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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans available here

There will be a live blog right here and, yes, starting right now. Go to the comments section and that is where you'll be able to comment on the goings-on of today's game versus the Texans. I'll be right there with you.

The inactives are out: Roberto Wallace, Chris Clemons, Charles Clay, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Tony McDaniel, Will Yeatman.

What it means: Lex Hilliard starts at FB for Clay, whose NFL career will have to wait at least another week. Reshad Jones starts at free safety for the second week in a row. Marlon Moore is active for the first time this season.

The matchup I'm most worried about? Mario Williams vs. Marc Colombo and Co.:

Williams is probably the best pass-rusher the Dolphins will face this season. He is playing a position that DeMarcus Ware and Bryce Paup turned into stars or bigger stars as soon as they started working under under Wade Phillips. Phillips is the new defensive coordinator in Houston. The Dolphins must, must, must help Colombo with either a tight end or a back on passing downs. 

The matchup I like most for the Dolphins?

Brandon Marshall vs. Kareem Jackson: Marshall seems more than ready for a big season. He had a fine game last week. He seems to be on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne. And the Houston defensive backfield, although remade for this season, is still suspect until proven otherwise.

The Dolphins are wearing their white jerseys and white pants today. Looks sharp.

See you in the comments section.


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DC$ for president!

Not henne fault he has no OL

Davis/Smith should be quick;y finding out first you play like the best corner tandem. Then you can boast about it!

12 men on offense...1 EXTRA to NOT block Mario Williams. Painful.

Anyone got any ideas on a drink called the Dolphin Fist Pump?

I guess it has to involve a drink in which you don't have the money to pay for.

Your right JC. Coaching and leadership off field is so bad I can't blame players. They were asked to be there (even if no one else would want them)


Just way too much time!!

0-4, New coach week 6.

D overrated Oline terrible= disaster. Can anyone say 4-12?

First down pass to Tate

This is gonna be a blowout

Right up the middle goes Ben Tate. Where are Dansby and Burnett?

Top defense?

We struggle to even resemble a bottom 5 defense thus farv this season!

Wow...did the team forget how to tackle? I knew our defensive rating last year was a mirage

Daboll is a cut off the cloth of Sparano and Ireland. Play for the tie instead of the win.

It's amazing that we have the most expensive O-line in the league and can't buy Henne any time to throw a freaking slant. That talks so much about the O-line coacha dna bout Ireland.

The unconditioned defense is back for an encore.

This is Soooooooo bad.

Pass rush!!! Woooooo-hooooo!!

think about it, guys: this season is about futility.

when has a team come in during year three of a regime with the blueprint in shambles, going in a new direction (daboll), and had it work?

Los Lobos what ever it is has to be made with well liquor, be very bland, and leaving you wanting more. Break the seal

Good pressure JT

Did anyone tell the D that they were supposed to show up today. Maybe they came for a 1pm game saw nobody and left.

Did I mention earlier that Jake long is not 100% and not in football shape and Carey Incognito Colombo are average to below avenge??? Pouncy is a rookie but may turn into a player if we get real coaches and GM and Owner!!! I'm telling you guys the D will give up 500 yards today!!

@Los Lobos The Dolphin Fist Pump will certainly have something with little kick, possible a fruity schnapps?

Jason Traitor in there untouched!

We definitely have the #1 Defense in the NFL - in giving up yardage, ugh.

We have the #1 Defense in the NFL - in giving up yards, ugh!! =(

Finally pressure...way to go JT!

Wow...better be holding!

3rd and 10 Good pressure penelty holding offence Good job defense

Got lucky there. Total pass interference.

Defense starting to show up?

Please tell me why there running a 4-3 not a 3-4?

Wow, a stop? Do my eyes decieve me?

Jesus. We stopped them!

What say we fire up the ole running game, just for giggles?

Even our field sucks ass

This is a top 5 rated defense...lol

My mama said I would see a 3 and out in lifetime!!! I can die now a happy man!!!

Is that the first stop of the year?

Good stop D!!!! Start playing with emotion!!!

Moore almost blocks punt

They need to start coming after Shaub. BLITZ all game!

Jason Trusnick mustve been on the bench. No penalty on st's!

Popncaps, talk to Darryl Dunphy about booze! He's a bartender in Montana!

Half time show features Tony and the Fist Pumps.. Also, two beers for $18.00.

Time for the Marshall Plan ... take advantage of the mismatch!

No blocking for Reggie Bush, NO GAIN


Ever notice how almost every commercial sounds like it's stealing the music from ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky"? Jeff Lynne should rake in a bundle for that.

...anyway, back to the game!

Can they run sweep to Bush Please!!!!!!!!

Let's get this guy's speed going!

Phins need to attempt a running game, can't go totally one dimensional. Texans pass rush too good for that.

WTF! Even Jason is sitting there like he doesn't know what the heck is going on.

HAHA...SOOOOO glad they traded BROWN (sarcasm)

Never liked the run game where the back gets the ball 8yds deep in the backfield. It almost never picks up any yardage.

Boy it can really suck to be a dolfan most times!

Live blog continues in the comments section of the second quarter post. Go there now, please.

Thankfully next few games on road this team isn't even worth the traffic jam

the saints knew how to use bush..he is not a conventional rb

Oxygen in first Q...cough.

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