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Live blog of Dolphins versus Patriots right here

There is a live blog tonight. I will update the blog with a new post every quarter so please go to the comments section under the new post every quarter. You know the drill.

The Dolphins will wear their aqua jerseys and white pants tonight.

The inactives are not out yet but I will update as quickly as I get them. The big one has to be Daniel Thomas. At this point, I don't really see the reason for having him active.

He was limited all week. You are risk re-injurying the hamstring. The risk is high verus the reward. If the Dolphins agree, that thrusts Larry Johnson to a backup role. I'm fine with that.

[UPDATE: Thomas is inactive. So are Marlon Moore, Charles Clay, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Yeatman, and Ryan Baker.]

I continue to believe the Dolphins made a mistake in not upgrading the TE situation more this season. The point will be made when Dante Rosario, a castoff from Carolina and Denver signed last week, will not only be active but be the No. 2 TE behind Anthony Fasano.

I guess Greg Olsen, Zach Miller, Jeremey Shockey or any of the other possibilities this offseason not a thought when you've got Jeron Mastrud in the pipeline and you are able to pick up Will Yeatman on waivers. Unfortunately, we'll see the difference in the quality of TEs tonight when New England shows off Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.


Anyway, join me in the comments section at kickoff.


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Let's rumble!

Darryl, repost from the last blog:


Nice post.

A win tonight will be just another step in a long journey towards respectability and competitiveness.

A loss to one of the better teams of the past decade will not be the season either.

I think more importantly is how we play for 60 minutes. If we win or at least play them tough well into the 4th quarter, that indicates PROGRESS. Nothing more. It'll mean we can play with the big dogs and should be a confidence booster either way.

If we get blown out or beat ourselves with a lot of mental mistakes, it'll be almost catastrophic to an already precarious situation. Not the end of the world, but it will be perceived as being worse than what it really is, by EVERYONE. The Players, Coaches, Fans and the Owner.

It's not to say we can't bounce back from an implosion, but the potential consequences can be, and I think will be very bad with lasting effects.

I think were teetering on the brink of turning the peoverbial corner. If we win or "show" we make a statement. Blow out or self destruct, we totter towards more mediocrasy.

You probably already know my position.............

Go Phins! I will not be on the blog, I get to nuts and break computers.

sorry Mando. but have a great time, I am praying for a win!!!

Thomas should be active in order to run the Wildcat dummy! :).

Tonight is the start of something special haters get your last second shots in because Henne and the dolphins are getting ready to shut your big piehole cant wait.

go fins...we need this one....in fact everyone in the organization needs this one

Only thing I wanna type here tonight is "TOUCH DOWN MIAMI" on copy and paste! LOL....

copy and paste done! LOL.................


you ready for some football :) we need a fast start wat u think?


I have to agree on the handling of the TE situation.

It makes almost as mad as I get knowing that for three seasons here in Miami, the Trifecta nor the Bi-Fecta ever once tried to reach out and draw anything whatsoever off of the ever available most winningest Coach in all of NFL FOOTBALL!!!!

Forgive the run on sentences, but it makes me Ape Shyt Berserk knowing they have Shula advice and/or expertise available to them in any capacity and they haven't contacted at all. Not ONCE!

Just my own personal opinion, but there you go...........


Good luck to the Dolphins tonight...I have some work to take care of but I'll check in at some point tonight...

Good move making Thomas inactive. The 'Phins are in a short week this week and if he tweaks it further he could end up missing several weeks. Don't mess around with this thing.

We are so screwed I think...

I hope the offense surprises me today...

WSFL, you have the wrong idea. Not everybody in Miami watches Two and a Half Men, and probably, much, much less than in the rest of the Nation.





lets roll fellas. im hoping u guys are right and im wrong on this team. hit brady every play

Just heard that the cheaters from brandish only have 7 ol active tonight

why would they need more its only 90 degress and humid,lol

Long night for Henne and the Punters.

