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Miami Dolphins are still working the roster

The Miami Dolphins are continuing to churn the roster today and it is not necessarily the very bottom of the roster that they're addressing.

The club today announced the signing of tight end Dante Rosario and offensive lineman Ryan Cook. The club waived inside linebacker A.J. Edds and terminated the contract of veteran lineman Joe Berger to make room for the additions.

"None of these are easy," coach Tony Sparano said. "These come down to numbers and needs at the time. We had 10 linebackers on the roster and we weren't going to carry 10 linebackers."

Edds goes because he was last on the list of those 10 LBs. And the reason he was behind everyone else, despite having what outsiders considered to be a good preseason, was the lingering affects of his 2010 injury. No, it wasn't the physical toll of that injury that hampered Edds, but rather the missed time which he ultimately could not overcome.

Is there a chance Edds gets re-signed to the practice squad? Sparano was non-commital. Basically, Austin Spitler, drafted in the seventh round last season, is ahead of Edds, a fourth-round pick, because one missed all of last season and the other played

"We'll see. I like some of the things A.J.'s done. Austin's done a really good job. Obviously, A.J. missed a chunk of time and we didn't have a chance to evaluate him a year ago where Austin had that time so he's a little bit further ahead that way."

The club is expected to add Frank Kearse to the practice squad if he clears waivers today.

The Rosario addition is a good job of solving a big problem with one move. No, Rosario is not the next coming of Tony Gonzalez. But he brings an athleticism and speed the tight end group lacked before today. It would probably be a good bet to think Rosario becomes the team's No. 2 tight end behind Anthony Fasano once he gets up to speed with the offense.

Rosario, 6-4 and 250 pounds, was recently cut by the Denver Broncos after spending the first four years of his career with the Carolina Panthers,

"I didn't know what to expect after being released from Denver I justed the opportunity to play," Rosario said. "I'm grateful that Miami's giving me the opportunity. I haven't been guaranteed anything. It's opportunity to come in here, work hard, show what I can do."

Rosario has 22 career starts to his credit. That should make you feel better than the lack of experience Miami had in Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman.

Cook, 6-6 and 328 pounds, is expected to provide the position flexibility the Dolphins have valued in recent years. He has played guard, center as well as tackle for the Minnesota Vikings the past five seasons. Cook also has experience in that he has 40 starts to his credit. He is a former second round pick of the Vikings.

The Dolphins clearly believed Cook an upgrade over Berger, who started 14 games last season. It should be said that Berger was in the final year of his contract with Miami.

Berger was scheduled to make $1.5 million for the team this year. Cutting him costs Miami $108,333 on the cap but the savings is that base salary of $1.5 million.

Finally, Marvin Mitchell was at practice today, Sprano said. Obviously, he was elsewhere during the period of practice open to the media.


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tiki barber is reportedly devastated because he is unemployed. join the crowd tiki. there are plenty more Americans just like you who are probably much worse off.

and, he just proposed to his girlfriend; the one he was seeing while still married to his pregnant wife. according to the writer at yahoo sports, "that's a good thing." mmmmm

lol dm. Does he REALLY think anyone in today's NFL wants a 34 yr old RB? They don't even want a 30 yr old RB (Larry Johnson). Time to rethink your strategy Tiki, you ain't your brother.

It baffled me how people on this blog get so upset about this FO decision. In essence all that maters its a.coaches philosophy. As a fan you may think you know best in reality the coach has scouts all over the country looking for players from other theam. You think dolphin didnt know about merryweather . Unlike us the phins had people that actualy see him practice. Its always a decision on the upside of a player. Every coach wants to win they have all the tools to win. If you think you can make better decisions than them in your 1 hour a day devoted to football compare to a guy that does it for his life you fooling your self. Lets cross our fingers and hope the moves they make pays out. At least they changing direction and trying to win.

chad henne can throw for over 300 yds against new england, miami's defense can shut down new england's offense, reggie bush can catch the ball 10 times for over 100 yds, brandon marshall can do the same, thomas can rush for over 100 yds and somehow nfl network will still try to put a new england spin to the highlights of the game. they will still talk about all the players belichek brought in to make the team better, how brady is going to lead the team to another championship and how new england is still the team to beat while completely ignoring what the fins accomplished.

