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Jason Taylor back at practice, expected Sunday

If you saw the ugy picture of Jason Taylor having his left ankle stepped on by New England Patriots offensive lineman, you probably thought the worst.

It looked serious when it happened. It looked serious when Taylor immediately went to the ground. It looked serious when the Dolphins outside linebacker remained on the field as doctors tended to his injury.

Taylor eventually returned to the game but missed practice Wednesday. Not to worry. He's back at practice today.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Taylor is expected play Sunday against Houston, according to a source.

The story seems more dire with free safety Chris Clemons. He missed practice for the second consecutive day with hamstring injury.

Wide receiver Roberto Wallace also missed practice today. He is sitting out with a quad injury. 


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"Nothing to see here. Move along."

Agree. So your point of this blog was...?

I'd sure rather here Sparanos responses to all those upside down comments you made in the previous blog.

Above everything else, insults in Internet are not appreciated.

Jason Taylor played Monday night?


Funny Kris. Exactly. At 215, he had no chance against the 400 pound O linemen.

rolled my ankle a hundreds times playing bball, seen worst. should be swollen as hell this week though... JT will soldier through, good to have his character back to lead by example.


We can use Solai in place of Colombo against Houston.

Glad Taylor is back though

-------------**BREAKING NEWS**---------------

---------Odin FINALLY Figures It Out----------

It took 30 years on the road in the most drug infested juke joints on the planet, but I've EARNED my degree "OF" Pyschology.

Actually this is a classic example of a knee jerk reaction, complicated by extreme closet Phin-FANaticism.

These guys that are posting about the sky falling aren't really the trolls and wets fans that they're being accused of being. On the contrary(with a few exceptions of course).

These posters here are EXTREME hardcore Phins Fans that were in the closet about expecting us to challenge for the division and going DEEP into the playoffs.

Sure, on the surface they were predicting a 6-10 season or maybe 8-8 at best, but only because they were in the closet with their hardcore Phin Fan belief that we would at least challenge for the AFC Championship this year.

It all makes sense now, think about it. Deep down in their "closet" they were actually believeing that this team was ready for prime time. Ready to show the best teams in the league that WE ARE BETTER. I applaud your extreme FANaticism!

It's crystal clear now! No trolls, no negative ninnys, just straight up hardcore closet Phin FANatics that simply don't know how to deal with any type of setback whatsoever. Other than massive spasmodic knee jerking, their extremism offers no other alternative. To them, 1 loss with 15 games remaining is unacceptable. Deep down they PRIVATELY EXPECTING another PERFECT SEASON! That's even too extreme for ODIN, but it is FREAKING AWESOME on their part.

Finally, I get it! I feel sheepish now and have to apologize, I thought I was a hardcore Phin Fan, but WOW! You guys are awesome and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I'll never call you guys trolls or wet fans EVER AGAIN! You are knee jerkers, but still, from now on you'll have the utmost respect and I shall call you all The Hardcore Overtly Right fans. Or I'll affectionately use the acronym "THOR" fans ;)

Having said all that, I would like to help you knee jerk........er.......ah.........I mean THOR Fans out. It's perfectly fine to mask your extreme hopes and expections behind a wall of short sighted negativity, though I'm not sure it's healthy. I myself prefer to get it all out at once. Sometimes it's .44 mag to the flat screen, sometimes it means demolishing a computer tower and monitor. On rare occassions, it means bail money, court costs and fines. The point is, I get it off my chest so to speak, so as not to hinder and cloud any future judgement calls.

Ultimately though, instead of being erroneously perceived as negative Nancy's, trolls, etc, etc. it's OK to "Come out of the Closet". It's worked wonders for many in the past. Don't be afraid of how you're really feeling deep down inside. Go ahead, give it a try! Say it PROUD and say it LOUD:


AwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI FANATICS!!!!



You are reaching all time new low.

You want to roast the Coaches for moving on. You want to roast them for not giving you guys the satisfaction of grinding it on them. You want to ask them questions they don't want to have to answer.

Yet at the same time you YOURSELF don't want to eat any crow over NOT JUST HENNE, but Daboll, Bush and the offense overall. You don't want to, and haven't written but ONE SINGLE sentence about Henne and his one man show.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........forget an upside down world, that's some PERFECT world your trying to live in.

