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Coaching hot seat needs to chill until after season

In two of the three newspapers that regularly cover the Miami Dolphins, today's editions include opinion pieces on how coach Tony Sparano is on the hot seat.

One treatment, in this publication, cites a friend of owner Stephen Ross as saying the owner is unhappy with the team -- join the crowd, Mr. Billionaire. The piece also quotes the mystery friend as saying Ross believes the team is not holding up its end.

(Hopefully when Ross promises to forever stop selling Jets shirts in his own team store, stops scheduling Florida Gator Lovefests in the stadium the University of Miami leases from him, and actually shows up on a week day to work around his team rather than just parachuting in on game day, we'll be able to say he's holding up his end.)

Anyway, the other opinion piece in The Palm Beach Post makes the point that if the Dolphins are 0-4 at the bye week -- which would assume losses at Cleveland this weekend and at San Diego the next, then Ross should fire Sparano. And hire Mike Nolan.


Where to begin? OK, how's this:


I know it is not the popular opinion. I know that even on this Dolphins fan forum, many of the team's supporters won't agree. But firing Sparano without letting him finish what he's started is exactly the wrong thing to do.

First, let's address this from a practical standpoint. History says that changing coaches midstream in a season solves absolutely nothing. Quick, tell me what NFL team in the past decade has fired its coach during a season and solved its problems well enough to make the playoffs?

Yeah, I can't think of any, either.

Secondly, who do you want to replace Sparano at the midpoint in a season? Jon Gruden is busy. So is Bill Cowher. Rob Ryan, whose name is making the rounds lately, is busy as well. Elite guys like Jeff Fisher don't take over teams at midseason.

So that means the Dolphins would have to go inside the organization for the solution. Yes, cough, that sounds like, cough, a solution.

You want Mike Nolan to succeed as coach? The same Mike Nolan whose defense is ranked last in the NFL? The same Mike Nolan whose best thinking was to ask Benny Sapp to cover Wes Welker man-to-man? I don't think so.

Yes, Nolan did fine work with the Dolphins last season. I get that logic. Sparano did fine work in hiring Nolan last season and took the team to the playoffs in 2008. So, I imagine you get that logic.

What else you got? Didn't think so.

The Dolphins are indeed 0-2 and there's nothing good about that. But the truth is they lost to New England. The Patriots are a Super Bowl contender. They lost to the Texans. That team is expected to win the AFC South. Disappointing? Sure.

Devastating? No.

The Dolphins play Cleveland, Denver, Kansas City, Washington, Oakland and others that they can and should beat this season. They will face up the Jets as they always do. Same with Buffalo. Yes, they have to upset clubs such as Philadelphia, the Giants to salvage a playoff berth.

But that is possible. You're going to say replacing the coach now and going with someone else will make any of this more probable?

Then there is this: Many of you have continually hoped out loud the Dolphins would not fare well this season so they can draft a franchise quarterback. I'm not on board with such thinking. But for those of you that want to "Suck for Luck" should probably want the Dolphins to continue their current course.

I don't agree with that thinking, but that is out there.

Look, Sparano and his assistants and players and front office will be evaluated after this season is over. That's how it should be. That's fair and right. But to pull the rug out now? Or in two weeks?

What will that resolve? It is change for change's sake.  


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And can we please play Clemons this week if he's ready to go? The "ball hawk" Jones has been NO WHERE near any balls unless you count the numerous testicles that have flown by him in the defensive back field. Clemons is smarter, makes the proper calls, and rarely if ever takes a bad line to the play. Jones was in to create turnovers and big plays. He's obviously not ready.


Armando, generally, I do agree with your point. In addition, mid-season changes rarely work to reverse the outcome IN THAT SEASON, so I wouldn't be surprised or dismayed if Sparano stayed for the rest of the year. The differing view, and it is getting very obvious,is that the Sparano/Ireland combo are just overmatched to compete at this level. I hold Ireland just as responsible fo rthe current fiasco as Sparano, they should be tied together! The laughable love of ex-Cowboys has gotten old, hell I wouldn't have considered signing another just because of the backlash. But it seems that all of Jeff Ireland's connections now reside in Texas? As for Sparano, his enthusiasm is refreshing, but the lack of improvement from the OL (his supposed specialty), the comments from veterans regarding practice habits, the inexplicable cramping and conditioning issues against NE and the lack of improvement on non aggressive penalties tell me(a lifelong, knowledgeable football fan) that Tony Sparano is an assistant level coach and NOT an HC. This is a chance to wipe the odor of TUNA right out of our organization. That was a selling startegy that Huizenga artfully brought in and it worked (to increase the value of his medicore franchise). Love him or hate him, Ross wants improvement and he has the right to select those with whom he wants to work, the current crew isn't getting it done so let's cut bait and move forward.

