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Dolphins roster moves and what they mean

The Dolphins have announced the roster moves which got them to the mandated 53 man roster:

WAIVED: CB Vincent Agnew, TE Brett Brackett, WR Patrick Carter, G Garrett Chisolm, QB Pat Devlin, TE Dedrick Epps, LB Jonathan Freeny, RB Nic Grigsby, T D.J. Jones, T Matt Kopa, WR Phillip Livas, WR John Matthews, CB Nate Ness, LB David Nixon, QB Kevin O’ Connell, WR Julius Pruitt, S Mark Restelli, LB Robert Rose, TE Mickey Shuler, LB Quinton Spears.

CONTRACTS TERMINATED: S Gerald Alexander, CB Will Allen, NT Ronald Fields, RB Larry Johnson, FB Lousaka Polite,T Ray Willis.

PLACED ON INJURED RESERVE: T Lydon Murtha. A source tells me Murtha suffered a torn ligament in a toe.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Dolphins are at 53 players and some that made it today might not be on the team in a couple of days. The Dolphins are right now searching for a No. 3 QB -- which, by the way, may be a kid added to the practice squad. They have six WRs on the roster so that might be a position where movement yet happens. The club kept six DEs but only three RBs. All this raises questions and makes it clear this team is not complete.

The Dolphins kept Jeron Mastrud over Shuler. Also, John Jerry, a disappointment this camp, makes the team anyway. I suppose the draft pick investment in Jerry from a year ago -- a third rounder -- and the fact he's so young has saved him.

The Dolphins kept 10 linebackers -- five inside linebackers and five outside linebackers.

The Dolphins kept none of their undrafted rookie free agents.

It seems that rookie Frank Kearse beat out the veteran Fields for the backup NT job. That is not quite right, in my opinion. Fields is better than Kearse today. But the Dolphins can always move Randy Starks to NT if starter Paul Soliai is injured for any significant amount of time. So in fact, it seems Fields was not able to beat out Starks for the backup job. Kearse is a project but he's shown flashes and he's a fighter.

By the way, Chester Taylor was cut today by the Chicago Bears. Brandon Meriweather was cut by the New England Patriots. Because both have at least four seasons of experience, they become unrestricted free agents right away. They do not go on the waiver wire to be picked up by whichever team claims them. I hope the Dolphins are on the phone with somebody right now!

The biggest surprise of all this news has to be the cutting of Polite. Tony Sparano gushed about Polite and talked of how you couldn't find legit FBs in today's NFL anymore. He said Polite was one of those valuable guys and said how it would take a lot to convince him Polite had to go.

Well, he got convinced. I do know this, Polite was one of the top 53 on this team. He was a good locker room guy, also. Obviously, the Dolphins found reasons that overcame those assets. He was expensive in that he was going to cost $1.45 million against the cap. The Dolphins save $1.35 million by cutting him. This was the final year of his contract.

I suppose it is possible Polite is signed after the first week of the season at a discount and also without a guarantee for the entire year. But I also think other teams might show some interest in him.

Finally, I cannot stress enough that this does not end the moving and shaking of the Dolphins roster. This is mediocre team by most accounts. It has much work yet to do to be among the NFL's elite. I assume the front office is busy doing some of that work as we speak.

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Different yr same ole stuff. Bring 90 folks to camp and we cant find a top 53 to begin the season.
Chester Taylor was cut Mr Ireland.
Mando, I did see Jerry make several good blocks during the Cowboys game.

john jerry was another wasted 3rd round pick by ireland/sparano. how can a big guy like that become invisible when the ball is snapped? ditto for carey. they whiff because their feet are in cement.



I'm hearing the Phins to resign Polite after week 1.



Bears sign Maeriweather


REALLY gonna miss Will Allen:( Good Luck on your new team:D

Tim Tebow to the Fins? Why not!!! This team needs some good old-fashioned fun/team spirit. I can see Tebow sprinting into the endzone for a game winning td.

Ryan Mallet to the Fins? Why not!!! This team needs a tall/gunslinger behind center. So what, if he's arrogant. I would LOVE to see that in my starting qb.