Armando is a big peculiarly shaped POT calling the kettle skinny.......in an upside down world of course!

Posted by: odinseye | September 15, 2011 at 01:01 PM

News flash were in 2011 and the football year just got started. and also in 7 Quarters Henne has thrown for 862 yds 4Tds

Posted by: Crazydolfan305 | September 15, 2011 at 01:12 PM

You expect me to believe?

I have an "inside" source and until I here it from him, I'll reserve judgement, Thank YOU!


The world is upside down.

Chad Henne played like a Pro Bowler and made me look silly.

I want to rub Noalans face in it for last weeks performance.

But I don't want to answer to Odin for completely blowing chunks on eveluating the most important position on our team.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 15, 2011 at 01:17 PM

Excellent posts Odin.

odinseye, 1 out of 10 of your posts are objective. The other 9 are total homer jack off gay cheerleader joozle.

This was a fair, objective post by Armando, all points worthy of consideration. Not every article needs to be about evaluating Henne.

Posted by: Oswald Canola | September 15, 2011 at 01:37 PM

Jackwad Canola,

Seeing how Armando made 39(yes, I counted)posts this year alone, completely lambasting Henne, how about JUST ONE on how well he's doing this year?

Talk about mouth full of joozle, spit that stuff out and you and Mando eat some CROW-ROTFLMAO!

Oh wait, presenting the other side of the story WOULD BE OBJECTIVE. What was I thinking, you and your ilk know NOTHING of objectivity.

But you keep on doing what you accuse me of, I'll help you:

Yeah Mando, you go Mando, Rah, Rah!


It seems to me not only with this coaching staff but all the staffs since Shula, We really seem to get alot of key players with injuries and no suitable backups when they go down.

Jason Taylors back? Did we re-sign him? I didn't see him Monday night. Does he still wear the same number? Come on JT light a fire under these guys a**es! And then take a burning ember and start your own a** up while you're at it!
About the last blog that so divided the post section. Here's the way I see it. There are so many reasons to be upset, the reaching has to end.

Armandos reaching as well. He's pointing out Burnett and Dansbys tackle numbers and comparing them with the guy (Jones) who let up some of the biggest plays in the game. He's acting as if Jones getting that many tackles is not a good thing and he's right, if he were tackling the running backs, but he wasn't, he was tackling the receivers that he and his db mates allowed to have a field day all over them Monday night. He was partly responsible for creating his own tackles by misreading plays and over pursuit of play action fakes to the rb. I'm sure Dansby and Burnett would have had more tackles if they were playing at the DB spot but many times they were running into the wall at the line trying to get pressure on Brady. So that point is a total reach.

He complains all last season that they need to pass more and when they pass from the goal line he complains that they built a running game so why don't they use it even though we had two injuries to our backs (Thomas,Clay). Short sighted.

Complains about Solai being tentative at FB. Ummmm Solai is a nose tackle. So now it's his fault that he doesn't understand the FB position or is that on the coaches? hmmmmmmmmm

I understand the complaint about cutting Polite except for the fact that they did it before Clay was injured and had no idea he would be injured. They said "FB is an endangered species". Yes that's an excerpt from the conversation but the point was that a FB WHO ONLY PLAYS FB is an endangered species. Clay is an H-Back. That means he can play both FB AND TE exactly like Granikowski for the Pats.

Larry Johnson is a good point and I agree. But many in here have been screaming for Hilliard to get a chance. the screaming has stopped.

The world is not upside down because our d-line had one bad game. Now he's just being dramatic.

He's right on about the rushing attack. They shouldn't have relied so much on Daniel Thomas and failed to get Bradshaw,Sproles, or anyone else who might have mentored D.T. and become the perfect compliment to Bush.

And the whole thing about going over the New England loss with the coordinators,,,,what's the point? Please someone tell me the point of having everyone on the Dolphins remember a game that is over and done. Nothing can be changed from it, it happened it's over. Fans don't want to hear excuses about last week we want a win this week. Those are the questions to be asked. How are you going to win this week? Will Clay and D.T. be back? That's all we care about. Asking about New England seems to be more for the reporters than us. Anyone else have any questions they needed answered about New England or do you want to move on and forget about it?

