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Miami Dolphins lose to the Browns, 17-16, and still winless

CLEVELAND -- The Miami Dolphins are winless after three games. Jobs are now officially at stake.

I'm not talking at the end of the year. I'm talking this week, tomorrow perhaps, and on the bye week almost certainly if the losing continues.


The Dolphins, field goal kicking experts, must understand that they are always at risk when they don't maximize drives with touchdowns. That's because other teams do maximize drives with touchdowns. And that helps them win.

This is bad folks. Really bad.

Going into the locker room now. Will report back afterward. 


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No surprise here, except for those of us who didn't think the Dolphins were good enough to get within a point.

Henne has all the tools to be the single greatest FG-producing drive architect who's ever played the game. Draft all kickers next year, we'll be unstoppable. Sparano will need shoulder replacement surgery after all those fist pumps.

Make penny the head coach he can help Luck break in faster. Jeff,Tony and Henne need to go. Start the move NOW. Looks like blackout city for the rest of the year unless they bring in a new coach and new FO.

Sad. Sad. Sad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Pathetic, actually. I am simply speechless. There are no adjectives biting enough, sarcastic enough, honest enough to describe this debacle. Bye-Bye Sparano. Bye-Bye Henne. Bye Bye Season. Let's just try again next year.

"Just do not hire any of the staff that is getting fired from Kansas City"

Chan Gailey was fired by Kansas City before taking over the Bills.

I think Henne could be an all star quarterback in the NFL.....Let's give him a chance even if it requires 14 years

where is armando???? no blogs from him, do you think Coach Sparano kidnapped him so he could not blog about his ouster???

JEFF FISHER! Just feels right compared to other TV announcing options

Poizen I completely agree with you when it comes to Henne not his fault Marshall did not try to catch the 4th down pass... not his fault gates ran his route out of bounds... this game was not hennes fault ... he is going to be a really good qb somewhere and if they do not resign him next year we are screwed... look at the two games he did not play in last year Tyler Thigen made our team look a lot worse than henne did ... he is the only holding this offense together right now

FINS UP when the Ross fires Sparano and Ireland.

Miami has the Dolphins, the gayest football team, they run around in light-pink gown's like the biggest ferries you've ever seen, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins really suck!

Oh yeah hire Rob Ryan NOW

To The One....I saw Tyler Thidpen carrying the clipboard on teh Buffalo sideline today.....oddly enought, his team is 3 - 0 while his old team is 0 - 3.

We need new uniforms! A new coach! A new GM! A new fight song! A new reason to want to watch Mr. Ross! Are you reading this????? Help us help U!!!

Miami football, how do they rate

Coaching staff 0 to 10
Quarterback o to 10

kicker 0 to -10

owner STUPID

Ross just spoke to the press and announced that he's lobbying the rules committee to allow the Dolphins to move the goal posts to the goal line for all 2012 Dolphins home games.

DolphinMisery that is why buffalo is 3-0 because thigpen is not playing

Jay....he doesn't want help!! He doesn't care....the only way to get his attention is to affect his wallet.....start there and progress can can be made!

No that i am looking for agreement.

but thanks to the few who try to see my point.

Henne will not be here next year, and i will be a bigger fan of the qb we have here, than Henne by a mile.

But this blog makes me nute, it is bout ACCOUNTABILITY. Henne is one of the few doing all he can to put us in a better position to win.

There are others with far less efforts!!! Dansby, missed tackles, wake and misi, do the y play anymore? Marshall, drops balls that hit him in the hands. Columbo, still in his 3 point stance from game 1. and coaching, who built this crap and cant coach it to win.

Come on, please see my point, those who are blaming Henne.

Thigpen is far closer to getting the ring then any of the Dolphins are....even if he is carrying a clipboard.....Buffalo could be Jason Taylors next stop!

They are the bottom dwellers of the East, no the AFC, no the National Football league. Are they for sale? Can someone help them? Yet, ticket prices are through the roof for these overpaid guys. We really need a leader both off and on the field. Who's running the ship. Total joke. 30 years of garbage.

"Bags on Heads, Bags On Heads" Let's all do it for the Gators Day home game against the Broncos when we're 0 and 5.

Rob Ryan for Fins coach 2011-

God we suck.


Well at least most of the fans are on the same page...

Not going to game = Dolphins only waste beligerent owners money...

Bring on the Blackouts, and hit the Billionare where it really hurts!!!

"C'mon Guys FIST PUMP!!! We almost had that one.. It's ok we'll get them next time..."

No More Next times... Some times you have to just stop Crack heads from smoking rocks... NO MORE CHANCES !!!

I told you Miami sucks.

Look on the bright side here is no where to go from here but up.

Dolphins: Another. Big Talk. Same result. SHAME SHAME SHAME. If I performed so badly, I would be fired already. Who's to blame? I dont know.

I know everyone is going to be talking about andrew Luck, Just to let all of you know rite now---Nick Foles---Big Ben 2.0

Henne cant make the throw that Mccoy made to win the game---Best QBs make those tight window throws when guys arent wide open/ U have to have the abilty to throw guys open on 3rd down and in the RED area

Henne doesnt suck, he just doest have that type of talent---he will be a solid backup sumwhere else next year----

Been watchn Foles for year and a half---his team sucks this year but he is a monster---Deep ball accuracy best in country

I'm buying a Detroit Lions Cap and jersey.

