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Brandon Marshall most targetted plus more Daboll video

Brandon Marshall is a very self-aware individual. He is fascinating in that regard.

He isn't a perfect person. He knows he isn't a perfect person. He knows that applies both on or off the field. Right now I want to share with you his view of his situation on the field.

Marshall leads the Dolphins with 13 catches for 218 yards. That's very good, but it could be better and Marshall knows it because as the chart below shows, the Dolphins are looking for him a ton so far this year. That's why Marshall is tied for the league lead in targets -- meaning, the number of passes thrown his way.

Top 10 Targets 2011

1t) Miles Austin – Dallas Cowboys – 24

1t) Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – 24

1t) Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – 24

4t) Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys – 23

4t) Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans – 23

4t) Wes Welker – New England Patriots – 23

7) Mike Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars -21

8t) Matt Forte – Chicago Bears – 20

8t) Steve Johnson – Buffalo Bills – 20

8t) Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – 20

8t) Mike Wallace -- Pittsburgh Steelers - 20.

The fact Marshall is tied for most targets is great news because it shows progress over last year when he was sometimes lost in the offense. But getting so many targets while being tied only for 18th with 13 catches is not good news for the Miami receiver.

He knows the wider the gulf between targets and actual catches means something wrong is going on between the time the ball leaves the quarterback and arrives where he is.

"Last year was the first year that I wasn’t the most targeted receiver," Marshall said this week. "It’s always been that way and the thing being the most targeted receiver is good, but you want that ratio of completion percentage to go up so you’re targeted 180 something times a year, which I’ve been since I’ve been in the league means nothing if you’re only catching 50 percent of those balls.

"So we want to see that ratio change a little bit and be more efficient and effective when the ball comes my way whether it’s me catching the ball or throws, me being put in better situations."

So what is the ideal target ratio in Marshall's opinion?

“I’m not sure right now," he said. "I would like to be up in the 80s if possible, but I don’t know. That’s a stat that I have kept my eye on in the past and never liked where it was so I would like to see it go up a little bit.”

Don't misunderstand. Marshall is fine with the amount of targets right now. He merely wants to increase the number of catches. He definitely is not complaining.

“Wow, that would say a lot about me if I were complaining about the targets I’m getting right now, but I wish the ball would come my way every time," Marshall said. "But then that ratio would probably drop a little bit. We have guys like (Anthony) Fasano, we got (Davone) Bess, (Brian) Hartline, that we can get the ball to and win."


Yesterday, I shared with you Brian Daboll passionately discussing the need to improve the Miami red zone offense. Today, I want to share with you his views of getting both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas in the game at the same time.

And, you'll notice, he neither confirms nor denies the possibility the Dolphins might eventually run a Wildcat type formation once in a while. 

One more thing: Yes, I sit in the front row whenever I can so I can share these videos with you. And Daboll notices. As you'll see.



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Throw to Bess more.

Take that Yeah!

Bess is money. He never drops it. Plus he's fast as lightning.


Bess is not fast as lightning he's quick as lightning but he's slow!

It wouldn't be a terrible idea to go to the wildcat- as a surprise. With Henning we ended up using the wildcat as a momentum killer, almost as if we were obliged to use it at some point in every game.

Thomas (ex-QB replacing Ronnie) and Bush are better candidates to run the wildcat than were R&R.

Re-post from last blog:

Thanks DA/Joe/Poizen.

Here's to Henne throwing for over 300 yds, at least 3 TDs, Marshall actually catching a pass in the end zone, Thomas getting 100 yds, Bush NOT being used between the tackles, a couple of sacks by Wake and JT, and CARROLL NOT GETTING BLOWN UP BY MASSAQUOI!!!!

From my lips to God's ears, hopefully!

I've noticed Yeah has slacked off on being first since being called out as Armando... Maybe there is a connection. LOL

People might criticize me, but I like Daboll. Wouldn't mind seeing him stick around after Sparano gets canned. He's done a pretty good job in a short amount of time.

Yeah! = Armando

Nice article Armando. Forget the wildcat, you should of inquired about us not running any of these little dump passes or screens to Bush that seem to work so well for all the other teams in the league. We don't seem to be doing much with play calling to slow down the pass rush.

Anyone get Home's score prediction against the Brown's yet?

Which RB has the "rocket arm"? I'm guessing Bush?

Note to BM- catch the ball when it hits you in the hands, especially in the end zone, and your catches will be higher.

Daniel Thomas ran the wildcat at K state and used to be a QB. I read that somewhere...

Dear Mr. Salguero

You filmed this Daboll video ?

Can you go to the Theater and get the movie Contagion and post it and do a live blog ?

I heard there was some sorta nasty strain of virus going around Sunlife Stadium so the Fans are staying away....I think they call it the "Sparano 1-11" ...cause's random timeouts, Nepotism and general befuddlement.

Anywhoo.....you remember Bob Crane from Hogan's Heroes.....he was good with a camera also

Soiled :)

If we need to unveil the wildcat to "surprise" someone again, we are lost. It's not even NEW.

Is it asking too much to be competent like other teams who can design creative plays & formations without having to turn College-esque?

Resorting to the WC would be regression & desperation, not progress.

