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Larry Johnson gets in the end zone again -- finally

I'm rooting for Larry Johnson. I don't mind telling you that. I love a good redemption story.

Thursday night, Johnson did all he could to find a roster spot on the Dolphins -- rushing for 39 yards on 10 carries and scoring a touchdown from 22 yards out.

Johnson showed he can still set up blocks, still beat the one tackler the blocking does not account for, and still has the ability to run downhill when given a chance. The Dolphins can use that as insurance behind Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas.

Does that put Lex Hilliard's spot at risk? Sure.

Hilliard has been a nice reserve, but he's mostly a special teams player. Want to hear something crazy? Johnson, 31, recently volunteered to play special teams for the Dolphins. He volunteered to go into special teams meetings.

No, he wasn't actually on special teams against Dallas. But the sentiment is impressive.

Johnson hasn't really played since 2008 because the last two seasons have been a nightmare. Fact is the last NFL he scored prior to Thursday night came against the Dolphins in December of 2008. Long time ago.

That suggests Johnson is still rusty and once he knocks off some of that rust, he might be better still. Obviously that is the glass half-full view.

Johnson isn't depending on that. He figures even if the Dolphins don't keep him, he showed some other NFL team that he still knows how to find the end zone. I wrote about the importance of this preseason game and the work done by Johnson and Will Allen in my column for the Miami Herald today. Please read it.

And please listen to the postgame interview below that Johnson conducted with a handful of reporters.