45-9 pats.

all i know is, win or lose on monday night, new england is going to have a tought time winning their next few games because they are going to be limping all over the field by the time the game is over. fins defense WILL lay a beating on them. guaranteed.

it will take j.long 4 games to get up to speed, don't rag on him, this gives the ol guru 2 decent olmen in his 4th season.. hmmmm? 2

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He actually thought the Patricia stick was funny-ROTFLMAO! He must take a really giant "blast" of Meth, then thinks he posting something really hilarious, only to wake up and realize: WTF was I thinking.

That's OK though, he takes hs morning "Blast" and EVERYTHING makes sense again. Ahhhhhhhh, the life and times of chronic addiction.

I hope you saved a morning "Blast" Blog Hit Troll cause you know them knee pads ain't making you no money at the Rainbow room this early in the morning(he's thinking: C U M on lunch rush-Pathetic-lol).

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Some good posts this morning. I agree with a lot of what you've said. I don't like that they chopped Edds. I don't believe he was the worst of our ten linebackers and I have to think he had good upside. Only thing that makes me wonder about the whole thing is if maybe they had a deal with this guy ahead of time to bring him back to the PS. I guess we'll see but I have to say I was optimistic that at some point down the road he'd become a starter.

You're right about the TE adds. I think it is too little too late. This has been a problem for too long now and they are only now addressing it, 7 days before the season starts. Not good enough!! Caution with Rosario, Fox had this guy for 4 years in Carolina and hopped him before even playing a single regular season game in Denver. Tells me that Rosario isn't going to be the answer, only another band aid to what should have been addressed by adding Zach Miller this offseason.

Count me in the minority that having 6 WRs is the best way to go. They're still an injury at running back of having the whole season go up in smoke. I would have added a vet back when FA started but again I'm not running the show.

Honestly, you the fan is giving this team bad carma. All of you hate that hates this regime should reconsider. You forgot ur 4 years remove from a 1 and 15 season. It takes time to put enough talent to compete. I realy dont like parcell im not going to forget for 1 year he was a savior. Remember everyone agrees henne have been a disapointment.well consider 85% of this team is parcell players that is saying a lot. For 19 years ive watch this team FO have a swagg about them when most of the time they had horseshit for talent.
Now looking back n im happy about the 1 and 15 season. Thats what it took for us to realize we were way behind the 8 ball. We have been rebuilding since. That 11 and 5 season was an aberation because it wasnt because of talent but it was the right situation for the team.
Brady injured. And we had the easiest schedule in the league. Now is not the time to be negative. Unlike other coaches that came thru here he ( sporano) is learning on th fly ( rookie coache) and his willing to change in an effort to win. Let see how he does this year...

Why do some believe that adding two TE's right now is too little too late?
Remember when we added Pennington at the end of pre-season and look how that worked out for us...the AFC East Crown.
We've all been screaming for two weeks that we need at quality TE...we just got two, one who is a blocking machine and one who has more speed than Fasano.
Oh yea, we have been screaming about Colombo too, and Jeff responded by bringing in a quality OL in Cook.
Bottom line....I'm impressed with how Ireland is churning this roster and believe he has a firm grip on the wheel.

Frank Kearse signed with the Panthers!

That's OK, we still got Colombo, Spitler and Trusnik...................

nfl and everyone else will not believe in the fins until the fins show they can do it so i don't really blame them the pats have been consistent achievers (in regular season anyway)

the positive ones amongst us see changes in personnel, coaches/systems and philosophy from the last season (defence/marshall) to now that on paper we see as reasons for expecting the fins to be very strong this season, but we r fans and apt to be optimistic at this time of year, so i don't care what any expert thinks right now, to a certain extent they have a right to see it like that

but imo the experts should be qualifying what they r saying with the fins POTENTIAL to turnaround, that is my only surprise on their lack of awareness

but i'd much rather have them predicting failure and the fins succeeding than the other way around

they don't trust henne, i trust him with dabolls playbook, i just hope our o-line can give him the extra 0.5 second he needs

in 7 days time this blog will be alive with materail to comment on!!!


