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RoboHenne was not seen in the season opener

You remember one of the major knocks on Chad Henne last season, right? No personality. No emotion. No swag.

People called him robotic.

Robo QB.


Where was that automaton in the regular-season opener against the Patriots? Thankfully, he seemed not to attend the game.

Henne didn't look at all robotic in this game. He moved around. He had life. When he and Brandon Marshall got together on the sideline, it was Henne doing much of the talking instead of most of the listening as it was last year.

And that rushing TD on the quarterback draw? Henne wound up windmill style and spike the ball with so much emphasis, his shoulder pads popped out from under his jersey.

“I mean, we’re just excited," Henne said this week. "Just excited to get in. Again, we’re not going to talk a lot about New England. We’re trying to move on to the Texans so, you know, we just got to improve on what we did and improve on it.”

Well, maybe not all the robotic nature is gone off the field. But on the field? For this one game at least?

"He played with, I thought, a lot of passion in the past. But I think that right now the environment that’s being festered on that side of the football is one where there’s more enthusiasm … just all around," coach Tony Sparano said. "The line coach is a guy that has a lot of enthusiasm and passion but then the tight end coach comes in and now (Brian) Daboll comes in and (Jeff) Nixon. 

"You got guys on that side of the ball that play, that coach with a lot of passion and I think it’s kind of rubbing off on the players."

It is obvious to anyone watching that Daboll, who is the coach primarily in Henne's ear, has brought to the player a spark he didn't have last year because, I believe, Daboll is simply younger and more enthusiastic than some of the coaches that were in Henne's ear last year.

Last year? QB coach David Lee was more worried about Henne not making mistakes than making plays. And Henne's at-times tentative, careful play showed that.

That's not how Daboll wants Henne playing.

"What I told Chad and what I tell all the guys is that as an individual you need to be yourself," Daboll said. "Don't throw your arm out if you spike it. We need it. That was a play that was designed for him and he was excited that it worked and he showed emotion. I'm glad he showed emotion.

"This is an emotional game and you need to show emotion. If you don't show emotion, sometimes you're a little too flat."


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We don't live of sentiments but of results.


That little ninnie ALoco is on his high horse today. He had the nerve to question my IQ-can you believe that?

I like how "That guy" clings on to his Henne hating ways and says Henne's peformance was "fools gold". Henne has played great most of the pre-season and continues to look good in the regular season. Your fake analysis isn't going to impress anyone aslong as Henne keeps playing the way he is.

ALoco (charter member of the LITTLE BUS GROUP)

Will you be taking the LITTLE BUS to work?

you are absolutely correct. The NFL is the most results-oriented business I know of. Sentiments don't mean diddly in the NFL. (or Vegas, for that matter)

I hear ya Devil. But you didn't answer to his coaches and teammates saying the same thing about the handcuff deal. Hartline said , and I wish I could dig the article up for you, that it was "stifling" in the last offense and "predictable". He was obviously referring to Henning. He said you just have to let Chad be Chad, let him throw the ball up so we can make plays. He kept saying you have to "let him" over and over. It was pretty telling.

But all of this is meaningless. The REAL test for Henne is this week. No more element of surprise, no first game energy. And inconsistency is what has defined his career thus far. So coming out and having another good game will go a long way toward determining how much better he has actually become in the off season. If he comes out and throws two interceptions and looks shaky, not good. But I don't think he needs to have an outstanding performance to prove he's capable of leading this team. I think he needs to come out and make the smart decisions, no turnovers or keep em to 1, and put the team in a position to win the game.

I think too many people get caught up in hoping he will be like a Brady or Manning when we should just hope he can become a Penny with a stronger arm. Expectations are way too high for a QB that was picked because he reminded Bill of Phil Simms according to insiders). We hope he can be great but if he becomes just good that isn't a failure on anyone's part imo.

All these silly commentaries in here had their place during the lock out. Now they don't.(you are looking like a-sholes, which by the way, you are).

What, fins72, and you don't like winning?

I think too many people get caught up in hoping he will be like a Brady or Manning when we should just hope he can become a Penny with a stronger arm. Expectations are way too high for a QB that was picked because he reminded Bill of Phil Simms according to insiders). We hope he can be great but if he becomes just good that isn't a failure on anyone's part imo.

Posted by: LouD | September 16, 2011 at 01:59 PM

Agreed LouD-

Anyone who expects Henne to be Brady or Manning is in for a big disappointment. I think his ceiling is "very good", not great. Enough to lead us to the SB? Not likely.


I don't understand your comment about not liking winning.

I grew up on the Perfectos! I LOVE winning.

Yeah, yeah, I know, fins72. You like winning but in your own way. Right?


Don't pick on the retarded kid.

He gets free room and board in the basement and govt. cheese for making blog hits.

When he says he has to go to work, he does. He changes his sign in name(repeatedly) and pecks away on the blog 24/7.

Don't argue with him about the three things he's an expert on: The welfare he receives, the govt. Cheese he eats and the cat poo he rolls his hover round through!

