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Dolphins sign DL Igor Olshansky

The Dolphins are getting kinda sorta predictable in their comings and going of players.

The Larry Johnson contract termination was not hard to see coming down the pike.

The addition of a defensive linemen or defensive back was not hard to see coming to replace him. And if someone is going to sign, of course, he has to be a former Dallas Cowboy.

So the Dolphins have today added defensive end Igor Olshanksy.

Olshansky, from Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine, actually signed with the Cowboys after the current Dolphins administration left Dallas. He nonetheless is a another Dallas castoff joining the Dolphins.

He was cut by the Cowboys prior to the start of the season. He played for San Diego before that. He is necessary because Tony McDaniel has a hand injury that will cause him to miss some time, but perhaps not so much time that Miami wanted to put him on injured reserve and lose him for the season.

And so here we are. Anyway, I need some levity. Ah, this should do the trick:


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Igor was not a cowboy when they were there, he was a Charger, so it's got nothing to do
with dallas connection.


well solia has been a disappointment in stopping the run. Maybe this guy will help

This would have been great news, in 2009

Somebody get Parcells on the phone. My question is who is a bigger "progress stopper" right now Ireland or Sparano? We need a new grocery shopper.

Is it pronounced "E-gor" or "I-gor" or "Ireland-is-clueless?"

Their next signing is sure to be Bob Lilly or perhaps Chuck Howley. This FO is clueless!

I'm speaking for everyone in Los Angeles...

We don't want the Dolphins either.


Makes me want to start watching (shivers) Raiders games.


In order to ensure that this ship completely sinks so that we can get Andrew Luck, I am in favor of firing Hairy Ears Sporano immediately and bringing in Eric Mangidiot. Only then can we be assured of getting the #1 overall pick we so desperately need.

Also, I am in favor of a uniform change from our current colors to bullchit brown to reflect the current state of this team.

Finally, How am I doing? My favorite baseball team is the Orioles. From the ridiculous to the sublime.

Is it me or is this period starting to looking like the last days of Wannstache and Spielman? When do they start trading 2nd round picks for players who don't contribute?

aye dios mio

Been a Dolphins fan every second of my 30 year existence, but this regime is really testing my patience. I'm really starting to hate the Dolphins. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE US????

Adding to our strength- pass rush, and stopping the run- very good.


The Miami Dolphins suck because they are allowed to. The "fan" base who can go to home games are transplants from Ny or NE. Most Miami home games there are more cheers for visiting teams, seriously!
The owner is a sorry excuse for a business man, Ross, wake up, you have no idea . Parcels screwed you, deal with it, move on, clean house. Fire everyone , they deserve it. I can go on and on, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Sad and sorry dolphins, shame, once proud, now a joke!!!

They are just lazy. They shag onto the field. They shag off of the field. They don't run. They don't show urgency. They can't finish games. They can't close.

Larry J will go on to have a great season and we'll be stuck here watching robo-chicken Henne while TS tells us he is the next up and coming QB.

I can't take it any more. Its been many, many, many long years that I've watched and supported this team. It pains me to write this but my frustration is so high that I have to vent.

Every team makes bone head plays - but they make great play too and find a way to dig out those close games. Miami can't. I hold my breath every time Henne throws the ball. I hold my breath every time special teams is on the field.

I'm just tired. Call me when they get better. I need to rehab for awhile.

LA Fan...

Sparano, go coach an o line somewhere else, you have no idea how to motivate

It's coaching that gets the players up

Also, the dolphins draft like a bunch of accountants

When was the las time they drafted a sleeper? 83? Losers

Thanks for waisting ANOTHER season, I'm so pissed

The following QB's have done nothing to elevate thier teams:
Phillip Rivers
Tony Romo
Jay Cutler
Matt Schaub
Kyle Orton
Matt Ryan
Sam Bradford
Matt Stafford
Joe Flacco
Matt Hasselback
Kerry Collins
Josh Freeman

Everyone that watched saw that Matt Ryan is so far behind Michael Vick talent-wise. And if you're a Cards fan then it's just sinking in that you'll be stuck with Kolb for the next 5 years.

Price, your point?

just keep losing, a new coaching staff and andrew luck await us

Price master is smoking Crack.

Russian TOUGH, like BULL!

Ireland stink like BULL-shyt!

SpOrano is full of Bullshyt!

Maybe we change name to Miami Bulls?

Igor! Igor! Igor! Igor!

That was fun, I like this guy already!

Igor, Tom Brady is an imperialist Pig! Death to the infidel!

When it rains it pours-LOL. More Cowboy cast offs.

This just keeps getting better an better. Hey Jeffy, it's not to late to cut 2 or 3 of the castoff TE's to make room for more Cowboy rejects!

100000% guarantee that IF the dolphins get the #1 pick and IF Andrew Luck is available and unhurt...

Ireland will NOT pick him or any QB.

Remember.. Their philosophy is to trade away the #1 for "value picks" and also to search for those ACORNS.

With that the only thing that "I" have to look forward to is the circus performance side show when Ross has to pay out and fire Soprano and Ireland and all Sparano's kids.

Gruden is not desirable as a HC in my opinion.

We need a coach that is proven and experienced and knows how to prepare a team. With that the only one that comes to mind is;

COWHER in 2013 and a SB in 2016.

