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Miami Dolphins are still working the roster

The Miami Dolphins are continuing to churn the roster today and it is not necessarily the very bottom of the roster that they're addressing.

The club today announced the signing of tight end Dante Rosario and offensive lineman Ryan Cook. The club waived inside linebacker A.J. Edds and terminated the contract of veteran lineman Joe Berger to make room for the additions.

"None of these are easy," coach Tony Sparano said. "These come down to numbers and needs at the time. We had 10 linebackers on the roster and we weren't going to carry 10 linebackers."

Edds goes because he was last on the list of those 10 LBs. And the reason he was behind everyone else, despite having what outsiders considered to be a good preseason, was the lingering affects of his 2010 injury. No, it wasn't the physical toll of that injury that hampered Edds, but rather the missed time which he ultimately could not overcome.

Is there a chance Edds gets re-signed to the practice squad? Sparano was non-commital. Basically, Austin Spitler, drafted in the seventh round last season, is ahead of Edds, a fourth-round pick, because one missed all of last season and the other played

"We'll see. I like some of the things A.J.'s done. Austin's done a really good job. Obviously, A.J. missed a chunk of time and we didn't have a chance to evaluate him a year ago where Austin had that time so he's a little bit further ahead that way."

The club is expected to add Frank Kearse to the practice squad if he clears waivers today.

The Rosario addition is a good job of solving a big problem with one move. No, Rosario is not the next coming of Tony Gonzalez. But he brings an athleticism and speed the tight end group lacked before today. It would probably be a good bet to think Rosario becomes the team's No. 2 tight end behind Anthony Fasano once he gets up to speed with the offense.

Rosario, 6-4 and 250 pounds, was recently cut by the Denver Broncos after spending the first four years of his career with the Carolina Panthers,

"I didn't know what to expect after being released from Denver I justed the opportunity to play," Rosario said. "I'm grateful that Miami's giving me the opportunity. I haven't been guaranteed anything. It's opportunity to come in here, work hard, show what I can do."

Rosario has 22 career starts to his credit. That should make you feel better than the lack of experience Miami had in Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman.

Cook, 6-6 and 328 pounds, is expected to provide the position flexibility the Dolphins have valued in recent years. He has played guard, center as well as tackle for the Minnesota Vikings the past five seasons. Cook also has experience in that he has 40 starts to his credit. He is a former second round pick of the Vikings.

The Dolphins clearly believed Cook an upgrade over Berger, who started 14 games last season. It should be said that Berger was in the final year of his contract with Miami.

Berger was scheduled to make $1.5 million for the team this year. Cutting him costs Miami $108,333 on the cap but the savings is that base salary of $1.5 million.

Finally, Marvin Mitchell was at practice today, Sprano said. Obviously, he was elsewhere during the period of practice open to the media.


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They have done a good job adding some pieces to this team in recent days, I know there will be more since there is no way we carry 4 TE's. I really hope we dont add to much more though this team needs time to gel before we play the Pats next monday. I like most of you I'm sure are picking the Dolphins to beat the Pats this monday but I'd like the o-line what ever it turns out to be to work together as long as possible. Our new TE's though can only help with what we had. Looking optimistically towards this year as I do towards every year.

Lasgo, You like to spell check? You can be my secretary.

Your office is down in the basement. The janitor's closet. Dado and you can fight over the mop...

I am a devoted dolphin fan since 1971. You Punks.

Ps, been here on this blog all of 9 and 3/4 weeks. I do only show up for a few minutes at a time, 5 days a week, because I have other more important things to do.

I am more likely sitting in my study and on that desktop. In which case I am GulfDolphin.

Vaughn Telemaque #7

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 200 pounds
Class Year: Jr
Experience: 3V
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
High School: Long Beach Poly

2010 Statistics

Tack Ast Total Sack Int Yds IntTD PassDef FumRec
32 26 58 0.0 3 0 0 4 3

Couldn't find his forty time........YET-LOL!

Not bad, he 's going on the ole spread sheet!

Marooned. I went to school and studied. Don't need a spell checker. Don't need a calculator to figure out the tip either. Hard to believe I know but some people are actually literate.

Never been able to get into College Football. I guess I'm a Professional, hehe.


how many womEn are you r married to ? 4 ?

You know I hate being such a homer but I really hate when College teams put up four fingers to signal the start of the 4th Quarter.

