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Live blog of Fins backups vs. Cowboys right here

It's a school night. It's a weeknight. It's the fourth preseason game.

Folks simply aren't coming out to this preseason game.

Some players aren't coming out, either. Like all of them.

The entire starting offense is sitting. The entire starting defense is sitting.

The new starters?

WRs Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore. LT Ray Feinga. LG Nate Garner. C Joe Berger. RG John Jerry. LT Ray Willis. QB Matt Moore. RB Daniel Thomas. FB Lex Hilliard. TE Jeron Mastrud.

The starting defense is DEs Tony McDaniel and Jared Odrick. NT Ronald Fields. Marvin Mitchell and Austin Spitler at ILB. Jason Trusnik and Ike Alama-Francis at OLB. Will Allen and Nolan Carroll at CBs. Reshad Jones and Tyrone Culver at S.

As we speak, I am sitting. But I am blogging the game live. The live blog gets underway in the comments section. Meet me there.





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Yes but tonite is obviously all about the #2's !!!

Yea ! Roster spots in the balance all over the field tonight ! Careers will be made,others will die. True gladiator type ish !

Miami has the Dolphins...

I'm still interested to see how Larry Johnson plays. I'm still interested to see how Daniel Thomas runs.

I'm at work, because of the fire wall I can't watch stream media, very sad

Go Phins! Go O-Line.....

...Sweet.No reps for the starting O-line?? Brilliant manuever. They look ready to play for sure.

I'm with ya there Mando...

You bring up a good point, Darryl. But as you know, the Dolphins say their OL is not a concern to them.


This is the site Folks...

What Planet are those that are not cocerned on?

Concerned, my Key board sucks....

There is no bigger concern....

Davone Bess is not a "starter" but he is not starting.

The fact Polite is not playing is good news for him. He's considered a starter. And will make the team, it seems.


Do you REALLY believe that the OL is not a concern for them?

If so, how can that be?

Completely agree with sitting EVERYONE!! y risk injury and now they have 10 days for emotions to build up!!!

I can't tell whether Lousake Polite is a lock or a lock to get axed

...If you look on the waiver wire. There aren't a lot of lineman compaired to the other positions that are being released. I'm sure this changes after tonight. But the pickings at this point are slim. We may see shuffling of a few players if the unit plays to the expectaions of the fans and media, and not whatever Sparano sees. Murtha to Right Tackle seems the obvious move. But I don't think he played for the Crackwagon so he is out? Any guesses? Sparano is hedging his bets on this line. He must see something that only head football coaches see to trust the right side of the group.

Mando, any thoughts on phins carrying six corners and 3 safties..maybe cross train Carrol and or Wilson to play both

guys, careful with that site...Got a virus last week

finsfan72, the Dolphins have not shown all that they intend to do up front. They also have not been game planning a bunch.

They think that once that happens, the OL play will look much different. I'm not saying it will, I'm just telling you what they think.

I have my doubts, frankly.

I am rooting for the Fins to succeed, but if they stick with this OL as is, and it proves to be their downfall, they will have brought it on themselves.

From TS saying "I watched the tape", and failing to see what EVERYONE else sees, it'll be their own fault.

Been lucky so far barry, hope the money I spent on antivirus software pays off...

Let's not forget Jake Long was injured in this final preseason game last year.

That's for the link PoWhite!

Ive used FR for a few games and never had any problem. fingers crossed now.

Me, too Armando!

anyone got a link to watch the game?

Bess should be a starter. He is better then Hartline.

guys, is that link for real ? something seems iffy about the site and i'm hesitant to download the plug in it says i need. any insight ?

why wont it let me post as acwalsh8? it only lets me post if I put acwalsh8@aol.com???

Enjoy chris...

i didnt have to DL any plug in for first row....unless i DLed it last year already.



I think we oughta give the ball to Thomas about 25 times tonight. One way or another, we need to start seeing if he's up for the brutality of being an NFL RB or not.

Dolphins will have the ball first at the 20 yard line.

thomas gets six yards on first play. Big hole.

The offensive and defensive starters have looked like TRASH the whole preseason...and Sparano sits them like they're prove Pro Bowlers?? LMAO!!

2-14, here we come!!!

...Lex Hilliard v. Larry Johnson.

1 plays special teams, and can play both running back spots..Hasn't been able to get much if any playing time this preseason, or the last 2 regular seasons. Not sure Sparano has any faith in his running ability.

The other was once one of the top backs in the league. Would have been a no brainer..In the previous decade. Has been slow to learn the offense, is 1 dimensional, and has been released more the last few years then touchdowns he has scored...Also was not a Montana Grizzly(Ends all credibility to this post, but had to say it)

Interesting that Brian Hartline is working as a slot guy. Ball thrown to him and incomplete.

nvmd. all good. thanks for the link.

what the hell was that?

Ray Wills is startng at RT

virus..dont do it.......

carroll didnt help his cause on that screen to murray

Nolan Carroll is already hurting himself. He got blocked and locked up while Cowboys ran a 48-yard screen pass right past him.

Tell me again why we traded into Rd.2 for Thomas with Demarco Murray on the board into Rd.3???

More bad news for Carroll: Will Allen had a really nice tackle on a swing pass to Gronkowski. Nice work by the vet.

Miami sucks geez.

I wish Ray Willis was sitting out this game with the rest of the real starters.

..See you fellas later. Enjoy the game.

will allen playing great so far. i hope carroll stays though.

Interception in the end zone by Tyrone Culver off a pass tipped by Will Allen.

There's no way we can cut Will Allen he's still got it!


Don't listen to barry, he is jealous he paid big bucks for directtv when we can get it all for free.

If you set up a virtual machine which is real easy, you have no risk. Thats what I do now, but I used a cheapo laptop for awhile just for streaming and never got a virus.

w. allen looks good tonight

Allen gonna keep a job....

The giants need help in the defensive backfield. Miami should trade not cut Carrol or Allen.

Hope Allen plays GREAT so FO can use him as trade bait!! Could Miami package him and a DL for a quality RT or am I being a fantasy fb manager?

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