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Miami Dolphins are still working the roster

The Miami Dolphins are continuing to churn the roster today and it is not necessarily the very bottom of the roster that they're addressing.

The club today announced the signing of tight end Dante Rosario and offensive lineman Ryan Cook. The club waived inside linebacker A.J. Edds and terminated the contract of veteran lineman Joe Berger to make room for the additions.

"None of these are easy," coach Tony Sparano said. "These come down to numbers and needs at the time. We had 10 linebackers on the roster and we weren't going to carry 10 linebackers."

Edds goes because he was last on the list of those 10 LBs. And the reason he was behind everyone else, despite having what outsiders considered to be a good preseason, was the lingering affects of his 2010 injury. No, it wasn't the physical toll of that injury that hampered Edds, but rather the missed time which he ultimately could not overcome.

Is there a chance Edds gets re-signed to the practice squad? Sparano was non-commital. Basically, Austin Spitler, drafted in the seventh round last season, is ahead of Edds, a fourth-round pick, because one missed all of last season and the other played

"We'll see. I like some of the things A.J.'s done. Austin's done a really good job. Obviously, A.J. missed a chunk of time and we didn't have a chance to evaluate him a year ago where Austin had that time so he's a little bit further ahead that way."

The club is expected to add Frank Kearse to the practice squad if he clears waivers today.

The Rosario addition is a good job of solving a big problem with one move. No, Rosario is not the next coming of Tony Gonzalez. But he brings an athleticism and speed the tight end group lacked before today. It would probably be a good bet to think Rosario becomes the team's No. 2 tight end behind Anthony Fasano once he gets up to speed with the offense.

Rosario, 6-4 and 250 pounds, was recently cut by the Denver Broncos after spending the first four years of his career with the Carolina Panthers,

"I didn't know what to expect after being released from Denver I justed the opportunity to play," Rosario said. "I'm grateful that Miami's giving me the opportunity. I haven't been guaranteed anything. It's opportunity to come in here, work hard, show what I can do."

Rosario has 22 career starts to his credit. That should make you feel better than the lack of experience Miami had in Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman.

Cook, 6-6 and 328 pounds, is expected to provide the position flexibility the Dolphins have valued in recent years. He has played guard, center as well as tackle for the Minnesota Vikings the past five seasons. Cook also has experience in that he has 40 starts to his credit. He is a former second round pick of the Vikings.

The Dolphins clearly believed Cook an upgrade over Berger, who started 14 games last season. It should be said that Berger was in the final year of his contract with Miami.

Berger was scheduled to make $1.5 million for the team this year. Cutting him costs Miami $108,333 on the cap but the savings is that base salary of $1.5 million.

Finally, Marvin Mitchell was at practice today, Sprano said. Obviously, he was elsewhere during the period of practice open to the media.


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The Pats aren't as good as people think ..And it's gonna show on Monday Night..Momentum is on the Fins side this time ; unlike last year vs.the Pats.

I wonder who the big name trade is gonna be?

Clearing that cap space

I was thinking that same thing BKaczor1. It looks like they are about to do something big. I hope they trade for someone that is going to make an impact right away. Like right now, but whatever they are planning I still like what they are doing right now. Go Fins

No ALoco but I did watch some girls play volley ball at Cocoa Beach today.

The sand clinging to their hot sweaty young bodies...very nice!

Someone from Miami answer this for me - it is off topic. I was streaming the Dolphins post game show last year after a game and they had these two Moes on the radio doing the post game show, taking phone calls, etc. Neither of the guys hosting the show were "Dolphin fans" - one was a Giants fan and I believe the other was a Steeler fan. What a joke! Listen, I hate the Steelers just as much as I hate the Jets but when they have a radio show on in Pittsburgh that pertains to the Steelers, you can bet your ass that the hosts are Steeler fans. I can't believe that the Dolphins Network would let this happen. I was appalled to say the least. Is this the norm in Miami? Do they have Heat psot game shows hosted by a Knick fan and a Bulls fan? Is there a Hurricane post game show hosted by a Sooner fan and a Gator fan? What gives? I wish I could remember these two blockheads names -all they did was put the Dolphins fans down for being optimistic (I think it was after the 2-0 start on the road last year-after the Minnesota win).