WE MADE THAT UP!!! in 1987 at Doak Campell Stadium the Canes down 19-3 to FSU put up the four fingers to signal the 4th led by Micheal Irvin and storm back to win 26-25 wierd score great win ending in Bubba McDowell batting down a Danny McManus pass in the back of the endzone.

About three weeks later we did it again in Anarbor were the Woverines had us 30-14 in the 4th and stormed back and one it 31-30 sealing that fourth Quarter four finger salute by the greatest College team of all time!!!!!

Everybody who remembers that 1987 Season knows I do not lie!!!

oscar canosa..Yeah man..The U is not a Proteam..It's for Alumni ..Give me the Fins and the pro's anyday!


Nice on the quick stat Bio!! Kid can play has been all over the ball 9 Tackles 1 pick and almost another sniffing out some miss direction, plus good size for a FS.

I LOVE ''''







I can respect that but in the SEC nothings a gimmie also the ACC (This is an ACC match up) and the Big Ten are also very competetive, lots of NFL talent come from these Confrences and they play all out. This by the way is a heck of a ball game going down to the wire.

Actually, ALoco, right now I'm making spaghetti Carbonara.

oscar, how to make a classic carbonara ?


I just cross my fingers and wish for the Dolphins to turn some corner this year. I do believe Bush is going to play healthy all season. Maybe banged up. What player worth a darn isn't?

I think Daniel Thomas is going to bruise some opponets this season. He has very big upside. Albeit, he's a rookie, he is a big, young, aggressive RB. He merely needs to overcome the intimadation factor. That comes with experience.

Sure, fin4, but I had an unpleasant experience with College Football(very subjective, of course).

Look up Marcella Hazans book, ALoco. It's in 3 phases.


The odometer on his black 2003 Acura TL is creeping close to 100,000 miles, a number that makes Dolphins linebacker Cameron Wake smile just as proudly as the 14 sacks he added to his resume last season.

“That’s the first car I ever bought for myself,” Wake said. “Got it in 2005 — right before I had to report to Giants camp as an undrafted rookie.”

It’s the same car he drove out of the Giants’ facility when he was cut two months later. The same car he drove during his two-year stay in Canada as a member of the CFL’s BC Lions — once he convinced himself in 2007 that he wasn’t about to give up on a career in football just because the NFL had given up on him.

And it’s the same car — now valued at about $10,000 — that he still drives to the Dolphins’ training facility every day as he prepares to pick up where he left off last year. Stardom hasn’t changed his personality. “I feel like everything I need, I have,” he said. “I don’t have any vices that are expensive. I don’t drink. I don’t shop. I don’t have any Louis Vuitton. I’m not a name-brand guy. No jewelry, either. I’m just not that kind of guy.

“The silver spoon was nowhere near my mouth. I had an old, rusty fork.”

My favorite Dolphin!

Check out the picture of Wake with Darlington's article. I'd hate to be Brady come Monday Night!



Great, you should have no problem determining there are two mops in the janitors closet, and figuring out the easiest bathroom to mop based on floored sq '.

Or do I have to call Merry Maids to help you and Dado figure that out?

That's a sensible Man.

By the way to those that say that College Football doesn`t field real competition know this. The last 6 National Champs have come out of the SEC, two for UF and LSU a piece, one for Alabama and another for Auburn. in succession while having to play vs. Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansa, Miss St. Ole Miss, S.Carolina ect.. every year then playing a Conf. Champ game before going to the Natl. Champ one, not a gimmie by any stretch as Semi-Pro as it gets and I`d venture more brutal a Conf. than anything the WFL has to offer.

Henne isn't a very good looking guy and most of the better quarterbacks are pretty handsome or even downright hunky. Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, just look at them. All could be models. Yes, there's a couple of dogs like melon head Manning and Caveman Roethlisberger, but they are the rare exception.

Marino, Fouts, Favre, Namath, Sammy Baugh...most of the Hall of Famers were eye candy, too.

This hurts Henne's overall confidence and he doesn;t have enough innate talent to overcome it.

Posted by: Kyle | September 05, 2011 at 09:49 PM

This type of gay response answers aot of questions for me regarding alot of the mens on here wink wink yuka yuka

I'm not married now and I am content. But it's killing me.

Dolphins suck. AFC is for th JETS or pats. Miami has no chance. Pathetic team.

Should we try to get Nick Saban back?

