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RoboHenne was not seen in the season opener

You remember one of the major knocks on Chad Henne last season, right? No personality. No emotion. No swag.

People called him robotic.

Robo QB.


Where was that automaton in the regular-season opener against the Patriots? Thankfully, he seemed not to attend the game.

Henne didn't look at all robotic in this game. He moved around. He had life. When he and Brandon Marshall got together on the sideline, it was Henne doing much of the talking instead of most of the listening as it was last year.

And that rushing TD on the quarterback draw? Henne wound up windmill style and spike the ball with so much emphasis, his shoulder pads popped out from under his jersey.

“I mean, we’re just excited," Henne said this week. "Just excited to get in. Again, we’re not going to talk a lot about New England. We’re trying to move on to the Texans so, you know, we just got to improve on what we did and improve on it.”

Well, maybe not all the robotic nature is gone off the field. But on the field? For this one game at least?

"He played with, I thought, a lot of passion in the past. But I think that right now the environment that’s being festered on that side of the football is one where there’s more enthusiasm … just all around," coach Tony Sparano said. "The line coach is a guy that has a lot of enthusiasm and passion but then the tight end coach comes in and now (Brian) Daboll comes in and (Jeff) Nixon. 

"You got guys on that side of the ball that play, that coach with a lot of passion and I think it’s kind of rubbing off on the players."

It is obvious to anyone watching that Daboll, who is the coach primarily in Henne's ear, has brought to the player a spark he didn't have last year because, I believe, Daboll is simply younger and more enthusiastic than some of the coaches that were in Henne's ear last year.

Last year? QB coach David Lee was more worried about Henne not making mistakes than making plays. And Henne's at-times tentative, careful play showed that.

That's not how Daboll wants Henne playing.

"What I told Chad and what I tell all the guys is that as an individual you need to be yourself," Daboll said. "Don't throw your arm out if you spike it. We need it. That was a play that was designed for him and he was excited that it worked and he showed emotion. I'm glad he showed emotion.

"This is an emotional game and you need to show emotion. If you don't show emotion, sometimes you're a little too flat."


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How weird is it that I feel like Henne is the least of our worries now. Come on defense and o line!!!

What happened to "yeah"? Beat you to it!!!

If the D doesn't show up again, it won't matter if henne is robotic or not....need to get it together both sides of the ball...period...

Yeah I was honestly afraid he might have hurt his shoulder on that spike.

Fins 42
Texans 9

Write it down.

more worried about our O-line than the D.

This D (with the same players) has never been able to stop Houston; and it won't change this Sunday.

The difference is that now we have the weapons to win a shootout with them...if the O-line plays well.

We gave up 3 sacks and had no running game versus an average Pats defense that has no pass rush specialist.

Now we face a way better pass rush. The result of this game is in the hands of our O-Line


Did Mike Nolan quit and Pasqajoki is back?

dan henning for d coord. we know he can stop an offense!

The 400 yards were fools gold against a bad (yes bad) NE pass defense. He is just not there mentally 3 years into the exoperiment. He took a dumb sack at the goal line. PLay action on the 1 yard line - there is nothing there and he held the ball to take a 9 yard sack. Screwed up passes around the goal line twice leaving oints on the board. NE dropped an int in the end zone on another. Then there is the huddle and clock awareness. There is none. Gets to the line with 5-7 seconds left on the play clcock so often its not funny. The opposing defenses have got to be laughing - they just time their jump because he's snapping it as the play clcock expires so often its not funny.
A good qb sets his protection early, has time to look at least at what the defense is showing initially, can make adjustments, and makes the defense wait, hard counts and kills the defenses though of timing the snap.
Good arm and some nice touch passes but without a brain that robot is going nowhere in this league and certainly nowhere in the playoffs. The sideline is even worse so I'm not suprised. Henne's body language is so lazy, apathetic and it filters do the rest of the huddle when they break. Bush went ballistic when Henne had to waste that timeout when they were cruising down field and had to stop on the goal line. An offense like Saints Pats, Pack, Ravens, Falcons, Steelers , those guys come to the line ready to ball out of the huddle - you can see it because their qbs have the team. They have the it. Leadership - watch a Brees or Brady - their arms are no better than Henne's - but they have their head in the game and they lead, and it shows in their offenses. Henne looks like he is still in big man on campus mode. That aint gonna cut it in the NFL. Good luck against areal defense.

I am pleased with the new Henne and agree that the infusion of Daboll into the offense is the missing link.
Henning & Co. were an anchor around Henne's neck, hence the nickname RoboHenne.
Monday night's game was against out main divisional foe on national TV...and Henne pretty much held his own.
Fast forward to Sunday and while the juices will still be flowing, it will be different...its not Brady and the Pats.
Therefore I expect a completely different outcome with our Defense wanting to prove to everyone they are better than what we all saw on Monday...and Henne to prove this was no "one game wonder".
Fins win in a squeeker 27-24

Henne clearly looked better. Not perfect, but much better.

