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RoboHenne was not seen in the season opener

You remember one of the major knocks on Chad Henne last season, right? No personality. No emotion. No swag.

People called him robotic.

Robo QB.


Where was that automaton in the regular-season opener against the Patriots? Thankfully, he seemed not to attend the game.

Henne didn't look at all robotic in this game. He moved around. He had life. When he and Brandon Marshall got together on the sideline, it was Henne doing much of the talking instead of most of the listening as it was last year.

And that rushing TD on the quarterback draw? Henne wound up windmill style and spike the ball with so much emphasis, his shoulder pads popped out from under his jersey.

“I mean, we’re just excited," Henne said this week. "Just excited to get in. Again, we’re not going to talk a lot about New England. We’re trying to move on to the Texans so, you know, we just got to improve on what we did and improve on it.”

Well, maybe not all the robotic nature is gone off the field. But on the field? For this one game at least?

"He played with, I thought, a lot of passion in the past. But I think that right now the environment that’s being festered on that side of the football is one where there’s more enthusiasm … just all around," coach Tony Sparano said. "The line coach is a guy that has a lot of enthusiasm and passion but then the tight end coach comes in and now (Brian) Daboll comes in and (Jeff) Nixon. 

"You got guys on that side of the ball that play, that coach with a lot of passion and I think it’s kind of rubbing off on the players."

It is obvious to anyone watching that Daboll, who is the coach primarily in Henne's ear, has brought to the player a spark he didn't have last year because, I believe, Daboll is simply younger and more enthusiastic than some of the coaches that were in Henne's ear last year.

Last year? QB coach David Lee was more worried about Henne not making mistakes than making plays. And Henne's at-times tentative, careful play showed that.

That's not how Daboll wants Henne playing.

"What I told Chad and what I tell all the guys is that as an individual you need to be yourself," Daboll said. "Don't throw your arm out if you spike it. We need it. That was a play that was designed for him and he was excited that it worked and he showed emotion. I'm glad he showed emotion.

"This is an emotional game and you need to show emotion. If you don't show emotion, sometimes you're a little too flat."


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Henne is getting it. He is just a rookie practically. Give him a few more years.

I don't mean that at all, DB. Look and stare are different. It is good to look at the receiver for a fraction of a second even if he's wide open; I saw Marino do it many times. It is no good to stare at a receiver for more than 1 or 2 seconds. In this League,you will be picked-off.

Probably the reason why slow deliveries are obsolete in this present League.

Still a qb has to mix it up. He has to stare down a reciever and throw it too him. He has to stare and throw it somewhere else. He has to use the pump fake and throw somewhere else. Then he has to actually throw the ball to the reciever instead of pump faking it to him.

All of these things keep the safety off balance. It's in not mixing it up that makes a qb predictable to the safety.

Now, going thru progressions to find the best matchup is something else.

Or, just put the damn ball where only your guy can catch it.

Not all QB's have the ability to pump fake, DB. The Game has turned out to be just too damned fast for many of them.


I understand. It means a lot when a qb is green in this league. But as they grow more experienced, a db also has to be conscience that "the stare down" could also be a ruse.
It's probably being used to create a big play somewhere else on the field.

However, most vet defenders know that with a very young, green, and inexperienced qb there's a 99% that's likely where the ball's going. Not so much with the experienced vet qb.

With a vet qb, what looks like a weakness could also be a lure. So db's need also be wary of this too.

Or laser-like accuracy, as in Marino, Fouts.

How many passes did Marino throw low down and away. Only his guy could get that, if he had good hands.

Marshall has bouncy hands. Seems none of our receivers really have great hands. The bobble, double clutch, stab, juke and jive the ball.

Fortunately for us, Houston has no Ed Reeds back there.

Pump faking usually depends on the route combination dialed up and what its designed to do. Some route combinations have decoy or dummy routes designed into them to cause the defense to react a certain way.

It looks like the most likely place the qb may throw the ball to the defender and the pump fake sells it. But all the while the route combination was really designed to go someonewhere else.

