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Miami Dolphins lose to the Browns, 17-16, and still winless

CLEVELAND -- The Miami Dolphins are winless after three games. Jobs are now officially at stake.

I'm not talking at the end of the year. I'm talking this week, tomorrow perhaps, and on the bye week almost certainly if the losing continues.


The Dolphins, field goal kicking experts, must understand that they are always at risk when they don't maximize drives with touchdowns. That's because other teams do maximize drives with touchdowns. And that helps them win.

This is bad folks. Really bad.

Going into the locker room now. Will report back afterward. 


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I have been a Dolphin follower since 1970. Seriously. It's never been harder to remain a fan of this team than it is right now. Hope is a good thing, but I frankly don't see reason for any.

Feel bad for season ticket owners....NO REFUNDS!!!

But gotta say...glad Im not one of them*lmao*

We have the worst defense in years-penalties-mistakes 1 take away in 3 games

Thank goodness, I thought Miami was gonna win. This team, COACHING staff are lost. The players r lazy, uninspired and not very good. The Sparano era is over, thank god, fire him, install a interm head coach and move forward to the draft with a new regime in place. This is a badly coached team. Please hire an aggressive offensive head coach, u win in this league by throwing the football.

I don't think we know how to operate in tight spaces, i.e., the red-zone.

That was the one thing Pennington gave us - since he had a weaker arm, he was used to timing routes and short to mid-range throws - perfect for red-zone scores.

I'm not sure Ross will can Ireland or Sparano though - who will he get that is currently unemployed? Trying to replace a GM AND head coach during the season (and EARLY in the season) is impossible.

Looks like we are stuck with this crap for a few more months...

I waited a whole year for this...I feel like crying

Cut carpenter and marshll, and then fire morano. RUIN MY LIFE YOU SCUN BAGS!

Terrible is right....Ross is to blame, he has built this house and it's broken, get it fixed now but to do so now this early in season is a bummer. Had his chance with Harbaugh, Cower and now we are at this point.....need good coaching as we have some good star players....anyway, been a dolphin fan since 1966 and this is worst start of season feeling ever...

Can we now agree that Henne, although serviceable as a backup, just isn't starting material? Sparano, although a nice guy, isn't a coach? Ireland, although an idiot, just isn't a good GM? Can we?

Come on Buffalo! Keep burning clock so we don't have to see Brady win yet another game.

Miss me yet?

Looks like the dolphins defense was happy with playing COY all day untill the end.....shouldve known better right...yep I should!!!! and now I do......Antonio gates will feast on miamis secondary next week....I guarentee it!!!!

I have to admit...I kinda want blood. I insist the team has talent. But they are sloppy, the play-calling is bipolar and players are not being used properly.

If I wake up tomorrow and the entire staff is unemployed I wouldn't blink an eye.

You guys still love me, right?

I say scuttle the ship and crew, and hope for Andrew Luck, and Cower next year.

Marshall ANOTHER BALL through your gands in the end zone. Nice effort on that last play!!!

useless piece of crap

This is what we get for hiring a greaseball for a coach.

I'm getting lots of calls from Las Vegas? Hmmmmmm....

Don't you need a vision for rebuilding, anyone seen signs that Ross is capable or even interested? Is Carl Peterson just a matter of time?

Alright, I've got the answer. The Independent Women's Football League! Need I say more!

Its much better that we lost. Lets face it, a victory would have just prolonged the inevitable, regime change.

Do I still have a job next week coach?

Coach? .......Hey coach where you at?

F U if you blame Henne.

Gates was running out of bounds, marshall did not make an effort.

henne is gone anyway, but again, he is not your scapegoat you bum!

Can we forfeit the rest of our games? I'm sick of hoping we will win and we just keep imploding. Everyone seems to know what's wrong with this team but nobody is doing anything about it...

Clean house.. Needs to be done. write this season off and begin fresh..

pathetic completely pathetic, please fire Sparano now

I'm gonna be on Channing Crowder show. Tune in.

Do I still have a job next week coach?

Coach? .......Hey coach where you at?

