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Is Johnson a luxury Dolphins can continue to afford?

The Larry Johnson story was nice. You know, former star turned washout realizes the terrible error of his off-field ways and, after much soul-searching, transforms himself as a person, and after tons of hard work finds a new team. And then he becomes a better player than he ever was.

Yeah, really cool stuff.

Except Johnson is still working on the script. He is obviously a different person and he has found a roster spot with the Dolphins. So far, so good. But that is pretty much where the story is meeting a Haloti Ngata-Vince Wilfork-Cullen Jenkins type gang tackle.

Johnson has not been able to recapture his 1,700-yard rusher form -- not that he's gotten much of an opportunity. He has only 2 yards on one carry this season. And with rookie Daniel Thomas getting more and more confidence and more and more healthy with each passing day, Johnson's days on the roster may be numbered.

At this point it seems Johnson's status is directly tied to the team's injury situation.

If the Dolphins need to fill a roster spot to tighten up a position lessened by injuries -- say, cornerback, for example -- Johnson's roster spot might be at stake.

If Charles Clay (hamstring) is finally healthy enough to become active, Johnson's roster spot might be at stake.

If the Dolphins feel the need to add more help at defensive line because Tony McDaniel isn't available, but they don't want to yet put McDaniel on injured reserve, Johnson's roster spot might be at stake.

Yes, his one-year deal is guaranteed. So the Dolphins are on the hook for the contract, which I assume was a split deal. But sometimes a team swallows the money and makes the moves necessary to meet its needs.

And with every passing injury, with every ounce of improvement that Clay makes, every ounce of confidence that Thomas gains, the less it seems the Dolphins will value Johnson as an insurance policy at RB.


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cosmodo, you're right but I just can't stand the guy anymore. I mean all the excuses. BTW if tom coughlin doesn't get a contract extension this year we should try and get him.

Good point on the owner/coach relationship. We get Sporano for the season.

I'm baffled.


Meanwhile, Lousaka Polite would of gotten us into the end zone each of those times.


we're ranked 31st in most power rankings. Thanks sparano!!

Every Sports pundit picked us to win 4-6 games this year and to come in last place in the division. This is not surprising to anyone but the diehard fans. Ireland has ruined every draft, Sparano is terrible. We unfortunately suck. I just hope we pack it in early enough to get the franchise next year with the new regime (Andrew Luck). It is painful to watch this team right now.

Lets hope we finish worse than 4 wins to get luck for next year draft I hope Sparano is fired by the season end and ross get cowher for coach PLEASE.

Fans, to let you all know, if we take Luck he is going to need 4 or 5 years on the bench before he'll be ready to play.

wtf is a quality control coach.?. does he kill roaches in the locker room.?lol

I got news for you Phins Fans, this team is going to take you back to the great days of 1-15

Ok, I'm over the first two games. On to Cleveland.

I think this game comes down to our defensive front seven. Can we stop their power running game and force McCoy into 3rd and long? This should be a fast, low scoring game where field position will be key. Remember last year's game vs Cleveland? If our Dline and special teams are strong we'll win. If Hillis is ripping off 6 and 8 yard gains we're in trouble. And if Vontae is out I expect them to take a few shots. Hard to see a blowout either way on this one.

I say 86 Sporono ASAP, It's like having a band-aid on, you tear it quickly dont slowly tear it off, to much pain over a longer time.....

I can honestly say I've never seen a more clueless team than this Dolphins team.

Without making one move personnel wise, a competent coach, gm, and owner, this team is a playoff team. Can anyone tell me the Bills are a more talented team?

My Sundays are already ruined. Last week I did the unmentionable and went on a date instead of watching the football game. I don't blame the locals for not going, I can't even make the effort to watch on TV for free. And this is a statement from someone who is so committed that he once bought Dolphins seasons tickets although he lives in a different country!!! I instead decided to venture to the mall with a lady friend - and did I mention that I HATE THE MALL!?!?!?

She is a hottie though so that needs to be considered.

Its worth it only if she is a hottie Mark.

And by the way, the line for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes is a long one ...

Seattle (hopeless)
Carolina (licking their chops at what they can get in a trade)
Kansas City (3 young stars out for the year)
Washington (already met their win quota)
Indianapolis (wouldn't Manning passing the baton to Luck be unfair?)
San Francisco

They will all be in the running. The Dolphins are not alone in being crap.

Mark, if you're inking your fountain pen believe me, you're having more fun on Sundays than the rest of us, so all is not lost.

Football-wise, yeah, all is lost, lol.