I hope that you're right...I really do. But if Rosario's the answer why didn't they go out and get him a month ago when he was available. Would have been nice to at least given him a month to work with Henne. Miller was the answer and they showed zero interest in him....disappointing.

craig m,
why is the addition of te's too little, too late? is everyone placing too much emphasis on the new england game? i would like nothing better than to see the fins beat the pats on monday night but, even if they lose, it doesn't mean the whole season is over. if they play a great game against the pats and still come up short it means they are getting that much closer to competing against the better teams. as the season goes on they can get a guy like rosario more involved in the offense. i don't place a lot of emphasis on rosario's time in carolina considering how bad their offense has been. with the fins offense taking on a new look he may become a very important part of the team. we'll have to wait and see how things pan out because i don't believe ireland is finished with the churning at this point but they seem to be moving in the right direction. i have to agree with sparano that giving up the speed on this team is tough to do. as the season progresses we'll see if wallace and moore take on more of a role in the offense. if they do people may be looking at the decision to keep 6 wr's much differently. they still need to pick up another o-lineman so there's a possibility one of them becomes expendable. my guess would be hartline because wallace seems to be pushing for that #2 spot. marshall was working with him in the preseason teaching him how to use his body more to gain position on the db's. if he comes on and turns into something hartline may be the next to go.

No disrespect here true believer, but what baffles me is people who come to a sports blog and think they WON'T here opinions different than the Coaches. I mean, why have a blog if everyone is just going to co-sign what the team is doing? ESPECIALLY a team that hasn't done squat in over 2 decades. That's what blogs like this are for. They are forums for people to give their opinion, agree or disagree with decisions a team makes, and then discuss/debate those opinions.

Your post suggest EVERYTHING the FO did since they've been here was the right move. If you believe that, then you'd probably be the only one in America who does. So that's the reason people feel can critique this FO (or any FO for that matter). Those people are human and make mistakes.

Sparano admitted to making a mistake me and others have been bashing the team (and FO) about for years. Offensive philosophy. Sparano admitted you can't win with that old "3 yards and a cloud of dust" conservative run philosophy he had. And he's right. And many of us saw that even before they took over the franchise. Yet nothing happened until Sparano saw it and changed direction. Was I (and others) wrong to point out that mistake in '08, '09, '10? Nope. We were proven right.

So, I think you need to re-evaluate why people come to a sports blog in the first place. Not to be a homer and rubber stamp the powers that be. But to try to discuss/debate how a franchise can be better than they are (and this franchise in particular can be WAY better than they have been).

The TE's might be too little to late and there was definitely a couple available that I'd rather have had too.

The point is, Monday Night is coming up real quick and were a lot better at TE TODAY than we were three days ago.

Fasano, Mastraud and Epps as opposed to Fasano, Rosario and Yeatmen?

It's not my ultimate fantasy scenario, but hey, it's better than it was!

Lock and Load!!!!

dm/NH, the reason I say too little too late isn't that Fasano might not have a great year, or Rosario might not be a great addition, it's because I knew (as did Craig M and you guys too probably) that TE was an upgradeable position. Even if you like Fasano, you absolutely CANNOT like who was behind him. Haynos was a joke, you have to admit. Mastrud, these other practice squad guys, c'mon.

So we probably could have, should have gotten a TE prospect in the Draft, or in FA, and there were plenty of good ones to get (Craig named a few). You don't get a Zach Miller a week before the season, that's all I'm pointing out (usually). And I think the TE will be play a bigger role in this offense (more as a receiver and less as a blocker), and Fasano is a better blocker than receiver.

