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MNF: Dolphins need a masterpiece to win

Yes, the Dolphins play tonight against their feeder team, the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, there will be a live blog. And yes, this is the final preseason game.

So next up is the Monday night regular-season opener against New England. There are approximately 5,000 tickets left for that tilt. Unlike tonight's preseason-finale, the Dolphins expect to sell out that one.

But what happens in that game will set the tone for the rest of the season. ESPN will broadcast the game as part of a doubleheader with Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden on board for the call. They recently held a national conference call to talk about that game and the slate of games coming on Monday night.

The trio was asked to size up the two teams, including a critical look at their offensive lines, both of which struggled in their most recent preseason games -- the Dolphins versus Tampa Bay and the Patriots against Detroit.

JAWORSKI: "We all know that Detroit put a lot of energy into that game. It wasn't a show‑off preseason game. They wanted to show they were going to be for real. They really did torch the Patriots offensive line. I'm sure it's not been a good week at practice for the Patriots. It's an area they certainly have to get better. Tom Brady got hit too many times. He got flushed from the pocket too many times.

"You know what happens. This is a copycat league. We all know the Dolphins can play pretty darn good defense, and Cameron Wake can get after the quarterback. They're going to look at that tape and say, 'Hey, that was the Detroit Lions. I know it was a preseason game, but look at the individual matchups. They were winning up front.' When the Dolphins look at that tape, they're going to glean something positive out of that tape. They're probably going to look back and see Brady get rattled against theJets last year in the playoff game. When I look at this matchup, I think it's going to come down to that Patriots offensive line against that Miami defense, which is much improved again. They've got a wealth of talent on that front seven.

TIRICO: "Since I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and you have two Michigan quarterbacks going head to head, Tom Brady and Chad Henne. You know everything about Brady, obviously unanimous MVP. But what a huge game for Henne, and if you think about it over the last couple of years, Chad Henne's games have come earlier in the year, nationally televised games. So a very important game not just for Chad but for Miami.

"There is so much, I gu0ess, lack of clear messaging coming from the Dolphins during the off‑season. Would there be a new head coach? Would there be a new quarterback? Well, the same two guys are in the two most important positions in football. So they're feeling that pressure.

"Their schedule early on is difficult, and there's a lot rolled into this game at home. If they can get one against the Patriots and gain some confidence, can Reggie Bush have a good game in his debut? Brandon Marshall, after another off‑season with issuesand problems, I think we all always know approximately what we're going to get from the Patriots. There's such consistency in the regular season from Belichick.

"So Miami is the wild card to me. And will those guys who are put, I guess, on the ledge a little bit in terms of their future with the Dolphins, will they come up with big games with everybody watching first game of the regular season? To me, that'sthe big curiosity factor of the game going in."

GRUDEN: "I'm not as concerned about New England, nor am I as concerned about the offensive line after the Detroit Lions game. I credit Detroit with playing great at home. I think after being pummeled on Thanksgiving Day by the Patriots a year before, making numerous mistakes, they rose to the challenge. But I don't put as much stock in preseason games maybe as others.

"I think New England is the team to beat in the AFC this year for obvious reasons. They got the best coach, and they have the best quarterback combination. You could argue that, but they're dynamic. And I think their young players that emerged and exploded onto the scene last year will be even better. Hernandez, Gronkowski, a number of players will even be better this year than they were a year ago.

"I just have a lot of questions about the Dolphins. They've got a new offensive coordinator. They've got a completely new cast of running backs. Ronnie and Ricky are gone, and Chad Henne, he's going to really have to put a masterpiece together, I believe,to beat the New England Patriots in an opener."


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I have to take my Kids to orientation for school before the game.

I just want to repost these before I go:

Hey, if the guys on the list above organized a strike, that might carry a little weight. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................

I don't want to sound like an NFLPA rep, but I'd have one demand right up front.

