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Early onset practice report: No cure

The Dolphins are back on the practice field and here's the tidbits I can share:

Free safety Chris Clemons was not working today due to an injury of some sort -- probably some sort of muscle pull in the leg, based on the rehabilitation work he was doing.

Reshad Jones worked as the first team free safety today.

Resever center Joe Berger, inside linebacker A.J. Edds and inside linebacker Marvin Mitchell were not at practice today. I do not know the reason but will try to find out after practice.

Finally, Jimmy Wilson has changed his number from 35 to 25. No, Reggie Bush didn't want it. He tweeted days ago he liked the idea of the new number he's been wearing throughout camp.

[BLOG NOTE: I'll give you the latest after practice. Come back then.]


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Per md.com Trusnik also changed his number from 46 to 93 and Kevin Burnett has switched from 47 to 56.

Mando Can you explain why we did not go after Brandon Merriweather Saftey cut by NE signed by the Bears or Brian Waters Guard signed by NE? Seems like year after year we pass guys up only to have Bellicheat take them and they prosper. I don't get it.

ALoco, I didn't know you were a Tiger Cat fan??!?!

The Dolphins signing Brian Waters would have reeked of desparation. There's a reason he was jobless until yesterday. But the Patriots do it and its a shrewd, veteran pickup who will somehow revert to his Pro-Bowl form.

I'm looking forward to the fact that the Patriots are leaning on this guy at the last minute to protect Brady from getting abused by the Dolphins front seven. Advantage: Dolphins D-line at this point.

We are desperate on the O-line. No one is admitting that for some reason.

I liked Burnett wearing 47 o'well i have a feeling Wilson will be the man oppisite of Davis next year.

I'd really like to comment on something but it's the same old, same old. Once again, the O-line sucks but it maybe worse this year with Columbo and Carey than ever.

He won't say it but Sparano knows it was a mistake. But why with his job on the line, can't he make a change? He doesn't even have to admit he made a mistake....all he's got to do is, mumble a few words and it's over.

What do they say? Pride goeth before the fall.

dusty bottoms,

In choosing your screen name were you refering to that sudden hard upside down blow you took to your head?

3-13, you got the be the dumbest fan in all outdoors! Almost forgot, you said we'll win "LESS GAMES" than in preason meaning 2-14 to 0-16. Dude you really need to seek help with your condition. LOL...

Cocoa Joe,

Dont make have to come to Cocoa and "pimp slap" you. Im not that far away! LOL...

Playoff's here we come anybody that knows football knows were winning the east and going deep into the playoffs.

dying i didnt write that. saw it on an nfl predction site and thought it was hilarious

Gotcha on the last blog dusty. Again Im very relieved a dolfan isnt that incredibly stupid. LOL...

I'm looking forward to the fact that the Patriots are leaning on this guy at the last minute to protect Brady from getting abused by the Dolphins front seven. Advantage: Dolphins D-line at this point.

Posted by: dln265 | September 05, 2011 at 02:0

That's your problem with Carey and Columbo. After all the abuse at practice they're all shagged out come game time! Maybe Sparano should keep them out of practice and let them rest up.

dusty bottoms,

Whatever website that was I dont expect them to be in business very long if thier content smarts matches thier businaess smarts! LOL...

LOl, Dying, that'll be the day! Hey, you're in central Fla....where? Why don't we get together for a few beers sometime?

larry i agree our dline should win. but their dline is gonna destroy us. henne could die mon night. and im not high on the fins this year but i honestly think if ross wasnt so dumb and would of left this game in the sunday heat we would of worn those big guys down and won the game

ALoco, Hamilton is about a 40 minute drive from Toronto, very close. Hamilton is Canada's version of Pittsburgh (steel city). Not the nicest place in Ontario but the people are nice. Had a couple of girlfriends from there over the years. Good times.


Quit encouraging the "challenged".

He'll tell you the Helmet he wears is because of the blow he took to the head, when in reality it's so he doesn't get hurt riding the short bus-lol.

aloco you can find hamilton on an online map faster than you can type the question asking where it is. i'll tell you where it is, its just over there.

I would like to see tom brady retied soon like a career ending injury Monday night. It will help for the fins to win the division year in and year out. I have a feeling fins front 7 will abuse brady Monday night. Maybe one ofthem will land on his knee and hurt him permenantly . Cheers enjoy the game I will patsies fans.

one brady leaves, in comes mallet. sure he will be even better

Coco Joe,

Im just north of Daytona Beach. Palm Coast, Florida. Im like an hour's drive away. LOL...

Also, some of my relatives down in Miami and I are planning on choosing some home games to attend. I guess right now it kind of depends on how we look against the Pats. They've boycotted going to hoem games after last season too.

With Clemons nursing an injury and one of our most important games of the year upcoming. The starting fs position seems now Reshad Jone's to lose.

With Clemons on the sidelines, Jones is getting all of the oh so important starting preparation reps. A strong showing from Jones Monday night and Clemons is in the rearview mirror.