CFL is only for those who have family members playing. The NFL is more popular in Canada than the CFL.

Fat Parcells

I'd suggest you go have a double cheeseburger and not let petty things infect your soul.

Fat Parcells brought to you by Pittsburgh Jim

SID ROSENBERG That's miami for you..All the sportcasters and show host are fans of other teams...The worst is this guy named Steve Shapiro..he hates the Dolphins and loves the Pats..and he's been on tv for years.

Fake Odin,

Watch the Blues Brothers and you'll get it.

Search Blues Brothers Good Ole Boys on youtube.


I'm not a believer Reggie can hold up. For that reason I have you finishing 4th in the division.


Posted by: ALoco | September 05, 2011 at 07:12 PM

Money and opportunity bring out the worst in humans. Welcome to America.

Does anyone else agree with me?
This team IS NOT built for a balanced attack.
This team is built to pass 50-60 times a game.
Henne sets record for pass attempts this season.


Henne's biggest challenge will be staying off his butt. We have no running game at all now, the rush will be coming fierce. We will lose the time of possession and our D will be breathing heavy by the 3rd quarter.

They are trying to change too much too fast and expect good results, they are mistaken.

I see people talking about this is going to be a passing offense. Naw really the NFL has become a pass happy league. Now it's either you keep up or you fall behind, and I for one am tired of watching this team be last. I am looking forward to seeing how all of this comes together. Go Fins

BLACKECEROTE - you are correct - Sid Rosenberg was one of those idiots. I know its not that important Squeeko, but you would think they would have Dolphin fans - or at least impartial hosts (which is never going to happen on sports radio today). I was just floored when I listened to this show - I was waiting to hear some good Dolphin talk after a big win that put us as 2-0 - with both wins on the road and I get these posers. Whoever runs that radio station should be fired immediately.

i wonder if miami is going to be looking at bringing in sam young who was just cut by- the cowboys! he actually looks like a good prospect at right tackle. he started every game at notre dame and he's huge. good pass blocker and run blocker but is a little bit of a project. not a bad prospect. in his 2nd year in the league so has time to develop.

Short synopois of the Dolphins season - when Henne plays well - the Dolphins have a 90% chance to win. When Henne sucks, the Dolphins have 2% chance of winning (if they play a team with a real bad offense, worse than their own).
There is nothing else to say - no predictions, no comments on the defense, no comments on the special teams, Bush doesn't matter, Sparano doesn't matter, Fat Parcells trying to ruin our team doesn't matter, the worst GM in football doesn't matter, the worst owner in football doesn't matter - if Henne plays well - the Dolphins can beat any team in the league - if he sucks, they can't beat the worst team in the CFL.

Fat Parcells brought to you by Pittsburgh Jim
It was Sid Rosenberg and Steve White..
The Fins left there station 2 years ago ever since then they've been very hard on the Fins..Rosenberg is a jerk he's the one that made Ricky Williams say what he said about the coach...He's always trying to get players to say something about each other or the coaches or management..thats miami for you..Somebody is from somewhere else always and when there team growing up plays the Fins there true colors come out.

I wonder who sucks worse - Stephen Ross's alma mater - Michigan or the Dolphins. This dude is a loser - makes me long for the good old days of Wayne Huzienga.
I've said this before in this space - I hate Chris Berman as much as the next guy (he's the worst)
- when the Dolphins fired Don Shula, he said that they would rue the day - boy, was he right.

I wasn't crazy about the moves the Dolphins made on cutdown day but I kind of like the moves they made today. I'll agree that adding Rosario improves the TE position. Careful thinking that this guy is Gonzalez Part Deux but I do think he will make Fasano better. I don't really know the OL Cook but I'm all for doing anything to help the line. I like the fact he's played RT. Too early to think he'd start next Monday. Don't love that we chopped Edds but hopefully he comes back on the practice squad.