It is clear Henning as expected was much of the problem last year.

I'm way more worried about the OL and defense.

Where are my posts?

Game 2 is going to be better than game 1.

The way we lost to NE was beneficial if you can see the positive. I’m not saying losing is good; it’s always horrible. But the way we lost to NE could help us down the road. It showed the entire organization what we need to fix (Fergie’s voice). You know there were less bubble practices and more outdoor practices this week. I bet some if not most players did conditioning on their own time. Nobody likes to lose like that on National TV. It lit the fire, which should have already been there, under their arse. It gave them confidence on offense.

Have a little hope Dolphin fans.

Mark, read the article on the front of the Dolphins section about TE's being tough to defend now in the NFL. In there, I think near the bottom, comes the dreaded words by Sparano, "we're not going to change our defensive schemes, we'll change personnel" (something to that effect).


That's what we heard offensively last year. Nothing wrong with Henning's offense, it was the execution by the players. Yet, anyone with eyes could see the offense was vanilla and easy to defend. You don't have to be a Coach in the NFL to know Henning should never have been asked out of retirement.

And that's Sparano's main problem. He doesn't know what to think. Parcells taught him about big players (like Colombo) and running the ball, which is outdated in the league today (heck, we got KILLED by 2 players under 5'9" (Welker/Woodhead) last week. On defense it's all about Front 7 and zone defense when you need DBs who can COVER since this is now a passing league.

Sparano comes around after it's too late to the Truth, which is his philosophies and schemes are outdated. He's too proud to change (like the Pats do, installing a new game plan to each new team depending on their strengths/weaknesses). That pride is going to get him fired and he'll be back in the trenches with the olinemen.

Henne is definatley playing better. Lets hope it carries to the next game. Consistancy has been the issue with him.
The defense better show up this week. Its show me time D!!

i just keep praying this kid keeps progressing its his thrid year as a starter all experts agree this is a make or break year for a QB from what i seen hes got all the tools this could be what weve been waiting for since Marino retired a franchise QB.

henne played better... it was definitely encouraging

but the offense left waaaay too many plays out there

and sorry, but i can only remember that sack he took on the goal line; and then the fade route in the end zone to hartline


DC, you make great points in your post but I hope your wrong about the D. Nolan proved himself last year. It’s only been 1 game. I’ve never seen more holds on a player in a game then by the Pats D on Wake. The Miami D deserve the chance for redemption.

So far so good with the "new" Henne. Against Houston I want to see him lead the winning drive late in the 4th quarter.

Damn That Guy, you are the hater supreme. You strike me as a glass EMPTY kinda guy who is never happy with anything. I look forward to Henne proving you wrong.

That guy @ 8:47 makes some very good points.
While Henne did put up some nice stats, and made some nice throws...it's his management (or lack thereof) of the game that worries me.
When Brady, Brees, Rivers, Manning step up to the line prior to a big play, you can both feel & see their confidence. You know they are about to score and there is nothing the defense can do to stop it...as we painfully saw on Monday.
Henne lacks that "here I come, try to stop me" swagger.
The incomplete corner route to Hartline from the one foot line is a perfect example.
All the big names listed above either make that throw, or call another play...but they SCORE.
Until Henne can make me and others on this blog comfortable he is "That Guy"...then he will continue to receive negative feedback.

NHfinsfan, breez didn't have that confidance in his 3 year starting. Neither did manning. Henne will get there. Just be happy that he's playing better than he did last year. It could have been much much worst.


Is it reasonable to expect henne to go from where he was last year to manning and Brady levels? I thought this team would be carried by the defense ? That's where the money and picks were spent. O line too. Personally, if henne is on par with a Joe Flacco, I think he did his job.

B*tchers, whiners, complainers

Henne looks good to me. As much as I've bashed him in the past, I must now agree that he looks more mature back there and in control. As for his game management, that will come with more success. As for Monday night, he had constant pressure in his face and handled it quite well. For the first time in years, the QB isn't the problem, at least in the short term. The middle of the D, safeties and the Oline are bigger concerns.
Right now, if the D and O line were consistently decent, the team would win. However, as is the case over the last three years, anytime this D faces a good offense in a big game they get lit up. Way overrated and not enough playmakers to be a big time D. Biggest disappointment is Dansby who simply isn't as good as this FO pays him to be. Very average player in relation to other guys at that position.