1. Ban the Blog Hit Troll. There's not much room for negoitations on this one. I don't mind him being here per se, as HIMSELF! But I have two sub sections on my demand.

A. No hacking and/or Impostor-ing.

B. Clean it up just a bit. Funny is good, while sick is..........just SICK!

Anywhoo, I nominate DC Dolfan to play Duh-Maurice Smith vs. Armando's Roger Goodell!

Let the STRIKE BEGIN!!!!!

(actually, I'd rather wait until tomorrow-LOL-FIST PUMP!)

Posted by: odinseye | September 01, 2011 at 03:00 PM


I feel your pain. 07 was bad. I go through all the same things. My PitBull Mastiff even knows when MY PHINS lose! Seriously, people hide from me.

Oddly enough 07 was the most laid back and relaxing year I've ever had. Actually the first 4 weeks were murder. By halftime of game 5 I shot my TV with a 9mm. Seriously, I was going to use a 12 gauge, but I didn't want to repair that much damage. It's not as bad as it sounds because actually I've always wanted to shoot a TV(not sure why, but whatever).

Anyway, from that point on, I relaxed and took the good with the bad.

PS: You should have seen my girlfriend at the time FREAK OUT! You would've thought I shot the President or something-LOL!

Posted by: odinseye | September 01, 2011 at 03:11 PM


The Pats will be in mid-season form. That much we know. If Miami is in anything less than mid-season form, it is a sure loss. If Miami is fully ready to play they will win.

Henne hasn't already beat Brady !!

Mission, hit Brady! Plain and simple, he's a little biatch and bails on a game when he takes shots

If we could work organize....then they would HAVE to give us our blog back....

Mark in Toronto, Henne has beaten Brady. He beat him in 2009 at Sun Life Stadium. Final score was 22-21 and Henne had a ridiculous stat line. Better luck next time.

"MNF: Dolphins need a masterpiece to win"

According to John Gruden.

When I look at this matchup, I think it's going to come down to that Patriots offensive line against that Miami defense, which is much improved again. They've got a wealth of talent on that front seven.

According to Ron Jaworski

I agree with Jaws. I don't think they need a masterpiece. I think the defense needs to pressure Brady early and often. If the Dolphins defense plays well and holds New England to 21 or under we have a good shot at winning. Oh yeah, the offense will need to score 6 points per quarter on average. If the defense can hold to 21 and we get our 6 per we win this game. No masterpiece needed.

Fins 38
Patsies 3

Write it down. We gonna shock the world.

Almost forgot about you Tony, sorry.

(he comes here for pre game tips)

Just remember, like I told you before: Berger at Guard, Carey back out to Tackle.


Repost as well

Do you guys remember that Bruce Willis movie which starts with a Football game and the RB shoots the MLB and Safety in order to score?? I`d like to see that dedication out of our OL!! If you want to know what the CRAZED Muslim like fanatic in me really thinks!

@ Loud

The Pats averaged 32,4 points per game last season; and 39,5 vs the Dolphins.

Believe me, keeping them under 21 points WOULD BE an absolute masterpiece.

This game is about our OL vs. the Pats new look 4/3, don`t forget people we will be the 1st to sample Wifork and Haynsworth inside together and adding Carter as a DE in there scheme is strong as well. In all other aspects we have enough to hang in there but if Henne gets killed by there brickwall killer DL it will be a looooong evening!!

The Fish are desperate to win this game for so many reasons. Tony and Chad need to prove they are worthy, the team needs to prove it can win at home, and we need to prove that we're not the same team who had two colossal meltdowns against these Pats a season ago.

Big plays.
I'm predicting a defensive touchdown and long ball.

Sorry Gq. I meant to type that he has already beat Brady to contradict gruden's assertion. I'm breaking in a new android phone and this autocorrect function is killing me. I also think my fingers are too fat and I should mash the keypad to obtain a special dialing wand. (Simpsons fiends on this blog will understand that reference)

Key is to get after Brady. Brady cracks after being hit a few times. He becomes easily frustated.

