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Miami Dolphins lose to the Browns, 17-16, and still winless

CLEVELAND -- The Miami Dolphins are winless after three games. Jobs are now officially at stake.

I'm not talking at the end of the year. I'm talking this week, tomorrow perhaps, and on the bye week almost certainly if the losing continues.


The Dolphins, field goal kicking experts, must understand that they are always at risk when they don't maximize drives with touchdowns. That's because other teams do maximize drives with touchdowns. And that helps them win.

This is bad folks. Really bad.

Going into the locker room now. Will report back afterward. 


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tell me where u r big boy

im not sure if ross has the balls to fire him

Game on the line in Browns territory no less. Inc, inc, inc, int. Pathetic qb play.

Bring back the glory days of Wanny and Fieldler!!! This is an abomination!!!

Blackouts on the way. Which unfortunately means this blog will go down in activity. Sigh. Just can't win.

" It's a team game and Colt McCoy carried the team on his back in the final drive for a TD.,

Henne is still just never able to do that, and that is the difference.

Glory does not come in between the two 20 yard lines."

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate |

Dude you're the biggest moron in this blog. Your hate for the qb is so pathetic and see through and only shows you have no idea how to assess games objectively. All of the things that happened today and you're going to pin the whole loss on one guy? What's the matter, did he turn you down for a date or something you idiot?

Everyone lost, how do you not see that you fat wastes of space. Maybe if you had played sports instead of eating yourself into obesity you would understand what a team is. The coach lost because he's in over his head, the kicker lost because he missed a fg that would have been the difference in a win for us, Marshall dropped a td that would have been the difference in a win for us, the defense let up a 80 plus yard winning td drive to a qb who couldn't do crap the whole game colt mccoy, Henne couldn't drive when it mattered, Taylor with an awful penalty, daboll using Hennings playbook on last fg drive, etc. Should I go on or do you understand that the entire team lost the game together?

Andrew Luck is ours.....

Henne not the problem, but everything else is fire sparano now

I think it's pretty clear that Henne is not the problem, and he's playing in order to show that. It's also pretty clear that there's no reason for keeping Sparano and/or Ireland anymore. It's not too late, I think that with a new HC (and new staff) we still can save the season.

Hey we played well today we kicked 3 FG's and scored 1 TD you know what means DOLFANS today you got 4 fist pumps countem 4. I thought we were going to have 5 but Chad forgot to complete passes at the end. But wow 4 now off to San Diego guys I feel it wins are coming just hope I am around to see it.

Marshall playin half ass over the middle on 4th and 10. No attempt at the ball, BUM

tell me where u r big boy

Posted by: Poizen | September 25, 2011 at 04:29 PM

In your mom's room, bro. Do sumthin!

Thank you Stephen Ross....you suck as an owner and your carpet bagging self has brought this on the good fans of Miami. Why??? Because you are a greedy business man who knows absolutely nothing about running a football team.

SELL THE TEAM!! After a stellar 51000 fans for the game against teh Texans, how many paying customers do you think will show up for the next home game. As bad as the Marlins draw, there may be more fans for Marlins game then a Dolphins game.


Any team has the personality and spirit of its coaching staff. The excitement and fist pumps over field goals have set this team up to settle for mediocrity. We need a passionate Head Coach to set the tone and get the players excited again. I am sick and tired of more than a decade of this crap. Please, please, please get someone in here to run the Fins who loves them as much as we fans do!!! It is just getting old now. "I'm such a baby, yeah, the Dolphins make me cry...."

Only way we avoid blackouts is by selling tickets to other teams fans....Denver game good bet....Gator Nation will be out in full force!!!!

Fitting with halloween coming up Cameron Wake has turned into Claude Raines....The Invisible man.

The Bush fumble in the RZ
Marshall miss of the TD pass
The missed FG
The D letting McCoy drive the field under 2 mins
The inability to move the ball on the final drive


I admit it we suck!

What was Sparano saying about 0-8?

The Dolphins play for a field goal. That last drive when time was winding down they ran ran ran, I called it, could feel it. Play not to lose AGAIN

I have to agree with everybody, henne has not ONCE brought us down the field in the fourth quarter to victory, can't do it. I like him, I held out desparate hope that he was the man but it is clear to me we need to move on. All the cowboy connections need to go, TOMORROW and ross needs to spend his money on a HEAD COACH. Time to re-build folks, second time in 5 years, tough pill to swallow.

Henne isn't the only one to blame here, he didn't help himself, didn't show he has "it", didn't show he could lead the team to a game winning drive...but the sole problem, nah...

Epic fail by “Bad” Henne and the offense!

All we needed was 7 yards to get in FG range for Carpenter, but the wildly incaccurate and robotic Bad Henne guarantees defeat. ANY other NFL team gets those 7 yards against Cleveland! Thanks, Bad!

Henne apologists can’t blame Dan Henning for Henne’s second-half performance today! LMAO!

All you clowns who gave me grief in preseason for calling Henne a stiff can APOLOGIZE TO ME RIGHT NOW! C’mon be a man!

When it matters most, Henne spits the bit!!

Don't forget Mando, just this morning, you said that Tony Sparano is a really good coach. What were you thinking, drinking, or smoking at the time?

we are going to rock it this year... whooooooooooo

poizen, just like it was not henne's fault on that pick as well? you are as bad as that bum lazyeye!

Who was it that was talking about Miami's "new, explosive" offense?

3 games, 3 dropped td's by the "beast in his hands!!!!!


What terrible play calling on the last 2 possessions. Another missed field goal. Stupid penalties on the defense by a guy who should not have been in there. When the game is on the line, the veterans should be there. Henne just can not handle the pressure at the end of games. He is much better than last year but just simply can not handle the pressure.

