Merriweather for the FS position. The passing game is going to be dynamic for the first time in years. The RB position without Ricky really scares me though as does the right side of the OL. I am not concerned at all with Chad Henne since management removed the Henning handcuffs on Chad.

How long will murtha be on IR?? All season or weeks?? Really for a toe injury.

LOUSAKA POLITE ??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? wow! the front office just turned a confident 3rd and short into 4th and nowhere! what is wrong with this statement? "miami in attempt to change the scoreboard for 2011 keeps key contributors nolan carrol, chris clemmons, and benny sapp and rids itself of LOUSAKA POLITE" ?*!..WHAT???? given the lack of beef in the running game i will now cringe instead of being exctied when the chains become 3rd and 1. this move makes the welker move look like a stealth bomber on a radar screen. how could miami do this to themselves yet again? no wander no one is buying tickets? miami gets rid of yet another key cog third down machine only this time it is not a reciever, it's a running back that could duely serve as blitz pick-up to aid the suspect right side! LOUSAKA has a lot to do with team confidence, and is a MAIN contributor in extending offensive drives and impacts the scoreboard far more so then a LOT of players who are on this roster... i don't understand?? if beefy backs ronnie and ricky had difficulty converting 3rd and 1, how on earth do we manage now that POLITE is gone?... miami just fataly shot itself in the foot. we just rid ourselves of a strength. i WAS exctied for monday night... not now, who wants to cringe on third and short when were already cringing all game long??? WOW!!! holy cow.

add LOU POLITE to the welker list!

.trade welker for pick that becomes ted ginn
.trade camarillo for benny sapp
.cut LOU POLITE to keep benny sapp

benny sapp must be one heck of a cornerbaack, he singlehandidly took out 2 of my favorite players.

the casualties inflicted in securing benny sapp:
... will the list go on?

the eagles and pats are frothing at the mouth, goodbye LOU. i wish i could do something to keep miami from making this really BAD decision. BOOMERS "come on man" is going to become "what were they thinking" and LOUSAKA POLITE will be the main topic. i thought coach camerwrong was the only one capable of making decisions as bad as this. this one is bigger then the welker debaccle!

budtki, I liked Polite too. But there's one deficiency in his game...blocking. He was not good at reading assignments and blocking. Also, Miami's run game isn't predicated on Polite opening holes for the RB. Remember all those stops of Ricky and Ronnie last year. Where was Polite?

I don't think we'll miss Polite too much. What you see here is Miami finally wising up to how to win in today's NFL. The Fullback position is dead. It's all about the H-Back. A TE/FB-type guy that can go out for passes and stay in to block (doesn't really run the ball).

Look, if we really needed to keep a guy to get us 1 yard, then we'd be in BIG trouble. Miami needs to get CHUNKS of yardage, that's what we need to focus on. Not the 1-yd incremental game we've been LOSING with this last decade. It's about the QB/WR/TE/RB out of the backfield catching passes (Reggie Bush), THAT'S how you win in the NFL today.

I understand why Miami fans harp on the run game. For 20 years, that's all you've seen, so you don't know that Miami can do anything else. But it doesn't produce wins. Maybe the Jets can make it work, but Miami for some reason can't. We need to get back to Marino football. Let teams crowd 10 in the box and we'll toss it over their heads. Most defenses' strength in the league are the front 7 anyway. Why try to go through that we you can go OVER it and bypass it altogether?

We're getting younger as a team (that's good). We're changing our philosophy to meet the new age we're in (that's GREAT). I love the direction we're moving in. No, we might not be able to put it all together this year, we still might have some missing pieces to add. But at least we're on the right road now. Miami's philosophy of the last few years was the WRONG road, would NEVER lead to success in this league today. Lou Polite was NOT going to get us into the Playoffs, he's a minor player on the team. Let's concentrate on the guys that will actually score TDs, because last I heard that's how you win, you score more than the other team. NE puts up HUGE points. Lou Polite gonna help catch them? I doubt it.

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