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RoboHenne was not seen in the season opener

You remember one of the major knocks on Chad Henne last season, right? No personality. No emotion. No swag.

People called him robotic.

Robo QB.


Where was that automaton in the regular-season opener against the Patriots? Thankfully, he seemed not to attend the game.

Henne didn't look at all robotic in this game. He moved around. He had life. When he and Brandon Marshall got together on the sideline, it was Henne doing much of the talking instead of most of the listening as it was last year.

And that rushing TD on the quarterback draw? Henne wound up windmill style and spike the ball with so much emphasis, his shoulder pads popped out from under his jersey.

“I mean, we’re just excited," Henne said this week. "Just excited to get in. Again, we’re not going to talk a lot about New England. We’re trying to move on to the Texans so, you know, we just got to improve on what we did and improve on it.”

Well, maybe not all the robotic nature is gone off the field. But on the field? For this one game at least?

"He played with, I thought, a lot of passion in the past. But I think that right now the environment that’s being festered on that side of the football is one where there’s more enthusiasm … just all around," coach Tony Sparano said. "The line coach is a guy that has a lot of enthusiasm and passion but then the tight end coach comes in and now (Brian) Daboll comes in and (Jeff) Nixon. 

"You got guys on that side of the ball that play, that coach with a lot of passion and I think it’s kind of rubbing off on the players."

It is obvious to anyone watching that Daboll, who is the coach primarily in Henne's ear, has brought to the player a spark he didn't have last year because, I believe, Daboll is simply younger and more enthusiastic than some of the coaches that were in Henne's ear last year.

Last year? QB coach David Lee was more worried about Henne not making mistakes than making plays. And Henne's at-times tentative, careful play showed that.

That's not how Daboll wants Henne playing.

"What I told Chad and what I tell all the guys is that as an individual you need to be yourself," Daboll said. "Don't throw your arm out if you spike it. We need it. That was a play that was designed for him and he was excited that it worked and he showed emotion. I'm glad he showed emotion.

"This is an emotional game and you need to show emotion. If you don't show emotion, sometimes you're a little too flat."


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How about a drink

"True. Our receivers have tangled feet too. Seems more often than normal.

I'm tellin ya. I think Sparano gets in their head in a bad way. Rex or Beli would have these same players performing better.

It's a jittery team, even when everything is going well."

Posted by: Professor Skee

Skee, I agree they seem to be jittery, or anxious and Sparano's micro-managing style must be the cause. Ricky AND JT pointed out the micro-managing thing in interviews at the end of last season and I sincerely believe it was constructive criticism, mainly telling Sparano that the vets don't need it. Why didn't Sparano take it as such? He could have at least talked to Ricky about it and said "Ricky, I think you're right and I can work on that, but please come to me 1st next time instead of the press." There, both guys said what they needed and Ricky would still be here as an excellent complement to Bush's running style while Thomas develops, (although I'm not sold on Thomas quite yet).

Then odinseye said:

"The cleat issue has been obvious to all of us Phin Fans. However, anybody notice that it seems they've addressed the issue. I have no way of really knowing of course, but I did notice that I haven't seen it this pre season or against New England. Not like years prior anyways."

Odinseye, I saw Marshall and Bess do it against the Pats Monday night.. I swear to God, I came off my f.cking chair because I have been watching this annoying habit for far too long. We need to put our equipment manager on the spot along with the stumbling and bumbling players and tell them to get it figured out!

How about a drink

Not posting fully, but I'll take another martini!

We need to put our equipment manager on the spot along with the stumbling and bumbling players and tell them to get it figured out!

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | September 16, 2011 at 11:55 PM

If by "The Spot" you mean a waterboard, I'm ALL IN!!!!

stillhardcoredolphinsfan | September 16, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Yes, my thoughts exactly. Simple. Non issue.

The spot? That gives me other ideas.

I was fingering this girl I brought home from a blues bar. She exclaimed...OH, you found my g-spot. I did. It was fun and got funner.

My ex was cute as can be, but always had a smelly snatch, even after a shower. Was a shame. Body chemistry. Great singer though. Went to hear her sing and met this other, loose as a goose, just the way I like them. I was trying to be a gentleman but she grabbed my hand and put it there, so well, the rest is history.

I was always in favor of keeping Ricky over Ronnie.

I was OK with us deciding to move on as well.

Until last Monday Night.

Not to knock anyone on this team, but I would trade Larry Johnson and Lex Hilliard for Ricky Williams right now.

I'd throw in Daniel Thomas too if they include Left Tackle turned Right Tackle Michael Oher!

Can you imagine THAT!

When going down on my girl, she blew a hot one. Was kind of embarrassing for us both for a minute, but hey, the show must go on. They only love you more afterwards.

Henne had a groove at Mich. He looked comfortable completely...when/if I see that in his face again I'll know he's ready totally. I figured he would have gotten there already jn his 4 NFL years...

Rickey over Ronnie any day. Ronnie was drafted way too high. Rickey still has some spark, a natural.

Hey Stinko...do you ever bust out the shocker? Two in the pink one in the stink! Have fun!

I can't wait for this game guys...it is really going to define our team here early in the season...

I only go solo, but its all good, very good.