Many successful HC's (who we'd take in a second to be ours) came in as unproven Asst's. It's kinda like drafting a franchise QB. SOME of them will be a JACKPOT. Some of them will be a bust.

There's no guarantee that Cowher, Gruden or Fisher will take the Fins to the promised land (or even take the job). Rob Ryan would be interesting, and seems like a good chance to be one of the JACKPOTS!

What's the diffrence between Sparano and Rob Ryan?

We should follow Dallas once again like we always do. They fired their coach mid-season and finished 5-3 on the year. Ummmmm

You are wrong Armando,..you are gay,.Fire Sporano!

New coach wanted, we will have to agree to disagree. What do the guys I mentioned have that Ryan doesn't? A track record as a head coach. The knowledge that comes from being a head coach and making it to a superbowl. The respect they will immediately command from the players. You think any player is going to talk smack about Cowher? Gruden? No, it will be their team. It won't be a commitee of veteran players going aginst the coach behind closed doors it will be a respected, been there done that, head coach who will demand his way or the highway. And another assistant coach is going to want to bring in players and coaches he is comfortable with meaning here we go with more Cowboy rejects. Do we want that again for another 4 years? I don't.

Please name blah blah blah.... asked joeywatts.

I just did. The Cardinals. The Packers. The Saints. The list goes on.

All assistant coaches. All successful. All because someone identified a coach with fire and ability and smarts.

This idea that if Ross had made the change in the offseason everything would be great is complete and total BS! The most highly sought coach in the offseason, Jim Harbaugh, is a Ted Ginn punt and kick-off return for TDs away from starting the season 0-2. To think a brand new head coach was going to come into Miami at the beginning of August and a month later this team would be challenging for a playoff spot is ridiculous stuff. Show me the proof of that. There isn't any. This stuff doesn't happen magically by itself. It takes time and there's nothing to suggest things would be different under a new guy. There's new guys running the show in SF, Cleveland, Minnesota, Denver, Carolina and Dallas and the results are the same. Between all those collectively they are 4-8. Not saying Sparano is the answer, just saying to expect whatever head coach you want to talk about to come in here and magically turn things around in a month is poppycock!

Rob Ryan would be interesting as HC. If nothing else, that would be a lot of fun to watch. I like his style.

Posted by: finsfan72 | September 22, 2011 at 10:54 AM

Gotta admit, Rob Ryan is a intriguing choice, Would love to see him beat a jet team, If nothing else it would stimulate the fan base...

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 22, 2011 at 10:53 AM

Disturbed minds think the same............

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 22, 2011 at 11:06 AM

Rob Ryan: I'm down with a coach who looks like "The Dude" from "The Big Lebowski".

Hire him immediately.

Posted by: captncrunch | September 22, 2011 at 11:13 AM


Rob Ryan for Fins HC!


Since you know all the answers, how do you get the Dolphins from being at the bottom of the AFC East to championship contenders?

Well Parcells is known as the greatest football mind in the game and he chose Tony Sparano. Jimmy Johnson chose Wandestadt how did that work out? Another "identified" by a great football mind head coach. I'll take my chances with someone who has actually been a head coach. So who's going to identify our new coach with fire,ability, and smarts? Ross, Ireland, Sparano, Nolan,Daboll? Really? Mike Dees, the same guy who allowed Jets shirts top be sold? We don't have anyone to do the identifying that's the problem. That's why you HAVE to take a proven coach.

Why is it that we name coaches who have proven themselves and people say there's no proof they will succeed? Then why hope for Luck? There's no proof he can play in the NFL because following this philosophy you can't count his past success in your equation. Why sign free agents? Their stats are apparently meaningless.

New Coach,

Gruden & Fisher walked away? If memory serves, both were fired. I really don't consider that walking away.

Cowher was getting burned out. Struggling with a sick wife, kids moving on. You cannot even compare him to Parcells.

Parcells continually walked away because of his ego. Once he got a team back in good shape, he was on his way to redo another franchise.

