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Fins working back of roster with TE Yeatman, compile taxi squad

The Patriots liked Will Yeatman. They considered keeping him on the 53-man roster but ultimately cut him with the idea of signing him to the practice squad.

The Dolphins are expected to sign him to their 53-man roster instead.

This obviously adds TE depth. It makes Jeron Mastrud's status uncertain. If Mastrud stays, someone else will have to go. But this addition probably doesn't do a whole lot for Miami's passing game.

Yeatman reminds more of Joey Haynos than Jason Witten. He's 6-6 and 270 pounds and ran a 5.14 in the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day. He is a big blocking tight end. His blocking is what made the Patriots like him so much.

He's also a lacrosse player, which may have little to do with his football skills, but I'm throwing that in here just for giggles.

The club also is composing its practice squad. Cornerback Vincent Agnew is expected to be on the practice squad. Offensive tackle D.J. Jones is also expected to get a practice squad nod today.

[Update: Sure enough, Agnew is on the squad as is Jones. The other five practice squad additions today are QB Pat Devlin, RB Nic Grigsby, OL Garrett Chisolm, TE Brett Brackett, and WR Julius Pruitt. The Dolphins must seriously love Chisolm's potential. He was injured the entire training camp and did not practice once.]

Practice squad players make $5,700 per week for each week they're on the squad during the season. They don't get paid when the season is over. They are eligible to be signed onto another team's 53-man roster.


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I beat yeah! I'm first!


Yipee....we signed a TE....while the PATS signed a Pro Bowl G, which we need, we sign a TE.....

We could have also signed Merriweather, he would have been better then what we have. 2 Pro Bowls in 4 Years..

We sit and sign a TE, while others make moves

can he play right tackle? lol

Not Yeah

You are REALLY fast.

If Yeatman's prowess is as a blocker maybe the fo sees this move as filling the void at 2 TE short yardage blocking formations. They possibly see him as a better blocker than Mastrud.

With Clay and Fasano they may feel the pass catching duo is set. But may still feel a little vulnerable in short yardage 2 TE sets with Mastrud being the only component to pair with Fasano in this set.


Yeatman: a 6-6, 270 lbs. lacrosse player? He must be very agile. We'll take him!

(Congratulations "Not Yeah" on being first- you beat Yeah! by a nano second).

You guys are so out of tune with team needs. I'll trust the fo a little more for that. Youre such Captain Obviouses.

Name one team that will give up thier starting RT to please us?

Brian Waters? Please! Former aging pro bowler signs a backup contract. KC let him go obviously seeing age, performance, and money he would be getting created a very unbalanced scenario.

Can you say recent proness to injury and declining performance has led to this! You freaking geniuses simply amaze me! LOL...

If we would of signed brian waters its a desperate move for an old OLineman---But the Patriots do it so the spin will be great move his a pro bowl gaurd---

Patriots 2007 draft class no1 left on Roster O rite they dont make any mistakes-----

Waters = Vernon Carey

we got an old pro bowler already. and if you watch waters vs. raiders last year, he looks just like a whiffing carey! at least our guy got the play

NT Martin Tevaseu ---stout at point
TE-Chase Coffman--- TE

Safties-get a young 1---cut culver please

Shiloh KEO--SS

book months ago

Mitchell, Spitler or Trusnik will be cut for this guy.

I like Mitchell myself.

Trusnik is the only guy listed behind Wake, but Taylor and or Alama Francis could be there if needed.

My guess: Spitler gets the axe.


I think Mastrud gets the cut. Spitler's a st'er too. That gives him extra added value. Mitchell completely played his way onto the final 53.

Mastrud looks odd man out. Maybe the fo see better blocking ability in short yardage 2 TE sets. Gotta have 2 adequate blocking TE's to be fully functional in that set. Fasano and Clay provides enough pass catching threat as TE and pseudo-TE.

There's an internet rumor that Columbo receives a royalty payment any time someone posts the word "turnstile". Can that be possibly true?

Im beginning to believe the fo intentionally keeps a questionable starter just to give the village idiots here something they can comfortably discuss at thier own mentally challenged levels.