The pump fake just sells the deception and and ensures that defender cant get back in the play own time to help where the ball is really designed to go to. It has nothing to do with "some qb's cant pump fake".

By the time they get the nfl it's atrocious to even consider any nfl qb cant pump fake. A design of the play may actually call for it. Its not backyard football.


Marino had "smurfs" for recievers(Duper/Clayton). Marshall's a shade over 6'4 inches tall. Usually low passes are not high percentage passes throwing to much taller recievers.

With tall recievers you're better off throwing jump ball situations rather than low ball situations. High passes are a tall recievers strong suits. You just dont want to get them placed on IR by throwing to them high too often over the middle.



Let's GO Dolphins


Of course, all QB's(even you and me) can pump fake. But few of them can finish the throw(if any) accurately. What is this arguments for arguments sake?

On the pro level, no matter the sport or position played, they key to success is mixing it up. At the pro level guys are just to good to keep doing the exact same thing all of the time and think you'll have great success.

Guys are just to good at this level and will adjust.


Youre right. Without reasonable accuracy from your qb none of the rest will ever matter anyway.

Throwing high to Marshall requires a touch to get it high enough where only he can out jump it but not too high. It's narrow window there. That pass can't be a Henne bullet either.

Henne's specialty is throwing it where the receiver is least likely to make any additional yards. He needs to anticipate a split second earlier.

I am really, really curious to see what kind of QB Henne will be 3 years from now.

I have reaffirmed my conclusion that you(and of course all your other aliases) are an a-shole, DB.


Im optimistic to see Henne grow this season alone. As his confidence grows his game will grow along with it. The greatest thing I want to see from Henne Sunday is consistency.

I want to see him put babc to back above average games together when the real bullets are flying. Consistency is the fertilizer that will make Henne's game grow most. This is what will make his confidence ratings go totally off the charts.

As Aloco says....


Henne now has far too many offensive weapons to be just an average nfl qb. A top 5 nfl qb would make this offense look virtually unstoppable.

dying we have a shot at luck so far now dont we

I have to laugh at (sic) Henne's fertilizer. Sorry.

Henne needs not just consistency, but to put the team on his shoulder when the game is on the line and make it happen. That Pitt game last year, a playoff QB looks at that goal line bs and says, here we go! And he makes it happen.


I have reaffirmed my conclusion that you(and of course all your other aliases) are an a-shole, DB.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 16, 2011 at 09:25 PM

Which are the others?

We notice the Irritability. In Internet, of course.

We just won the Home Coming game 14-13!

With 1:32 on the clock, visitors 4th and goal on our 3. From his Middle Linebacking spot "MY KID" made the game sealing tackle on the 2!


AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight BullDogs!!!!

wrong blog.

Geez, suddenly I feel compelled to post stats, score by quarters, and formulate a nice recap!

As opposed to the last hour of your sarcastic, dull and boring dribble.

In short, EAT ME!

Go Bull Dogs!!!!

That did give me a nice hearty chuckle.

11 tackles on the night 2 for losses.

He makes Dad proud!

Just a chuckle?

Sheesh, tough crowd......................

Anybody given any thought to the fact that Sean Smith will be matched up on Andre Johnson?

Darlington has a nice write up on it.

I imagine Reshad will be over the top all day as well.

Should be a key match up. According to Darlington the only corners out there physical enough to play press on Johnson are Asomugha and Smith.

Darlington makes it sound like Smith will have an edge because Johnson isn't use to being challenged at the line.

With constant help over the top and Smith's size, that may be true. Still, just thinking about it makes me more than a little nervous!


These fins going to get it together Sunday or are we going to be talking fixable on Monday?

The Texans ain't no budget team. They can win this thing. Miami has to be ready to play and not sleep walkin again. Sparano needs to light a fire in them.


Does DB really post under aliases?

PS: The best fake pumps are usually made after the play starts to break down and the receivers break off their routes.

When the QB's and WR's have good chemisrty they extend and improvise. The fake pump seals the deal. Farve was excellent and right now, I can't thnk of anyone better at it than Rapeleisbooger!