Cowher hasn't been an ego maniac. He coached the same team. Never left for money, fame or fortune.

This team doesn't need an inexperienced coach. We've been there done that. The fan base needs someone with a record that can excite & bring hope. No more on the job training.

Periority #1 however is to get a GM who can set a vision for the team & have plans on how to get it done. If you have a great coach & a lousy GM, it will never work.

Heads up to Fisher, Cowher, and Gruden; start thinking about a coaching staff, evaluating dolphin players and next years draft. So you can hit job running. Fisher is my first choice. If or when Sparano gets fired, Ireland needs to go with him!!! Go Phins!!! A least win one!!!


If the team starts 0-5 or 6 Coach and GM should be fired. Then who cares what the team does. Its sends a message throughout the company that if you dont do your job, your gone. That also lets possible replacements (Brian Shottenheimer hopefully!) that the Dolphins are serious. It also allows potential coaches to evaluate the opportunity. Much like DC Dolphin Fan wrote.
As for the Owner not holding up his part. Um he is the OWNER. He should be able to hire people to do a job and they do it. He can come and go as he sees fit. And I have not seen an NFL or NBA or NHL or MLB game live that didn't have some pretty goofy stuff happening at the game for "entertainment". So that has nothing to do with winning or loosing.
It's time for some accountability from management.

Get Rid Of Sporano...He never should have received an extension..The fact that we continue to acquire Dallas Cowboys Retreads To Me Is Troubling..Also Get Rid Of Ireland...I am not drinking the kool aid...Armando...I want my beloved Phins to be contenders...I am tired of being one of the bottom tier teams...In Cowher I Trust...We Need Some Leadership....

Also I would like to thank the Herald for providing a place for all of us to vent.
This is not free to the Herald and we all use it as an outlet for our frustration.
Without these outlets the Dolphins servers would probably be a big pile of melted plastic.
Thank you from all of us.

Okay Youknow changed my mind a bit. I still prefer a proven head coach but if we HAD to go with an assistant I wouldn't be upset with Brian Shottenheimer as our choice.


NOW you're coming around to the real truth. There are no guarantees.

A proven HC comes into a new team and flops. A star college QB comes into the NFL and flops.

A no-name asst coach takes over as HC and takes his team to the promised land. An undrafted free agent makes the pro bowl.

Every decision made by an NFL team comes with an element of risk. There is no magic formula to guarantee success. The best teams make thoughtful decisions, but sometimes it really comes down to luck.

You're not drinking the kool aid because that crap is disgusting and no one drinks it anymore! It's almost as outdated as that saying. :)

finsfan72 I was actually going to type that and forgot. In the end it really is luck that gets you the right player or coach. the evidence for this is everywhere.

New Coach Wanted, I got your back buddy! Keep posting it. If We desire it enough We will attain it. Yeah buddy, your driving this
Dolphan wagon, to the Super Bowl and a dynasty! I luv u man.

"This idea that if Ross had made the change in the offseason everything would be great is complete and total BS!"

--Better to start in a new direction than waste a year finding out what we already knew, isn't it? This lack of vision is why we suck.

"The most highly sought coach in the offseason, Jim Harbaugh, is a Ted Ginn punt and kick-off return for TDs away from starting the season 0-2."

--But they're not. Their also a play away from being 2-0. See how every coin has 2 sides? What if this, what if that.

"To think a brand new head coach was going to come into Miami at the beginning of August and a month later this team would be challenging for a playoff spot is ridiculous stuff."

--At least we'd be a year into trying to turn it around. That WOULD be progress.

"Show me the proof of that. There isn't any. This stuff doesn't happen magically by itself. It takes time and there's nothing to suggest things would be different under a new guy. There's new guys running the show in SF, Cleveland, Minnesota, Denver, Carolina and Dallas and the results are the same."

--Are they? Most of those teams have won a game with a new coach. We have the same coach & haven't. More proof than that?

Posted by: Craig M | September 22, 2011 at 11:57 AM


We ARE due a little good luck, right?


McShay and Kiper talking about where Luck will fit the best, Miami or Kansas City? McShay says Miami will be a perfect fit and Kiper says KC because of Pioli. McShay says Miami because they have the talent in place and need a qb if Henne doesn't succeed.

So people obviously already think Miami and KC will be fighting for the 1st pick. So sad.