This doesn't diminish my optimism from what I saw this Preseason. But it just seems like more of an after-thought than a priority like I thought it should have been before the Draft.

Who hear believes that Daboll & Sparano have Yeatman locked up in a room and are waterboarding him for intel?

odin, lock and load is right. From me you'll get criticism (hopefully constructive) until probably Friday. But from then on, until Monday after the game, it's DIE-HARD FANATICISM. No Pats fan, Jets fan, ANY fan will be able to tell me SHYT! It's be Miami all day, all night, forget the job, forget the wife, dolphin-mania will be my LIFE!!!

very funny! yeatman was probably afraid to report.


It's not about next Monday, it's about the whole season. This regime has undervalued what a good to great TE could do for this team since they've been here. Passed up on MANY good ones in the draft and in FA. To make this move now, while I think it will help, is a big weak.

Edds looked impressive. I sure hope this doesn't come back to bite us.

I concur...Ireland ignored the TE position while addressing others...most noteworthy is OL & LB.

Let's realize we have great speed at WR & RB this year so the TE position will have IMO, a diminished role in Daboll's scheme.

We want Marshall, Bess, Bush & Thomas getting most of the touches...while Hartline, Moore, Clay, Gates & Wallace get the second most touches.

Therefore Fasano & Rosairo will be at the bottom and I'm ok with that, really.


I hear you on the TE situation though.

I wanted Cameron Jordan or Jordan Cameron, whatever his name is, from USC in the draft.

Holmgren grabbed him for the Browns and he's had a really decent pre season. Pushing to be the starter last I heard.

As for us, I've always thought Fasano was a solid no.2 TE. What I don't get is this FO saw how good of a tandem he and Martin(?) made. Yet they haven't to date made an effort to add the pass catching TE while many were available.

I'm sure Henning's offensive philosophy had a role in this, but that's still no excuse to me. This is Tony and Jeff's team and a blind man can see the obvious need.

Like I said earlier though, the seasons approaching and we have improved in that we have a Road Grader, an every down guy and now MAYBE a receiving threat.

Either way, in nexts years draft, I'd still take a QB, TE and OL with my first three picks. Notnecessarily in that order, but that's how I'm thinking.

PS: I'm sure the Hero's that stormed the beaches at Normandy had their worries and doubts, but they did a pretty damn good job!


while i agree that the te position was in definite need of an upgrade (never a big fasano fan) i also have to look at what the FO has done over the last few years in bringing in guys like marshall, dansby, burnett and bush. i like the rosario pick up because he is a very athletic player and believe, when all is said and done, he can be an important part of the passing offense. however, like i said, i also don't believe we have seen the end of the moves they will make yet. still thinking they will be adding/subtracting to/from the roster throughout the season to fill in the gaps. it takes time to build a championship caliber team and i can wait as long as they are going in the right direction. miller may have been available but you also have to consider that would have been $34 million vs the cap for one guy. i just asking if it is worth giving a guy that kind of money. while fasano's total yds per season aren't that of miller's their avg yard per catch is pretty close and so are their contributions in getting into the endzone. the raiders feature the te more than miami has done while fasano has been with the fins.

one of my biggest concerns this year is still getting henne signed to a new contract. if they screw that up and they end up having to go find another new qb then the $h!ts gonna hit the fan in finland.

NH brings up a good point, if Clay becomes more of the receiving TE/H-back, then Fasano can stay in to block. If that's the case then there won't be much to worry about. I haven't seen enough of Clay to have confidence in him. The FO does, and they've seen him more than me, so I'll take their word for it. Hope he pays off.

DC...hell ya, imagine Fasano/Yeatman helping to cover Colombo's ass on the right side while Clay sneaks out into the slot uncovered because we drew a double team on both Marshall & Bush coming out of the backfield.
The mis-matches will be fun to watch.

I don't know for sure what Daboll will do. I have my own educated guess.

All that aside, if history offers any indications, the TE will play a significant role in our passing game.

In Cleveland he was known to heavily employ the TE with the wideouts doing more clear outs.

