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Early onset practice report: No cure

The Dolphins are back on the practice field and here's the tidbits I can share:

Free safety Chris Clemons was not working today due to an injury of some sort -- probably some sort of muscle pull in the leg, based on the rehabilitation work he was doing.

Reshad Jones worked as the first team free safety today.

Resever center Joe Berger, inside linebacker A.J. Edds and inside linebacker Marvin Mitchell were not at practice today. I do not know the reason but will try to find out after practice.

Finally, Jimmy Wilson has changed his number from 35 to 25. No, Reggie Bush didn't want it. He tweeted days ago he liked the idea of the new number he's been wearing throughout camp.

[BLOG NOTE: I'll give you the latest after practice. Come back then.]


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Edds qualifies for the practice squad.

Don't know if they make room for him there, but it is a possibilty.

Simply by reading the depth chart and re-reading Stephen Ross's words we know the Dolphins new offense.
Pass first and pass often!

This is not a balanced offense

does it concern anybody that our offensive line is still changing daily with less than a week to go?


Jake Long wasnt in that game neither on the left side. That changes a whole lot of things.

As far as blocking, I dont think unless Sparano felt comfortable with Bush and Thomas ability in the pass blocking game. They wouldnt be in the positions theyre now in.

In the nfl, if a rb truly sucks picking up blitzes he'll never see the playing field. But that doesnt mean occassionally all rb's at times wont get over powered by a defender or miss an assignment. No one's perfect!

injury last season +lockout +burnett+6 wr+need another te and g= edds cut

if edds eventually performs elsewher he is not an ireland bust, this is circumstantial not substandard - ok he's not a stud either!!


would be more concerned if our OL wasn't changing!

Contrary to what the Blog Hit Troll posted earlier in regards to Rex signing O'Connel for information(he said Ireland and SpOrano are to dumb to do this)

What the heck to you think Yeatman was ALL about.

Ireland killed two birds with one stone on this one you nimwit!

We get to pump him for info on the patsies AND we get a massive road grading TE to help out on the running plays.

Duh - Duh Dipty - Dipty DOO!!!!


It would concern us more if the oline wasnt changing a week before game 1. This Ryan Cook guy forced Berger's contract termination. So he must be a clear upgrade. He also plays two positions, meaning he could possibly offer insurance at the center and guard position.

Gaurd depth is critical because its been only God knows how long since Carey went an entire season uninjured.

does it concern anybody that our offensive line is still changing daily with less than a week to go?

Posted by: mata | September 05, 2011 at 03:24 PM

NORMALLY it would, but in this particular instance, change is a GOOD THANG.

NOW, Troll on my Brother!!!!

brady is going to come out with an edge. he is still seething over the jets loss. you can bet he is going to come out slicing like a razor blade, short quick passes, quick releases, then burn us deep. belicheck will pressure henne in interceptions early and shake his confidence. tony's face of worry will be on the cover of SI, complete with frowns and beads of sweat.

guys - starting ol is not changing unless u count long for murtha, back-ups r changing

we still have the fins leader 2010 sacks allowed (carey) and the cowboys leader 2010 sacks allowed (colombo) on the right!!!

but ts reckons practice makes perfect so he's keeping them in there, no tinkering allowed

until he has a change of philosophy- look forward to that speech

wolf @3:37 PM,

Absolutely! Edds didnt do anything to really distinguish himself this preseason. He didnt do much to hurt himself, but he clearly showed he was no threat to Burnett and Burnett showed they could be just fine without Edds.

Thats the bottomline! LOL...


I saw alot of USC games on ESPN2 during the Bush days given they pay alot of 10:30 EDT games and Bush was never called upon to block that was always Lendelle White`s job. In the games I saw the Saints play never saw him used there either. Again how does keeping Mustrad look in the new Offense were going to play as opposed to a pass blocking back. If your basing cutting Polite on the team being more geared to todays game then explain to me the T.E. position?? Even though Miami native and ex WR D.Rosario form Louisvile can run and catch.

Cook started for the Vikes for 2 years at RT. Backup that can play all 5 positions. nice.

berman @3.31

u prob right but maybe with a bit of age in his bones and a modicom of self doubt that he can get back to the big one he might just push too hard -"determination and frustration and doubt interceptions can make" well know yoda quote

mata, jets fan, loser, no it doesn't concern ANYONE that with a week to go the front office is upgrading the backups on the o-line. Thank you for being a know nothing douche.