Sad the way the U lost that game at the end there but still liked what I saw from mostly a Sophmore team.

People starting to talk manure.

Ricardo, go suck off your Jets boyfriends dick you pussyass

How can we talk to most People if only you graze a sore point, they change the conversation?

Imagine that..Tony still hasn't solidified the OL....unbelievable. Then we want a good TE but passed on some good FA's. I'm still baffled by Tony amd our FO

oscar, odin

And the rest of the regulars who post under there screen names, have a good one Bro`s, catch you all tomorow.

Should we try to get Nick Saban back?

Posted by: Alvar | September 05, 2011 at 11:13 PM

Dick Satan can rot down in his Tuscaloosa hill billie heaven !

I am Patricia. This is ny DREAM OF WONDER.

Posted by: Patricia's Beautiful Restaurant Dream | September 05, 2011 at 11:27 PM

I am moved by your elegant grace and beatifully poetic dream you should consider naked models covered in SUSHI both male and female depending on the erotic preferences of your faithful patrons. Some private dinning areas of all nudity would bring in the high end nudist community of the area as well with sented candles and insense burning all over the beatiful back drop. The mere thought has me ORGASMIC my dear sweet Patricia.

Amigos, you have to realize that there is SOMETHING to write about now and you are treating it as none.

Some of the folks who post on this blog just kill me! Lol!

The Fins will continue to churn the roster if they can find a player that they consider an upgrade at that position. That's standard practise this time of year and smart team management. It's what all teams do! Upgrade if you can.

Larry Johnson and Will Allen may still wind up in a Dolphin's uniform. Once the season begins, unsigned veteran players can be brought in at a cheaper price with no guarantees! That's just smart business.

We're still well below the salary cap. Probably for a reason. That money could be used to bring in a good veteran player (Tackle, Runningback, etc.) or to renegotiate the contracts of players already on the roster. Again, smart business!

I hope someone is taking notes on some of the posts made on this blog because when Miami shocks the NFL by beating New England, there's a lot of folks who are going to have to eat their words!

If you build it, they will come!

Go Fins!!!

hate too see edds go the guy seemed to have a really good preseason. just goes to show you our front office is clueless. i bet the patriots will sign him ASAP they always seem to know who has talent and who doesn't.

Gosh....What a page full of crap...

Obviously Patricia is DRUNK again !

Corn. My hole. Stat.

Here we are less than one week to go. My loins ache. Fill me up Oscar.

polite was cut

Thanks, but I think it's just the Morphine and Valium the Doctor prescribed for me. I had a nasty injury yesterday.

What do you think of todays aquisitions?

Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 04:49 PM

OMG, I heard Obama-care was going to have "Death squads" but to give a known Alocholic with a liver thats on its last leg Morphine and Valium, I mean come on.

Im boiling with excitment for this team. I see the.dolphin running 2 or even3 TE set with bush in the backfield opposing D wont know if its run or pass. The can even run 2 TE 2 rb set with yeat and rosario for TE and bush, clay ar rb. We all know daboll is a very creative OC we are just giving him the tools he needs. Also remember this guy Offense killed both patsies and jet D last year with less talent with cleveland(that was the.real reason for his hiring) dolphin will run the ball fine.cuz opposing D will never be able to gear toward the running game. This.team will run a mismatched.offense that create and take advantage of holes on a defense. Anyone here remember brett favre sp run with the packers their most lethal offensive.set was the 2 Te set. Im loving the direction of this team. You hear it first. Dolphin 12-4 this.season loses in afc champ. Game or Sb. Some of.you will say get of the.drug but this unit is looking like an unstopable O.

True test

I'm getting drunk for the patriots game! Anyone want to join me? This is the season right here! We win

I was the 32nd ranked OC last year out of 32 teams. I'm going to do my very best to move up to 31st. Someone, at last one person, has to be worse than me this year.


I always picture the Phins practices being about as tough as this. Benny Hill was a genius, T Sop and J Ire are not lol. I tend to laugh more at the Phins personel moves than Bennie Hill lately. The Phins are more absurd.


This video is what it is, it is funny. Its from last year when we fired Bonemengo to cover Fat Tony. There is a big story on SI.com about MIA season ticket sales. Its not pretty, looks like we are going to see some home blackouts, hard to believe in the modern NFL. They try to blame the fans but if U use orange carpet and cheap celebs to try to change ur chicken Shizzat team into chicken salad, U get what u deserve. If all of us long time fans refuse to eat it, maybe it will change. Thats all I have to say for now.