I hope you are right and Henne develops, but all I did was just cited specific factual instances of things he just did in a game that left points on the board, cost yardage and gave the defense and advantage. This was a 4 year college guy at a major school and is well into his pro career, and mentally he just isn't doing the things that set the qb position apart from the other positions on the team and make it the most important position- namely, having his gdamed head in the game and leading an offense consistently. I'm not going to look at his stats after being in a no defense shootout, or his qb rating or buy what some ESPN pinhead suits say. I've seen enough Miami qbs over the years, There are 31 other qbs in this league and if you want to put blinders on and get a Chad Henne poster for your wall and only look at Henne's highlights and not evaluate objectively,then thats cool too. Hey I'm a Dolphin fan - not just a Chad Henne fan. I'm just taking the good and the bad in equally. The menatal components of his game will get your team killed against a good defense in this league.


Fasano also looked good, and Columbo didn't cost us the game. If we could only get rid of the fade jump-balls into the corner of the end zone- they're too reminiscent of the Henning days.

Why is it every year, especially when Marino was hear we are always lacking greatly on part of this team? We play good on offense, horrible on defense. We have a good defense and no QB. We have a decent QB and def but no running game. Are we ever going to put it all together. I am 45 and I wonder if I will ever see another superbowl in my lifetime. At this point it is looking highly doubtful.

Cote picked us to win Sunday..the Jinx is on..everytime he picks the fins to loose we win, and just the opposite win he picks the win..figured i would try to sound like some of these other hocus pocus people in here..

only one game has been played. Houston in my opinion has a better defensive front that NE. If we can somehow manage to dominate them. Then I would say we are making some progress.

I am still thinking we are still working with a dead coaching staff. I also think Sparano will be gone by the break when we are 0-4. We'll see?? Really hope Im wrong!!! I want some crow so bad I can smell it!!! Houston 35-23

fake aloco=cubanmenace

I see some of the posters are still drinking the Kool-Aid, I still think they'll be 1 and 3 at the break, But they also might be 0-4, Either way Dead Coach coaching.Or whatevever it is Tony's doing.

Henne has what 27 starts, hmm clearly not 3 or 4 years..and the guys in charge of grooming him were, well, read above what Mando said..I have not been a Henne supporter, nor Have I ruled him a flop either, and sure I question a lot of the moves the FO makes or has made.. I dont rule out my Fins this year, I never have. By week six if this team has not turned around, some of you will get your long awaited wish, A new HC, Gm and complete staff..then you can sit back for the next 4 years and wait and complain for the firing of everyone in that system also. Everybody cries for Cowher..hmm how long did Pittsburg wait for that system to work? How often did they call for his head? Not sure, but Im glad this franchise does not base its moves on the fans.talk about having a mess!!!!

Disciple, believe me, NO ONE wants Nolan/Sparano/Dolphins to fix the problem more than me. So I agree totally with you that Nolan is (usually) a pretty reliable DC, makes good adjustments.

Let's pray he knows the team he has now, knows what he needs to do. I'm sure Houston will try to come at us similar to NE (since it worked so well), so we need to be ready for that.

My worry though is with Sparano, because he's shown in the past an unwillingness to change something obvious mid-season. I hope that doesn't happen, but we need to be aware that it might, just because that's what happened previously.

But, I'm smelling our first win against Houston this week. If it were ever to happen, this is the week to make it happen.

Amen. I have no desire to be like Cub fan Or Bosox fan for a century of losing. I get the feeling that most of the rah rahs on here probably are pretty good and having something nasty put in their mouth and swallowing. This team can win sure - the league changes fast, but I havent seen that Ross has has a clue or is willing to do what it take, to hold people accountable or is even connected to know where to find a good football man. Success or failure in any business starts at the top, and the fish head stinks so far. Who freakin cares if Fergie is singing if your team is losing year after year. Hello - you play to win the f'in game.When you get up Sunday morning and put on your war paint, and set up your tailgate spread you are going to a football game! Win football games!That is entertainment!

DC, What flavor Kool-Aid you drinking?

finally no yeah wtf happened!!!

C'mon just the facts, you know that answer: ORANGE!! LOL.

Hey, give us a break. We have like 3-4 weeks before the Season is pretty much determined, and we know we'll be bottom of the barrel again. So this is our only chance to dream big. Wins, praise, Playoffs.

All I ask from the "realist" fans is give us a few weeks to support our team (like homers), and if we're as you say (1-3), I'll stop and become a realist too. But can I get a few weeks to be a homer, please?

DC, Lol, No Problem, I hope the fins are NOT 1 and 3 but maybe 3 and 1 or 2 and 2, But I know this Regime. Lets see what happens Bro, before we throw the FO a anchor to help them stay above water.

Henne has what 27 starts, hmm clearly not 3 or 4 years.

Posted by: fin-fan-germany | September 16, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Another fan in denial. Henne is in his 4th year, clearly and factually. So many of you want to claim his first year and 3 games were 100% meaningless experience. Not so. That was time spent practicing, learning and studying with one of the smartest QB's in football.