With a completely different team and talent, you just never know.

I think he's going with a balls to the wall, spread em out, run and gun attack myself!

Just what the Docto.......I mean.......Mr. Ross ordered!

My name is boring and thoroughly pedestrian. I would like to legally change my name to either Ving Thurmonastra or PaPow GWEEZ!! That would be more interesting.

Thank you, and may God hold and anoint you.

Not many Vikings fans were too fond of Ryan Cook.

See below: From Vikings blog.

Purple Floyd wrote:
MulletMullitia wrote:
@JuddZulgad: Vikings have agreed to terms to bring back offensive lineman Ryan Cook, who has been on the free agent market.

Worst news ever

I hate this.

I hate it too. My consolation is at some point he might be called on to block for McChunky and then my odds of winning our bet goes up exponentially.

If he starts, McNabb has no chance of finishing a full season. And neither does Adrian Peterson. That's what I hate the most about Cook. When he gets beat, he gets beat BADLY. And that gets players killed.
kramer9guy wrote:

In the 2 seasons that he started, Ryan Cook gave up 13 sacks. And had 13 penalties. Steve Hutchinson only has 13 penalties in his entire career...

You'll have a hard time finding a worse player with the same amount of starting opportunities that Cook has had. Statistically. See for yourself.


Remember Todd Steussie?

I don't remember Steussie being that bad, but I was pretty young. Hard to remember lineman unless they were All-Pro like Randall McDaniel. But he was a 2 time Pro-Bowler in 7 starting seasons with the Vikings. And only allowed one sack in 1998 when we went 15-1. I have a VERY hard time believing that he was worse than Ryan Cook. But to me, Ryan Cook is the worst Viking I've ever seen start for 2 seasons. He is such a bum. I think of Ryan Cook to the O-line as Hank Baskett was to our receiving core. Worthless, frustrating, replaceable, and waste of a roster spot. I think I might hate this guy as much as you hate McNabb

just thinking out loud:

yeatman- although the right side of the line looks weak wouldn't be surprised to see him lined up on the left to help protect henne on passing downs. also, wouldn't be surprised to see him in motion on run plays.

rosario- very good athlete. runs like a wide receiver. can't believe people being down on this guy. definite upgrade compared to what has been on this team in the past. wouldn't be surprised to see him worked into the offense immediately.

don't know how these two acquistions will pan out. the way this team continues to turn the roster they could both be gone by the time monday gets here. however, i'm not going to 2nd guess what is going on here. i would rather give the benefit of the doubt and hold any opinion to the contrary until the results are in. GO FINS!

Wow..that Vikings blog sounds like us slamming Colombo!
Hope Tony does not put Cook & Colombo on the right side together or Henne will wind up in the hospital.


As I said earlier, I hope you're right on Rosario. But I think we have to question why Fox had Rosario for 4 years in Carolina, signed him a month ago and then chopped him before the regular season. What did he see or better yet not see from Rosario? Wouldn't we have that Rosario was an ideal weapon for Orton? Something missing from the whole story. I'm happy that the FO is at least addressing the TE position but it's something they should have done a long time ago.

Besides Colombo (we all are scared about that), I think the main matchup up front is Wilfork v. Pouncey. Pouncey is looking like the real thing, don't get me wrong, but Wilfork is one of the best in the league. That's tough sledding right out of the gate. Hope the rookie stands his ground. Daboll could help him by moving Henne around the pocket a bit, rollouts, plus some quick throw plays, just to loosen things up.

This hasn't been our style, but if we can somehow start fast, take a quick lead, then ease back into a control game, hopefully that's enough to keep both the offense and defense off-balance. JT also HOPEFULLY has a huge game. Brady admitted he's been his toughest defender historically, we really need JT to bring pressure (of course with Wake).


Cook played Center and Guard from high school through college.

The two years he started for the Vikings he played out of position at TACKLE.