Posted by: Nolan Carroll | September 25, 2011 at 04:21 PM

Don't worry, dude. At least your mom is still Lt. Gov.

have to clean the house quickly, because in terms of overall talent we are light years behind our 3 division rivals.

Franchise of clowns.

Congrats Bills!

Pats loose.....so do we...sucks

..If you go back to the Oakland game we have won once in the last 9 games, and none at home. We continue to lose games that we should win. Constantly finding the same way to lose. The problem is the coaching, the leadership, and the failure to recognize the weakneses, and filling those holes. The constant roster churning hoping that they will strike gold, when other teams identify and fix their shortcomings.

I'm not sure anyone can convince me there is a reason to stay with this current regime. What is the upside here? How bad must this get? We have some decent parts here. But it is clear that the leadership at the top needs a change. in any endevor. You are only as good as the leadership at the top. If you do not have this, there is no chance.

Buffalo 3-0, Dolphins-0-3

LOL the Bills just beat the Patriots... sigh, it sucks being a Fins fan...

We need a new GM. We should get a top scout from a good team like the Packers. Someone that knows how to draft in TODAY'S NFL. We need someone that knows how to find players from a team other than the Cowboys.

So what we've been saying is henne has looked good all game long and then to be outdone by QB colt Mccoy on a game winning drive where he's looked bad all game long......Henne u really pulled one on us thinking that you might have gotten better..IM on to u!!!!*lmao*

I'm gonna be on Channing Crowder show. Tune in.

Posted by: Larry Johnson | September 25, 2011 at 04:22 PM

Aren't you supposed to be committing another felony, Larry?

Hey guys, just beat Tom Brady for you. Maybe we'll get lucky and shut Rex Ryan's mouth for you too?

Have fun being the new us!


The Bills

Hate to say I told ya so!!!! Playing for last place.. A Disgrace!!

Im telling u right now if the bills, Pats and jets make the playoffs....MIAMI WILL CLEAN HOUSE NEXT YEAR!!!!!

HAHAAHA the Bills beat the Patriots and you scrubs can't even compete against the Browns... ya'll are the worst team in the AFC EAST!!

UH...real G....get used to the latter for MONTHS.... "losing", that is.


Oh, we lost????


Henne is many things, but "impressive" is not one of them

Your a loser if you blame Henne, and i would love to say it to your face~

every explosive play i see: Lions, bills, raiders.... just straight up hurts.

Fire the coaching staff and GM ... We need Cowher!!

Your a loser if you blame Henne, and i would love to say it to your face~

Posted by: Poizen | September 25, 2011 at 04:26 PM

I blame Henne. Do something, big man.

Even if they won they'd still be the 4th best team in the afc east which is where they were 4 years ago.


This is just awful, we already know its going to be a losing seasons. They have lost to all AFC teams. The defense just didn't have it at the end. Wrong personnel and that is the GM's fault. As for coaching, that last series was a joke. There should have not been a fly pattern. They could have at least ran a draw got the 10 yards, made the kick and were 1-2.

Instead poor decision making got this team to 0-3.


Bills 3-0, Lions 3-0, even the Panthers 1-2. Pathetic.

Your a loser if you blame Henne, and i would love to say it to your face~

Posted by: Poizen | September 25, 2011 at 04:26 PM

I only blame hom for the game LOSING interception.

@ Daryl D
I was at that Oakland Game. Last time i wast truly a proud Dolphin fan. 50 yd line 10th row...that was a treat.

not blaming henne for loss.....just wont praise him for winning....Wonder what reggie is gonna do this offseason after miami buys out his contract and cuts him.....

O and Fitpatrick>Chad Henne

I STILL don't like Henne.

I'll tell ya what drives me nuts. The firing should have been done last year. Now we have wasted this entire year. When you loose like that at home, heads should have rolled then, and move on. I say again, our front office had to go, but we have a lunatic running the asylum. Ross is the one that needs to go. Please sell Mr. Ross.

Pathetic,Embarassing,Disgraceful.Sparano has to go...10 minutes ago.

who had a 12 pack today?

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