Cook is a great pickup. Former NM LOBO player and Cibola Highschool graduate. Nice to see a NM native in the aqua and orange

Remember when Edds got #54 and people got mad cause that was Zack Thomas's #..Edds got HEXED now he got AXED!

I was at the racetrack today in Fort Erie, Canada. One of the jockeys had the Dolphins colours on and the Dolphins logo proudly displayed on his back. I didn't realize any of this and would have bet on the horse if I'd known. Lo and behold the horse came in first. Is this an omen of things to come?.....

I will say that a jockey with Packers colours on one twice. It all starts next Monday. Go get 'em Dolphins!!

if you watched shula's defensive line during the 80's they lined up a full yard off the ball. everyone commented on it; everyone could see it. it was a topic among fans that was constant and when one fan brought it up in one of the dolphin digests, "ask the coach" shula replied by saying, "they line up the same place every defensive line does. it may appear as though they line up further away from the ball but that's not the case." everyone could see it. game commentators would bring it up during the game. they would say, "the dolphins are giving up a yard to the offense on running plays before the ball is even snapped." but, shula denied it.
secondly, i know tony sparano is supposed to be an o-line guru. don shula was never able to put together a running game the entire time dan marino played qb. some would argue that the fins didn't need one. but, we all know differently. the line couldn't run block to save it's life and the backs shula had running the ball were far from anything special.
so, don't try and convince anyone that this team was going to suffer just because shula was fired. i suffered a great number of years with shula as the head coach. but for the glory years of the 70's there was little else to celebrate with shula as the coach. if it wasn't for marino shula probably would have been gone sooner.

some of you are such silly bonkers with all these jersey numbers. hexed because of the number, yeah I'm sure that factored into it LOL

I like to stay positive usually, so I'll just say that drying bleed is positively an asswipe that needs to be flushed. Judging by your responses, many of you feel the same. How long do you think you can call people 'idiots' before they get tired of it and you? Do you think by ending EVERY post with LOL... cancels out your rampant obnoxious demeanor? Not a chance. It is there for all to see. I think this behavior is actually indicative of a rampant inferiority complex. Perhaps this explains why his vocabulary, grammar and spelling suck so bad. I guess he thinks he's above using spell-check, just like everything else. In order to be superior, you must first find something that you're good at. Good luck with that. Being king turd of s hit mountain here is the only pinnacle to which you will ever attain. This used to be a nice place to talk about our team, now its just the fiefdom of dribble bleed. You serfs enjoy your penury.

Posted by: JaxDolphin |

Words to heed when dealing with dying breed POS

Yes yes dying breed is an @zz wipe......LOL>LOL>LOL bwahhahahahahahahahah

maryland beating the U 7-0 in the first and inside the 10 ready to score again.

Yo price master baiter you still the dude that likes to pitch, instead of catch?

Its going to be pretty awesome watching Edds lock down on TE's Hernandez and Gronkowski on Monday night......oh....wait.

Surprised Belichick hasn't snatched up Edds to pull a "Rob Ninkovich" on us Monday.

nice int in the endzone!


I disagree with you on Larry Johnson, in part, as you did give his OL time to create holes to run through, but that is taught from day 1 in pop warner football. I remember Priest Holmes to be more of the "dancer" waiting for holes to develop or take the play around the end. Johnson is a perfect, late game/cold weather runner for the Dolphins. Henne cannot win games throwing the ball in wet/snowy/frigid weather on the road (which the Fins have a number of games in the final weeks of the season). He doesn't need to be the Johnson that carried the Chiefs offense. Just to be the battering ram late in games, for a change of pace & short yardage and closing out games with a lead. Our backs will not make it through an entire NFL grueling season....period.


Good point on Shula outside of the 83 draft which nets Marino Rd.1,Clayton in Rd.8 and Duper Rd.12 in 83. Shula the GM was maybe Shula the H.C.`s worst enemy we could go on and on with busted picks from that era. If not for those 3 picks in 83 he would have been done mid-80`s like Chuck Noll and Tom Landry were because those guys carried the Dolphins in a way seen very few times in NFL History

. I really feel for Marino in that regard because if Jimmy Johnson catches on in Miami 89 instead of Dallas Marino and his relationship may have been very different. In 96 when there finally paired Dan was to use to doing it his way and J.J. butted heads with him to much to really succeed or trust each other, plus they needed a couple more seasons to put it together and Marino was done by the end of 98.