O-Line Truffle Shuffle!!

Miami isn't going to win game 1.....not unless Nolan has some crazy tricks up his sleeve for this defense.

Defense is the key to winning this game. If we get in a shootout we will lose big!! We must keep Brady off the field. We have to blitz on every down!!

I also think we dont blitz on every down and give Brady time in the pocket. Also do we even have a personnel package to blitz that often? I dont think we do!!My gut tells me we get conservative and that will be the a sure fire way to 0-1.

I hear ya Yan. Good thing we don't have the same team as last year huh? Our special teams and defense has improved. Special teams KILLED us in those Pats games. Look at where the average drive started for the Pats in those two games. I don't expect the Pats to put up 39 points on Monday night in Sun life stadium. The Dolphins traditionally play well on Monday nights at home. I hate and never agree with using just stats to figure out what may happen in a game. You have to look at the big picture. The Pats are a great team but like the Lions last week, the Dolphins have A LOT to prove and are playing with a chip on their shoulder. I expect this one to go down to the wire. We'll see, time will tell.

Gruden's just bitter because he didn't get Sparano's job. What a "hater".

Daniel Thomas may get left behind in Miami
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 1, 2011, 3:24 PM EDT

Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas is congratulated by teammates after he scored a second quarter touchdown against the Carolina Panthers during their preseason NFL football game in Miami Reuters

The Dolphins may rely on Reggie Bush as an every-down back because they have no choice.

Rookie Daniel Thomas, once expected to split carries or more with Bush, has struggled to pick up the Dolphins offense. He was chewed out for running tentatively at the goal line in the team’s second preseason game, and then barely played with the starters in the third game.

Pass blocking has been an issue for the second round pick.

Bringing in Larry Johnson may not have been the greatest sign for Thomas. There have been numerous reports the Dolphins haven’t been happy with Thomas “tip-toeing” behind the line of scrimmage.

Sparano talked in the offseason about returning to a run-first approach. It’s hard to see that happening with Bush and Thomas at the helm.

We know Reggie is getting a lot of positive press, but he didn’t consistently excel on a much better offense in New Orleans.

Dolphins fans may wind up missing the days of Ricky and Ronnie.

Gruden has no idea what he's talking about as usual. He had a run with 2 good teams and when they gave him control he showed he had no idea what he was doing. I am so glad the Dolphins didn't hire him. That being said, who has the better defense? I think without question it's the dolphins, 3-4 pro bowl linebackers, deep defensive line and 2 great corners. Free safety is our only problem. As far as offense goes, Patriots have a great line and very good QB and an up an coming tight end. Dolphins have better receivers and to be honest, if the line actually plays better, Henne will look like a world beater against the Pats secondary. Special teams is a wash- both teams have great kickers and punters but if Reggie is returning kicks we have the edge. At home we should win this game and if our line plays well, we may have the better team at the end of the day. It's up to our coaches to get this team ready and have a game plan in place. Mark in Toronto is 100% right - hit Brady a few times and he folds, I live in Mass - I see this guy every week stand in the pocket for 10 seconds and pick teams apart. You get to him 2 or 3 times early and he hears footsteps. Pats can't run the ball unless the game is open. Playing a nickel with a run blitz neutralizes Brady and the run. We have the CB's and LB's.
Dolphins- 27 Pats 10

new year, last year stat are worthless.
@ yan
I believe Miami is an 8-8 team as it stand right now think a win here is a given to me. Pat's never really just run through Miami so i think it will be a close game, question can henne rise to take a late lead cause I believe the defense can win on a late drive (like last yer)

While it's important to hit Brady, he's good under the blitz. The second to last game of the season when he roasted the Jets it was because they were blitzing the whole game and he was making quick reads that lead to big plays.

In the playoffs, the Jets sat back and played a thick zone, and he was flustered the entire game by it. The worst I've seen him... I think we avoid the exotic blitzes and let our line and OLBs handle their O-line.