Still Jones has to continuously play well. That little sticker in the rearview mirror always reads: "Objects are much closer than they appear". LOL...

how scary, pats will pick on jones all night

•Dolphins making a couple if roster moves: signed TE Dante Rosario and OL Ryan Cook. less than a minute ago
•Dolphins making a couple if roster moves: Waived AJ Edds and Joe Berger. 2 minutes ago

What? Huh?

We sign ONE O-lineman and cut one of our best depth guys in Berger?

WTF, I know Murtha and Berger aren't all that, but neither is Colombo and Jerry!

WTF are these guys doing?

rosario is better than any te we have on roster

but oden u cant rip the team, remember u call me stupid if i ever do.

Dante Rosario
#49 TE

Denver Broncos | Official Team Site

Height: 6-4 Weight: 250 Age: 26

Born: 10/25/1984 Beaverton , OR

College: Oregon

Experience: 5th season

Odinseye, what they are doing is being more knowledgeable about football than your whiny ass will ever be. How's that?
Why do fans need to pretend they know the inner workings of the teams they follow?

2010 Carolina Panthers 16 6 32 264 8.3 26 0 1 -2 -2.0 -2 0 -- --

2009 Carolina Panthers 14 8 26 313 12.0 26 2 -- -- -- -- -- -- --

2008 Carolina Panthers 16 6 18 209 11.6 24 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- --

2007 Carolina Panthers 16 2 6 108 18.0 54 2 -- -- -- -- -- -- --

getting rid of berger is a positve. if berger is playing on your team, you are a long way off.

edds, one more miss on draft picks.

agree mata

Posted July 31, 2011, 2:24 pm MT TE Rosario agrees with Broncos pending physicalBy Mike Klis Comments

John Fox is not going to have a new ”receiving” tight end this season. But the Broncos will. The Broncos do have an agreement in place with tight end Donte Rosario, pending a physical exam that he will take tonight. Rosario played the previous four seasons for Fox in Carolina.

Rosario, 26, had a career-high 32 catches last year, 26 in 2009 and 18 in 2008. He has the athleticism at 6-4, 250 pounds to be more productive in the passing game, but Fox’s offense in the past was geared around receiver Steve Smith and the running game.

Rosario will compete with Dan Gronkowski for the Broncos’ “off-the-line” tight end position, and allows the Broncos to not push their two rookie tight ends, Julius Thomas and Virgil Green, into prominent playing time before they’re ready.

Thomas played basketball at Portland State before he played football for one season after he had used up his basketball eligibility. Thomas’ hands and athleticism have already been apparent during training camp but it’s not realistic to expect a player to go from a college basketball court to the NFL in a year’s time.

Even Antonio Gates, the converted Kent State power forward who is now a San Diego Chargers star, didn’t catch his first pass until his fourth NFL game and he had just three catches through the first 8 games of his rookie season.

With Dansby and Burnett I believe we can keep the Pats TE's somewhat under control. If our nickel corner can keep Welker somewhat in check and hold Woodhead to short gains in the passing game. I really love our chances against Brady.

Ocho-cinco's been in the league over 10yrs now so I dont look for him to be able to do massive damage against either of our corners. If we cover well in all facids of the pass defense, Brady will be at the mercy of our d-line and exotic Nolan blitzing schemes.

Mr. Brady meet Mr. Turf. Mr. Turf meet Mr. Brady! LOL...

like i said rosario is better than any te we had before. not that any we had were good to begin with

but oden u cant rip the team, remember u call me stupid if i ever do.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 05, 2011 at 02:47 PM

Come on Dusty, I was just kiding. Besides I didn't call you stupid. It's all in good fun.

You know me, I'm the Optimist Homer. You can make fun of me for that ;)

$hit Dying, that's way up the road...that's like north Fla. Well, maybe meet for a game.

TE Rosario signed. Could be that complementing TE we've all hoped for so long.

cocoa and dying meeting up for game, crickets

have we hit on any draft picks with ireland???

Odinseye, what they are doing is being more knowledgeable about football than your whiny ass will ever be. How's that?
Why do fans need to pretend they know the inner workings of the teams they follow?

Posted by: Mando Checker | September 05, 2011 at 02:48 PM

Well thanks, that explains a lot of things. Anyways I'm busy researching some football related "things".

You should give it a try sometime. But then again, that's just MY OPINION :)

Buh Bye!!!!

Ryan Cook - Center / Guard

Date of birth: May 8, 1983 (1983-05-08) (age 28)

Place of birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Height: 6 ft 6 in - Weight: 328 lb

College: New Mexico

NFL Draft: 2006 / Round: 2 / Pick: 51
Debuted in 2006 for the Minnesota Vikings

Career history
Minnesota Vikings (2006–2010)
Miami Dolphins (2011–present)

AJ Edds has bigtime PS elibility left. Burnett kinda made his services obsolete so I understand that decision.

Berger we know offers futility at the center position. So terminating his contract is a good move in my opinion. Maybe the new c/g signee offer better depth at both positions. If so, again great move.

Rosario seems to offer more athleticism as a true TE than we currently have on the roster. If he pans out, again, great move.

edds, one more miss on draft picks.

Posted by: mata | September 05, 2011 at 02:51 PM

If we're keeping a dozen receivers somebody has to go!