The Vikings have two awesome guards, one being a perennial Pro Bowler. Despite this, they still used a 2nd round pick on Cook. While starting at guard(because of injury)he played VERY SOLID. That's why the Vikes orignally wanted to resign him.

I don't know if this means anything and I don't know if the Viking Bloggers have their facts straight(some meth heads here said that Fasano would be cut and Jake Long couldn't block).

I do know that I'd rather see Cook at Right Guard here over Carey, Colombo or Murtha.

A Couple Spots From Oder-Eye that were posted last night that should prove what a Buffoon he truely is. And my replys.
School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Great parenting going on in this household, This is the problem with todays youth., The Parents.

Posted by: Just the facts. | September 06, 2011 at 03:29 AM

Thanks, but I think it's just the Morphine and Valium the Doctor prescribed for me. I had a nasty injury yesterday.

What do you think of todays aquisitions?

Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 04:49 PM

OMG, I heard Obama-care was going to have "Death squads" but to give a known Alocholic with a liver thats on its last leg Morphine and Valium, I mean come on.

Posted by: Just the facts. | September 06, 2011 at 02:16 AM

LOL At this Idiot, I'll repost later this afternoon when this Hillbillie Savent wakes up with vomit on his trailer floor.

Posted by: Just the facts. | September 06, 2011 at 04:16 AM

LOL @ Oder Eye

Where do people think Cook will play and how soon? Great that he can backup at C, RG and RT but can this guy start for us any time soon? Don't really know him but my guess is that he gets a chance at RT at some point if Colombo struggles or maybe plays RG with Carey moving to RT.

craig, the viking fans drove cook to the airport,that should tell you something about him.lol

don't know exactly what fox didn't see in rosario but the broncos also cut let go of dan gronkowski. who knows what the te position will mean to the broncos. maybe they had more pressing needs and decided to go in a different direction on offense. virgil green has been nothing but a big disappointment in the preseason, dropping balls all over the field but he is still on the roster. if you look at their depth chart they have an uproven commodity in fells, who did nothing in his time in st. louis, as the starter and julius thomas, a roookie at tight end. thomas did little during the preseason. so, one has to wonder what they are thinking in denver. maybe the thin air is causing problems for fox.

2watt is this year's bill connors. That's not a dis either 2 watt, just an observation. Bill was the pessimist every game. However, I will say he was extremely mature on the blog, never had a bad word to say against anyone (and he took a lot of heat on game days).

Not sure if bill will show up this year (but I know he already hates what the team is doing) but 2 watt will be an excellent replacement.

Last comment, I was MUCH closer to bill's opinion than others' each of the last 2 seasons, so that's why I'm not hating on 2 watt or other pessimists.


Bill has switched his name to dusty bottoms now.....too obvious.

Edds being cut is rough. He was young and showed a lot of promise.

6 receivers, I dont mind. but is there that much of a difference between 4-6 that we can really justify they will bring something to the team? Or is 4-6 so close in talent that we were scared to let the wrong one go?

If that is the case, didnt we have the same problem with Edds?

I get it though, we need speed.

bummed to see Edds go.

We should have gotten a better tight end this year also. QB's best friend

Craig M,

Part of the reason Fox parted ways with Rosario is because of the signing of Free Agent TE Daniel Fells. 69 career receptions for 740 yards (10.9 avg.) and five touchdowns — all in the last three seasons as a member of the St. Louis Rams.

They drafted TE Julius Thomas, Portland State in the 4th round this year.

They also drafted TE Virgil, U of Nev. in the 7th this year as well.

Fells will be the starter until Thomas, their heir apparent is ready. They feel good enough about Thomas to count on him already this season.

I don't know what this says about Rosario, but Elway's making a youth movement at TE.

REALLY? Thanks. I have to admit, I really respected how bill stood up to people just trashing him all day on game days. Didn't say a negative word, just stood his ground and made his position known.

Craig, you were another one who took heat (esp. at the end of last season, I remember that last game) and handled yourself well. I think you let some people get to you since then, but so have I, and that's why I respected bill a lot. He did something that's rarely seen on this blog, turn the other cheek.

