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Dolphins trying to re-sign Larry Johnson

The Dolphins are trying to re-sign Larry Johnson and get him back on the roster by the end of today, a source is telling me this morning.

The news, first broken by the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora, is interesting because it has several repurcussions.

One: If the sides can get it done by today, it means the Dolphins have intentions of keeping Johnson around for at least half a season because at minimum, the deal would include a split contract gauranteeing Johnson's salary and thus his place on the team for at least half the season.

Two: The move clearly means the club has had a change of thinking not just about Johnson, but about the current makeup of its running back corps. Miami is happy with Reggie Bush as the starter but questions have lingered about everything behind him.

Daniel Thomas is a rookie and has had, by the best account, an unimpressive training camp. Lex Hilliard, the third back, is also relatively inexperienced.

It is possible this signing could be triggered by an injury. Designated fullback Charles Clay missed practice Wednesday. If he cannot play, the Dolphins might move Hilliard to the fullback spot and feel the need to add Johnson. This part, however, is speculation.

The Dolphins practice at 12:30 p.m. Thursday. Players and coaches will be available to the media approximately two hours later. I'll report back if Johnson is on the field or not. I'll tell you if Clay is practicing. And, obviously, when something says something around here, I will give you that information also.

[Update: The Dolphins have announced they have signed Johnson and cut offensive lineman Ray Feinga.]


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go fins

Interesting. Has Clay been injured all Preseason or have I just missed seeing him? Anyone seen him?


This FO and staff have no friggin' clue!!!!!!

LMFAO at them. It's a joke.

Buster, STFU.

Knew the fins were'nt gonna depend on bush to get that short yardage gain and knew they dont have the faith in Thomas either, I say its a good if not great Re=signing, Again JMHO.

Mel...why?...can't handle the truth?

Oh..and BTW....KMA !!!

It was a given that they were going to try and resign him.....

So twist it how you want but his being let go was a money issue not that they did not want him.

"This FO and staff have no friggin' clue!!!!!!


Very insightful post...

You talk as if this front office ruined a playoff team

I belive the the dolphins will end up using hilliard alot as a blocking FB while clay translates to his position! LJ will be brought in to push thomas and as a goalline back! pass protection is a must and the dolphins are just beefing up with veterans who have that ability, ( LJ, rosario, cook)
If henne is to succeed, which I think he can, he needs time to pass, and that right side of the line is really shaky. Now they can run 2 tight end sets, and have rosario chip block or commit to pass protection.

Corners....they did just that,,,they ruined a 11 - 5 playoff team from 2008....yeah...

...and the fan base is having a problem owning that fact. !!

A guick check, Its 4th and 3 at the 35yd line, less then two minutes left, Who do you want running for the 1st? Reggie, Thomas or Johnson?, You may not like the truth, you may not love the truth, But Id Go with Johnson here beore the other two.Again JMO

They did

Just an observation, but Thomas is not built like a short yardage back. Most short yardage backs are shorter with powerful legs to drive the defender or pile forward. It's been said before that Thomas runs too upright - not gonna work for short yardage situations.

Never should of cut LJ--he can still play we need some proven depth behind reggie--Bush gets hurt alot--

I would like to sign DE Everette Brown as a reserve OLB project use him on special teams has way more upside then keeping a guy like Spitler who has no chance of playing on defense--

Have not heard any1 going after him he had 3.5 sacks last year in his 2nd year as a pro is only 24---was a 2nd round draft pick

Good move. Not sure Johnson's great at this point but they were painfully thin back there and needed more help. Probably the best guy out there who is available right now.

Thank goodness for the Johnson signing. I still feel the Dolphins need major improvement in the O-line.

I am relieved because I had concerns about our RBs - especially if Bush gets injured.

Of course, as I have been saying all along, the most logical thing to do would have been to re-sign Ricky for at least a 1 year deal. I am still disappointed that didn't happen. Ricky has plenty left and would have been a great mentor for Thomas.

But I'd say this signing is the next best thing that could have happened.

FP4FGs wrote: But Id Go with Johnson here beore the other two.Again JMO

FP...I totally agree.....

what is laughable is the way it was done.....

They had the player in uniform.....practicing...in shape...

they let him go....

Now they pull him back in like a yo-yo

Then they want to rally the team..all for one....horseblatt!!!

They are the laughing stock of the league. Just listen to the national press...there is no respect for this organization anymore.