ALoco, I am not a big fan of CFL football but if I like any team, it's the Toronto Argonauts, the nemesis of the Hamilton Tiger Cats and have former Dolphin Cleo Lemon as their starting QB.


What was more scarier than Columbo and Carey as starters was the depth behind both.

I would cringe to see Jerry come in if Carey went down early. But there's still the question of Columbo. Right now Im hating him in the passing game, but it scares me most that if he goes down his replacement will suck in both the pass and run game.

I would at least like to see better depth brought in at RT. Being on IR I think Murtha's out at least the first 6 games. If we dont find better depth at the position I at least hope Murtha comes back after 6 games and Columbo doesnt go down before that.

I`ll tell you all the thing that pisses me off the most about cutting AJ Edds. How long have I been bitching on here about the fact we drafted Edds and passed on Aaron Hernandez Rd.4 of the 2010 draft?? Let that sink in for a moment, we passed on Aaron Hernandez last Season, the same one who`s ripping it up in N.E. and looked the part coming out in a deep draft were all underclassmen jumped expecting the Rookie Salary Cap this year and was had for a 4th Round pick!! The guy we drafted was cut about an hour into his 1st real Season, PUKING ALL OVER MYSELF!!! Won`t post my thoughts on Ireland cause of the blog censorship but you all know what I`m thinking!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe they waived Edds. That guy I gonna be a stud.

Minnesota Vikings cutdown analysis
September, 3, 2011

Surprise move: Either the Vikings have confidence in a number of unproven offensive linemen or they have their sights on some veteran acquisitions later this weekend. They released guard/tackles Chris DeGeare and Ryan Cook, both of whom saw substantial action at right guard during the injury rehabilitation of starter Anthony Herrera.


You'll have to ask DuBoll how the TE fits into "his" system. Thats yet to be revealed to any of us.

Also, I highly doubt Bush will be asked to do a whole lot of blocking for us either. My money says anytime he's in the game there will be a legitimate attempt to get him the ball. Bank on it.


I'm sure they still have edds' phone number.


too right, even without worrying about long u know one olineman is gonna miss at least a few games if not more, murtha (now absence makes the heart grow fonder) was actually a pretty versatile 1st choice backup in a few positions, they still got garner right? he's still a bit of an unknown to me but didn't seem to wow in camp

on PAPER cook looks like a seriously good pick-up, what's good for me is that though the fo wind us up big time they r at least making some moves, u can't really judge them poeprly till their tested on the field

anyone got an gae on cook - icu not good for research

f4l @3.40

gr8 point

odin - thanks for the cook info

fin4life the difference as I see it is that Hernandez plays on a championship caliber team with a hall of fame QB, a competent OC, and solid offensive line. It sucks that they didn't draft him but would he have had the same success in Miami with Chad Henne, suspect o-line, and old man Henning calling running plays on third and long? I think not.




Glad your crystal ball works properly. Should have let Ireland borrow it. Then he would have known he wasnt getting Kevin Burnett and he could have drafted Hernandez over Edds. Seems the Edds drafting was the beginning of the end of the Crowder era for this fo.

Also, how effective do you think Hernandez would have been for last season in the Dan Henning system? Hell, Henning didnt know how to effectively use a proven pro bowler like Brandon Marshall.

I'm liking the new way they're going about naming captains for special teams. It will be week to week based on who makes the best plays on special teams. Good incentive for the whole unit to make plays and get recognized. Make them work for it.

Sounds like a trades in the works... 3 players not at the facility...

Will be be cutting our second TE (Mustard?) now?


See you beat me to the Henning/Hernandez assessment! LOL...

gggreatdane catch up would ya? Scroll back and look at Odins posts. Players have been cut and players have been signed.

Going out on a limb here, but watching the Browns offense last season may give a clue or two as to how TE's will fit into Daboll's system.

Ahhh you were close Dying! I bet Fasano would be a pro bowler in New England. The guy already graded out very high last year in comparison to his peers. Would he have the same problem with the dropsies if Brady was throwing him the ball? Hmmmmmm.

If you don't agree with someone's opinion its because they are a:

1. moron
2. douche
3. idiot
4. troll
5. jet fan

And that's about the extent of the vocabulary amongst those with no capacity to entertain any thought contrary to their precious beliefs.