Also, has anyone noticed how much Cam Wake has been dropping into coverage during the preseason? I hope we don't keep that up...

Funny fans, can't accept one single critical opinion even from a former super bowl winning head coach. All positive reviews you show off and believe, and any negative review you say had to have been written by an idiot.

Pat's never really just run through Miami so i think it will be a close game

Posted by: O'darris D'haiti #20 (FIU 2009) | September 01, 2011 at 03:54 PM

What are you talking about dude? The Pats destroyed us twice last year, totally embarrassed us.

Anybody know where to get video of the Pats/Browns game last year?

Granted, this team and the Browns last year are very different teams. Still, I'm guessing Daboll will try what worked for him before.

PS: We have to get pressure on Brady for sure, but Bell, Dansby and Burnett have to cut off the short quick hits and slants.

Even regardless of last year stats, keeping the Pats under 21 points would be a masterpiece

If Miami can get to Brady without blitzing, they'll be in the game.

If Miami doesn't, the offense will probably need to score 30 points to be in it.

Every report that surfaces on D. Thomas struggling makes me cringe. Hope he puts it together & doesn't become another wasted high draft pick by this regime.

Gruden is an idiot, at least re his analysis of the Fins offense.

He states a new OC as a negative. Did he not see the Henning offense last year?

He talks about Ronnie and Ricky gone as negatives. Did he not see Ricky tap dancing last year or that Ricky has lost half a step and could not get to the corner?

Has he not reviewed film of Henne the last two games? Henne was not simply "lucky" in those games but had command of the offense and threw accurately. You can't fake those things.

And Tirico too, an idiot. The Harbaugh episode is long gone. The Orton episode is in the rear view mirror. Marhall's episode with his wife he evens brings up as "issues and problems" does he not know about Marshall's getting treatment? And it's working? He asks can Bush be successful in this O. Has he not seen any tape of the pre-season games?

Give me a break Tirico - go do your job and watch some tape and do some research on Brandon instead of spewing out the talking points of people who don't know squat. He sounds like a reporter for People magazine instead of a football announcer.

Gruden has no idea what he's talking about as usual. He had a run with 2 good teams and when they gave him control he showed he had no idea what he was doing

Zaf | September 01, 2011 at 03:52 PM

So you consider taking over the Raiders who were a bottom feeder at the time and making them relevant again while turning journeyman Rich Gannon into an NFL MVP and winning your division in the process an easy??

How about taking an imobile Brad Johnson and making him look all world in finnishing what Tony Dungy couldn`t in Tampa running right thru his former team to a Super Bowl title in 2003.

Yeah genius your right he`s a TURD!! The only thing that the Glazer family did in Tampa that was wrong was in letting Gruden pull double duty as Coach/GM aside from that he is one hell of a coach!! His point of view for me carries weight.

Just wait until we catch NE by surprise with the wildcat. Ha!

Both teams are holding back their real offensive & defensive schemes. The difference is the Pats are a much better known entity - Nolan & Daboll are gonna make it interesting. I want the Fins to destroy them, but if they play the Pats hard & lose a close one they can build on it. Personally I think we shock the experts & beat the Patsies. Tired of the naysayers - time to support our team - go Fins!

Get Real, I think that was only the 3rd time in history that the Pats swept us and we are .500 or better since Belicheat came to NE and our team has stunk. We are on our way up now so how about some positive remarks. Tell me again how Gruden took a Super bowl team (that Dungee couldn't win with) and destroyed it in a couple years. He was in the right place at the right time twice. We need o line improvement to move to the next level and some supportive fans.

I recall two years ago the same topic came up early...Pats are going to rip the Fins apart and Brady will have a 4 TD 400 Yd game.

That was the game in Foxboro where we introduced the wildcat and scored like 30+ points and made Brady look BAD.