And I'm sorry I have to say that, because I want my team to win. But they can't with this faulty , inexperienced leadership calling the shots.


I'm familiar with the name Everette Brown. I remember him being well thought of coming out. Where has he being playing? Do we need more help on the DL?

wow they cut feinga and kept jerryyy wow you would think and ex offensive line coach wouldnt have this mess going on

Buster, I think it was done for $ Reasons.

Sure Shock...
Good observation...but by now we should be used to it.

so, we get rid of a lagit "full Back" to move someone else into that position, to resign Johnson who we let go because he had'nt shown enough on the field...hmmmmm, so Im scratching my head again..Maybe next week we can trade someone, or a first round pick from the next draft and bring Ricky back...ok so now Im just being an As$..

They need to sign garrard, forget about all this other crap. The two qbs they ate riding with now are not going to get it done.

They need to sign garrard, forget about all this other crap. The two qbs they ate riding with now are not going to get it done.

Pats will sign Ray Feinga......book it.


and that is even more pathetic....

they ran the risk of him not being available...which would have jeopardized the team's depth at RB...that was folly enough...

but to jeopardize the relationship with the player (and his supporting teammates) just for what amounts to less than 1 million dollars....with 12 million in unused cap space....

that is simply not good business.

Think how you might feel if your employer did that to you. I know it would leave me with questions...Just sayin....

They are going to regret cutting Polite a few times this year


He was playing in Carolina--as a 4-3 end, but isnt strong enough to play D-end, he had 6.5 sacks in 2 years---is only 24

For us he would play OLB in 3-4, which most people in draft thought that would be his best position---at the worst he gives us a long term project very young---pass rush downs he can help ---and ST

Much better upside and investment then a guy like Spitler


I remember when the Jags replaced Leftwich with Garrard. Seems that decision basically came down to Leftwhich's inability to stay healthy(See Leftwhich ou6t for season again; Steelers).

Garrard's best assett is his threat with the legs, not his arm. Though he is a decent passer at best.

If you sign a qb based solely on being able to make more plays with his legs than arm, then you're in a very sad place organizationally. Those are teams who look to compete for top 5 draft positions.

This from BODOG.COM.

Miami quarterback Chad Henne's throwing yardage is set at 3250 yards. He also has a 16.5 touchdown over/under, while a 17.5 over/under for interceptions.

Running back Reggie Bush find himself with a 650 yard over/under for rushing yards, along with 350 receiving yards, and 8 over/under for total touchdowns. Meanwhile, Thomas comes in with a 550 rushing yardage and 4.5 touchdown over/unders.

But, no matter what, the Dolphins will continue to fly under the radar early this season. And, given the underdog mentality, having a "us versus the world" outlook may be the best thing the Dolphins could have this year. And, hopefully, the Dolphins are "over" for most of these categories (except maybe that Henne interception mark).

Don't worry guys if there are RB injuries. Tiki's still available as is Portis. We have options. Worst comes to worst, I used to play RB as a kid in the neighborhood. I was likened to Franco Harris. I'm getting back into shape, about 235-240 right now. My speed isn't exactly 4.3, well, maybe in the 10 (so what's that translate to the 40). Anyway, I'd play for league minimum, that's all I'm saying, it's an offer.

Dolphin 77:
They need to sign garrard, forget about all this other crap. The two qbs they ate riding with now are not going to get it done

What?.... and undermine the annointed one ...viz Chad Henne...please my man...surely you don't want to upset the fan base just when the apple cart is about to roll....

downhill that is.

Oh, and I'm 37, but haven't played for 20 years, so not much wear and tear on my body. Almost a perfect fit, right?

The only thing I can think of is Thomas was hurt by the lockout. He is struggling in pass protection and he is running with happy, choppy feet not striding. Of course this all hope, other wise its another failed pick for the next regime to overcome.

I'm a lot more confident with LJ on the roster than going with only Bush, DT and Hilliard. Nobody knows what he can do (even though Ricky or Ronnie - my preference Ricky - would have been the smart keeper) but at least he has NFL experience and has been a premier back. DT needs that veteran presence if he is to blossom.

Yeah but, I think he would be a solid pick up if anyrhing happens to henne, hurt or benched.

Yeah but, I think he would be a solid pick up if anyrhing happens to henne, hurt or benched.

