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It's all about urgency today for Dolphins versus Texans

The Dolphins face a difficult challenge today in playing the Houston Texans, a team they have not beaten in five tries. T

The challenge?

Do. Not. Go. 0-2.

And the Dolphins defnitely cannot allow themselves to do that with those two losses at home. I made the point how urgent and how much urgency the Dolphins are facing in this column in today's Herald.

The truth of all the teams starting 0-2, only about 12 percent make the playoffs. The truth is the last two seasons no team starting 0-2 made the playoffs. The truth is if the Dolphins start 0-2, there will be a lot of unhappy fans -- many of whom have stopped coming to games already.

So yes, there is urgency in this game. I explain in the column how the Dolphins are showing that sense of urgency. And yes, in the video below, I give you Foreigner's take on the issue.

There will be a live blog today. I'll set up a post for that once I arrive at the stadium. See you then.