Look back over the last 10 years since Brady has been in NE..we always play them tough and have won plenty of games in which we were huge underdogs.

Don't believe the HYPE!

Gruden is an idiot, at least re his analysis of the Fins offense.

He states a new OC as a negative. Did he not see the Henning offense last year?

He talks about Ronnie and Ricky gone as negatives. Did he not see Ricky tap dancing last year or that Ricky has lost half a step and could not get to the corner?

Posted by: MJZ | September 01, 2011 at 04:16 PM

This is what you call selective reasoning, in other words, twisting words to conform to what you want to believe.

Having a new OC has nothing to do with whether he is better than Henning and everything to do with a team learning a new offense which doesn't happen over night.

If your second round RB that you TRADED UP for is dancing and tip toeing like the guy you just let go, uhhh, yeah that is an issue unresolved.

Pats - high octane years of experience offense
Fins - brand new offense not fully implemented

Those are his points. Logical to me not idiotic as you say.

Gruden had some good years but it's equally true the Bucs were a complete mess when he left there. You can't just cherry-pick the parts (good OR bad) of his tenure that back your own view of him.

If and when Miami seeks a new HC he wouldn't be my first choice---nor would Cowher for that matter.

I'd rather see them go after an up and coming young assistant (like Raheem Morris was, as well as Mike Tomlin) rather than think they have to have a "name" guy. Someone on the way up with a passion to prove themselves.

If it was a "veteran coach" I'd actually go after Jeff Fisher first. Inside NFL circles, you will rarely hear anyone who doesn;t copnsider Fisher among the very best and he's notorious for always putting together some of the smartest, best teaching staffs in the league.

You can say he's never won it all (and that's true) but it's equally true the Titans have a lousy, spendthrift owner that Fisher won a LOT of games under regardless. I think if he had coached all those years in a good organization like Pittsburgh or NE he's have the rings to show for it.


I give more weight to the most recent games not games several seasons ago.

All the support in the world from me here in the blog won't change one single play or one single player.

Nobody said a fan can't have an open mind. I just find many here close minded and plain frightened to consider any point of view from anybody that isn't all roses. Think what you want of Gruden. His opinion carries more weight to me than someone who has never coached an NFL team before. You don't have to agree with him either, but to right off every contrary opinion as idiotic is well, idiotic.

Just read through these posts and you will see.

Every one agrees and gushes with the positive comments those other guys made and cries fool idiot about the one with a less rosy opinion.

I like to consider all sides possible before forming my own conclusions.

Tell me again how Gruden took a Super bowl team (that Dungee couldn't win with) and destroyed it in a couple years. He was in the right place at the right time twice. We need o line improvement to move to the next level and some supportive fans.

Zaf | September 01, 2011 at 04:26 PM

Listen no ofense but you obviouly don`t have any idea what your talking about. In the 1st place Gruden took over a Raider franchise that had been run into the ground by 2 former OL Coaches (Art Shell, Joe Bugel) They were winning at the time an averege of 6 games a year when Al Davis picked a little known Q.B. Coach from the Packers to be his new HC.

They signed Minnesota retread and perennial journeyman Rich Gannon who Gruden tutores and turns into the 2001 NFL MVP!!! They didn`t play the Rams in the Super Bowl because just like in the immaculate fraud that Franco Harris picked up of the ground they were jobbed with the TUCK RULE, maybe the biggest highway robbery of all time!! He becomes the ONLY Coach in league history to be traded when the Raiders send him to Tampa for two #1 draft picks.

He inherits a team in Tampa with a stiffling D but a horrible O were Shaun King was the Q.B. He signs Brad Johnson from Washington in another move considered at the time to be an after thought and wins the SB with him in absolutely handind the Raiders there butts because they couldn`t execute on O given there playbook was designed by Gruden, learn the facts before you post!!

More in tune with Jaworsky than Gruden.

Last but not least, I have to admit I am concerned with Thomas.