Buster, Apperently no other team wanted to sign Mr Johnson, Maybe it had to do with his wife beating,bar Fighting.. Well you get the point. Just saying.

stay away from Garrard, seen him play a lot in JAX, he was never a fan fav there either, and as someone noted, better with his legs than his arm. It would not be an upgrade, or barely an upgrade..

Jimmy Jam ...so who said they were ever smart?

...and LMAO at DC Dolfan...very funny ...

and also within the realm of possibility with this FO. LOL

Oh, and I'm 37, but haven't played for 20 years, so not much wear and tear on my body. Almost a perfect fit, right?

Posted by: DC Dolfan

AWESOME and Quite Hilarious. I'm 5'10 havent played guard in 12 years since high school. Like you, I am well rested and no injuries as well. We could fill many holes on the roster.

Buster/Sandoval, anything for the team!!

Guys the Johnson move isnt about DT. Clay has been nursing a hamstring for 3 weeks now. Hamstrings are one of the worst of injuries to have. They seem to not be great enough to put a player on IR. But annoying enough to severely limit thier play.

Seems Johson maybe getting a contract that's only guarranteed for half a season. Half a season seems about enough insurance policy guarding against the time you would expect a hamstring problem to linger.

Think about it, Consider Clay's projected role, rb/te. We have now signed players at both positions since final cuts. To me that suggests Clay wont be coming out of the gates as they had pre-planned. At least not as early as we would have expected.

Not sure yet, but I wouldnt be surprised to see the next move being Clay placed on pup. That'll sit him for 5 games to nurse his hamstring back to better health.

It just dawned on me that many of Ireland's acorns are composed of players who have troubled past, injuries, advanced age, or been waived due to poor performances. In short, several of his acorns are hungry guys looking for a second chance to prove themselves. Look at Marshall, Incognito, Colombo, Wake, Bush, JT, JWilson, Burnett, Moore, and now possibly Johnson. Mixed that with rookies and younger vets wanting to make a name for themselves and you've got a really hungry group wanting to prove all the naysayers wrong. Even Ireland and Sparano need to redeem themselves after last year. I won't say the cursed phrase, but perhaps this is the year we feed the you-know-what.

All you guys need is a nice "Tight end" and maybe a "Wide Reciever" And it's a wrap, Guys get in touch with me, Iam in California.

Armando is Johnny on the spot!

Great Posts TODAY Armando. Actually predicting the Phins pull off the upset! Going out on a limb in front of your Colleagues, you Da Man!

I'm not sure if that makes you a Homer or not, but don't worry, In my book you've ALWAYS been a Homer ;)

By the way, can you call your colleagues up in Boston and have them remind Bellicheat to take his blood pressre medications Monday Night. I want him to survive the UPSET just long enough to witness the SWEEP!


Allen, I'm all for adding him and yes, I don't see much in Spitler. I liked Edds better.

But I think you have to ask yourself when the Panthers are giving up on a young guy at 24. Don't know much about him but my guess is he has work ethic issues, or maturity issues. Not saying I wouldn't be interested, I'm just not sure where he fits.

talk about stupid we cut one of our best short yardage players Polite. Still dont get that one

unreal u realize just how bad your rbs are and so u bring back a has been that no other team wanted.

Better to have LJ (or any other RB) than not.

Should we expect the expert pundits to fly into an hysterical panic and downgrade our prospects? MOMMY!

To anyone paying attention this far down the Palm Beach Post just announced that the signing is complete and Ray Feigna is the one cut to make room.

New Post Girls.

Mando, you should check with Sparano and Ireland to make sure they cut the right guy. Ask if they are sure if they didn't mean to cut Jake Long. LOL

I like it. In a limited role LJ can potentially be a good asset. Plus I like a good comeback story.

Also I just don't see Daniel Thomas working...I predict he's fighting for a spot on the roster around this time next year.

Marvin Mitchell wasnt a draft pick. But he played very well in the middle during preseason. Couple of occassions he made me go: "who is this guy"?

Mitchell may have made Edds expendable not Spitler. Mitchell who wasnt a drafyt pick may have outplayed Edds who was a draft pick. Then they kept Spitler over Edds simply because Spitler is the superior st's guy.

I personally Like the move to bring back LJ, I think there is going to be a trade and I also think O'Hara will be picked when he is healthy. Was laughing because we pick-up all the retreads from Dallas and the Patriots get all our retreads

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