Right on Misery...swatimtalkinbout. Sell the team Ross, on ebay, now.

Look for henne and moore to reinvent wildcat package next week......The QBS MASS ATTACK play!!!!

Andrew Luck is ours.....

Posted by: footballpusch | September 25, 2011 at 04:30 PM

Ewww! No thanks! I mean, you guys REALLY SUCK!

Stat padding day, saps. Best tandem. Right. Just forfeit.

The real G,

I'm with you. Last offseason was the right time to clean house, but after Harbaugh turned us down (along with Cowher) we had no other options.

This is going to be a long, wasteful year.

Brandon Marshall is not worth his salary! Another TD pass in his hands and he misses it!

Tony Sparano is a really good coach. Tony Sparano is a really good coach. Tony Sparano is a really good coach. Tony Sparano is a really good coach. Tony Sparano is a really good coach. Tony Sparano is a really good coach. Tony Sparano is a really good coach.

Well get em next week.

I said it last week and will say it again. Despite our new passing attack we still look like a slow, plodding team. This team is built to keep it close regardless the competition.

I guess this means there will be more Dallas rejects on the roster...........

Should have fired that F'n meatball last year instead of giving him a financial apology.

This is a good time to get into the moving bussiness in soth florida.

Marshall did not ever attempt to catch the 4th down pass by henne Marshall needs a pay cut

I feel like we have been a shi**y old VCR player every once in a while playing clearly. I want a new Blue ray DVD unit..something smooth and cool for once..a new product entirely. I don't care about re-building...that is much more interesting and stimulating than just being plain insignificant and still not winning


u know so much about football, Branson running a route not watching the qb on 4th and 10, not even a jump not looking at the ball??

u clueless moron, watch the game.

I actually like sparano and wish this didn't happen, but the more you consider a new owner who can't wait to play with his new toy, the more you realize this whole regime will change.

They will keep the good parts but frankly our defense isn't that good. Sean smith should be a back up and vontae cannot dominate with a competent partner. The d line cannot penetrate and our pass rush just isnt there.

I think our offense isn't that bad except Henne is just not gonna cut it due to lack of intelligence and nerves. He clearly possesses a great arm but panics often and isn't seeing the game slow enough.

..We may be the worst team in the league right now. Maybe a little better then the Chiefs. But does it matter? I said earlier this week be careful thinking Jimmy Wilson is the answer to our problems at corner. He will have some good moments with some bad ones, as evident by today. He was forced into man covergae because Carrol is such a liability. He has a lot to learn yet. It is great they put him out there to prove himself, and do what he is supposed to do..make plays. But he is not ready yet to be a guy that can cover NFL recivers without help. That IMO is a failure by the Nolan to recognize his own personel. It was obvious to everyone, including Randy Cross that the Steamers were going to go that direction. Where is the saftey help? Why is this continually an issue?

would a lockout have been so bad for miami.....I say we wouldve made better skeptics had we not played a game this year....Called the what couldve beens!!!!

I can't wait to here when TS is fired. Interim coach should be Daboll. Let's see if he game plans better than TS. I would say Nolin but I'm tired of defensive coaches running this team. WE NEED OFFENSE! RED ZONE OFFENSE!

I projected 1-3 with a real possibility of 0-4 before the bye. Sucks to be right sometimes.

Looking ahead after the bye, I don't see much hope.


Ireland must be the first to go!!!!!

Seminole Sam, the second biggest moron in this blog, prob the same guy. Doesn't understand the concept of a team sport. How cute, still think s like a small child. There are only two people on the field at all times and they're both qbs. No one else plays the game. When the team wins you credit the qb and whgen they lose you blame the qb. Real 4th grade logic working there. I don't even like Henne but to see people who are so effing ignorant take an entire team loss like this won and put it on the the qb because he couldn't get them in fg position with 35 seconds on the clock is absurd. You look foolish.

last drive all we need is 10 yrds at least to try a field goal and cant even get that,Red zone we are totally useless this is such a bad coached team on both sides of the ball. Our dbs are inept Henne is not a clutch QB .Just fire everyone bring new coaches and GM use the remainder of the yr to implament new systems and evluate players and start FRESH.This yr is a write off anyway.

I live in CA and have tix to the game in San Diego next week. I was so excited to see my boys play live when the schedule was announced. Now, after three games without a win, without a plan to win, and without heart from the team, I don't even want to go. So sad...

Miss me yet?

When You Coach NOT to Lose....a 6 point Lead????????=Prevent Defense?????????????

sparano- "find a way to lose, just find a way".

Sparano press conference transcript:

" well we wanted to win, but sometimes the other team is just so much more talented. I thought we played well, we kisked to late field goals there, and almost had a chance for another one. Thank god chad threw that pick because my shoulder would have been hurting for all the fist pumps i would have given him. Yeah well i guess we have to go back to the drawing board. I think that first win is just around the corner, maybe even next weeks game....


Come on guys! Parcells just left and Tony and Jeff will need a few years to get things in order. Besides, Tony is a nice guy and the players like him.

jeff | September 25, 2011 at 04:30 PM

Thanks for the thoughtful words.

Ultimately, yes, I do blame Henne. Once again, he could not carry the team when it mattered most. He needed maybe 8 yards to win get in field goal range and he throws a pick.

McCoy came through when it mattered most.

Good QB's come through when it matters most.

Henne comes through when it matters least.

New OC, new offensive weapons, same Henne.

Mr. Chad 'UnClutch' Henne.

Tony Sparano is a really good coach. He's my guy.

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