Thanks for mentioning my name ALoco ;)

That was the smartest thing I have read in a long time.
Until the not good enough to take us to a super bowl. If Trent Dilfer can do it. It can happen.


Did you read through the earlier posts and see the nonsense he wrote today?


Posted by: ALoco | September 16, 2011 at 01:36 PM

Sure, we believe that-LOL.

Translation: Macaroni and Govt. Cheese-AGAIN!

Don't forget to save some or all them damn kitty cats.

The initial stages of Social Therapy involves savage confrontation, that is, making People feel smaller than God's particle.


I no comprende, man. I'm not following your thinking. Please be more specific.

God's particle.

Aspergas? You must mean asparragus.

"I like how "That guy" clings on to his Henne hating ways and says Henne's peformance was "fools gold".

"That guy" do you mean Armando? Because the other day "that guy" posted something and then "tracy474" answered the post saying something like "Armando you're so funny talking about Mr. Roeper". But the thing is Armando didn't say a word about Mr Roeper it was "that guy"! Which leads me to believe that Armando DOES post in here and one of his screen names is "that guy"! Boooooooooyahhhhhhhhhh! Pow!

And while we're at it if people are going to post under multiple names in one blog then you might want to remember which posts your reponding too and which names you're using to respond to whom.

"Devils advocate" is also "Ireland sucks". I was having a conversation with Ireland sucks the other day and low and behold I responded to him but Devils Advocate answered me as if I was speaking directly to him. Baaaaaaaammmmmmmmm!

After seeing if the defense can come to life and the offense can maintain momentum I want to see if Carpenter can force Houston into a touchback. Was I the only one concerned that New England had exactly 0 touchbacks in a league in which 50-75% of kickoffs are sailing out of the endzone?

I get the Peyton Manning reference. but I will continue to harp on the fact that if you get pressure on brady, and knock him down a few times, he rushes and looks EXTREMLY average. If fact, I will tell you we may have won the game Monday if we hit Brady as much as Henne was hit.

P. Manning is/was a unique talent, Brady is a very good QB with incredible protection.

I am not saying Henne is better than Brady, so don't get your panties in a bunch anyone. But I think the NFL and many others are to quick to annoint this guy as the best thing than sliced bread. Even WE in our not so good years have made Brady look average.

Just my opinion obviously.

Me too, Chris in the 623.(although early, we have to check the avg. yards gained on kickoffs as compared to years past with this new rule in place).

Henne is a mediocre QB, yes its true we were playing the Pats, but same story with them they have no D.That's why Henne threw for over 400yds, as for us we are still relying on the old myth that we still have a great D. For goodness sakes we still have Jason Taylor (he would make a good coach for some young 'ens!)..lets get some young blood with speed, excitement & enthusiasm.
Dont on that 4th Down call....


Posted by: ALoco | September 16, 2011 at 01:47 PM

Nope! I'm just finishing up a invoices and cleaning up before the kids get home. The ride a BIG BUS, you'd be jealous.

The three of us are doing upper workouts after school. I'll just be coaching today(i'm on pup). Then HOMEWORK. It's a rule here, we gt it done and out of the way for the weekend.

After all that, I might not eat ANYTHING at all, it takes away from the Morphine buzz(you freaking schmuck)and the bourban, it's FRIDAY!

Hopefully we'll be going goose hunting tomorrow. Depends on if my ribs are feeling better and if I think they're healed up enough to handle the Gauge!

Lou D, nice work.

My opinion is we can put the Manning vs Brady argument to bed. We now have objective data on the subject. NE minus Brady = 11-5 and a huge contract for Matt Cassel. Indy minus Manning = trash. Case closed.

It's great to see his emotion. Nothing better then watching the QB pump his fist after scoring a TD and closing the gap to 24 points.

The term is "swagger", not "swag".


Did somebody just say NE has no Defense?

Ah, Bellicheat is known around the league as a defensive master. They have two of the best DT's playing today. Felt comfortable enough in the secondary to cut a talent like Brandon Merriweather.

Most importantly they lost two regular season games all last year.

I knew Brady was good, nut........WOW!

Tom, What on earth are you talking about?

When he spiked the ball we went up 7-0.

It's great to see his emotion. Nothing better then watching the QB pump his fist after scoring a TD and closing the gap to 24 points.

Posted by: Tom | September 16, 2011 at 02:32 PM

The term is "swagger", not "swag".

Posted by: Davidt | September 16, 2011 at 02:39 PM


See what I mean? "ALoco" had to go to "work" Then out of nowhere "Tom" and "David" show up.

Remember Aloco speaking about Swag just awhile ago? He's making a little "Wink, wink" at Armando.

There's two of them(they "work" in shifts mostly)and Armando apparently pops in every now then too ;)

Yes Odin-

I noticed a while back that ALoco has more personalities than Sybil. His many screennames are easy to spot.

Now that Armando has given us his view of the new offenses first game, I have a small critique:

The play calling on the goal line was bad.

Henne needs work in the red zone.

