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It's all about urgency today for Dolphins versus Texans

The Dolphins face a difficult challenge today in playing the Houston Texans, a team they have not beaten in five tries. T

The challenge?

Do. Not. Go. 0-2.

And the Dolphins defnitely cannot allow themselves to do that with those two losses at home. I made the point how urgent and how much urgency the Dolphins are facing in this column in today's Herald.

The truth of all the teams starting 0-2, only about 12 percent make the playoffs. The truth is the last two seasons no team starting 0-2 made the playoffs. The truth is if the Dolphins start 0-2, there will be a lot of unhappy fans -- many of whom have stopped coming to games already.

So yes, there is urgency in this game. I explain in the column how the Dolphins are showing that sense of urgency. And yes, in the video below, I give you Foreigner's take on the issue.

There will be a live blog today. I'll set up a post for that once I arrive at the stadium. See you then.


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Is anyone imbibing yet?

Is that La Brigada 66? Oh Crap! TD jets.....


I'm about to start. I have to be very careful. Just last weekend I had to buy a new computer and TV.

(pace-moderation, pace-moderation, pace-moderation.........)

Come on Daniel Thomas, run the Wildcat and throw out of it. New weapon this year baby!

Sanchez looks terrible all game and then out of nowhere starts playing like a Pro Bowler hitting receivers on the money all over the field. Jets got this one locked up. 22-3

Javid Best just keeps looking better and better.

He ain't no Barry Sanders, but who is?

Apparently, we are not the only ones covering those very talented TE's.


I know that Im dogging the team a bit today. But I dont want expect a win then get disappoint. Seems when we expect this team to win, well.......you know the rest! LOL...

Look guys I have a feeling that Henne is going to get hit sacked often today don't forget they have a very good defense coordinator and they are going to stuff the run and force Henne to pass, just like last week but can Henne respond!! We will see soon guys !! No huddle coming up it's a copy cat league until the PHINS can stop it!

Come on Titans!

La Brigada its easy to pick up your play when the opposition cant make you pay for the past mistakes. No pressure no problem.

Cromarte pick six.

In the state of Florida, right now we have the choice of wayching 2 suckie teams today, Jax or Bucs. Bucs sux too and are losing, but still look like SB champs compared to Jax! LOL...

Apparently its easy for Sanchez to go deep in the playoffs too.

I know that Im dogging the team a bit today. But I dont want expect a win then get disappoint. Seems when we expect this team to win, well.......you know the rest! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 18, 2011 at 03:12 PM

I'm sacrificing two chickens and my neighbors cat if I can catch the little cck sucker.

It's Kool though DB, we all do it in OWN way!


Shonne Green not looking good at all.

Odin, as always! Crown Royal over ice in my favorite glass! Smooth......

I know all about hurting, ray. But you can't back up from it. Go around it.

LIVE BLOG UP GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jets defense is going to be top ten! Why because of their Real corner back tandem!
Unlike our corners overrated and can't cover nobody!! I love my PHINS but our corners are not good!!

Buffalo Bills are a young energetic team that play all out!! MAN WE DONT HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN OUR DIVISION UNTIL THIS REGIME IS GONE!!

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