The Browns former offensive coordinator gets sent to the curb by Cleveland for a different type of system that he didn't fit in to.

Think he'll have some motivation to win this thing on their turf? Maybe the players will rally behind him if TS can't get them going

Hey mando-finish what he has started. What the hell are you talking about? What has he started? Oh, that's right, the 1-11 home record. What would you like for that to be? What a stupid post!!

Excellent posts by Poizen @ 8:32 and DC @ 8:36.

The biggest factor for me is the players. If there is sign that the team is laying down, calling it quits, or revolting in the locker room, then Sparano has lost the team. And nothing can save any coach when this happens. Think back to Cam Cameron.

Also, some players are not going to give it their all and risk injuries for a season they think is lost and for a lame duck coach.

There are already some ominous signs with JT, DThomas, and YBell's comments about players not preparing. The implication is that Sparano is not preparing them properly or they don't want to play.

If we are looking at a players' revolt, then a stop-gap measure of bringing in a interim can hopefully stop the bleeding and restore some level of energy, confidence, and motivation for the team.

Off the subject but I wish Marshall had hands like Orande Gadson had. Remember some of the catches he used to make...and that was back when the secondary could mug you and get away with it.

mando sucks

I believe our greatest issue may now be that the entire team's no longer buying what Ireland/Sparano's selling.

Last season JT had negative things to say. Ricky had negative things to say this offseason. Porter had negative things to say upon his departure. Also add Crowder who recently had negative things to say to the Miami media.

If all of these guys are or at one time have said these negative things. It leads me to believe that inside the Dolphins locker room, as a whole, this team is no longer buying into the Ireland/Sparano mess.

This teams is fractured and at any moment could totally implode. Especially if we dont very soon begin winning some games.

Dont get some wins soon, we wont have to suck for Luck. We'll suck because the entire Dolphins organization is fvcked!


We must remember the players also see the questionable team moves the same as we do. If we're going wtf, then we can be assured players on the team are doing so too.

If we dont believe the right talent is being brought in. Players on the team also see that too. How would you feel as a player to see the exact same bs we see as fans?

This idea that if Ross had made the change in the offseason everything would be great is complete and total BS!

Posted by: Craig M | September 22, 2011 at 11:57 AM

I have not seen anyone saying that. What the consensus is by many, including myself, is that we would at least be going in a new direction and not wasting time with these Magoo's.

Just wanted to warn guys about Cowher and Fisher. While both are good coaches, neither had a particularly good offense during their tenures (and both were LONG TIME coaches in their respective teams). That should scare you. Miami doesn't have a defense problem (historically). We've had multiple teams with Top 10 defenses. What we've lacked here (FOR DECADES) is a consistent offense. The most promising team has probably been this one (this year).

I really don't want to see us go back to the run game philosophy. This isn't then (when those guys coached). It's now. It's the era where in any given week, you have like 8-10 QBs throwing for over 300 yards. It's a passing game. A QB-driven league. If Cowher/Fisher don't understand that (and who knows if they do or not), then they'd be the exact WRONG choice for HC.

Me, personally, would prefer a Mike McCarthy-type. A guy with offensive coaching experience (and not a line coach), specifically a QB coach previously. Someone who knows how to run an offense, can either co-sign Daboll's system or improve on it and get it running well. And then they can hire any DC to come in and fix the defense (don't think that will be a problem, defense getting fixed is easier IMO).

When enough players are no longer buying into a system. Believe it, it wont be long before the entire dam begins to cave in.

If we dont win Sunday(Cleveland) evacute the the low lands. Because its coming to the worst, the dam's about to burst!

Yes Mando, "change for the sake of change". Shoulda, coulda been done last year. And by the way send Ireland with him!

Folks, my football philosophy is simple: SCORE!

One word.

To expand, the best defense is a good offense. The entire focus should be scoring TDs. That means the line just needs to block. You need playmakers at QB, WR, TE and RB. If you lose, it's the offense's fault for not scoring more.

That's it, simple. No, it didn't win us a SB in the Marino-era, but I willing to bet it'll get us closer to GETTING TO A SB than anything we've done since.

Someone in the organization should pick up on this.