Mainly though, the one thing that really stuck me hard was the sack Henne took. Doesn't matter the circumstances. Bad route, missed block, somebody fell down, it doesn't matter. Major mental mistake in the FREAKING red zone.

Gruden called it perfectly as it happened. In that situation you can't take the sack. Just throw it away.

Having said that, I like what I've seen so far from Henne under Brian Daboll.

Let's get the Texans!

I've been too busy to be on here much the last few weeks, yet ALoco accuses me of being on here 24/7. Yet 24/7 you can find a whacky poster who uses all caps, writes like a special ed 5th grader and makes no sense.



Daboll is a breath of fresh air after Henning.



Here's how much Henne's improved. I AM WILLING TO PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS.

I'm going home, scouring the player list/waiver wire in my fantasy league, and if Henne's available, I'm dumping Matt Cassel and picking him up. AND he might start (depending on who Philip Rivers plays). Now, THAT'S IMPROVEMENT!!!

Think Henne was on ANYONE'S fantasy team last year or the year before? Not anyone who wanted to win. But now, he's a viable fantasy option. And is thus coming into all his glory in the NFL.

I'm proud, almost makes me shed a tear.

Rivers plays the PATS!

Does that help with making your choice-LOL?

I'll bet it does-Dooh!

Wow odin. If Henne put up 400/3TDs on them, what'dya think Rivers will do? They probably play in NE too. That's tough. I might go with Henne if someone didn't grab him already.


I love your enthusiasm man. You were so jacked up for the opener, I thought you would blow a gasket!

Gotta love Henne's improvement under Daboll and the "new" Sparano, huh?

DC, I aquired a team from my best friend, from his wife who drafted it. She did not know what she was doing, so I agreed. Get control of the team. and our first pick was P. Manning.

Backup QB was J. Campbell.

Go to waivers pick up Henne, start him, she also drafted welker.


What are you smoking DC Dolfan lol?

fins72, no, didn't blow a gasket. I was disappointed, but I wasn't expecting us to win a SB this year.

Poizen, ouch on Peyton (but I understand, I have Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne). But good pick-up. Waivers is where you win in fantasy.

DKM, you must not have seen how many point Henne got in fantasy last week. Yup, more than Vick, yup, more than Aaron Rodgers, yup, more than Drew Brees. So, whatever I'm smoking is making me smarter, cause Henne is a fantasy STUD (at least in Week 1).

DC is very particular about what he smokes. He prefers the meat pole.

I get your euthiusiasm but jeez he faced a weak Patriots secondary. Houston has a much detter secondary as well as D Line. I need to see more work from Henne. I have Brandon Marshall on my team and didnt start him. Needless, to say it cost me my first game!

DKM: since when did Houston get a good secondary? It's the weakest part of their team, and last year they lost the best player they had back there, Dunta Robinson. They blow. Their pass rush is better than NE's, i'll give you that, and they have a couple of decent linebackers, led by the steroid king, Cushing. But then again, without his "juice", how good will he be?

Yea, but you do not need to see more from Henne, you need to see more from out O-line.

Henne was getting hit hard last week, this week he could be dead if the line can not hold up.

Henne could be Brady, we will never know because Henne NEVER gets the time Brady does consistantly. However last week Henne performed better under pressure than Brady normally does under pressure.

So if your looking for a half full glass, there you go.


What about Jonathen Joseph, they just signed him, I think he had 5 or 6 picks last year. Plus any good d line makes the secondary looks good.

RR bowl movement,

speaking of meat pole, do you prefer that from your Dirty Sanchez or do you still prefer to have your wifes foot up into your home?

DKM: your second point is fair, but i am still not that impressed with the talent of the houston defensive backfield. we need to run the ball better this week, then we will be fine.

Everyone should be worried about our secondary. Front 7 will be improved this week but the back 4 is up in the air. How can anyone believe R. Jones should start? He needs to realize his #1 priority should be dont let anyone get behind him and stop playing like a SS.

you are right about Jones. He is Wilson all over again. Clemons needs to start as soon as possible.

I know J Joseph real well. I am happy for him and his family in Rock Hill SC but he has no chance against Marshall or Bess. We will eat JJ and JA alive in the passing game

JJ Watt and Mario Williams against our Oline scare me but Houston has the worst secondary in football. My boy JJ will not make that much difference trust me

did you guys see darlington is leaving herald to go to NFL network.
BTW the houston secondary is starting jason allen. I'm sure bmarsh can't wait to school him.

That seems like a nice promotion for Darlington. He writing wasnt great it was ok IMO.

I will say this, I had a terrible feeling about last week, and just did not see us winning.

This week, for some reason, I have the oppoite feeling, I almost feel like it is really unlikly we lose.

Here is to hoping I still feel that way sunday @ 4:00


yeah i remember your inner fears from last week, hope you're right with your inner hopes this week, suppose i'd better ask u to keep them to yourself!!!

watched the past game again, plenty of awful d but some ok, a few beating ourselves penalties, we were well in that game after the T.O AND TD, harsh on sapp but he did miss loads of plays, would have dumped carrol b4 sapp though

come on boys time to show up

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