Listen it's AGAIN going to take a new HC and staff to ONCE again REBUILD this team.

Tuna sucked just as he sucked when he had the Jets and NE. Tuna has never won without Belichick yet the media froths from the mouth as if he is the best.

Um... The winningest NFL Coach was????

Very sad,if we could win at home, the faithful would return.1-12 we must be getting close to the shamefull record. More presure to win at home.Same problrms for the LAST THREE YEARS no red zone offence.

Price master at least enough to make him blind. Could not have watched the game.


If Ireland is in charge, I have all the confidence in the world that he'll recognize that we need a Right Tackle with the 1st round pick.

You know, to cover for the last Cowboy reject that, ah.....well.....make that the next to last Cowboy reject we've aquired.

Skip the Circus Brother, it's time to send in the clowns! Or get rid of the clowns......whichever the case may be-LOL!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!


lol.. you got that right... The saga continues.

I would like to see an approval rating for the FO.Thanks fat tuna, recommend Ryan to the jets, give us TS. Did you owe someone a favor from your NY days? Why do the network talking heads giave fatcells a pass on this debacle. They all LAUGH at us but no accountability heaped on Parcells.

right tackle with number 1 pick, hilarious. luck will turn a franchise around like manning did

One word describes this team: blah. Blah, blah, blah. The Jets are exciting and unpredictable. The Dolphins blah. The Patriots have Tom Brady poised to throw for 10,000 yards this season. The Dolphins are blah. The Bills have a bearded Harvard QB throwing for bunches of TD's. The Dolphins have....you get the idea. I think the fans who stay away are the smart ones. The ones who attend the games are masochists.

Benny Sapp, has one bad game and he's released. But Nolan Carroll, has back to back bad games and he is still on the roster? This is why this regime wont be here for the 2013 season.

"100000% guarantee that IF the dolphins get the #1 pick and IF Andrew Luck is available and unhurt...

Ireland will NOT pick him or any QB."

-NY "G"

Hopefully Jeff Ireland wont be here to make that decision.

Great clip! I never would have pegged you for a Mel Brooks fan. Classic stuff.

Oh, and by the way, you're spot on on your analysis of this team right now.

It's bad, folks.

Blah, I love your comments. Right on the money. This team is and has been nothing but blah, blah, blah.

Could be worse, could be raining......

who wrote the post about THEY won't last til' 2013 HOLY FREAKING SMOKES.....this is why 99% of you fans deserve this crap you dont know anything about football


another bozo wrote about IGOR well maybe he can help.....


With the first pick of the draft the dolphins select

A punter.

Fist pump.

No. Wait.

With the first pick of the draft the dolphond select

A center fielder.

Fist pump.

Wait. We re playing football? Dayum.


Sweet! Young Frankenstein is on HBO right now!

We need Andrew Luck but we also need a new nose Tackle solai will be gone after this season, and he is not worth re signing, a new right Guard; 2 new corners; a new safety; a new running back; a new Tight End, and we need a #2 receiver,Bess is good but he is a slot receiver, and the list goes on ............ It will take 2 to 3 years before we are good again
We also need to hit the free agency with a lot more vigor this next time around. You just cannot get all those positions filled with great players with just the draft. I cannot believe we passed on so many good players that were available in free agency this year specially a #2 receiver and another good tight end to compliment Fasano.
I hate to say it because I like Sporano but I think he is the problem more so than Ireland. He needs to motivate the players. He needs to scare the s _ _ _ out of some. I think Irelands hands were tied to a certain extent by the amount of money available to sign free agents and stay under the CAP.
I hope we get a new team attitude soon, or this might turn out to be worse than any other year. Who are we going to beat this year ? I read the posts almost daily, and I very seldom post anything, and it used to be I would go out of my way to see the dolphins, but I have lost interest this year and after this 0-2 start, I am on the verge of not watching any more Dolphin games this year.I have been a fan since 1972, and have pictures with many ex dolphins, but not one with any current player and I really do not want any with any of these guys. (OK maybe 19 and 99)I suspect this is JT's last year playing. OK Bess and Long also.(so 4 pictures)

Just rebuild the whole team. Keep Long, Pouncey and Wake. Get rid of all the others. Hire a coach that can build up a new team, a guy like Cowher or Hoke.

But I fear that Ross, after fireing TS, will bring in a "high caliber HC" in order to make sure this franchise goes 1-15 or 0-16: Eric Mangini, as together with Daboll they managed to weaken CLE even more they were before, or (my favourite) Rod Marinelli, as he's the only guy capable of bringing us to 0-16 and tie us with DET. Damn... they could also bring in Hans Moleman of the Simpsons, wouldn't surpise me anymore...

I am happy to announce that I have a new favorite team, TampaBay Bucs. Watched their game against the Vikings and it was good to watch a well coached team. You guys should check them out. Why watch a No heart team like the Dolphins who are coached by the ole "fist pumper" who gets excited over field goals? Now back to the Dallas rejects. Mr. Ross, no winn-ee no tick-ee


Who? Who names their kid IGOR! Who?

am in favor of firing Hairy Ears Sporano immediately and bringing in Eric Mangidiot. Only then can we be assured of getting the #1 overall pick we so desperately need...I am on the verge of not watching any more Dolphin games this year.

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