If not, then what would the village idiots have to discuss if it we'rent so plain even an idiot wouldnt miss it? LOL...

My postings suck almost as bad as my football knowledge.

These village idiots should be thanking the fo for giving them crumb to much at thier own mentally challenged levels. LOL...


Please take your Bipolar Medicine. Dude give it a break PLEASE. We all have opinions and so do you. Your real name is Sybil. Yeatman is a nice pick up.


Anything to bring how something positive in you village idiots. See its working already. You stated Yeatman's a nice pickup. LOL...


I think Mastrud gets the cut. Spitler's a st'er too. That gives him extra added value. Mitchell completely played his way onto the final 53.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 04, 2011 at 03:48 PM

Just like earlier in regards to NT. We think alike in some respects.

Mastraud was my other "suspect" for being realeased. Then I thought with only him and Fasano our only TE's and Yeatman not knowing our offense, they MIGHT hold onto him for a at least a minute.

" bring out"

Blake, we should sleep together, two idiots with dumb opinions and no football knowledge. We would be the perfect couple.


Are you so bored in life you have nothing better to do but come on a blog and call everyone an idiot? And what makes your opinions so correct? You are as big of an idiot as anyone here.


I believe having blocking ability the coaching ability seeks. Yeatman could play right away in 2 TE short yardage sets. He doesnt have to be well versed in the offensive install to do this right away.

Just has to have the ability to put a defender on his a*ss! LOL...


a demon once professed to Jesus Christ: : Have you come to torment us before the chosen day"? I'll let you figure that one out but Im sure you'll foul that up too.

The clocking begins ticking on your fouled up redponse right about now.... tick-tick.......


Craig M @ September 03, 2011 at 10:28 PM (from last blog)

You are not actually saying that Mallet is a bad player based on some lame stats from his garbage time in the 4rth quarter of the 4rth preseason game are you?

I watched the game... he had no time on many plays because his own OL were soon to be grocery bagging guys as well as who he was playing against. I've seen Henne's 2 min drill he would have just checked down for 3 yards and NOT taken the sacks. Mallet was trying to go a long ways to score and had little time. The DEF knew this and was sending the house and getting there.

Randy Cross (Someone that has played in the league) was calling the game and he said numerous times Mallet had no chance to do anything.

The guy we both liked, Colin Kaepernick had virtually the same exact stats and I'm not calling him an also ran.

I am very confident I will have the last laugh regarding Mallet but, you can keep trying to take "pot shots" as you see 'em if it makes you feel better.


blooker + craig + blake = the same idiot loser using 3 different names so no one will realize what a buffoon he really is

Im out. Finally seeing everyone here isnt a sworn in member of the idiot committee. Have a great day all! LOL...

Rob OC,

One of the raps against Mallet is he does at times have a tendacy to hold the ball a little longer than need be. This isnt a rap against Mallet, just a mild observation that maybe he should chuck the ball away in some of these scenarios. Live to fight another down.

The Daboll offensive plan is abundantly clear: pass first ask questions later.
Adding a blocking TE shores up the right side of the line.

I liked what I saw of Yeatman in the preseason. With his size he should be a great blocker and has some soft hands for a guy of his bulk.

He is no gazelle but should be good for block and release or disguised plays.

This move should help our TE group. I believe the Pats are wishing he would have made it to the PS.



Thanks for proving my point! Positive? Man, if this is you being positive, what does the negative side of your bipolar cycle look like?

Just WIN Dolphins....NUTHIN else matters...

Tick-tock, tick, tock.

That's the start of the countdown to Breed's next flip-flop....

I mean his next "upon further research"


Wink, wink

Craig's a retard.

Pro-Bowlers don't get cut.

The Patriots signed a Pro-Bowl guard from the Chiefs.

Really ?


Larry Czonka's a former pro bowler maybe we should resign him. After all, no one can officially say we didnt sign a pro bowler. LOL...

Chris Perkins = Idiot who'd like to see Mando in a thong.

Craig M is always desperate for an 'I told you so' whether he is right or wrong is irrelevant, just as long as he can come on as tell some one to eat crow and call them bud. Example below:

A report from the National Post this morning says that the Pats will cut Ocho and/or Haynesworth before the season starts. Show of hands from all those guys that lauded these moves from the Pats and how Ireland never does anything special. Hands up nice and high so we can all see them fellas....