I write this in response to a post that said Armando was just being objective in the last blog. I write this because that is false (imo). I write this because for the love of God I wish people WOULD be more objective in their judgments and evaluations. But everyone has to reach, constantly with the reaching. And EVERYONE is guilty of it, Glass half full people reach for reasons why their team is good and glass half empty people reach for reason why they are bad. As if there isn't enough real evidence and facts to base your conclusions on. We need to embellish and make things up. Not necessary when there are real reasons to be mad AND happy.


You know I am mnot a Armando fan....Hell....you know I think he is Aloco...and about a dozen other characters that ruin this blog.....


As AWFUL as the D played....and the fact that we lost by 2 TD...NOT 1 point....

The emphasis this week has to be on the D...it has to be.....

Consider any post not related to Henne.....

Consider his (and my) silence as a sign of respect for Henne's game.....

Holy crap that took up the whole page! I'm out.

Armando seems to be "that guy" and tracy474 seems to be one of his friends. We figured that little nugget out yesterday.

Seriously guys... a lot of people asked questions about JT's status. I for one emailed Armando asking for an update. I'm glad he responded and posted to the blog. Now, back to my sandwich because its lunch time!

Thats a start LouD...but the rabbit hole gets deeper....

armando is one of the best writers in south florida.

Does LouD even work ever he rights 9000 words each time. too long, who has time to read all that. It's a blog keep it shorter.

LouD do you have high blood pressure?


Congratulations on earning your degree!

Now, I just want us to beat the freakin' Texans!


Consider his (and my) silence as a sign of respect for Henne's game.....

Posted by: kris | September 15, 2011 at 02:30 PM

I get it. But still, you have to consider I have a legitimate Beach.

After the game/debacle this has been the run up:

•Jason Taylor back at practice, expected Sunday

•It's an upside down world some days for the Miami Dolphins

•Dolphins agenda: Get well and on to Houston

•What's up with the Dolphins' 2nd round picks?

•Agent: Benny Sapp released by Dolphins

•Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

•How could anyone throw for 517 yards vs. Dolphins?

•Patriots defeat Dolphins 38-24 in opener.

I mean it just seems to me that if Armando was truly being objective, SOMEWHERE in the middle of all this he could have found time to write a little SOMETING/ANYTHING about the one, the only and OBVIOUS bright spot to an otherwise forgetable night!

The defense needs to be the focal point, I understand that. But if someone were truly being OBJECTIVE wouldn't they have at least a couple of lines or maybe an article that puts things in perspective and frames up the big picture?

How about pointing out that the defense, unlike Henne and Daboll, have already proved they can play at a high level and will most likely bounce back.

I mean the biggest questions coming in were humongus. Henne and Daboll's new offense. That should be pretty important at this point. We've seen the defense perform and deep down we all feel their better than this.

Henne and Daboll on the other hand were and ARE a longshot bet. The pre season and first game they put together should at least get a mention, that's all I'm saying. Especially with Armando being the Ring Leader of all the Henne - Daboll nay sayers.

I mean C'mon, he wrote a lengthy article on "What's Up With the Dolphins 2nd round picks". Not a bad article leading up to the draft maybe, but come on, it's September and Henne was one of those 2nd rounders.

It's unacceptable and the farthest thing from objective. Considering the way Armando has blasted the guy, he has created the "BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM"

Henne had his best game as a Pro, combined with Brady to set an NFL record and put up some Vick like numbers, you wouldn't know it from following Mando!

Just saying............

As long as Odinseye is here no one can have an opinion wheather it is correct or wrong. as far as JT glad to see he is all right and he is slowly regaining my respect. i am still down Ross and Irland, we did not even look at Sproles in the off season still pissed about that and Henne looks good but still throwing ints in the 4TH qtr hmmmmm

Brady - W
Henne - L

Anything else?


I agree about Mando. Seems he's trying to stir the pot with all the trolls and be "controversial" just to increase the number of hits on this blog. I guess he thinks that will keep him employed. Apparently, his main focus right now is his radio show which he promotes relentlessly. Also, he's writing about a team that doesn't give a lot to the press; especially him! I think he's pissed them off and they're giving tidbits to other writers but not him. Just my opinion.