Forget 50 years of history and start 5 years back. Times have changed. QB's are learning faster than ever now. (As is true in most endeavors - technology and resources have vastly improved) Look at how many QB's have performed better than Henne in their very first year - Flacco, Ryan, Bradford, Stafford, Freeman..ect. None of them have gotten benched or have been questioned as viable starters. Henne has been slow to arrive. Even Shula said last year if he had something to show he should have been showing it by then.

Now then, I will say am encouraged by his last game. Fine. Let's see him continue. But let's get off these constant statements that try to falsely minimize his experience level.

Armando,llevale un par de coladas a la defensiva esa pa'ber si se ponen las pila asere......

DA, agreed. Henne (and I think he knows this) has this year and this year only to show he's a viable option as starting QB. He can't play mediocre, he can't play ok, he has to play well to outstanding to continue here.

With that said, if you take Week 1 into account, he's on his way to proving he might be sticking around longer than we thought. Hopefully it'll continue into Week 2.

OK, so now I tell you all who blasted me last year. Can I hear ya now?

Look, Henne needs to be consistant, something we still have not seen from him. But when you do not handcuff a QB, by making him go through a progression, or telling him DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE, you actually get a QB using his natural ability that got him to the NFL.

That can be a GOOD thing or a BAD thing, but at least you know what you got and can work with it or move on.

We will now see what we have in Henne, because he has some control over the offense and the risks taken, and hopefully will continue to play naturally.

The kid has all the tools to be good, but he needs time in the pocket and a running game also. coch sparano needs to get his shite together quick and his crew.

EVERYBODY - SLOWED THE H3LL DOWN...WHOA, WHOA, WHOA....the kid did good monday night. No stupid/silly mistakes. granted. HOWEVER, HE STILL NEEDS MORE THAN JUST ONE GAME TO SHOW CONSISTENCY. HE DIDN'T HURT THE TEAM BUT HE STILL HAS TO LEARN to take advantage of plays when they come. I counted at least 3 CRUCIAL long throws that he missed that could have at least kept the team close all night. Once he gets those throws down..we can start getting excited.

Devil, I respect your opinion about Henne, and you have points, and I will repectfully discuss where you may be missing some points if you would like. There are a lot of missing pieces when just judging QB's on the field, especially if there is a system in place and a coaching staff telling the QB to FIT THIS SYSTEM OR ELSE. the first 3 years of Henne's career that IS what happened. It was the Pennington Friendly system. there is a problem with this philosophy as far as a coaching style.

Did anyone else catch the Blocking(Tackling) of Cam Wake, not once but like 5 times during the game and not one flag, Mean while Mia. racks up 4 Holding Penalitys, Even Gruden commented how incredabe it was "That a couple holding onto a couple shoulder pads Miami gets Called but the constant Tackling of Cam Wake was never called", Again seems that Brady was being protected by the NFL., Oh well, what can you say, New England is the "Flagship" of ESPN and NFL.

The moniker "The Robot" needs to be retired.

Just The Facts. | September 16, 2011 at 10:53 AM

Just a friendly reminder, The Excuse Factory has been permanently closed since the beginning of 2011.

LOL @ GREG Z.............. 8:47

I don't think there's any mystery here.

When Dan Henning "retired", he took RoboHenne with him.

They are probably enjoying a cup of tea as we post, discussing RoboHenne's obvious discomfort with the shotgun formation.

Factory, Someone needs to tell OderEye and Mr. Dying Breed.I just thought the tackling of wake was a little humerous.

The Robot left with Henning


My response to you is, how do you really KNOW what Henne was told and wasn't told? Where are you getting this information that he had handcuffs on or that fear was instilled in him not to make a mistake? Are they factual or based on blog comments?

Please site your sources.

Poizen - I have been saying that for three years. You can't develop a young QB telling him not to make mistakes. One other point about the refs favoring NE - go back & watch where the ball was spotted after each play. The refs constantly spotted the fins 'short' & NE 'long' after plays. Don't believe it? Go back & see for yourself. I don't want to get started on the holding thing...

How can you guys say Sparano is too stubborn to change? He installed the Wildcat after a slow start. He benched Henne last year mid-season. He got rid of Henning, which is a HUGE change over 3 yards and a cloud of dust.



You listed some outstanding young QB's who had a better start than Henne, and you are correct. There are a couple differences though.

First, all the QB's you mentioned were 1st round franchise QB's. Henne was a 2nd rounder. It doesn't sound like much difference, but if you do a little research, there is a HUGE difference in 1st rd QB' and 2nd rd QB's.

Second,the QB's you mentioned came into different situations than Henne. None of them were handicapped with Dan Henning as OC. None of them were on a 1980's offensive team. THAT makes a big difference.

If Henne plays this year the way he has the last 2 years, I say put him out to pasture. But so far, he looks much better. If he throws for 4000 yds, 25 TDs, and 10 INTs, we can work with that.

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