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Is Johnson a luxury Dolphins can continue to afford?

The Larry Johnson story was nice. You know, former star turned washout realizes the terrible error of his off-field ways and, after much soul-searching, transforms himself as a person, and after tons of hard work finds a new team. And then he becomes a better player than he ever was.

Yeah, really cool stuff.

Except Johnson is still working on the script. He is obviously a different person and he has found a roster spot with the Dolphins. So far, so good. But that is pretty much where the story is meeting a Haloti Ngata-Vince Wilfork-Cullen Jenkins type gang tackle.

Johnson has not been able to recapture his 1,700-yard rusher form -- not that he's gotten much of an opportunity. He has only 2 yards on one carry this season. And with rookie Daniel Thomas getting more and more confidence and more and more healthy with each passing day, Johnson's days on the roster may be numbered.

At this point it seems Johnson's status is directly tied to the team's injury situation.

If the Dolphins need to fill a roster spot to tighten up a position lessened by injuries -- say, cornerback, for example -- Johnson's roster spot might be at stake.

If Charles Clay (hamstring) is finally healthy enough to become active, Johnson's roster spot might be at stake.

If the Dolphins feel the need to add more help at defensive line because Tony McDaniel isn't available, but they don't want to yet put McDaniel on injured reserve, Johnson's roster spot might be at stake.

Yes, his one-year deal is guaranteed. So the Dolphins are on the hook for the contract, which I assume was a split deal. But sometimes a team swallows the money and makes the moves necessary to meet its needs.

And with every passing injury, with every ounce of improvement that Clay makes, every ounce of confidence that Thomas gains, the less it seems the Dolphins will value Johnson as an insurance policy at RB.


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By the way, our one star (Jake Long) is in his 4th year. What's he got left, 6-10 maybe? We get a new Coach, go through ANOTHER rebuild, that's another 4 years. Guess what, our franchise left tackle is now 30-something, depending on injuries could be on his last leg, and now that we're ready to compete now will need a new LT for the new franchise QB.

Yeah, Jake Long was the perfect choice back in '08, he really led this team...to where I don't know, but he led them.


I would put the Dolphins as underdogs against every team we play this year. 3-13 might be an accurate prediction with the look of things.


Even more reason to begin dialing up the pressure on opposing qb's. We have those youngsters on the backline. The longer the qb has to survey the field. The greater ability we give them to expose our youngsters back there.

I much rather give up one big play td a game, than give qb's all day to throw and they slowly ring our young backend guys up for 3 or more td's a game.

It all comes down to which will be the greater evil?

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Oh, Gotta go, Soaps are back on!

It sucks that if things don't turn around quick the Jake Long pick could go to waste.........but I still feel it was the right choice. Had to get him.

greg z -

Looking at another 7-9 season would not make us "lucky". "Luck" would be getting Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley or Landry "Lance" Jones.

must win in cleveland just to keep up....if 0-4 @ the bye...its bye, bye Tony!

3 wins? Really? Where? Maybe the teams decide not to show for the games. Forfeits maybe. This team is pathetic. Please clean house now. The time to gut this fish came long ago.


Read My Lips:


We lost to a SB calibre team and a a playoff calibre team. The Browns may have worse continuity problems than even we.

In the battle of two teams that find ways to beat themselves I like our chances much better.

Had we not been a team that beat ourselves, we had chances in both losses to come out with victory. It wasnt as much as superiority of our 1st two opponents that beat us than the fact we contribuited by also beating ourselves.

I still believe we are a playoff calibre team if we would just stop contributing to our own demise by beating ourselves. Too many "UNFORCED ERRORS" in all phases of our game.

Guys, Here's something to debate, What record do you think the mighty air breathers will be come Jan. 2????????? I still stick to my 3 and 13, What o you guys see???

Dolphins 20 Bungles 13

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woe is me

woe is me

NH, I agree (said as much before the Season). I was all for keeping Sparano all year UNLESS, we were something like 2-6 mid-season.

Don't see how (or why) Sparano's job is safe if we're 0-4 going into the bye week (and there's absolutely no chance we beat the Chargers on the West Coast, so 1-3 isn't that much better).

Again, Armando shows zero imagination, why is there even a blog topic about Larry Johnson?

This topic has the feel of discussing the increasing Everglades frog population due to the frequent rains.

Barak Obama seen in Walmarts in the "No More Grey" isle would have made better conversation!

Do you think our key players would play better if Sparano was fired mid season?


