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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans available here

There will be a live blog right here and, yes, starting right now. Go to the comments section and that is where you'll be able to comment on the goings-on of today's game versus the Texans. I'll be right there with you.

The inactives are out: Roberto Wallace, Chris Clemons, Charles Clay, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Tony McDaniel, Will Yeatman.

What it means: Lex Hilliard starts at FB for Clay, whose NFL career will have to wait at least another week. Reshad Jones starts at free safety for the second week in a row. Marlon Moore is active for the first time this season.

The matchup I'm most worried about? Mario Williams vs. Marc Colombo and Co.:

Williams is probably the best pass-rusher the Dolphins will face this season. He is playing a position that DeMarcus Ware and Bryce Paup turned into stars or bigger stars as soon as they started working under under Wade Phillips. Phillips is the new defensive coordinator in Houston. The Dolphins must, must, must help Colombo with either a tight end or a back on passing downs. 

The matchup I like most for the Dolphins?

Brandon Marshall vs. Kareem Jackson: Marshall seems more than ready for a big season. He had a fine game last week. He seems to be on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne. And the Houston defensive backfield, although remade for this season, is still suspect until proven otherwise.

The Dolphins are wearing their white jerseys and white pants today. Looks sharp.

See you in the comments section.


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Reshad Jones scares me after last week man.

Look for Daniel Thomas to execute pass(es) out of the Wildcat. Our new weapon!

Anyone have a link?

I have reaffirmed my conclusion that you(and of course all your other aliases) are an a-shole, DB.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 16, 2011 at 09:25 PM

I know that Im dogging the team a bit today. But I dont want expect a win then get disappoint. Seems when we expect this team to win, well.......you know the rest! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 18, 2011 at 03:12 PM

I'm sacrificing two chickens and my neighbors cat if I can catch the little cck sucker.

It's Kool though DB, we all do it in OWN way!


...No run game no chance today. We did average 4.8 yards per carry last week..Not bad. But we had no choice but to throw it because the way the game played out..The defense has a say in how we call the game offensivley. Stay in the game, avoid a track meet, and we will have a much more balanced offense, and better chance to win.

Jags game beginning to look like jugs machine practice for the Jets. McCown just threw his 4th pick. Gabbert now warming up in the bullpen.

McCown should be cut and Del Rio fired first thing Monday morning! LOL...

This is going to be three games in one:

The Game
Chad Henne
Tony Sparano

Jags picked him as their starter? Jags on their way to Cally.

Beyond me on how you cut David Garrard in favor of a guy who throws 4 picks in only 3 qtrs of action. Wow!

If I were Del Rio I would be on the phone appologizing to Garrard and begging him back right now! LOL...

Im not expecting miracles this year but it would be nice to have a winning season and make the playoffs as a wild card. For some reason I like Sparano as HC but I have a feeling he will be gone by the 10th week.


This is going to be three games in one:

The Game
Chad Henne
Tony Sparano

Posted by: La Brigada | September 18, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Nothing more to say-**PERFECT POST**

Luke McCown will be cut Monday morning. Im sure some idiot on this blog will suggesting we should sign him before sundown Tuesday. LOL...

...Having Lex starting for Clay this week, is porbably an advantage for the offense. Especially if someone has to be the help for Columbo. This is a tough ask for a rookie. What we may lose in playmaking ability could be made up for in pass protection. I guess it is up to each individual as to what is most important.

Flacco just threw another INT.

The Titans are in great position to seasl an upset!


Dear Mr. Salguero

Please don't let me be 0-4 only after 2 weeks of this NFL season....Crapolina Panthers 0-2 and The Miami Dolphins 0-2....please don't let this happen to me.

Cam Newton pilling up some nice stats so far....3 laptops 4 Iphones and a couple Ipads and cut to the front of the line at the chinese buffet.

Soiled :)

Probably del Rio is gone.

Mando, do you know how many the Phins blitzed last game? and please tell me we will see some exotic package with Wake, JT and Misi at the same time we need to get some pressure!

The Lions have seemed to pull off a MAJOR turn around from 0-16.

Javid Best just scored again 44-3.

This being a copy cat league maybe Jeff and Tony should take notes!

Win. Miami is desperate... and every streak comes to an end, including Miami's winless streak against the Texans.

Luke McCown's qb rating will be in the single digits and could challenge for worst in nfl history. He only has 53yds passing to boot.

We can look sharp...BUT we really need to play sharp!

live stream link?

McClown has been pulled...what too JAX so long to do that ?

Win. Defense plays with some pride and four sacks and two ints.

All 2011 - 2012 NFL football games are broadcast live on



Am I allowed to vote more than once?

Ah who cares?

Yeah McFadden scores the go ahead TD!!!!

CAMrolina trying to battle back.

The FEAST of Crow keeps getting bigger and bigger!


Clay not playing today? Hmm..

Armando, great choice of music, "Urgent" by Journey! I hope they play it in the stadium... If we lose it'll be Hootie and the Blowfish's song! Odin, name that tune!

..I guess I'm watching the game on the Red Zone Channel. Too many people that want to watch the freekin Pats V Chargers, and the Donkeys. I could be a Doucher and tell them all to blow me. I suppose that would be bad for buisness. Looks like I'm here with you fine folks today..Should be fun.

Oakland is playing good football, so is Buffalo!

Fitzpatrick is playing LIGHTS OUT!

Darryl, tell 'em to blow you! They'll understand! Drinks on the house, that'll take care of it!!'

Look guys Rookie Thomas may not look good because of the OL so we won't be able to tell is he is going to be good....why?? Because of the OL, Big Jake is not 100% and out of football shape, Pouncy has potential but no experience, Cary Incognito Colombo are mediocre or below average to average.
So this year don't expect a solid running game and when they play a great defense it can turn ugly!!

anyone with a link?


La brigada, Fitzpatrick just threaded the needle!

The Bill are back ahead now. The Jets are winning.

Dolphins need to win today.


During the off season I kept posting how our fight song should be WALK by Pantera!

Guess what the network was playing during the Monday Night game?


Bro, are we in trouble in our Division.

Dear Mr. Odinseye

should you correct Mr. Redsky or should I ?

All though I do enjoy Journey more then Foreigner

Soiled :)

Mando, Dolphins HAVE to win today!!!!!!

Ravens got to full of themselves after the Steeler victory. Thier losing 23-13b to the lowly Titans as the game winds down to the 2 minute warning.

Josh Freeman seems to have engineered another 4th qtr comeback win for the Bucs over the Vikes with only 30 secs to go. Bucs 24 Vikes 20.

We may have the #4 QB in the division. We know we have the #4 coach in the division. Maybe #4 in fan attendance. That is a lot of 4's.

Anyone have a link?

Need a win today just to remain no further in last place! LOL....

Thanks Soiled, me too LOL!

Interesting that Buffalo is absolutely blowing away the Buffalo defense -- Nice work Wannstedt. Hahaha.

link! Link?

Cam-Carolina 23-39b 346yds 1 td and 44yds rushing but those THREE Picks have killed him! LOL...

Have we ever beaten Houston? Just checking?

Man, that's some kind of cannon that Campbell has. Whew!

Cam-Carolina also sacked 4 times today! LOL...

Does anyone have a link to a working strea? In VA and all theyre showing is Pats/Chargers...

No Marc, we lost to Houston every time!

What a shoot out in Buffalo!!

Leggo Dolphins!


Add 84yds and a Td to Rogers 224yds and 1 td passing. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

86yds to Jordie Nelson!!! LOL.....................................................

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