It's fair to say he still deserves a lot more time before drawing any conclusions. But having to bring in LJ does seem to suggest they have some concern for a second round pick they traded up for.

I hope he does well. He has great hands out of the back field now if he can be a bruising runner too, his value will sky rocket.

More than a master piece, I like to do something that never have seen before, after LouD and Craig M or Greg Z (I don't remember, excuse me) put my feet in the ground with my idea to put Long instead of Colombo, (Craig or Greg told me that is better Long in LT and Murtha at RT, and I agree, thank you). I see Bess much faster than ever before, I think he can beat a corner going deep, and for sure Brandon M. will demand a double coverage. My opinion is send Bess deep early but not often. My biggest concern is the running game.

Why dont you guys get your lazy assess up and buy some tickets so they wont get black-out this season?

Tirico-poor baby!-is a bit of an idiot but Chucky and Jaws are easily the best commentators around.

Ask Brady over the years what team he hates playing the most and has the worst stats against. It's Miami!!

We all think this is the best Dolphin defense in the past 7 years.

When Brady gets hit, he is not the same QB.

If anyone thinks Mike Nolan is just gonna sit back and rush 4, and not blitz. Not happening!!

anyone know a link to watch the game tonight?

...You do not have to like Gruden. But calling him an idiot because he has questions about the Phins is kind of rediculous. I have seen bloggers here say worse things about the team they supposedly support, Then what Gruden correctly stated.

I do not agree that we have to play a masterpiece in order to win this game. Opening week Division games are not gimmies. We do have a coordinator that did a good job against the Hoodie last year. Put up points with a Rookie Qb, and a points scoring challenged offense. Perhaps Daboll has a good idea how to attack Hoodies defense.

Defensively, we should be able to get pressure on Brady. It has been written here all day that pressure is Brady's Kryptonite. So I do not need to add to this point.

Turnovers will be the key to this game. I believe if we win that battle, we will win the game..That simple. We cannot afford to give the Pats extra possessions, or short fields. Offensivley. We have to find ways to get 6 when the opportunities present themselves..These will be the telling stats for game 1.

whilst i am optimistic about big improvements in our team for this year and my heart says that we will beat the pats in game 1 my head says they are the favourites especially for tv callers and journalists, the pats have been consistent regular season proven winners, we have not

it's a new season and the fins have a new way of doing things so there is every reason for a change in power

but we are unproven , u can r argue that 2011 pats are also unproven but until we actually beat them i'm gonna keep my feet on the ground

as long as game 1 isn't a disaster i think we will improve all season , barring crucial injuries(and are more likely to do this than the pats)

if we beat the pats in game 1 we won't just be opening the eyes of the rest of the football world we'll be torching their eyelids off

go fins!

ahhh, I`m looking foward to this game and when we win I will climax in my Spidey underooos! (oder loves spiderman) but only after I give my sweet man oscar a strong man locke, uhhhh! If DC Dolphin is there I might blow two loads while watching Brady on the jumbotron

Execution will be the key. That may sound like a remedial comment to make, but, it is true. Specifically, the O-line needs to have it's act together and avoid the drive-killing penalties and blown assignments (sacks) and guys like Fasano, Bess, and Bush need to catch the ball before turning up field.

If you see motion penalties, batted passes, and the dropsies, you will not see a Miami victory.

It's a mental game, and the Pats almost never beat themselves.

I'd sooner go to a Paulie Shore movie marathon than watch Week 4 of the preseason.

What to look for tonight? A bunch of guys calling themselves "Cowboys" or "Dolphins" one final time before taking positions as FedEx clerks or life insurance agents.