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Great parenting going on in this household, This is the problem with todays youth., The Parents.

Sky, Dont peek to early., Or you'll miss the game, Moderation is the key word here my friend.

Boot, Untill Ross sells the team to a real owner we're gonna get a "B-list" Team just like he gets B-list Celebs to the game.,Sad but true.

True Believer, Slow down on thje Oxeycoton bro.

A Couple Spots From Oder-Eye that were posted last night that should prove what a Buffoon he truely is. And my replys.
School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Great parenting going on in this household, This is the problem with todays youth., The Parents.

Posted by: Just the facts. | September 06, 2011 at 03:29 AM

Thanks, but I think it's just the Morphine and Valium the Doctor prescribed for me. I had a nasty injury yesterday.

What do you think of todays aquisitions?

Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 04:49 PM

OMG, I heard Obama-care was going to have "Death squads" but to give a known Alocholic with a liver thats on its last leg Morphine and Valium, I mean come on.

Posted by: Just the facts. | September 06, 2011 at 02:16 AM

LOL At this Idiot, I'll repost later this afternoon when this Hillbillie Savent wakes up with vomit on his trailer floor.

WOW~~Tom Brady stopped today at 6:45 p.m. on a D.W.I~~Story Pending~~~~~

that would be so great if it were true.

Holy Bat Shyt Robin!! Two biggest ass-holes are on the Herald blog at the same time!!! Just the facts (myths) and Bootris. Or are they the same person? Mmmm who cares actually?

Can anyone explain the A.J. Edds thing to me? If you believed the posters on this blog, he was the next coming of Ray Lewis. Last year people were saying he was a beast and bye Crowder now that we have Edds and all that. Gets hurt on year, waived the next.

I never had that "love at first sight" feeling for Edds, but have to admit he looked very good this Preseason. I thought there was other dead meat on the team they could have let go before Edds. Wondering what people here think? Hope he gets on the practice squad.

However, I do like the Rosario pick-up. Feels a bit "too little too late" though. This was an important enough position to get more of a playmaker earlier. Everyone who watches Miami knew they needed an upgrade at TE. Even if Fasano is serviceable, there's a HUGE drop-off after him. But, better late than never I guess (it's my cliche post). Hope he learns quick.

dc , i just think its a numbers game with them thinking that other guys are above him re teams needs (spitler?), his injry last season combined with a shortened off season resulted in the cut imo, not that he hasnt got upside, but maybe they don't see stud at mo +would of thought nolan would have fought for him if so,has he been picked up by another team?

i like the fact that they kept 6 wr sya vs another defensive palyer, coz we're bound to get injuries, if we're gonna attack more with our passing game quality depth is gonna be even more imp at wr

Enough let's get it on.

Wolf, I agree, between keeping Edds and 6 WR, I go with 6 WR all day. But I definitely thought he was better than Spitler. But look, I'm not the Coaches, I don't see practices. I have all the faith in the world in Nolan, so ultimately you're right, if he really was a future star, Nolan probably wouldn't have let him go.

On to NE, I really hope Sparano made Henne watch last year's Dec. game. Obviously not as a confidence builder, but as a motivational tool. He could have said, "this game was almost the end of your career here (and probably elsewhere) as a starter. Use this game as personal payback. Show them you are much better than you showed last time they saw you. They are probably not even worried about you, thinking about putting 10 in the box, daring you to beat them. DO IT! You won't be the best player on the field (Brady, Marshall, Long, Wilfork) but you can be the best player on THIS day. It's going to take 53 guys to win this game, but you're going to need to LEAD THE CHARGE if we even have a chance."

If Henne can't come out guns blazing after that motivation, he doesn't have a pulse. I think he can do it personally from what I've seen in Preseason.

I like what Jeff is doing at the bottom of our roster.
Edds seemed promising to me, but his lack of "reps" as Tony says was the deciding factor...so let's stash him on the practice squad and hope he's one of our "acorns" that grows later.
I also think Jeff showed some balls in grabbing Yeatman from under Belicheats nose...Bill really wanted him on the PS, but finally Jeff was one step ahead.
Will Cook replace Colombo @ RG?...one can only hope!
Things are looking up fellas, we may actually be contenders for the AFC East.

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