Playoffs?? Playoffs?? (Where is Jim Mora when you need him!) Armando, it's all about money. If the Dolphins loose this week they would be 0-3 with the Chargers and Jets next. The season is over. Why keep Sporno? For what? What could you possibly salvage? I will tell you what can be gained by letting him go now. HOPE. Hope that maybe the next guy will do a better job. The fact is that the Dophins under Sporano loose to teams that they should or could have beaten. Tony's Little Big Horn is in Cleveland this week. For his sake I hope the Soldiers win this time.


We have good pieces on offense, just need a real nfl TE and fix the right side of the oline.

Cowher, like Jimmy Johnson, seems to know how to put together really good defenses. With the offensive pieces we have now, fixed the above mentioned, and bigtime "LUCK". We could very well be major player in the SB hunt in 2-3yrs.

P.S. This regime seems to be clueless about putting together a competent offense, defense, and st's. Cohwer could come in, build a credible defense, get a TE, fix the right side of the oline, and if we are in position to draft Andrew Luck its on.

Luck is Ben Rothlisberger 2.0, he's bigger, faster, and more accurate. Oh, did I mention Cowher won a SB with Rothlisberger?

The DO in "dolfan" should stand for DYNAMIC OFFENSE. If it did, we wouldn't be talking about being in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

This isnt a team that needs to be rebuilt from ground zero. We just need to give the reigns to someone competent enough to add the correct missing pieces.

This regime seems to be totally clueless or too thick headed to accomplish this!

This is a very attractive job for a smart hc and gm. Nice pieces are already in place. Just need someone imaginative enough to finish the job.

Armando, It may not be of benefit to remove Sparano until the seasons end. However if one looks at the issues of releasing draft picks from the 2nd and 3rd round (White and Turner), getting rid of Ronnie and Ricky and using the pick for Daniel Thomas instead of an offensive lineman. One can see that the GM moves have in the past under Parcells and presently hurt the talent on the team. The defense is big but not very quick. Players like Langford picked by Parcells is not living up to expectations. Parcells has left his mark on the team and the people who he hired (Ireland & Sparano). More so on Sparano who was forced to move to a more wide open modern day spread formation offense or lose his job. Sparano is old school and taught by Parcells who most NFL scouts and insiders do not think highly of regarding personnel decisions. This issue of talent and making poor personnel moves can not be made up quickly. The moves will effect whoever becomes head coach moving forward.....

DB, provided Cowher doesn't dismantle the new offensive philosophy for his old philosophy in those Steeler days (run first, 2nd and maybe short pass on 3rd). I'd need him to say he understands the new NFL before I co-sign on his hiring.

Armando, I generally agree with what you have to say in your blog, as well as your articles that you write. Unfortunately, I think Tony needs to go. I'm seeing him make the same mental mistakes that he's made from day one: Poor clock management, poor play calling, indecisiveness. Not to mention the fact that the team was completely out of shape again last week.

I don't know if replacing him is going to improve our record, but it could certainly improve the team chemistry. You can see it in the statements that the players make that they have lost confidence in Tony. If we drop the next two games, then lose to the Jets, things could very quickly spiral out of control in the locker room.

Let me say that it goes without saying that Ireland should be fired. As the GM, he and the coach should be in sync enough to give the organization an identity and he should be a good talent evaluator. NONE of these things have happened. Some of the guys on this forum are better talent evaluators than Ireland (everyone except those that said Brady Quinn should have been our pick or wanted us to select Ryan Mallette.) When you have 6 DL's and then pick up another 1 (dropped by Dallas) because you have an injury, you suck as a talent scout. When your philosophy is punch it up the middle every play and you pick up Bush, you suck as a talent scout. When you have speed to the outside and you pick up slow offensive tackles, you suck as a talent scout. Frankly, I can't think of a draft pick that Ireland hit on and the vast majority of his FA picks suck too.

Of course, as coach, you should be smart enough to use the talent you do have available. Trying to figure out how to get Thomas and Bush in the game at the same time? Really. Stick Thomas in the backfield and Bush in the slot. Or split back. Pitch it to Bush in space or run Thomas up the gut. However, when a coach activates only a couple wide receivers because he needs two dozen players to play special teams, he is already in over his head.

Rob Ryan for head coach. Get a GM on the same page. Define your identity. Get assistants to implement that identity. Select players whose strengths are conducive to that identity. Refine that identity to leverage your players strengths. Problem solved.

I dont think the players would buy into Gruden. He left(fired) his last nfl gig in a total mess. The players here know this, so why would they wanna buy what Gruden's selling?