AJ Edds another wasted Draft Pick. When will this nightmare end!!!

broncos didn't even rosario a chance. i think elway had made up his mind that he was keeping thomas and green around no matter what. don't understand the fells thing. rosario had more cathces for more yards in the four seasons he was with the panthers. rosario didn't have a catch all preseason with denver. didn't watch any of their games but i wonder if he even played.


Some people will probably start with the stupidity that you fancy yourself a GM or that you think you know better than the Coaching staff for openly questioning moves like the ones at T.E. I on the other hand like CraigM, odin and dm1 think your right on the money because at some point you have to question the complete lack of effort at addressing key positions like T.E. you have to have one in todays game all the elite teams do while we treat it like an after thought were we plug in glorified Tackles. I for the life of me don`t get it either, when you analyze the T.E.`s that Ireland has past on it`s enough to drive you absolutely insane!!!

I am not a GM but do understand the game of Football enough to question alot of moves made by this F.O. and was willing to give Ireland a pass because of Parcells but know I`m not so sure. He did pick up some interesting players in this draft but I am left wondering about D.Thomas and will be holding my breath that he`s right in seeing an A.Foster type and not another JJ Johnson. It blows the mind considering that DeMarco Murray was still up there who I thought more of personally. There was no way to know that Mallett would plummet into Rd.3 but you wonder even in that trade back into Rd.2 if a Q.B. prospect with that kind of arm wouldn`t have been a good gamble. I was one of those that hated Mallett at pick 15 but in the middle of Rd.2?? In the middle of Rd.3 though I would have pulled the trigger for sure, any trades involving us would have been back into Rd.4 for USC T.E. J.Cameron which ofcourse woud have been unecessary had we drafted either Gronkowski,J.Graham or A.Hernandez in Rds.2-4 of the 2010 draft, Hernandez especially hurts given we took Edds who was a situational player that needed to learn to play every down as opposed to a lightning rod type player at T.E. They never live that one down in my opinion and I wonder how one of those players I mentioned dynamically alters our O.

Some say well they`ve done alot after taking over a 1-15 team but we were better than that in 07. That 07 team fell apart when the Trent Green experiment fails moving the team into the Cleo Lemon era, can you blame the players really?? Then when Cam and Speilman trade Chambers and go into rebuiding mode that team mailed it in. They needed an attitude re-adjustment more than anything else aside from a Q.B. ofcourse. The Falcons I thought were in far worse shape and in the same span went 13-3 last season while we sit and make excuses still for some bone headed moves that quite frankly boggle the mind!!

Coincedentally if not for Speilman drafting Paul Soliai in Rd.4 of 07 we`d be in a mess at DT today. The miss with Merling while DE Calais Campbell was still on the board which would have made the Odrick pick unecessary (cause and effect of going into other drafts to cover misses stalling the progression of the team) coupled with the fact we could have taken either Jahvid Best or Dez, passing on Maulaluga for P.White which would have negated the need for Edds or Burnett, I could go on and on. Then FA taking a bunch of injury risk players and falling flat as well while left wondering what happened. I`m sorry for the loooong post but I think at some pont as fans you do have to question the moves

everyone has their own method of evaluating talent. some guys are a good fit for one team but not for another. just because rosario was let go by the broncos doesn't mean he won't fit in with this team. all i know is he is one heck of an athletic guy to have playing te. he's got good hands and he can get downfield. so, i can see them using him interchangeably with fasano, maybe even a little more.

very good points f4life. Ireland did improve the team. But who's to say someone else couldn't have improved the team quicker and better by now?

If we finally get to elite team status, this will all be a moot point. But we're definitely not there yet and need to see what happens this season to see if Ireland really did anything worthwhile more than stabilizing a sinking ship.

