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Jason Taylor back at practice, expected Sunday

If you saw the ugy picture of Jason Taylor having his left ankle stepped on by New England Patriots offensive lineman, you probably thought the worst.

It looked serious when it happened. It looked serious when Taylor immediately went to the ground. It looked serious when the Dolphins outside linebacker remained on the field as doctors tended to his injury.

Taylor eventually returned to the game but missed practice Wednesday. Not to worry. He's back at practice today.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Taylor is expected play Sunday against Houston, according to a source.

The story seems more dire with free safety Chris Clemons. He missed practice for the second consecutive day with hamstring injury.

Wide receiver Roberto Wallace also missed practice today. He is sitting out with a quad injury. 


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Your post @ 4:27 is a good observation....and at first I agreed with it....but after pondering it for a min or two...

I have come to the conclusion (in my own mind) that it woudn't have mattered whothe Defence's QB was.....they were all out of shape and huffing and puffing...to include Wake...Dansby...and insert name her......

For ocola, that post took me 20 seconds to write. But it is a long one by your standards so I hope you skipped it! (5 sec.)

When all the analyst and experts pick against you and then flat out come on tv and say that the dolphins are a bad team, then guess what, you are a bad team. Or when former coaches and players do not believe in this team, something is definitely wrong with that picture.

Odin @ 3:27.....I see what your talking about...Henne is deserving of a little love...just a little


that ocola seems to be a troll. And you know how THEY are!


Suggesting I consider Armando on par with Belichk is beyond any conclusion any one else would have drawn from what I said.

-There is so much wrong with your last two posts it's hardly worth the trouble. Your squirming dude! YOU YOURSELF responded to MY POST about Armando not making a SINGLE COMMENT about Henne's performance. In response YOU compared Armando's non reporting/commenting to Bellicheat not praising his team. THAT is what you did, I'm not distorting ANYTHING, own it. BTW, if you think Bellicheat wasn't satisfied with Brady and the offenses performance, you got problems.

If you have a serious reply fine, but if you are going to totally distort my responses there is no point in even responding.

-As I said above, I didn't distort a thing, own YOUR comparison.

Sports writers by nature are critics,

-So if we had signed Palmer and he put up the same numbers with the same outcome, Mando wouldn't even maention it because he's now a critic? ROTFLMAO! Oh brother. Nuff said there I bet.

coaches by nature have to be critics, so there is a common thread there. After another embarrassing loss on national tv, I'm not the least bit surprise the focus is more on how we right the ship rather than gloat over one players performance.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 15, 2011 at 04:13 PM

The focus obviously has to be on the D and I never EVER suggested gloating about ANYTHING. Talk about trying to distort things-SHEESH! Instead of Devils Advocate maybe a better served moniker would be Slippery Devil?

The obvious point I've made, and I'm positive you're aware as well, is that after all the CONSTANT railing on Henne(39 articles this off season)You'd think Armando would at least write ONE SINGLE sentence about Henne setting a record and having his best day as a Pro. I mean this is a BRAND NEW OFFENSE for Christs Sake and it is a question mark and major concern!

You go ahead and defend this all you want. But I'll guarantee you, under the same exact circumstances, this would get AT LEAST A MENTION in 31 other NFL cities. By their SPORTSWRITERS, BEAT WRITERS, CRITICS, and/or whatever other apologetical labels you want to place on them.

The blame for Monday night's debacle should be placed at the feet of the coaching staff.
Specifically, conditioning.

Dave Puloka - I am calling you out!

it's amazing - all the Armondo haters that post here... they STILL read his column?! go figure! GO FINS!

Whine all you want.
B!tch all you want.
Slam each other all you want.

Problems lies with the coaching staff.

They should be placed under the microscope as much as any player.

The coaching staff needs to be assessed, analyzed, dissected, and troubleshot just as much as a player.

Some of the bloggers here are way over emotionally hyped up in my humble opinion.

odinseye, you are a case really. But, anyone that should be obvious to any reasonable observer.

Troll you becoming transparent-AGAIN-LOL.

I've been here since Armando started this blog(1 single sign in name BTW).

I've never once stated I hate Armando. Matter of fact, outside of NY and NE (Football), there's not much I do hate anywhere on the planet.

Lifes been too good to me ;)

PS: I'm sorry.........did you have a point? ;)

Dear Mr. Salguero

I will never again listen to another posters sujestions.

I happened to get ahold of some stool samples of Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.

When I put them under the microscope all I saw was unprocessed corn, peanuts and a bit of acorn in Jeff Irelands stool sample

Science and Biology....what aload of crap

Soiled :)



Yeah, steve, yeah, Crazy is the word. (how can I, of all People, failed to realize that)(sheess).

I would like to know how flexible is Jason Taylor, that ankle twist looked extreme on the replay. I can't believe an ankle that did that much bending can be good to play.

I am glad he is not hurt bad, but amazed his ankle is that flexible.


"armando is one of the best writers in south florida."


That's what he gets for jumping offsides at crucial moments for his entire career!!!!

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