Caught your post my way late yesterday when you asked about Henne and the Q.B. position and the feeling is mutual my friend. Also am PUKING MASSIVE CHUNKS right now. How many times did I have the conversation with you about taking Edds over A.Hernandez were you told me lets see what Edds is when he plays, well odin it seems that he`s C H I T and that other guy playing TE in N.E. is a beast!!

Players we have passed on since the arrival of Mr. Ireland and the TRIFECTA

2008 passed on DE Calais Campbell and took under achieving P.Merling (Campbell has registered 15.5 sacks in his 3 Seasons wth some saying he was snubbed by the Pro Bowl last year Merling has 2.5 in that span)

2009 passed on USC Tackling machine MLB Rey Maulaluga took Pat White!!! (Maulaluga was in the D Rookie MVP talks in 09 Season Pat White is out of Football)

2010 passed on Aaron Hernandez and took AJ Edds!!

2011 Should have traded back into Rd.4 and taken USC T.E. Jordan Cameron time will tell but we could have had him twice given we could have stayed in Rd.3 will see were he fares compared to Daniel Thomas in the future.

Henning didnt know how to effectively use a proven pro bowler like Brandon Marshall.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 05, 2011 at 03:51 PM

Sure about that? 86 catches for over 1000 yards while missing two full games is not acceptable?

Some of these fans expect the totally unreasonable and therefore will always be whining fools.

typical fin blogger here's the thing. It has nothing to do with agreeing with ones opinion or not agreeing. It has everything to do with the opinion in question. Every time you come in here, and you come in here a lot (you're not fooling anyone with the constant name changes) your opinion is one of incredible negativity. Do you understand what a fan is? Yes a fan has a right to his opinion and it's not always good. As is evidenced by most of our opinions in here varying to degrees that reflect what is going on with the team and front office. We get mad and complain. But people like you, all you do is complain. There is never a silver lining and you never have one positive thing to say about the team you supposedly are a "fan" (fanatic) of. That means you are most likely not a fan and if you are you are a person that no one would EVER want to be around. You are toxic and I can't even imagine sitting and trying to enjoy watching a Dolphins game with you and your over the top whining. That leaves most of us to come to a logical explanation of you are a
"1. moron
2. douche
3. idiot
4. troll
5. jet fan"

So the last thing you need to do is pick one of the 5 and own it.

Lol at Typical Phin Blogger ... and it's soooooo true. Zero exchange of opinions, most sentiments are argumentative or otherwise defensive.

Ryan Cook started at RT two seasons for the Vikes(according to Mark in Toronto-which, thanks for that info-thats what makes this blog good).

He also played guard, apparently at a high level. Many were urprised he got cut.

Anyways, the Vikes O-line ain't nothing to sneeze at in my opinion. So I'm thinking(or a least hoping) this turns out to be a classic example of one man trash being another mans treasue.

Considering the current condition of the right side of our line, I think the Pancake Cook spells immediate UPGRADE!

Another useless prediction: Cook starts Monday Night!


Seems right now youve chosen fin4death over fin4life. Get over it dude, none of gets our christ draft list fulfilled in dolfan land. True there are misses but they've also made hits too.

It not just this fo, every fo has misses. Belichik for example has zero players left on his roster from his 2007 draft. We have 2, Soliai and fields. Everyone has misses dude, cheer the fvck up! LOL...

Bremmer how many TD passes did our only real red zone threat from a year ago have? So I agree with the notion that Henning had NO CLUE HOW TO USE MARSHALL. 1000 yards and 86 catches between the end zones is for teams that don't make the playoffs. I would be much happier with 700 yds, 65 catches, and 15 TDS. That's how you use your biggest WR properly while also spreading the ball around to your other players.


not every plater cut is one man's trash. We just got rid of Edds!

phins84 at 04:03 PM, typical expected response. Believe that what you imagine to be true is actually true and you are stuck in denial.

dishpan at 04:04 PM non-typical response. A person who can read a blog opinion without getting tweaked out, react to it or not for what it is, agree or disagree or say nothing.


Youre absolutely correct! A wr as big and physical as Marshall in the redzone is still open in the endzone even if he's double covered. I would put my money on Marshall anyday outphysicaling the defender for the ball in the endzone.

Also, how effective do you think Hernandez would have been for last season in the Dan Henning system? Hell, Henning didnt know how to effectively use a proven pro bowler like Brandon Marshall.

DyingBreed | September 05, 2011 at 03:51 PM

Two things about your whole post really.