Since there have been all these other variables (Parcells/Henning), I'm willing to let these guys show us what they can do with total control (Ireland/Sparano), but unfortunately they don't have 5 more years to get us to where we need to be). Like you said fin, Falcons did it much quicker.

odin -

If he is a natural G, he is not really as versatile as coaches are claiming. He was/is a turnstile as a T, and scouting reports that his weakness is leverage. Not really a great weakness for a 6'7" guard.

We used the 15th overall pick for a center, so barring injury he can only be worth anything playing RG/LG.

My brother is a diehard Vikqueens fan, and he has always complained about Cook and Loadholt. When you glance through the MV blogs, you don't find many defenders of this guy.

We'll see. I find it difficult to believe, that we can't assemble a better line with 2 first round picks and Incognito locked-in. We pass on several of the pro-bowl players that have been available. (Waters, Gurode, O'Hara...), and make questionable bargain signings.

If this line can actually be in the top half of the league, fins will win 10 games.


I as a very devoted Dolfan am also hoping to get proved wrong but don`t buy the myth that they turned a 1-15 franchise around because the jury is still out on that one. There was no were to go but up and like you said wonder if they didn`t just stabalize a sinkng ship more than anything else. I will tell you this if I`m not 80 and wearing diapers in a retirement home by the time we play in a S.B. again then I say regardless of whether we can get in or not that we make it a plan with the other diehard fans here to turn any S.B. the Fins play in into our own personal pilgrimage. GOD knows I will, so here`s to hoping to someday meet everybody in person there!! How is that for hopes and dreams regarding my fanaticism!!

we have a defense this year that could very well lead the league in rushing yardage and sacks. misi sets the edge very well and odrick is a run stuffer. can't see most teams being able to run to that side. nor do i see teams being too successful in the middle of the line with solai and dansby, and now burnett, being there.
starks, wake and jt could be a nightmare on passing downs and davis could be one of the nfl's elites at his position this year.
the offense features brandon marshall who will have many more opportunities to make plays this year with the new offense. bess should be his usual reliable self. bush adds a new element of speed and quickness this offense has sorely lacked in the past. the offensive line still has questions but with long and incognito on the left side things should only improve in their second season together. there is a definite upgrade at the center position with pouncey. the right side looks weak but it's not any worse than last year. wallace and moore have shown some good improvement over last year and hartline is now in his third season and could have a break out year.
clyde gates will get his chance to make plays deep this year but i also wouldn't be surprised to see them use his speed on quick screens and reverses. i like to be optimistic about the season.
if we still had henning as the OC and ronnie and ricky at rb and still didn't have any speed on the offense i probably wouldn't even watch a game this year.

Amen, Mr. Marcus. Go Fins!!

The "ole fist pumper" cant find talented players. Thats the only conclusion a person can have when you see moves like moving Carey to RG and signing Colombo who cant block anyone. Moving Carey to RG was, I think, to give Carey less are to block. But Carey cant move, hes slow as a turtle and almost as smart. I wonder why Sparano didnt want to sign Gourde(sp) the Cowboys Center who was released? This guy is a 5X probowler who can play G/C/T,,but no the Ravens signed him. Makes no sense. There was a wealth of talent of OL free agents, and Sparano signs Colombo. Makes no sense. So yeah, Im negative, deal with it.


Sometimes the big problem with these signings is that great talent is just never let go. If the guy is that good, teams will find a way to keep them. I hope we are wrong in this case.

To dc fan i tottaly agree with your assessment. About the TE situation. Its easy to say dophin should have grabb zach miller now they dont have a new QB. Remember this team made salary cap to sign a QB it never came by that time zach had already sign. So yes its a little late. Understand these guy will come into the game for 1 or 2 plays in an attempt to get big chunk of yards. Also explain why they were not willing to pay top money for someone thats gonna play 5 plays a game. So it doesnt matter how late they are in board, because their goal will be to create mismatched. Watch and see. Hope we woop on the patsies with their cheater ass coach. Honestly before tom bradie came along who the hell was belicheat. I mean belichec. Henne will prove this year his a better QB than sorry ass sanchez. Go dolphin let sweep the AFC EAST lets dare think we can do it.

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