Great interview between Gruden and Wake! I really dislike Parcells!

Armando I have seen no mention in the press about A.J Edds being signed to the Patriots earlier in the week and the possible effect it could have on the game. any thoughts?

Y'all wanna win tonight? Slip me a couple bennies and i'll take care of it.....

yes justin, i just heard it. it has zero effect on the game. a bad player sitting on the end of the bench. whats he gonna do tell the pats that we run right, then left, then throw, then punt

Got off work early, Time to consume alcobev,Eat and watch football, My Wife thinks Iam insane drinking at 3 in the afternoon, but you know what?, I DONT CARE!, Lets go fins.

My Crown Royal is poured, I drink to the Dolphins and their fans!!! AND to a WIN tonight!

You'll all be drinking heavily in a couple of hours.

FP4, good man! Imbibe! Mando can't do that!

in a couple of hours?? i already am

Pat Patriot, why wait, I could be dead in 2 hours, drinking now! Cheers!

Miss me yet? Suckaz!!!!

dusty bottoms....

I'll drink ta that!

i gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good good night........

What is the biggest blowout under a Harvest Moon in NFL history? Anyone? anyone? Bueller? anyone?

I Gotta feeling in 1 hour I might be Drunk.

Dusty, another good man, cheers!

They are playing the "orange carpet" interviews of the "celebraties" as they come in the stadium on the big screen inside.

Fergie, Hank Williams, Marc Anthony.

How dumb.

...Alright Fellas. Enjoy the game. Can't do the live blog..as the action is to fast, and can't enjoy the game. Will look forward to disscussion after we put the beat down to these chowderheads.... Tonights drink of choice..Patron shots!

Pat Patriot...

Don't you have a bag of kittens to drown or a new born puppy to stomp to death?

We know how Pats fans spend their spare time....

I'm hungry as hell.

My view is the current regime has undervalued/ignored TEs on BOTH sides of the lines. Gone is the old school slow blocking TE. The new model is quick and good hands.

Sparano wants to change but that old school $hit is like a anchor around his neck

Is 2 and 1/2 men over?

The celebrity thing makes me wanna puke Mando!!

Is J-Lo there?

Lol Atr Mando, Really, How stupid. Bunch of c and d list hasbeens, Yeah Mr.Ross you may be the weakest link.

Agreed Joe....

They dropped the ball on that one along with the 2nd round pick this year.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Las Vagas casino's currently have 3-1 odds that if the Dolphins win Albert Haynesworth gets arrested for assault and if the Patriots win Larry Johnson gets arrested for assault

Should I place a bet ?

Soiled :)

J-Lo not here.

Men like you don't gamble, Soiled Bottom. You know that you know that you know, darnit!

We have always delighted in watching Big A-ses(in femmes, of course). But I guess it's a Cultural thing.

Too bad.

Brady just threw a 40 yard pass that Ocho Cinco caught right in stride in the end zone.

QB Envy.

We is Tense.

i think Henne will be able to orchestrate a few good drives, but if this turns into a shoot-out, or the defense is LESS than spectacular we're looking at a long night, and in the morning looking up from the basement of the AFC East. Of course, this is why they play the game ... Miami could be spectacular. We'll know shortly.

Language Mando....

There are children present!

Or at least child like minds....

Belicheck looks like he hasn't taken a good dump in two weeks. Good sign.

Chris Berman is an ash hole


FULL MOON tonight! Time to get that wolf off of life support! Feed that puppy!


The key to tonight's game is the play in the trenches for both teams. Win the trenches, win the game!

I just have a feeling that we're gonna win tonight! I can feel it in my bones. Of course it could just be the cold front that moved in, but I'm hopeful!!

Hey Po, you alright? Go Dolphins!!!!

Just watching Parcells extolling the 'virtues' of NE...not one word about the Dolphins. What a POS.

screw brady, knock that gay dancing soccer game loving fools head off

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