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Dolphins trying to re-sign Larry Johnson

The Dolphins are trying to re-sign Larry Johnson and get him back on the roster by the end of today, a source is telling me this morning.

The news, first broken by the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora, is interesting because it has several repurcussions.

One: If the sides can get it done by today, it means the Dolphins have intentions of keeping Johnson around for at least half a season because at minimum, the deal would include a split contract gauranteeing Johnson's salary and thus his place on the team for at least half the season.

Two: The move clearly means the club has had a change of thinking not just about Johnson, but about the current makeup of its running back corps. Miami is happy with Reggie Bush as the starter but questions have lingered about everything behind him.

Daniel Thomas is a rookie and has had, by the best account, an unimpressive training camp. Lex Hilliard, the third back, is also relatively inexperienced.

It is possible this signing could be triggered by an injury. Designated fullback Charles Clay missed practice Wednesday. If he cannot play, the Dolphins might move Hilliard to the fullback spot and feel the need to add Johnson. This part, however, is speculation.

The Dolphins practice at 12:30 p.m. Thursday. Players and coaches will be available to the media approximately two hours later. I'll report back if Johnson is on the field or not. I'll tell you if Clay is practicing. And, obviously, when something says something around here, I will give you that information also.

[Update: The Dolphins have announced they have signed Johnson and cut offensive lineman Ray Feinga.]


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Daniel Thomas injured his hamstring yesterday so they re-signed LJ. not a great sign that our prized rookie is hurt before the 1st game of season.

Henne, has to go~! Looks like a long season for Fins plus they will play to an empty stadium...

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