You're too funny!! You've been talking tough since the start of the season and talking this team up like crazy. I think you were even CONVINCED they were going to win on Sunday. The reality is they've sucked at home for a long time now and I didn't see that getting any better before Sunday's game. But before you completely step off that ledge, understand that they DO play better away from home, in fact, what were they last year away from home 6-2? Doesn't mean it will be the same this year, just means it may be reason to have some hope. Initially I'm leaning towards Cleveland this week but I need to hear and feel some of the vibe around the team this week. If they are feeling sorry for themselves then the season is over. I'm not saying they are going to make the playoffs or anything crazy like that, I'm just saying this is a week where they have a chance to make a statement. Will they? Who the Hell knows. I'm not so sure they couldn't end up finishing this season 3-13 after all.

So, while it sounds like I'm laughing at you, I do in fact feel your pain and share your frustration. I'm at the point now of having no expectation and realizing that change is on it's way.

DC, from reading your post, I think you get that the problem is Parcells & now specifically Sparano/Ireland. They drafted size instead of talent. It's unfathomable to see the names of guys who we passed up, who are better than almost everything we have drafted, except Jake Long.

It's utter ignorance or gullability to think the offense would be fast because of Gates or Bush. We don't have the personnel to be fast & explosive because for 4 years, we have assembled a roster full of tall, slow statues.

Bring in a competent GM or GM/coach & let him do his thing. We can't keep waiting for Sparano & Ireland to figure out year by year.

This isn't a science project. A competent coach & GM will hopefully be current & know what it takes to win today. In the end, it can't be worse than what we have right now. Can it?

Ohio, not sure if they would play better, but they might be better prepared for whats coming.


Yea I wasn't leaning one way or another, just curious what everyone thought, whether the firing would bring them together or make things even crazier.

While I'm agreeing that Tony hasn't delivered, the firing would scare me that we are in for many months of craziness.

That being said, other teams have proven that quick turnarounds can and do happen more frequently in the NFL now......just need the right people to do it.

Wasting time is the key strength of this FO.

big bill came to Miami with sporano, ireland and then henning. What did anyone expect to happen. The 11-5 season was obviously pure luck and trickery. bp was a slick salesman and he used those skills one last time on Miami. Now let's move on.

Let the season end. Find a proven, quality GM. Then hire the brightest, hungriest HC available. Then maybe in 1-2 years he'll have the players running through brick walls.

As fans we can only hope.

Ohio, once they lose 5 games and are essentially kicked out of any Playoff hopes, who really cares whether the team will play better or not. It's over.

People need to understand, rebuilding year after year isn't a strategy. Talk to anyone who's played organized football. Every year is a new team, new problems, new hopes. Sure, there's some continuity, but that continuity is usually in the system, not the Coaches or the players. Nolan will be gone soon (probably to a HC gig), who knows how long Daboll's here, we tend to drop about 20% of the team (or more) year after year, so there will always be new faces.

We need some genius to come here and install a system that can win in today's NFL and can be used for continuity no matter what position coach is here, what players are here, etc.

Frankly, until we get a system in place, I don't even care about the personnel or the Coaches or the record. It won't be good. I say act like this is a throwaway Season. Get the offense into Daboll's system (looks like it can be used long-term) so next year they can roll with it, don't know what the defense is doing, obviously Nolan isn't bringing Rex Ryan's system here, so let them dangle until we get a defensive system like Baltimore, NY, Steelers, DETRIOT, etc.

So much pain after so much hope...Jason Taylor just threw his coach under the bus (Ricky did it last Jan). When your seasoned vets are questioning the coaches ability its time for the owner to step in and take control.
One would guess that Ross has an out in Sparano's contact based on lack of performance...if we are 0-4 on the bye week...Tony should consider himself unemployed.

dyingbred your an idiot. Armando writes johnon is on the outs and within hours, he's cut.

That's not capt. obvious. That's having a finger on the pulse of the team.

Craig, you can't say I didn't give them a chance to prove me wrong though, right? I wanted them to be successful. I liked what I saw Pre-season. I was all in with Sparano/Ireland/Daboll/Nolan. I was (and continue to be) with the Pouncey pick. Yes, drafting a 1st-rd center is a stretch, but I thought if Henne could be saved, maybe he'd start playing better (like he has, no thanks to the oline though). So, I was rolling with the team.

But, I did say, hope you remember, once the Season starts, and the facts start coming in on how we're progressing/regressing, I would then be able to be critical of the team. And that's what I've done. First 2 games were a complete disaster. I don't buy the "these are 2 of the best teams and we weren't expected to beat them" theory. I believe if you want to change your outlook, you have to change your behavior. Houston wasn't about playing a better team. Who cares WHO we were playing? All that was important to know was we were 1-11 at home at that time, and 0-4 against Houston lifetime, and that's it. If that's not enough to will a victory, then there's nothing I can count on with this particular team.