Never thought much about rear door, but after one requested it, was better than I thought. I let them decide such things, I like to accommodate.

I could just see Jeffy trying to work that deal on Ozzie Newsome.

Phone Rings!

Newsome: Hello?

Ireland: Yeah Ozzie, this is Jeff Ireland with the Dolphins and I got a deal your going to love.

Newsome: I'm sure you do Jeff(sighs).

Ireland: I'll give you Larry Johnson, Lex Hilliard and Daniel Thomas for our Ricky Williams back and that guy from the movie, Ower whatever his name is.

Newsome: You mean Oher? Yeah, but ah, no thanks.

Ireland: Look Ozzie, I gave up three picks to move up and get Thomas, I'm offering you a good deal!

Newsome: Well, now that mention picks, throw in a 2nd rounder and I'm sure we can work it out.

Ireland: Mr. Newsome, Your Mother is a Ho!!!!

Newsome: CLICK..........................

Armando... And why did we go another entire day with only one new story? Come on man...don't make me accuse you of hitting up happy hour again at ChiChi's
What's happnin in dolphin land today? Was there open media practice?

I drive an M3. I drive those girls at the blues bar too. Nice combo. Very nice. Some are well, of a different ilk, but, I can adapt, at least for the night. Life is a treat.

The only way Ricky would come back is if Sparano and Ireland were canned...
Is it Sunday yet? Bring on the Texans!

Stinko...I just roasted an M3 yesterday on the highway in my AMG...M3's are nice but I had to take him down...

Well I only have an M3. It's good enough for me.

Mine is a 2011, his had to be at least a 2010...nice M3...but nicer in my rearview mirror

I really like the M3, what color?

I don't need to beat the next guys hard on vehicle. I just like some zip, some pulse. I got it. It's enough. I like my car, but I like the ladies more.

Titanium silver.


The gal is moanin for some attention. Gotta run. Interesting blog, kinda quiet though. Always liked the fins.

Who was that masked man?


M3 are For closet fudge packer go get an American Car!

AMG A-zz M-olesting G-irliemen

Third Down Efficiency 8/13 - 61%

Third Down Efficiency 2/14 - 14%

0-5 vs. Texans should be the headline this week????????????????????

Henne and Sparano won't be a fins in 2012. Fans are rooting for dead men walking. The team as not nearly as good as many optimists think. We saw that and we'll see it again.

our dolphins will be returned to us once the present admin is outta here; hopefully the sooner the better. goodbye to jeff and tony!

Hey La A-Hole, real fans are not hoping for failure. Just total jackoffs like you

A touch of reality...we were only top 6 D last year in one stat. Overall though..

This bears out with what Football Outsiders has to say. The Dolphins had the 28th worst DVOA against tight ends last year. They were also 24th against WR1 and 22nd against RBs (receiving).

This trend looks to be continuing, no?

El Real Fan, Eres una muchacha? No le gusta los hechos?

How many times do we have to watch Belichek outsmart Sparano? It's Einstein vs Mr. Magoo.

What does it say when in year four of the new regime we are underdogs at home against the Texans? Would you have imagined that 4 years ago? The Texans?

Yea, La A-Hole, we can bring back Jimmie Johnson or Cam Cameron or maybe Nick Saban? They produced winners year in and year out and the fans couldn't wait to finish 1-15 or get beat in the playoffs 62-7. Yes, let's bring back the good old days. Just pray for failure. You A-Hole

LOL @ La Brigada, How true.

Real Fan

Did I suggest any of that? And...so you are happy with this hapless, clueless HC?

You seem to have a-holes on your mind. Looks like you the wrong site. Try www.ilikeaholes.com

I'm one of those REAL FANS that wants a REAL TEAM (This includes a REAL HC).

State of the Miami Dolphins in a nutshell:

Game 2 of the 2011 season and the Miami Dolphins are UNDERDOGS AT HOME (sheesh) against the Texans, a team that has never made the playoffs! (triple sheesh!)

Lets face it, The team wasnt prepared Monday night and more then likely wont be sunday afternoon.Just saying.

Real Fan,

1-7 at home is no better than Cam Cameron. Or hasn't that occurred to you? We are now what, 1-9 at home in the last 10 games? You like that? Esta bien? Acceptable? Can you name a team with a worse home record?

You can wave that fin flag all day, it won't make the facts won't disappear.

Real fans have higher expectations.


I think we can win, but I still wouldn't bet a dollar on it. I can see the Texans winning too. They are coming in with a head full of confidence and the fins are entering the game with a damaged psyche and a head full of incomprehensible Sparano garble.

La,Miami's also coached by Tony S., another reason they'll be underdogs most of the season.

Real Fan went in hiding. Poor chap.

La Brigada,

Blow it out your ass you POS

"They are coming in with a head full of confidence and the fins are entering the game with a damaged psyche and a head full of incomprehensible Sparano garble."

Posted by: La Brigada


Sparano garble is an excellent description!

oh well

new blog

Did you watch the same game I did? Henne was awful in the red zone and offensive coordinators may have changed but the red zone play calling still STINKS!

The D isn't going anywhere until Bell & Jones are cut to find jobs elsewhere, IF THEY CAN! Our safeties are way over rated and over paid, because they are terrible and everyone except the Dolphin GM sees it!

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