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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans available here

There will be a live blog right here and, yes, starting right now. Go to the comments section and that is where you'll be able to comment on the goings-on of today's game versus the Texans. I'll be right there with you.

The inactives are out: Roberto Wallace, Chris Clemons, Charles Clay, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Tony McDaniel, Will Yeatman.

What it means: Lex Hilliard starts at FB for Clay, whose NFL career will have to wait at least another week. Reshad Jones starts at free safety for the second week in a row. Marlon Moore is active for the first time this season.

The matchup I'm most worried about? Mario Williams vs. Marc Colombo and Co.:

Williams is probably the best pass-rusher the Dolphins will face this season. He is playing a position that DeMarcus Ware and Bryce Paup turned into stars or bigger stars as soon as they started working under under Wade Phillips. Phillips is the new defensive coordinator in Houston. The Dolphins must, must, must help Colombo with either a tight end or a back on passing downs. 

The matchup I like most for the Dolphins?

Brandon Marshall vs. Kareem Jackson: Marshall seems more than ready for a big season. He had a fine game last week. He seems to be on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne. And the Houston defensive backfield, although remade for this season, is still suspect until proven otherwise.

The Dolphins are wearing their white jerseys and white pants today. Looks sharp.

See you in the comments section.


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Thomas running hard first down

I have been saying it for 2 weeks this guy is going to be good!!

Typical haters!!!

Thomas might have something

Wow we actually are starting to run the ball

Good time on offense

Why are they afraid to throw to Jason Allen's side ???

Larry Johnson first carry. Bush 2 carries two yards

That's how you use Bush.... just like Sproles!

Where those texans down.....

Wait, are they steers or queers?

At least the owner, that everyone hates, made sure the tickets were bought to lift the blackout. But he won't spend, right.

Wear them down

Good drive Miami.Lets score a TD this time

Henne lost that one

Ummmm did we cut Daniel thomas and acquire a new Daniel Thomas? Kid's runnin' hard today!

SEttling for a FG again

What did he spend on? Bush was a cheap contract who is miscast as an every down back and Burnett. You call that spending money when they had about $10 mil more in cap space? Not only are Sparano and Ireland terrible, Ross refused to spend to the cap. It is obvious in hindsight. There were safeties, better ILB's than Burnett, a ton of Olinemen, RB's and TE's they could have had. Wouldn't spend to cap. Is that specific enough?

Can it get any worse!!!!!!!!!!!1

Settling for a block

Henne could have run it in! Blocked, we suck!

looks like another FG coming up

Are we cursed!?!?

Well I was screaming to go for it they def should have

Calling all fists calling all fists...stand down stand down

LOw FG kick BLOCKED. Carpenter WOW

Really?Total DISGRACE.Blocked fg,can it get any worse?What a joke!!!

Boy this hurts

Calling all fists calling all fists...stand down stand down

Posted by: Aisle B Bach | September 18, 2011 at 05:11 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/09/live-blog-of-dolphins-vs-texans-available-here/comments/page/7/#comments#ixzz1YLCYJSuz


I'm relinquishing my fin fanship

Sad thing is that Henne actually looks decent and they have no line or running game. Think they could have impaired those areas with the cap space?

I will commence to cook my pork chunks.

We ate a joke..

Can the DEF make a play??

We are a joke...


Welcome back will

Andrea Stuffed good play Will Allen

Steers or queers???

glad to see Will Allen back

Forced a punt Good defence

What a bunch of crappy followers. Not fans you people are not even worth it. Guess you have nothing better to do

Need to score here!

Clyde Gates or Ted Ginn let me think.....

If we could get rid of Armando, this site might actually be decent

Gates gets PI call for 41 yards

Thomas looks sharp. FFF all you haters all week.

Thomas spins for first down 5 yards a carry

Better start respecting our run!

This team is a total disgrace!!!! They all suck !!! We will be last in division !!! Nothing on this team is good either the offense plays well and defense doesn't or the other way around!!!! IF THEY KEEP IRELAND IT WON'T GET BETTER !!!! ITS SO HARD TO BE A FAN!!!! I'm telling u that if NO ONE went to the games there would be change!!! How much are we asked to take??? Enough is enough!!! All I can say I hope we get better soon!!! I'll keep hoping!!!

Nice throw Chad!

Brandon missed TD catch, great pass by Henne

How many blocked throws today?

FG attempt. Pathetic.

Another tipped pass> here comes field goal

Brenda Marshall does it again

What a shame!!! I can't believe Carpenter!

Capenter misses 34 yarder wide left unreal

I guess Carpenter gets cut tomorrow. Who's available to replace him?

we suck

Any fan happy with what they are seeing?We are a JOKE.Blocked FG,now a miss from 36,who's satisfied?

It's a shame for some People there, Henne, Daboll, Thomas.

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