Like Michagan is a warm balmy latitude in the dead of winter?

Henne owns many records as a wolverine.

Why are you predicting disaster upon our RB's before the season even begins?

Let me guess. You stepped outside to go to work, and it was snowing. Kids got the day off from school, and were building a snowman and making snow-angels...

Did you get frost-bitten toes, or did the kids chunk snowballs at ya? Either or, just sounds like you get the shivers and frost bite everytime you open the freezer.

It was expressed to me four months ago - by the author of this blog - that weather is not a factor (benifit) towards any team.

This team will be fine in cold stadiums.

Maryland is easily wearing the ugliest TWO-FACE looking Batman uniforms I`ve ever seen, those things are ugly!!

Is anyone concerned with the running game? Not the screen pass game, the running game? We need someone else behind Reggie.

Lamar Miller runs 41yds right up the middle for TD. Canes take 14-13 lead over ugly helmets(Maryland)! LOL...

Good post @ 8:12pm

I quite don't understand this FO's philosophy, they overloa with WR, and DL, and hesitate to trade for a good quality backup RB. I'm not afraid of Bush or Thomas, but I don't think Hilliard will be able to carry the load once his number is called. and I honestly bite Sparano's bragging of Hilliard being a an excelent ST player. There's no need to keep a position of need neglected for ST; there are way too many other players who can do what Lex Hilliard does. Why let Edds, and Larry Johnson go, and still keep 5 TE??

Also, I have a weird feeling Will Yeatman will be converted to the tackle. He either needs to lose some pounds to run better, or increase his weight to have some leverage. HE is indeed a good project, but again, do we need to add or keep more long-term projects to the team when we have other needs.

I just hope LJ doesn't sign with another team.

Maryland...18-1st downs....294 yards of Offense and I`m sure dominating time of possesion as well.

UM...6-1st downs....158 yards but the score is Miami 14 Maryand 13.

Football is a funny game like that!!

So now we have 6 receivers and 4 tight ends.

Posted by: dan1 | September 05, 2011 at 04:29 PM

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! and 2 QB's!!!! I love the genius of Sparano's and Irelands football philosophy!

Marooned on a Deserted Island

Glad to hear that you disagree with me regarding the Fins RB situation. Let's examine history shall we....Bush has played all 16 games once in his 5 years in the NFL, Thomas is a rookie that has never played more than 13 games in a season, and Hillard is a special team player that get several carries a game. Where is your confidence coming from? Not to mention that they just let Ricky and Ronnie walk away...Sparano and Ireland will have that blow up in their face. My point was not necessarily for Johnson but for another RB to serve the "pounder" role.

Me and the kids took our shotguns down to a spot where people target practice and sight in their weapons.

A guy showed up with a little station wagon full of rifles and shotguns.

He let me and my kid fire his Ruger .22 rifle, some type of vintage(1942) 7.62 a double barreled 12, an AR 15 assault rifle with red dot laser scope and a freaking AK 74.

We had a BLAST(pun intended)the guy even had some tracer rounds for the AR 15 and let us fire some of those.

It was a spur of the moment decision to go out shooting and it turned into a true blessing. My 15 year old loves vintage and/or military weapons(so do I) and it was just a coincidence that the other guy showed up.

A little quality time with the kids turned into making some good life time memories.

6 receivers and 4 tight ends...ETERTAINMENT...Tired of boring football ..3 yards and a cloud of dust!


I share the same hope...Johnson isn't picked up by another team...prior to the Fins and Sparano coming to their senses!!

Marooned on a Deserted Island = GayDolphin too.

He is usually showing up just to be a jerk and then leaving. Probably a jet fan just ignore him.

If you look at our roster numbers it looks like we'll be mainly using more spread formations with a one back set.