I'll wait for the real thing in 10 days, thanks.

keep Henne upright and Brady on butt and the PHINS win,if it's reversed,then the Pats win.
Any questions?

ahhh, I`m looking foward to this game and when we win I will climax in my Spidey underooos! (oder loves spiderman) but only after I give my sweet man oscar a strong man locke, uhhhh! If DC Dolphin is there I might blow two loads while watching Brady on the jumbotron

Posted by: fin4life-bigSTIFFone | September 01, 2011 at 06:03 PM

Man aside from being a coward who hides behind a screen you`ve got to be one of the creepiest bastards I`ve ever come accross. To think up half the CRAP you write takes a truely degenerative mind.

I think you're something that RHYMES with "witch," Tabitha.


In the 2001 Season when Drew Bledsoe was hurt on a Monday night game vs. the Jets Tom Brady was anything but spectacular. It blows my mind that nobody remembers just how mediocre he really was as a 2nd year player. Everybody points to the Pats winning the SB and Brady being the 2nd coming or something but it was anything but. His # were pedestrian they ran the same type of "We don`t need you to win just not loose" mentality that we run in Miami. They get in the playoffs as a Wild Card and in a slug fest in the snow with the Raiders the famous tuck rule gives them the most contraversial win since the immaculate reception. Brady dinged doesn`t even start the AFC Championship game vs. Pitt. Bledsoe did guiding them to the win that sends them to the SB.

Belichik kills speculation about his SB starter by sticking with Brady ending the Bledsoe era but if memory serves it was Ty Law with a pick 6 and the D thet puts them up early vs. the greatest show on turf and keeps them in it with an agressive physical play from the DB`s which eventually led to a changing of the rules, for God sakes they win that game 20-17 vs. an Offense that avereged well over 30 points all Season. Do you know what the Pats did for an encore in 2002, Brady`s 1st year as the starter?? They missed the payoffs!! He threw for yards and boat loads of picks as well. They actually started the 2003 Season 0-2 getting pummeled by Bledsoe and the Bills 38-7 before holding a team meeting and ripping off 2 straight titles but for those keeping count it was Brady`s 3rd as a starter, this being Henne`s 3rd who conversely didn`t have Charlie Weiss tutoring him but Dan Henning and David Lee.

If you move foward to 2008 Brady goes down week 1 in K.C. and Matt Cassell steps in and after a shakey start goes on a terror run to end the Season holding an identcal 11-5 record to Miami but loose out on the tie braker and don`t make the post season. I bet alot of teams were glad cause by Dec. 2008 Cassell looked like?? well Brady!! The NFL is a fickle business and you really need to be at the right place at the right time because this long rant is about telling everybody reading this that without N.E. Brady ain`t Brady, plain and simple!! If he is running what we had for an Offense these last 2 years he tanks and probably is every bit the headcase Henne might be behind closed doors today.

I don`t want to read a post about me saying Henne is Brady cause I`m not!! Brady ran with his situation and Henne has yet to but the right system can make or break careers and Brady was blessed because with all due respect to his Holiness he`s no Marino, Favre, Elway or Manning, yeah I went there!! Peyton Manning anybody really think Brady can carry a franchise the way Peyton has, please!!! In 2007 with his shot at perfection bringing one of the best ensamble record breaking offenses of all time he caves under a relentless Giants pass rush looking anything but great in the process of having Tuck, Kiwanuka and Strahan pummel his keaster!!!

fin4life...Can you repost the sight you mentioned from your earlier post? My server for some reason goes kaput when I try and look at todays earlier posts. I read the stuff from this afternoon on my phone. Now That I'm home no cell service...Great part of living in the middle of nowhere...lol.

Good stuff on page 7 of the Sparano blog...Well said by everyone.

So who cares what those comments from former players and coaches I believe that they can't predict the future!! Who ever thought that Tampa bay was going to have a 10 and 6 record??? No one maybe except some loyal fans... So the ball bounces in different directions so a turn over here and there makes a difference in a game!! So who in the hell knows??? NO ONE!!



Henne beat the Pats in 2009 by throwing 53 passes.
If he has to average 50 passes per game this year so be it.
And if 10 of throws are going to Bush and another 10 to Thomas that's fine with me.

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