I completely agree with you. I think losing Lousaka Polite hurt us more than people realize, and he would have been much more valuable to have on the team than LJ or some of the other pickups.

Polite was getting national attention for picking up short yardage plays on 3rd down and keeping the drive going! That was so important, and he would have been a great option on the goaline rather than a fade to Hartline

My only hat I'sve got to hang is that we lost to 2 really good teams. And if our D had any balls we may have won one if not both.

If that is true and the D figures it out, a decent record is still possible. Somehow Henne has been productive getting his butt handed to him, so that is a good sign.

I guess, cleveland is the key, and as said earlier time to move on. cleveland is not elite, if we beat them, and hopefully convincingly than the truth is, it still can be a decent year.

I just dont know what to root for. I HATE loosing! It is the worst feeling on Monday. But I have to admit, I really want Ireland and sparono gone. I just need somethig different. Henne will be a causulty because of it, and I am ok with that.

Oh crap, now I sound like a democrat screaming for change for the sake of change, that worked out well for the country!

I am a lost soul dressed in teal and orange, i need a drink!

There is no question we have some talent, we just throw it away, dont know what to do with it or have no idea how to coach it.

PS: Ronnie is a beast in Philly

More importantly, what's up with the offensive and defensive linemen and defensive backs and linebackers?

Ronnie is not a beast in Philly. He rides the bench while Mccoy is the true beast. All Ronnie does is dance at the line of scrimmage and then smile about it.

Just a note to the positive thinkers and apologists still hanging on for dear life:...
Cleveland is the equivilant to a cupcake in the NFL. No they aren't actually a cupcake, they are a rapidly improving team, with young good players. And their record is better than ours, btw. But there isn't cupcakes in the NFL, so this is the closest we get. If we don't win big, then I beg you to consider what that really means for our season. The doom-&-gloomers may be spiteful and annoying, but they may also be right - this time.

Is Channing Crowder still Unemployed?????LOL

Toronto Mark,
The Andrew Luck Sweepstakes line isn't as ridiculously long as you make it seem right now. Believe it or not, at 2 games in, we're one of 3 teams. Several 0-2 teams have their future QB's drafted from last year, and would either trade out, or not pick Andrew. So K.C., Seattle, and us are left at 0-2. Obviously this means nothing really right now, but I will continue to keep a running tab every week (or I'll try anyway).
Seattle is my frontrunner. I'll take Barkley gladly, btw.

You guys find the strangest things to cry about. who cares about johnson? he is here as a back up. The young kid needs the work, and he ran well. Thomas only had 18 carries, get over it.

DC, good point and considering the end result on both the date front and game front, it was the right decision.

ALoco, what would you like to know, my life is an open book and you are one of my favourite bloggers so let her rip ...

Cuban, I have gone on record many times for not liking the Crowder for Burnett swap. It was obvious many times that this defense was better with him in it than without. It wasn't coincidence. He must have added some intangible that doesn't show up in the stat line because it was the same story every time and it is the same story this year. The defense was better with 52!!! That's even ignoring the money factor ... Burnett was expensive ....

mark,cc knew what plays to call,same as clemons. but until the coconut at nt who is playing like krap for 12m wakes ^, it wont change even if ray lewis was in there.lol

JS, some of those teams would gladly forsake last year's "franchise QB" for Luck IMO. You don't think Jacksonville would take Luck because they have Gabbert for example? I think they might.

Seattle and Indy should be worse than Miami easily. Manning covered up a lot of Bill Polian's horsecrap on that roster.

I would take Matt Barkley or Landry Jones in an instant myself. Then again everyone here knows my opinion on 1st round qbs and I think QB is almost always a position of need for any team. Look at Indy, ignored the QB position for years, now they have no hope. At worst, i they had groomed some young guy, he could step in, play well, still challenge for the playoffs in that division, and then be traded for a nice return when Manning comes back. Now they have to hope to stink worse than anyone else to salvage a season.

kris,where r u? i need more banter from u to lol.lol

Any team with the #1 pick that didn't take Luck should be thrown out of the league for incompetance. Trade for a gob of draft picks ok but just take someone else, no chance and I'll bet the mortgage on that.

Have you east coasters seen this guy? Throws like Peyton Manning with wheels. Whoever gets this guy has, at worst, an above average QB until about 2025.

get p.manning to groom 1 of the 3 good qb's coming out.boise?.hear that the new gm?. indy looks lost.

how bout against the pats when soliai was put in the backfield????? he hits nobody,doesnt crash the line or push the pile? anyone ask sparano?

Even if we draft the QB of future in top 10 next year I still think we keep henne. Give the youngster time to develop

greg, he was aping r.brown in there.lol. still want to know what the coconuts backwards spin move towards the lb's is.