I don't know what to make of the game. Disappointing, but some positives as well. It's going to take 4 or 5 games to see really where this team is. First game of the season is too hard to draw too many conclusions. I think Sparano has a hard time getting the most out of what he's got.

Does Henne ever fake pump? Does he ever rush to snap the ball when the D is offsides? He still has some strides to make.

Marshall has bouncy hands. Seems none of our receivers really have great hands. The bobble, double clutch, stab, juke and jive the ball.

Posted by: Professor Skee

Skee, Good observation. I have noticed that myself. Here's another one: Does everybody else out there notice how Dolphin receivers (Marshall and Bess come to mind 1st) always seem to catch the ball, then 3 -5 yards later their feet come out from under them and the fall flat on the ground without being touched.
I think it must be incorrect cleats? What is the reason for this maddening falling flat on their face with no hands on them??? WTF!!!!

Yeah Henne does the fake-pump...but only in his Michigan days..he hasn't don't it in the NFL for some reason...

True. Our receivers have tangled feet too. Seems more often than normal.

I'm tellin ya. I think Sparano gets in their head in a bad way. Rex or Beli would have these same players performing better.

It's a jittery team, even when everything is going well.

I was reading the blog earlier. Someone saying Henne has been slow to come up. I agree. He may get there, may have more upside, but he gets there one step at a time.

63 is right. Henne did fake pump at Michigan, since entering the NFL, he's attempted it 3 times. I'm not joking **3** freaking times!

The cleat issue has been obvious to all of us Phin Fans. However, anybody notice that it seems they've addressed the issue. I have no way of really knowing of course, but I did notice that I haven't seen it this pre season or against New England. Not like years prior anyways.

What up fellow Dolphans! Are We ready to be 0-2 ,with some of you-alls darling ,Chad Henne putting up decent #$? Does Our stalwart defense miss Chrowder's intangibles so much We become a sieve?

odin/finfans72.................I ENJOYED READING YOUR EARLY TALK W/FAKE ALoco.it was funny.

I know you guys all think I'm a Henne Homer, it's all good.

But I'm telling you, HenningS offense retarded his growth, just as it does any and all quarterbacks(I just typed that with a straight face). Matter of fact, I'm positive it forced him into some kind of wierd regression-LOL!

4 pre season games under Daboll and he looks like the Michigan Henne. 1 regular season game and he looks like he's improved **ALMOST** across the board. Why, by Sunday afternoon I expect he FINALLY completes one of them thar pesky old fades!



i am happy you became a henne FAN AFTER I URGED YOU LAST YEAR.



I don't hate much on this entire planet, LITERALLY!

But that Fake ALoco, oooooooooooooooooooooooo! That guy pisses me off to no end!

I see your name pop up and I'm expecting the nice, polite, cordial well mannered ALoco.

The next thing I know, the Fake Aloco is accusing me of drinkin Pabst! **PABST BLUE RIBBON**!!!!

Freaking Troll.......Pabst Blue Ribbon MY ASS!!!!

The old Henne that lost to OSU when they where respectively 1 and 2 in the country? Yeah, that Henne "The Loser" as usual!


NICE SEXY WOMEN ON QVC................


The old Henne that lost to OSU when they where respectively 1 and 2 in the country? Yeah, that Henne "The Loser" as usual!

Posted by: Ozkar | September 16, 2011 at 11:34 PM

Henne led his team to a National No. 2 ranking?

Wow! You don't do THAT in one season. He must have been pretty consistant in that fine system they use to have at Michigan.

A National No.2 rank? Loser?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................HEY! Wait a minute.................


If some dude starts nasty rumors about you of drinking

You have my full permission to
hop on a plane,
grab a baseball bat,

Thanks you guys...
Now I'm going to have nightmares about CHEEP BEER !

I'm going to sleep.

Good night.

I think We Dolphins were #2 in Marino's 2nd season after We lost the Super Bowl to the 49ers! Second is lost not attained!!!

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