Just beat the Texans!!!


Of course LV has Houston by 3 because they are aware of the internal strife here.

As long as Odinseye is here no one can have an opinion wheather it is correct or wrong.

Posted by: TRICKY | September 15, 2011 at 03:17 PM

Lets see, I haven't attacked anyone. I did give my opinion about Mando's obvious lack of coverage on Henne.

You on the other hand, did not address any points I made and erroneously accuse me of doing what you yourself have just done, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

Hypocrisy at it's finest, NICE!

PS: I'm sure JT is thrilled that he's regaining your respect. However, pointing out that Henne threw a 4th quarter interception, without mentioning that in reality as everyone knows, it was the last play hail mary that was catchable and tipped into the defenders hand seems just a tad bit Trollish ;)

Just saying.......................

Good luck this weekend. Maybe Lex can bust it out for a hundy. Oh yeah right, hes our make shift fullback lol. Thats ok cause our secondary is awesome. Oh wait thats not true either. Could be worse. Andre Johnson and Schaub and Foster could be coming to town this weekend...

D Man Canada Out !!


Turning your post upside down...

Did you hear Belichek dish out any praise for his team? All he spoke about was how much they need to improve.

Pro Sports is a different world from the regular world of employees. It's not about kudos and ego stroking. It's high stakes business about what do we need to do to WIN, and nothing else merits any attention. Kudos are for dishing out once the trophy is in hand.

Just saying.

Also, to add to your point odin, WHY does the defense have to be the focal point? Yeah, yeah, yeah, people say defense wins championships, so yes, we need a pretty good defense. But how many years since Marino have we had that here? I'd say a good many (all those JT/Zach years). Now, how many years have we had a Top 5 offense here? Exactly NONE!!!

So, my point is if in Week 1, Miami has a Top 5 offense and bottom 5 defense, the blaring headline should be:


It's not insignificant that our defense played so poorly. It won't get us anywhere near the Playoffs (since our offense DID stumble at times and DEFINITELY has room to improve to become unstoppable like the Pats). But, and I'm repeating myself here, it seems Miami teams historically have been more able to fix and improve a defense than they can an offense.

In other words, if we DO have a problem, THIS is a MUCH better problem to have. For many reasons. It's more entertaining football to fans (win or lose). Who fell asleep on that Monday night game? Who didn't love all the TDs (from our side at least)? Who didn't love to see that aerial attack? Also, ask the Texans, bad defense will cost you many a game, but a good offense ALWAYS keeps your team in the game. ALWAYS! Since you're a play or 2 away from scoring at all points in the game.

And that's why I'm not slitting my wrists like some here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled, I'm still at my 8-8/9-7 prediction for the Season. But I'm happier this year because it's not as painful to see a team losing because of defense than it is because of no offense (IMO). I know the defense can get it together (either this year or next). I was NOT so hopeful our offense could ever get out of the basement (until this year).

And that's why I say: THANK YOU BRIAN DABOLL!

I'm sure the game against houston will be close. They always are. And I'm sure we'll find a way to lose in the last minute of the game.
Loser coach = loser team

JT tried hard, but he's 6'6" and weighs 215. Not his fault. He has no chance against 400 pound OL. He'd have been great in 1986.

Last point, the fact that Brian Daboll's offense looks like Mike Martz's Greatest Show on Turf might say something about Daboll, but it says MUCH MORE about how HORRIBLE, CR*PPY, SH*TTY, Dan Henning's offense was.


Turning your post upside down...

Did you hear Belichek dish out any praise for his team? All he spoke about was how much they need to improve.

Just saying.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 15, 2011 at 03:41 PM

So you admittedly hold Armando in the esteem of a Bellicheat? Sorry, but ah, that's more than a little ridiculos.

Need I remind you that Bellicheat is a Super Bowl winning Head Coach, considered a Master by his collegues?

Ah, Armando is a Beat/Sports writer for the Miami Dolphins. You know, he gets paid to report newsworthy items about the Phins to us the FANS!