1) We knew Edds was a situational pass down player when we took him, everybody did Breed, common maaaan!! It`s what they said the minute Miami made the pick on NFL Network. The Fins never dismissed it either by admiting they needed to teach him to be an everydown player.

2) Are you really telling me that Hernandez running down the seem wouldn`t have opened up things for Marshall even in Hennings Offense, really!! suggest you go watch some 2008 tape when a much less athletic David Martin did it for the likes of Camarillo and Bess.

When I say the guys we could have drafted I`m talking peope I wanted when we were on the clock in there respective drafts not Monday mornng Quarter Backing it or looking through a crystal ball.

aloco time to eat some nice fish

don't get into the cfl too much on here

its like telling me that someone won a baseball game - give me an aloco +ve on the fins man, thats what got me thru june/july

So I agree with the notion that Henning had NO CLUE HOW TO USE MARSHALL. 1000 yards and 86 catches between the end zones is for teams that don't make the playoffs.

Posted by: phins84 | September 05, 2011 at 04:09 PM

What a contradiction!!! You see? Now, are you a moron or idiot or troll or douche because you made a comment against your team?

I see, its ok to criticize what YOU want, but anyone else with an opinion you agree is a moron.

Got. Dude your head is stuck so far up your asssshole I don't think there is any hope of ever getting it back out. Good luck though!

Edds is a total waste of a roster spot with Burnett and Dansby manning the ilb position. Neither of them have history of being injury prone neither. I dont expect a rush to sign Edds neither.

Of course someone could sign him, but dont look for him in this year's pro bowl! LOL...

How many times did I have the conversation with you about taking Edds over A.Hernandez were you told me lets see what Edds is when he plays, well odin it seems that he`s C H I T and that other guy playing TE in N.E. is a beast!!

Posted by: fin4life | September 05, 2011 at 04:00 PM

I had a feeling this would be forthcoming from you-LOL.

Seriously, when I read Edds was cut my first thought was about this exact conversation.

Edds was never active and I don't think anyone else will get him. So he's eligible for our practice squad. Time will tell, but for Hernandez the time is now. He's alread pating huge dividends.............BIG - SIGH(no fist pump)!


Like you I wanted a TE in 2010's draft too. Except I wanted Graham from the U. Still would have liked Henandez too.

It didnt happen, time to move on. With the addition of Burnett there's zero need for Edds.


I like some of the pieces put in place from a 1-15 team but am frustrated over some real no brainers while reaching on others and don`t tell me you didn`t see it in those drafts either passing on some of the guys I put up. I get bent out of shape doesn`t make me 4 DEATH as you say. I hope it all comes together but in reality won`t dillude myself either and some of the reaches hurt!!

Youre absolutely correct! A wr as big and physical as Marshall in the redzone is still open in the endzone even if he's double covered. I would put my money on Marshall anyday outphysicaling the defender for the ball in the endzone.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 05, 2011 at 04:14 PM

Sounds like a Henne problem to me, and not a Marshall or Henning problem

f4l=f4death-1second by definition!!

New post up


Graham is the reason the Saints let Shockey go this offseason. Look for big things from him in 2011 teamed with Brees. Still Im not going to cry because we missed out on the chance to grab him in the 2010 draft class.

Hindsights always 20/20. Is it only so important to you because Hernandez was the guy you wanted, we didnt choose him, and he's having success with another team?

Its sounding more like: "Im thumping my chest in public so the rest of you can see how right IIIIIIIII........was"! LOL...


Who cares...... every fo makes mistakes. We've had hit and misses just like anyone else. Just dolfans tend to focus more profusely on misses than hits.

We've come a long ways in upgrading both starting and depth positions on this team. That's what most pleases me. In life if you almost always primarily focus on the negatives you'll primarily almost always feel negative.

Doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure that one out buddy! LOL...

DB @4:27

Not it at all and being the UM lifer that I am would have had zero problem with Graham as well but wasn`t sure about him compared to Hernandez because of the factor that one was a 3 year starter the other switched from B-ball his Sr. year. I know alot of guys make the transiton now but felt safer going with Hernandez, also in honesty was thinking Hernandez when Rd.3 came around and we took J.Jerry who I also happened to like because I had seen some of his tape and thought he had quick feet the year he went from RG to RT in the SEC, so we can all really tank it on some guys but when Hernandez falls in our lap Rd.4 I was sure we would take him and was shoked by the Edds pick in all honesty. I`m simpy venting over something I was harping on for some time now, seen you do it plenty as well Bro!!

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