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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans available here

There will be a live blog right here and, yes, starting right now. Go to the comments section and that is where you'll be able to comment on the goings-on of today's game versus the Texans. I'll be right there with you.

The inactives are out: Roberto Wallace, Chris Clemons, Charles Clay, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Tony McDaniel, Will Yeatman.

What it means: Lex Hilliard starts at FB for Clay, whose NFL career will have to wait at least another week. Reshad Jones starts at free safety for the second week in a row. Marlon Moore is active for the first time this season.

The matchup I'm most worried about? Mario Williams vs. Marc Colombo and Co.:

Williams is probably the best pass-rusher the Dolphins will face this season. He is playing a position that DeMarcus Ware and Bryce Paup turned into stars or bigger stars as soon as they started working under under Wade Phillips. Phillips is the new defensive coordinator in Houston. The Dolphins must, must, must help Colombo with either a tight end or a back on passing downs. 

The matchup I like most for the Dolphins?

Brandon Marshall vs. Kareem Jackson: Marshall seems more than ready for a big season. He had a fine game last week. He seems to be on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne. And the Houston defensive backfield, although remade for this season, is still suspect until proven otherwise.

The Dolphins are wearing their white jerseys and white pants today. Looks sharp.

See you in the comments section.


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It really had nothing to do with bush, he had absolutely nowhere to run. Anyone would have been stopped


(what would jim "crash" jensen do?)

Well they did not trade Brown he was a FA but this run game don't make you forget rnr that is a fact

Live blog continues in the second quarter post. Go there now.

Can we get Polite back-since we can't run without him-where is Clay-hurt again-great planners in charge of the Dolphins. It's like Mr. Ross building in swamp land

Dude reggie gets the ball and theres defenders already there to tackle him

What else is knew!

Start of 2nd Interception Tipped pass

Thanks O-LINE!!!

What was that!!

Nice blocking

Not gonna say anything.

OMG WE SUCK We Suck We Suck We Suck We Suck

God our line is fing horrible

Bad O-line play

Detective Columbo...

Columbo...what a Fa pickup...Sparano was looking at the film..lol

He's baaaaaaaaack. the real Henne.

Down 10 game over

Got that out if the way. Not Henne's fault


Pretty much sucks to be a fin fan

we can't block anybody...plus we have no rb.This is bad

The stadium is empty. We are starting to look like baseball gane

Sparano and ireland need to be on the unemployment line!!!

I don't even think I'm upset...I mean, what did we actually do during the offseason to improve the team? Bush and a C?

No 2nd qtr post yet Mando!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow so many empty seats beginning to look like marlins games... Wait us that what I'm watching I'm so confused!!!

Anyone kno any good links to watch the game

I'm through my remote threw the TV set!!

At the marlins have something to look forward to

13-3 Houston. Youall ain't mising much. It hurts to be a dolfan


The Jew Ross made a bad investment... Sorry bud...should have stuck to section 8

Worst line in NFL

This is just horrible.

That was no fault of hennes (I hate this new kickoff rule!)

Daniel Thomas we need you to show up now.

I am so effing ticked off! Dolphins the laughingstock of the league!

Good news is tickets should be cheap

Ireland and Sparano are toast!!! Still no o-line and running game! Texans are for real this year.

Highest paid oline in nfl

Marc, there are people here that will try to convince you that they did a lot in the offseason. I don't agree. This offseason was a disaster from the draft to free agency. bush is a specialty player, the Oline was ignored and TE draft was a bust. Even Pouncey is getting killed up the gut. Disaster. Ross deserves everything that follows. He wouldn't spend money and it has shown.

I'm gonna give the new owner a break, he can still do the right thing, and dump the coach and GM. He did try to go out and get Harbaugh.


NICE catch for 29 by BEAST MArshLL

Wow Brenda Marshall took his zanax today

Thomas better keep turning them legs

Thomas doesn't look bad considering our sorry line

Painful to watch,they look unprepared..again.

Thomas running hard First down on screen

Thomas looks goood..... May have spoken too soon! LOL

Thanks to the Dolphins I'm becoming a drunkard!

Who was supposed to block him?

What do you mean Ross wouldn't spend money? What are you talking about? Specify.


Henne is going to get killed behind this line.

WOW Henne got drilled

Live update:
We have an emergent situation here in Miami thats escalating big, big, time. This team is regressing exponentially from last year. The defense continues given up chunk yardage. The offense line continues to struggle with pass protection and run blocking. The running game is comatose. Chad Henne is average at best. Buffalo is 2-0. If Miami losses, I hope, I mean I pray that Jeff Fischer gets a call.

Go Thomas!

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