Canadian Mark, and others...
Guys, if Carolina (say) gets #1, they trade out. Yes they will (GOOOD value for them). Miami (say) has #6 pick. They trade first and second round, plus player X for #1 pick. Yes, I'd do it. Not so impossible at all.
Minnesota (0-2) traded up to get Ponder. He's their guy.
Jax will not pick a 1st round QB 2 years in a row. You're delusional.
K.C. Seattle WILL pick Luck, not trade out. I'd be happy for a trade-out team to get #1. then we do have a shot, ASSUMING we're bad enough to be in the top 10 draft picks.

2 watt, agreed, 12 mill for our NT ?. bottom line is we desperately need "ballers"!!!! ireland is clueless,he has a size requirement.


Hey! Mark tell me you went 69 power trap on her.

Is our Free Safety a luxury we can afford? Why not hand the job back to the dude who "lost" the starting-spot competition?

Mark in Toronto, TARRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Ojala que se te caiga el rabo, brode.

Boulder, I agree with you, even if we draft a QB, Henne (or reasonable facsimilie) should still be our starter for the next one or two years.

JS, Jacksonville has worse attendance issues than Miami. If you think they wouldn't grab the most balloeyhoo'd prospect to come out since Manning just so they wouldn't draft a QB 2 years in a row, then you are being delusional. Gabbert is a nice prospect with a bright future but this is an exceptional player we are discussing.

Anyone thinking a 1 plus a 2 plus a player would be all that it would cost to wrest Luck from Carolina, keep thinking. it's going to be a Rikcy Williams to New Orleans type deal to work that one out.

ALoco, Hamilton is not exactly Shangri La. The crowds at Ivor Wynne are known to be R rated to say the least. And if you decide to come to the area, I will take you anywhere you want to go, my friend. I'm a big fan and you've entertained me for years even though your sense of humour flies over the head of most people on this blog.

So, we are all upset about the record of our Phins. But what we are missing is that we played 2 top 14 offenses (NE #1, Hou #14). While Buffalo played the #30 (KC) and #12 (Oak) and the Jets played the #4 (Dal) and #28 (Jax).

And what I'm saying is that we were in it against NE (maybe getting rid of some missed tackles and safety brainfarts, we had a better chance). And against Houston, if BMarsh catches the TD pass that hit his hands and/or he doesn't stop his route against J.Allen (Henne threw the ball up for him) we could have beating Houston. I know woulda shoulda coulda, but I choose to look at the positive side.

On to Cleveland and the road!


THE LAST POST ABOUT the football in CANADA was a fake one by the cuban menace ALTHOUGH WAS FUNNY.....................

Mark in Toronto, ustedes los Canadienses son unos decaraos. Le gustan singarse las jevitas en Cuba y despues se van echando. SINGAOOOOSSSS!

Hey, anybody seen my wasted career?

Why would we draft Luck? Will he play defensive end?

The following are today's power rankings from the experts at NFL.com

1. Green Bay Packers
2. New England Patriots
3. New York Jets
4. New Orleans Saints
5. Houston Texans

Seems like we've played 2 of the top 5 teams then? Not making excuses, just stating the fact. Of course, I use the term "expert" lightly

I'm sorry but do we really need any more evidence to prove to us Tony has to go? Every day something new comes out and today didn't disappoint. Now the players have to call themselves out because the coach isn't. Players have been going half speed at practices and somehow the coach is oblivious. I just don't get it.

Mr. Smith, West Kendall. It was a happy ending!!!









West Kendall if you are going to blog in espanol is DESCARADOS not decaraos and this is not Channel 23 Telemundo.

Sorry Mark. I don't mean to be rude, but you're just plain wrong. Front offices and coaches don't think this way. No offense.
But, I am of the shared opinion someone else will beat us to Luck. Crossing fingers for Barkley. Jones is OK, I'm not a fan, but I'll take him absolutely over many others. I don't know much about Tannehill. I'll have to watch some video. Might end up being our guy. Luck, Barkely, Jones all projected gone by pick #4.
Long season to go. We'll see where we stand. I originally predicted 6-10, but I'm wondering if 4-12 is a real possibility.

Mr. Smith, esto es Miami, brode. Hable espanol o vete echando con Sparano o todas esas otras puticas.


Did I hear a plea for realism here? I hope you succeed! Most on this blog need a HEAVY dose of it if they want to make it through the season in 1 piece.

Y el Canal 23 es Univison, DESCARAOOOOO!

what's up guys

Que bola, Johnny.

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