On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM


You are correct sir. Mallet has had that knock in college and I do totally acknowledge it. If anyone can "coach it out" of him it's the Hoody with Brady offering his 2 cents.

The deck was severely stacked in that game scenario (distance, points and time working against him)and the OL was getting the jailbreak blitzes getting through right away.

It will be interesting how things manifest as time marches on. My eyes tell me he will be a hell of a player some day so I will stand by that.

Speaking of turnarounds Mr. Jake Locker seems to be doing better than most (including me) thought he could. He was blasted for major accuracy issues and yet seems to be doing just pretty well for the Titans.

Maybe leopards can kinda change their spots? LOL


Also, didnt we officially sign a pro bowl rb(Johnson) that officially lasted for 2 weeks?

The nfl's all about what've you done for me lately baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Craig's a retard.

Pro-Bowlers don't get cut.

The Patriots signed a Pro-Bowl guard from the Chiefs.

Really ?

Posted by: odinseye | September 04, 2011 at 04:23 PM

Fake odin beat it

What teams on our schedule can shut down a passing attack of 50-60 throws a game?
The Jets? Henne's beat them 3 of the 4 times he's played them.
Philly? Maybe.
Who else?
No one.

We can give Henne 4 years to show he is not a bust. But those same folks say Mallet only gets 4 weeks of preseason. Makes sense to them I guess. Its convenient anyway.

Rob OC,

Toughest test for rookie starting qb's is always the sophmore season. When he passes year 1 test dc blast him with blitzes year two. This is when young qb's sink or swim.

However Mallet's greatest assett is being able to sit for about 3 season in Rogers-esque fashion while he grooms his game from the sidelines and film room. I do expect Mallet to greatly benifit from this as did Rodgers.

Henne's never been a bust. Its now seeming to look like Henning's boring offense gave his development concrete feet. That and lack of overall speed on a constipated offense. LOL...


Maybe it would be faster and easier to just list the things you don't know.

DaBoll showed in several preseason games that our offensive play calling has also finally arisen into the 21st century! LOL...

How the hell is it a tough test for a rookie starting qb if he is in his SOPHMORE season??????

Research that Breed, research that.


Wink, wink.


Im happy to inform you I have no present idea what tonights dinner menu will look like. And its nearly 5 o'clock already! LOL...

Sure Thing,

Once again you prove village idiocrasy can be such a sure thing for sworn members of the higehest order such as you! LOL...

It's even worse than that.
When Henne was a rookie, according to Mando's daily reports in this blog, he won the QB competition.
The day before the 4th pre-season game Favre signed with the Jets who immediately cut Pennington the same day.
Parcells gave Pennington a $10million contract without giving him a physical.
Pennington played so poorly that the BACKDOOR wildcat had to be invented to get Pennington off the field.
Chad Henne was not known as checkdown QB in college. That came from holding Penny's clip board.

Nice chatting with all you guys, even the percieved idiocrasy of village idiots. Even an idiot understands winning, though seldom does it happens in thier own personal lives. But we know the reason for this.

Go fish, make a splash not a swish in 2011! LOL...

LOL @ 4:33. Good call that sums things up for some.



Might I suggest research to you, as you do to your village idiots?

Might help to avoid the flip-flop syndrome you appear to have.


Wink, wink.

Wow, henne has never been a bust. Words from a scholar.

Wow, henne has never been a bust. Words from a scholar.


Agreed. I would say that pretty much every QB comung out of college would benefit from not having to play right away.

While I don't think they gain as much as they could if they get their feet wet 2nd year.

I believe you can only learn so much from the bench and after a certain point the gains are minimal. Of course it is different for every player and his own learning curve.

I know you were very high on Mallet at one point before the draft and then backed off towards the end.

It is challenging and interesting trying to tab the next big talents coming out of college. The luck factor, the team they go to, the coaching styles, their own motivations, their intelligence and myriad of things go into a player being good or not.

I just enjoy trying to be able to decipher which kids will be players and which will be, well, not so much.


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