Burnett said it all on the SS. He said it's about winning the down. Winning the series. Each player winning each singular battle (hopefully when it counts). Yet, what we got were untimely penalties. Drops from our star WR. Mis-throws from our QB in the red zone. No stops from our defense to create a 3-and-out, and missed FG's from our kicker.

Sound like a team that can beat Cleveland Craig? I didn't think so.

"If a defense blitzes 6-7 guys constantly, it forces the offense to go into "MAX PROTECT" or get thier qb placed on IR. Max protect means the offense has to adjust by only sending 2 recievers out in passing routes.

Everyone else has to stay and pass protect. Thier playbook becomes a little more limited and a "Smart DC" has drilled his defense on at least 5 counter plays to be on the lookout for."

Posted by: DyingBreed

Have you ever watched an NFL game? These are some of the dumbest comments Ive ever read on a football blog.

Ever hear of a hot route or hot read? W/out Henning, Miami doesn't even go to max protect anymore. We go 3-4 wide. Spread em out.

In order to blitz, you have to have realiable DBs who can play man. Who in this secondary is reliable? Anyone?

We blitzed Brady 6-7 times & got burned for 2 TD's. You wanna bring 6-7 guys constantly?? Brady would have hung 60 on us!

Blitzing more often will leave Carrol exposed in coverage & the result is...BINGO! MORE TD's!


Well, the firing is more directed to the fact that Tony's biggest strenght was being a o-line coach with good enthusiasm and player trust.

Well, the players dont trust him, practice for him or listen.

Our O-line sucks dead dogs again.

And well his enthusiasn is for field goals.

Just one more thing on good ol' tony. Remember last year, whenever Henne made a mistake he was half on the field belittling him for screwing up?

How come no one else on the team is getting that treatment this year? He stands there with a dumb look on his face, then shakes his head...

the more I think about this crap the more I am disliking him!


I feel your pain, and I agree with many of your posts. I don't know if I can agree to just throw away a season after 2 games though. I'm not hanging on to false hope, but losing badly without trying can be contagious, and last for a decade instead of a year (Lions). I'm realistic and fully understand that we will probably have a losing record this year though.

Also......since Direct TV is giving me Sunday Ticket for free for my first year as a new customer, I'd like to see some wins and good playing! :) Never in my life have I gotten to see all the phins games like this! I love it! I think I picked a bad year to get it though, lol.

One day I will get to step foot in that stadium, that is my dream. Anyway, for now my dream is at least 1 win in the next 4 games.

Ohio/Craig, DAMN this team for making me sound like dusty bottoms.

Ohio, welcome to DirectTV. I've already paid thousands into it and all I have to show for the last 4 years is 26 wins (if you average that out it's 6 wins a year). 6 lousy wins. Think about how many hangovers I could have had with the money I wasted.

That's why I'm willing to pay more taxes. I'm throwing it away to DirectTV as it is. Might as well get some new uni's for our military or fix some bridges with all that waste, huh? Wouldn't that be better for the country?

By the way, the one game I saw in Miami we were fortunate enough to win (a Sunday night game against DC a few years back). My suggestion: PICK YOUR GAME WISELY!!! Actually, better bet is to see an away game (like I'm going to Giants stadium). Better chance of them winning away.


Ohio Dolfan,

I was going to come down from Canada for a game this year. It's not looking to likely now. I read the one post from the guy who took his son to the game Sunday and I thought 'why the Hell would I want to pay for that?'. I'm not going to reward mediocrity. I love my Dolphins like the next guy and I will support them through thick and thin but I'm also not stupid.

DC, I'd ask you to have a little faith. Regardless of how they have looked and what people are saying, I don't believe the talent level is all that bad. There are pieces here. I am now of the mindset that Sparano's time is going to be up by the end of the season and then hopefully we can welcome the Jeff Fisher era to Miami. I like Sparano as a person but he has to be judged by the results on the field and the results show the team isn't good enough. Yes, part of that might be on Ireland too but I'm not sure who I'd rather have as GM. Does Pioli get into trouble in KC and maybe become available? I doubt it. I think he'll get at least one more season. So I'm fine with guys ripping on Ireland but please tell me who his replacement should be, cause I have no clue who I'd even want.

Stop talking about Luck, if we have the first pick, who really think that the front office will be smart enough to grab him? There you have it. Bill

Sparano will be gone after the charger game if we are 0-4 get his ass out of miami ROSS.

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