Ryan Cook

Cook played for the University of New Mexico for the 2002-2005 seasons. Originally a walk-on, he eventually earned a scholarship. He earned All-Mountain West Conference First Team honors at center for three consecutive years, being the first center to do so in New Mexico's history . In his career, he had 416 knockdown blocks, averaging 8.7 per game in 46 games.[1] His senior year, he was also invited to play in the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl, and accepted the invitation to the Senior Bowl.

let them target reshad it's time for us to believe our players can do it and time for reshad to step up and do it, all the secondary should be helped by our seriously challnging d line

he needs game time, to get to the next level anyway

pats r in for a shock

C/G Ryan Cook could also be insurance against a injury prone or under performing Carey at the RG position.

Maybe our eyes are on the RT position next to see if that position can be shored up a little better.

Dusty Mando checker,

Whew, thanks guys I was about to jump off the ledge over Berger!

BUT, while you guys were whinning about me, I found out we signed a pass catching TE and a original 2nd round pick that has played Guard/Center and Tackle(early in football career).

Like I said earlier, almost any lineman we sign should be an upgrade.

AwwwwwRiiiiight MIAMI!!!!


Youre a genious! The unproven Edds is a wasted 5th rd pick because we found someone far better in Burnett. Geeze, did some of you guys brains come in a box of cheap morning breakfast cereals? LOL>>>

Wasn't Ryan Cook the Dante Culpepper pick?

Ryan Cook,

In his career, he had 416 knockdown blocks, averaging 8.7 per game in 46 games.[

It doesn't mean anything at this point, but these stats from the center position?

Are you kidding me? That's the KOOLEST stat I've read in quite some time.

If he STICKS, I'm nick naming him PANCAKE(pun intended!)

plus edds aint no bust yet - he was out all last year as db said he was just beat out by a stud(ish) fa, can't keep everyone

keeping 6 wr speaks volumes - we were hurt at end of last season by injuries to wr's, if u r gonna pass more u need quality in depth, specially if your intending to go post-season

we have 6 recievers and no QB.

isn't that the same as having Brady and no receivers?

Burnett- 2010 5 ints on the nfl level

Edds- 2009 5 ints on the college level

Which is more impressive? LOL...

Edds was drafted because they werent happy with Crowder's coverage skills and playmaking ability. Burnett's in, Crowder's out. Now since they found a guy that did what impressed them about what Edds did on the college level, yet he did it on the pro level. Bow Edds is out too.

So What! Edds was never going to see the playing field with Dansby and Burnett in the lineup. That would be a complete waste of a roster spot.

DC/DB and CraigM,

Guys I was reading your thoughts in the last post about dropping players like Polite amongst others because it was the best possible thing the Team could have done in there effort to play more up to the times and agree 100%. I don`t even think there is an argument to be had on that one we`ve all suffered through enough of this ball control Offensive Football dating all the way back to 96 with J.J.

I wonder though if some remnants of our old conservative approach don`t have to be kept whether we like it or not based on the pieces the Team has to work with presently. I know we are moving into a more wide open spread attack and a FB will become obsolete to our Offense but I didn`t see the value in keeping Polite based on him being a pass catching threat or blocking FB as much as I based it on the fact that he and R.Brown were our best backs at pass protection and now with D.Thomas and R.Bush we are lacking in that dept. and you can`t overlook that.

It has nothing to do with ditching the max protection schemes Henning ran with only one or two recievers in the formation going doube TE or multiple backs to block and I`ll give you a perfect example. In the Pre-Season Bucs game the play down near the Goal line Mando Disects and everybody here dropped there two cents on, Bush was called to stay in and pass protect with 3 WR`s and a T.E. in the formation. If you all remember the play he gets pushed back into the pocket off the right side with Carey and Colombo collapsing it along with the left. Everybody was focused on the left side because the WR were over there but it was the total collapse with Reggie chipping in on the right that forces Henne into the pocket when he scrambles.

I wonder if this won`t become a common occurrence this Season. Look we need a pass blocking back based on personnel and it seems to me only Hilliard is left on the team that did any of that in 09 with Ronnie hurt. If we really want to move into a new full scale Offense then tell me how keeping Mustrad or signing a 270 Yeatman who runs a 5.2/40 helps that cause?? I get the impression Yeatman was signed to block strongside with the slower than hell Fasano running the seem and again how does that fit in our new look Offense were the T.E. position is vital. Daboll worked with Ben Watson in N.E. and Cleveland and Fasano isn`t him on his best day given he`s another very slow player, any of you realistically see Fasano running away from the MLB`s in coverege?? Seems the Saftey`s can both play deep just like last Season unless Bush is on the field every down meaning Henne will need all the time he can get for routes to open up and Polite heped that cause given the pieces at hand more than a Mustrad, JMO.

tell us again we have no qb after game 3

don't start on henne again till at least next tuesday

we've killed that for 8mths!!

live in mass.what site can u watch the dolphins on that is free

Ryan The Pancake Cook!

Throughout his collegiate career he averaged about two and a half pancake blocks a quarter!

I hope he has some batter left!!!!



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