It will be tough enough to get them to buy into Cowher(long nfl hiatus) and Fisher(controversy surrounding his last job departure).

Still I believe Cowher gives us best chance of having a formiddable defense. He also believes in real TE's.

...There are 2 things that usually set teams apart in this league... Coaching, and quarterback play. Sure we may be short on some good players at key spots. But most teams are. The difference between those squads, and our outfit....Coaching..Quarterback play. Improve those areas, and it is amazing how your other deficiencies are covered up...

Until Sparano can figure out a scheme that fits, and Henne learn to play in the red zone...We are screwed. The talent or lack of only gets exposed as the performance of these 2 rise or fall.

I know that this is a team game..Henne doesn't get to cover guys, or make the tackles, block whatever..This is true. The team is also responsible...I'm just saying that a lot of these teams that are deficient in the same areas we are get a pass because the QB, and coach are so good..We don't have that luxury.


Cowher may have retired but the guy hasnt been living underneath a rock. Im sure he see's the pulse of the league has changed. I also believe his OC hire would be accordingly.

Especially if we're lucky enough to get Andrew Luck. If we were in position to get Luck, Im sure no coach in his right mind would wanna hand the ball off 30-40 times a game unless he consistently had 21pts or more leads.


Wake's a year older, Dansby too. Both almost 30, if not 30. Long's a year older & now carries baggage from last years misuse. Those are the best players along with Bess & Marshall.

Aside from an unknown Pouncey, any other starter earned the right to keep their jobs?

Sticking with the same losing formula is a recipe for disaster. This franchise needs to stop reacting to problems & start squashing them before they blow up in their face.


Dying Breed and DC,

A little off subject here, but wouldn't it be nice to have some games that we took quick leads and were able to call the game plan while winning by 14 or so points? There were so many down to the wire games last week my heart about stopped.

I digress.........

You heard it here Folks! New Coach Wanted's latest post. As historic as the Gettysburgh one and as inspirational as JFK's "Ask not...". Rob Ryan for Miami Dolphins Head Coach 2012-20??. Competely onboard with the "Suck for Luck" campaign!


This regime is too busy shooting themselves in the foot during the offseason to correctly fix anything. How long have we needed a legit TE? Then we move Carey inside only to get worse at RT bringing in Columbo.

There were quality RG options available in fa. We ignored them to make the turnstile Columbo our starting RT. We ignored the TE position, free safety, and wnet out and paid $5 million a year for a utility rb everyone but this regime knows is not a feature back.

How can we improve making boneheaded personel moves year after year? Shooting ourselves in the foot every year always begin in the offseason then consumate itself on the field of play.

Mando, u are completely off base with your arguement, u overlooked the main reason to fire a coach, It's not about the sub for the rest of the year is gonna make the team better, it's about not accepting incompetance, it's about sending a message, we are not going to accept losing every game at home, we are not the cincinnati bengals, u fire the coach, send a message to the fans, and u regroup next year and find your new coach

we are not the cincinnati bengals,

Posted by: Steve | September 22, 2011 at 01:14 PM

You can say that again, they've won a game!

Does any one else see a Deer in headlights through the sun glasses Sparono wears? Just the facial expression gives it away every week.

I anticipated an 0-2 start anyway. Its just the way we lost is so frustrating.

Been a staunch supporter of TS for 4 years now, but thinking he may now be the guy for the job. The team with its talents consistently does not show up (the d one week, offense the other, ST, etc, etc, etc...).

definitly no changes until season over.

go dolphins!!!

...Even with Daboll..Our offensive scheme is a year behind the trend setters in this league. I thought that we would have figured out that the 2 tight end set was the formation of the future. I talked about this a bunch this offseason and was dissmised because folks thought this as just a power run formation.

I'm not patting myself on the back, because my opinions are wrong more often then right. But it is obvious that we have missed the boat again on catching up with the rest of the league. This falls squarely on GM Ireland for ignoring the tight end spot. Will the addition of Clay help...I hope so. But look at the teams that have been lighting it up early..All use 2 tight end sets as their base PASSING formation, taking advantage of play action, and mismatches in the middle of the field..Tight ends on smaller safties, slower linebackers, and less skilled nickel corners.. I'm sure we will get with the program just in time ffor defensive coordinators to catch up to this trend...We are at a huge disadvantage offensivley because we refuse to address the tight end position...No excuses.

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