The backs we kept, Hilliard, Thomas and Bush are all solid receivers out of the backfield. Bush is even a threat out of the slot.

Polite for all of his skills, not so much.

I'm getting the feeling that this offense is going to be alot more wide open than people anticipate.

After meeting with Daboll and getting the playbook, Henne's initial statement was that this new offense looked more dynamic, more like the pats offense.

One can only HOPE!

It all comes down to how Henne handles the pressure, his field vision, and decision making. Preseason is over. Let's see how he handles the real deal.

Yeatman converted?

After being debriefed on the patsies he'll be lucky to stick. He'll be converted into a UPS Delivery Man.

With Fasano, Rosario and Clay pulling double duty as a FB/TE, Yeatman might end up being as expendable as Polite.

Charles Clay was held out of the last two pre season games with a light strain/pull. He's a beast and could very well be the plan for spelling Polite in short yardage situations.

I'm loving the continued youth movement. It shows that Ireland still has an eye on the future even though he's facing tremendous pressure to win now.

All I want now is one cagey old starting offensive lineman and I'll be ready for WAR!

Kill Brady! Kill Brady! Kill Brady! Kill Brady!

9erz pick up Tolzien. Watch this guy. May be best qb on that team; he will be by next year.


I addressed the, "Henne vs cold weather" senerio you spoke of:
Henne cannot win games throwing the ball in wet/snowy/frigid weather on the road (which the Fins have a number of games in the final weeks of the season).
Fact is, the young QB is fully capable of playing in the frigid. Again, I remind you he played in Michagan

Now Brent, I did not say you were wrong in your worries regarding the RB situation. I merely asked why you were so critical of our current roster as it stands. You have some ligitimate angles, but to knock our new backfield before it even takes a regular season hand-off is really undeserving.

You use injury history to condeme Bush; lack of experience to chit on Thomas; and cold weather to chit on everybody.

Just seems some of you here are here to bring us all down.

Marooned geez learn how to spell. Pathetic. Are you one of those home educated hillbillies?

I know it`s a Dolphins blog but I gotta say this Stephen Morris kid has a huge arm and he can gun it. Jacory Harris should never even see the field again because this kid can flat out play and throw a bullet like I haven`t seen down at the Greentree in Coral Gables in a while.

Like it or not, like him or not, 80% of this Team is Bill Parcells'.

Henne played Pop Warner and Wilson High school football in Pennsylvania. He then played 4 years at the University of Michigan.

All cold weather football areas!

Now that he's been acclimated to South Florida I think it's safe to say he's well seasoned as far as weather goes and it shouldn't be an issue.

free pizza,

It looks to me more like some sort of TWO-FACE Batman deal, yuuuk that helmet is ugly!!

What's Fair is Fair.

That UM Safety Telemaque can play don`t know how big he is but looks over 6` and easily over 210 easy as a Jr. big kid and he`s all over the field, odin if you read this look this kid up!

It is hardly "war." How ludicrous.

Posted by: Major Anthony Nelson, USAF | September 05, 2011 at 09:59 PM

Major Nelson just call me ludicrous if you must.

But ah, I was just wondering........you think you could have Jeanie blink Brady over to Bombay next Monday Night?

Huh? There could be a big fat bottle of Bourban in it for ya, Huh? Huh?

Lock and Load SOLDIER!!!!

Marooned on a Deserted Island

I've been a Dolphins fan and watched/attended most games since 1977....heck, my FFL teams are Killer Fins & Air Marino. Like you stated, not saying that Henne doesn't like/play well in the cold, winter months...but our team's history (except the Csonka era) does not fare really well in games with snow/wind chill.

If Clay is the FB/TE/FL option and secret weapon that Sparano has formulated in his brain...great! That does not explain Hillard (there was a chance he might not make it last season) was retained with his limited use/abilities over Johnson. Not to mention the fact that the Fins are one of the only team with only 3 RB's (4 if you count Clay). Who knows...maybe Thomas is the second coming of an Eric Dickerson/Earl Campbell and no one would be more happy...cheering all the waty to the playoffs...just think the Fins are cutting off their nose in spite of their face.

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