The phins did not go after a qb in this years draft because none were top tier qbs.

The master plan is to suck for luck, and bring in cowher after the season.

Who will be worse than the phins? Possibly the colts (without manning), redskins (beck at qb), and seahawks (no qb).

When you think about it, it is not a bad plan! I will gladly suffer through one more season, for a 10-year run with a great qb and coach!


It appears that all the rookies made the first cut. I'm sorry but thats ridiculous. Are you saying that these rookies are better that all the free agent, veterans on the team and recent roster cuts around the league? emphasis has been put on youth and managements "boys". Ireland will live and die with his picks. I really can't believe we are going into the season depending so heavily on mediocre draft picks in the running game and the tight end position. Thomas and Clay are nice additional players but the are not ready for prime time yet. At lease I haven't seen anything that indicates that.

As afar as making the team, Culvar is the biggest surprise to me but probably be the first to get cut if we pick up anyone today or tomorrow. Keares and Jerry are surprising as well. Both could develop and I like that we kept them. Hopefully, Jerry has learned his lesson because he wouldn't be back another year if he doesn't shape up...literally.

If we had picked up Meriweather we would have had the best defense in pro football. Hope we pick up on some very talented players that have been cut yesterday. Still hoping for Scott Tolzien, Chester Taylor and perhaps the best available O-line player cut.


your assesment is wrong! i never said we needed lou to block for reggie, i said to pick-up the blitz, and as far as scoring TD's, i meant that he is critical in sustaining drives, 3rd and 2, 3rd and 1 and THAT's what leads to TD's. we are NOT going to consistantly convert or sustain drives with-out lou, mark my words, MODAY NIGHT were gonna need a 3rd and 1, and fat albert(hainsworth) is gonna swallow our flighweight RB right up. no knock on reggie, he's gonna be great, but not in the short game, especially when the other team knows were gonna throw a short pass to reggie, he'll be doubled, at least with lou on the team it's a double threat on 3rd and short! da! although i do like marlin moore and di NOT want to release him, so i said to release someone in the secondary. and who said lou couldn't punch 1 in from the goal line? he would be a good option for that and make the opposing defense account for that as we swing reggie out! and maybe polite isn't the greatest blocker but i'de rather a beefy polite picking up the blits from our right side then an RB that's 50lbs lighter. yes! lou is instrumental in sustaining drives that will lead to TD's, he's a better able to block and protect henne, and offers an extra dimension on critical downs so as defenses can't just focus on reggie! in fact lou's role would be expanded this year to aid the right side and could make for some intersting match-ups if you put him and reggie out in the flat!!!! and your wrong about welker. we traded welker opening a roster spot at reciever/returner... who filled/replaced that roster spot??? GINNN!!!!!

i also have been crying to bring miami up to date with the new trend of having at least 2 stud recievers, ala eagles, packers... and i've also been crying for a back like reggie or faulk for years, but that doesn't mean we have to become 1 dimensional and give up a very good option in polite for those short yardage situations. together reggie and lou make drive sustainment on third down a very good situation to be in. WITHOUT LOU our short yardage game becomes 1 dimensional! everyone and their mama are going to key on reggie! you know it, and i know it! on third down LOU gives defenses something else to worry about! you know the pats are already planning on taking reggie out of the game, that's a no brainer. i hope i'm wrong but monday night come 3rd and 1 your going to cringe, just like me. and a sure handoff to polite for 1 yard becomes a risky pass opening the door for mistakes and turnovers that can be returned to the house. you know that's the pats game plan cause they know it's goin to reggie!.. myself, i'de much rather have that safe option with lou and once in a while to go to reggie just to mix it up!!!

miami just didn't loose POLITE, we lost a dimension, a key componant in making this offense that much more difficult to defend, lou was another weopon all by himself that in his drive sustaining short yardage game would energize fans, create confidence, keep the offense on the field. reggie and lou together as a duel threat was going to make us unstoppable on third down. we just lost that explosive extra dimension.

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