Comparing Armando to Bellicheat-ROTFLMAO? No disrespect Mr. Devil, but ah try advocating something else-LOL

Just saying.........Back atcha.......... ;)

Can someone tell me why the hell does Misi starts? Please inform me what does he does good sure as hell isnt run stuff or pass rush

Odin, I have to agree you on the lack of a Mando post regarding Henne's performance.

No shortage of those when he had a DOWN performance at practice, or a scrimmage.

The Dolphins have just left a recorded message on my machine. They have bought out the tickets to Sundays game and will be giving them to Season Ticket Holders. Real cool

Misi did have a solid pre season.

However in this game he was invisible. Thanks in no small part to Brady, but I don't believe Misi played many snaps at all.

Better tight ends and hurry up offense.

He'll be dancing in his tu-tu just fine in no time, ankle and all. Matt Light owned him Monday night, btw.

Jason, bend over and grap your ankles.


Suggesting I consider Armando on par with Belichk is beyond any conclusion any one else would have drawn from what I said.

If you have a serious reply fine, but if you are going to totally distort my responses there is no point in even responding.

Sports writers by nature are critics, coaches by nature have to be critics, so there is a common thread there. After another embarrassing loss on national tv, I'm not the least bit surprise the focus is more on how we right the ship rather than gloat over one players performance.


That's another good example.

Mando was drawing up adoption papers on Devlin.......until he realized he'd actually been watching Moore-LOL.

But as far as Henne, by reading Mando's live practice blog for two weeks, you'd have thought he didn't complete a single pass. Matter of fact you would question whether Henne were even present were it not for the reports of bad throws.

I'm just saying if your going to rail so hard on a guy, as a reporter, you should throw him a bone when he does well.

Get out of my office, I'm watching film. You know - football related stuff.

Good post Devil.


I'm sorry but its just a numbers game, we have to let you go. Listen pass me that sandwich before you leave, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

mando need updates dying over here how's practice?

ocola, whomever you are because I've never see your name so you must be new but somehow you know I type long posts,,,hmmmmmmm.

I do work. That's why I type such long posts. I own a construction business and have a mobile office. I'm in and out all of the time. Just left for 2 hours to inspect a project. Now I'm back but leaving again for a couple of hours.

So my long post are because I am long winded, not denying it, but also I like to get everything out in one post. I can't keep coming in here to write one sentence thoughts every 2 minutes. And when I am in my office for a long period of time and you see a bunch of long posts, they probably took me all of 10 minutes together to write. This post took me all of 50 seconds. You are probably a hunter and pecker at the keyboards which would make you think my posts take forever to write, they do not. And you know you don't have to read them right?

I still think we are being out-coached by the rest of the league.
Out-front officed too.

You may have something there Nah!
Wish I had the solution.


Tough being a Dolphins fan right about now.

Maybe Henne will come out with the "Hurry-Up" himself, in his best Brady imitation, and light it up against Houston! Throw for another 400+ yards and silence all of the naysayers!
I blame the Defensive debacle on whomever was quarterbacking the defence! Dansby, Bell, or whomever! It's their job getting the play called, everyone lined up, and adjustments made! Come out fired up this week and show us you are who you think you are!

Just beat the Texans!


I wish we could win on Sunday.. But, we wont... I dont like this match up at all... Andre Johnson vs. The best corner in the NFL Vontae Davis... lmao...

Guys it's simple. Our society thrives on negativity and pain.It makes people feel better about their own miserable lives or about a bad day they had. Sick I know but it's human nature. That's why the news always tells you about everything bad that's happening. That's why there are magazines making billions of dollars for making up negative stories about celebrities. And that's why you're not going to see a lot of happy go lucky stories about Henne, it just doesn't sell. Armando will be the first to point this out. He does a nice article about Henne and he has people calling him a homer and ignoring his blog and when he does a negative story those same people come in and comment A LOT because they're mad. But he also gets all of the negativity starved sad soles who love drama and will come in to slap him on the back with an atta boy. I don't think he cares about Chad Henne one way or the other except for if he was Tom Brady Mandos job would be a hell of a lot more interesting. I really don't believe he has a bias against the QB I think it's more about trying to generate more hits by giving the majority what they want. IMO it's the fault of our society. He's just playing along.

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