Here's hoping they lose every game this year, i'm done watching this CRAP!!they put out on the field.FIRE!!!EVERYONE!!!

Hire Al Davis for a day and let him fire Sparano. At least he has the balls to do it. Mr Ross, u made a mistake by bringing sparano back and paying him for 2 more yrs, WTH were u thinking? FIRE him tonight. Why wait? Its a 1-15 or 2-14 season anyway. Might as well give us fans an early Xmas present.

The blueprint from Parcells does not work. Tony Sparano is over the top conservative. Anyone watching the game could see how the Browns put the ball in the air to win. Sparano played not to lose. The current NFL is like a shootout. Look how many points teams are scoring. You can not protect a three point lead on the ground in today's NFL. Moreover the defense is not good enough. Personnel decisions and releasing 2nd and 3rd round bad picks have caught up with the Dolphins.

Maybe miami can get one more person from Dallas Cowboy's, "Rob Ryan", im from Connecticut, and wanted Sparano to do well, but now I believe he should be shown the door, There is No fire in this team, no desire to win, the O-line played terrible, the defense played terrible, I mean c-mon what the Fu[k. this is Very Sad, Very SWad state of Affairs my fellow Dolphins fans!

They need a fresh start. Now is the time.

Bills and lions, my super bowl pick

This team BLOWS!

Too many stupid penalties. We self destruct more than any team I have seen.

Too many missed field goals.

Bush CANNOT run between the tackles. His fumble and inability to run north/south shows he is a 3rd down only back.

The BEAST got manhandled most of the day and began to pout like a child. I think I saw Daboll put him into motion only once or twice, can't he see what is happening to his only legit playmaker?

Hartline played well but he and Bess can't get open consistently. Man to man cover guards them well most plays.

Daboll still can't get Bush and Thomas on the field together and make it productive. He still can't get us to score when in the red zone. His play calling there is REALLY bad.

Our D backs and linebackers are really pathetic. Dansby can't cover ANY TE in the league. Smith is literally affraid to tackle anyone near him with the ball. Worst yet, he can't cover anyone either. I feel horrible for Wilson, he shouldn't have been in the game for god's sake.

Horrible D Coaching on last drive. You're facing a horrible QB and you decide to go prevent and only rush three the entire drive??? Nolan is pathetic.

I know Sparano will go down for all of this and maybe he should. But only Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Starks, Wake, JT and Thomas showed any signs of playing tough today. The rest of this squad are quitters or simply B squad material. Shame!

Go get Chucky!!!!!!

"Well, I saw a lot of positive things out there today and we played them real close. That's a tough Browns team. It's all fixable - we'll get this cleaned up. We're on the road now for a few more weeks which is what we like as a team. I sense a win real soon."

Tony Sparano

Maybe they should fire Sparano and make Bryan Cox interim head coach. Rather than a fist pump after a field goal Bryan could just give the finger to the uprights.

Cowher to Luck, "last QB to where number 12 won 2 super bowls and went undefeated.

Maybe next week guys. Any ideas?


"Our defense had a really nice game today except for a few miscues when the game was on the line. No worries, we're only three games outside of first place. We'll get this cleaned up."

Tony Sparano


the second coming of Danny boy is finally here!!!!!

Fergie, Jlo, Serena, Venus, Emilio, Gloria, Jimmy, Marc, my office! Now!

I don't want to see any change at this point. Not because I think Sparano and company can do the job but because if this is how it's suppose to play out then so be it. If you think Mike Nolan is going to take over and things are magically going to be different then you're kidding yourself. Sparano isn't going to be here next year and it's become clearer by the day that neither are Henne and Ireland. So most will get their wish but then we're going to say 'now what?'. So maybe we end up with Luck or maybe it's one of the other young QBs and maybe we get a guy like Jeff Fisher but who are we going to end up with as GM and how do you know he's going to be any better. 'He can't be any worse than Ireland is not the answer'. The team needs to get this right. I don't know enough about who the good GMs are and what makes them better than others but I have to think Ross is going to bring his good friend Carl Peterson in to be GM and I have no clue if that's going to be any better than having Ireland than GM.

I guess Parcells is not really that good at shopping for grocerys either. He sucks at putting together a team.

Luck on the bright side guys, hope is just around the corner.

Sorry, wear number 12! Is Bob Griese!!!!!
Luck will wear it well.

Yep at this point Orange crush and Black new Uniforms would get me excited. Anything different. Child Please.

Time for Bill Cowher!

Did anybody see the difference Charles Clay made today with the offense? Anybody? Yeah, me neither.

Ladies and Gentleman, your new California Dolphins????

"We've put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the season, and we're showcasing it tonight for the first time, so you have butterflies," Ross said a few hours before kickoff. "We've tried a lot of new things. Certainly we're going to make mistakes. We're watching to see what works, what doesn't work."
"We have just a great bunch of partners who have a great feeling and compassion for South Florida and the Miami Dolphins," Ross said. "It has been a fun experience getting to know them."

The celebrities are part of Ross' effort to spice up excitement at games. He says they reflect the diversity of South Florida and show the franchise is connected with the community.

9/21/2009 CBS Sportswire


Cowher, Luck, Thomas, Marshall...Glory days!

Check out the sitch in K.C., ST. Louis, and Minne. Luck don't sound so lucky.

Rob Ryan wants to be a head coach badly, plus he hates to lose! Gruden and Cowher are not hungry anymore! Too rich and well fed!

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