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Dolphins trail Pats 14-7 in second quarter

Both offenses have started strong.

Miami scored on it's first possession on a Chad Henne draw play.

The Pats scored on both their first two possessions. Advantage New England.

The Dolphins have not been able to contain New England's tight ends. Terrible.

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When the fins score, Sparano jumps up and down like a jack in the box. When the Pats score, Belichek has no reaction. That says everything.

And there, that overthrow of an open Brandon Marshall, is the reason I think Chad Henne cannot be elite. His deep passing is not accurate enough.

He can be good without it. But not elite.

good try, just a bit too far. Hit is hands though.

stick to the game plan :)

Are we screwed? Lets see....


The defense lacks energy - they look beat (and they are being beaten...) - need more positive energy on D

Not a good play call IMO.

Have to give Daboll and Henne credit for the QB draw from the 9 though. Had he not made it everyone would have screamed it was a dumb call. Can't be afraid to take chances.

How the hell are we gonna keep up in a shootout if we can't even gain 2 yards?

It hit Marshall in the hands

Bad play call on 3rd down.

If Miami gord down 21-7 on this next Pats possession, this one is over.

I like what Henne is showing tonight.

It hit Marshall in the hands? He had three yards on the DB and had to dive so it would glance off his hands!

You hit him in stride and he's still running. C'mon man!


defense is horrible, worst than i thought. zero pressure, nolan u are a moron

They need to let Henne throw. Where is LJ.

This is why I drink

Gotta admit I think Hennes issue was Henning.

I see saints receivers grabbing that ball all day.... You c'mon man, Marshall is supposed to be elite

It aint over till the Fat lady sings and I've gagged the old lady

Not good enough. You have to pressure Brady to win. If you don't, you lose. Just that simple.

WTF a sweep common man!!! I hope Nolan has made some of those changes you were talking about Mondo! Or we are in for a long night!

We are not an elite team Armando. Get used to it.

their tightends are running all over our dbs. Scary.

Need to stop the Pat offense...

Yes, an incompletion

Brady overthrew an open receiver, is he not elite?

That was on Henne, not Marshall, clearly overthrown!

Now why can't we do that?

Did woodhead just run over bell?

even woodhead gashes us, TERRIBLE

Where is this defense???

2 guys got beat on that run

D line is supposed to be our stength? WTF?

He missed one. He's not a machine. (insert Russian accent here)

Danny Woodhead is running over Bell and then breaking Odrick tackle on consecutive runs for a first down.

That should NOT happen.

Good god, Dansby!

Dansby, that's 2 bad plays in a row!

Were is the Defense?

The Patriots do Miami a favor by running on 3rd down and the defense gets gashed anyway.

This is awful.

brady had 10 seconds

that is absolutely terrible pass rush right there. TERRIBLE!

Brady had like 10 seconds.


Christ! he had 4 hrs in the pocket!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't they give him a chair?

Picked a bad week to quit hard drugs

okay, I'm certain Cam Wake is getting held on most plays. Is it just me?

Pathetic! Tackle you fools!

There is simply no defensive line here

Odrick is playing like crap.

Cameron Wake getting owned by a rookie

Mando, is there a reason u start a new qtr blog? Size limit? It takes for ever to update!!

D sucks...

Brady's pocket awareness is insane.

Where's the D?

7.2 secs

Wow, 2 incomplete passes??!!!?

Holy S!!!, an incompletion

brady > dolphins D

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