Franchise of clowns.

Hey, a riddle...What do Paul Soliai and Sparano's OL have in common?

Home picked Miami over the Browns at the Sun Sentinel Dolphin blog.Home won the score prediction again last week with his Houston prediction.

Joe Schmoe,

Henne scrambling to save his life not much of a novelty either!

Hey, a riddle...What do Paul Soliai and Sparano's OL have in common?

Posted by: Made in Saipan | September 23, 2011 at 11:29 AM

They all have jiggle from eating lots of grizzle but, have no sizzle?

Priceless Post from yesterday:

PS: Last night I dreamed I was a little kid sitting in Santa's lap. When I told him what I wanted for Christmas, he turned into Don Shula, sadly shook his head from side to side and gave me a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The Dolphins still suck, but Shula-Claus dreams ROCK!

Bottom's Up!!!!


You're one of a kind, buddy! Shula-Claus...priceless! Too bad Shula couldn't make a curtain call, huh?

Okay, thanks Oscar but I need the score Home predicted in a win over the Browns.

Glade is like the speed of a Submatic particle at 60 nanoseconds

ratio Smation.... Catch it when it counts. This is a weird way to evaluate effectiveness. What if he only catches 35% but they are all first downs or touch downs. Catch the damn ball when it counts. This is all mubo jumbo

If a loss against Cleveland ushers out Sparano and Ireland....I really hate to say this....Than I am rooting for the Browns To Beat My Beloved Phins....In my estimation Ireland and Sparano have proven on more than one occasion that they are in over their heads...I hope we are in the Luck Hunt Come The End Of The Season...Henne...Despite What some of the few who still believe in him say...Is not our quarterback of the future...C'est La Vie...

bess dropped a 20 yard pass against houston that would have converted 3rd and 19. That drive killed any chances of a come back

Someone else beat me to it.

But if Marshall catches the balls that hit him dead in the hands, the whole organization would be happier. Especially in the end zone.

turnaround starts this weekend

go fins!

...Very few rookie Rb's fully grasp pass protection schemes until later in the season, if at all. Eventually, he will have to figure out the blocking, or he will become a liability, it will also be fairly obvious what our intentions are when he is in the game. But for now, his job is to soak up carries, and keep us ahead of the chains on first, and second downs..We have Reggie Bush on passing situations. So really. Thomas should be on the sideline anyway..

Back to the blocking. Thomas had a good game last week. Now that teams have some "game tape" of him, lets see how he adapts. It would be benificial if Thomas can be that in between the tackles runner the regime stubbornly proclaimed Reggie Bush as. Luckily, after 2 games, it is clear that Bush still cannot do this. Watch the playbook AFC, and see the breakdown of one play in particular where the run blocking was set up for a HUGE play..Bush cannot help himself, and refuses to just get down field, he has to make cuts, and play laterally.. This is fine when you are in space, one on one. But when the play is designed for you to make 1 CUT then UP THE FIELD...Those plays that should be big gainers, have no chance...

DD, It seems thomas had a good game becasue Daboll saw the obvious tee'ing off on Henne by the D ends and out side linebackers. their over pursuit to kill Henne opened up the delay hand off. So I like Daboll and his adjustments. Thomas just scares me, he has the Sammie Smith/Steven Jackson running style. I am praying for close to Jackson to occur!

If we continue to give up 500 yard games on Defense, no RB will ever really be a factor for us.

Most Targeted Receiver?

One of the most useless "stats" I have ever seen. Promotes more selfish attitudes by these guys, IMO.

Hope Clay can play and we can run the football.

Encouraged that our passing game has improved, but we need to run the football to win. Some things never change in this great game.

Go Dolphins!

Going to the Browns game. We are due in terms of beating this team. Stop the run and Miami wins.

Kind of amazing that if Marshall doesn't drop that TD pass or Donald Thomas doesn't fumble...we are having some very different discussions this week.

Take it for what its worth...which is nothing...just an observation

Daboll seems like a fun guy to be around. It's nice to see the reporters can have some fun for a change covering our putrid team. It's not bad enough to have to cover a poor team but the Dolphins make it worse with their Belichick style when it comes to sharing with the media. It wouldn't be bad if they won like the Pats because no one would care but that's not the case. So it's nice to see Daboll crack some jokes and keep it light.

And I believe Marshalls route running and catching woes are due to his over thinking the game. Could be Sparanos influence possibly who knows but it just seems like Brandon is the type of player that gets better when he trusts his instincts over his brain. Someone has to get to him on the coaches side and simplify things. He still has to run proper routes but maybe stop thinking about where his feet are, where his hands catch the ball, the placement of his elbows while running. There's so much more involved and I think in Brandons case you just have to let him be his self on those types of things. It just seems like he's to much in his head.

Joe Schmoe...Soliai & the OL?

They both need more tackles.

We will protect this house!


I am not sure he is overthinking, I think he is being VERY selfish. He wants the ball where he wants it to go all the time. Not to where the play calls for it to go.

The problem here is: That works when your O-line is well above average, beause the QB has time to watch for the adjustment. But when your getting hit early on every play, there is no way for a QB to improvise. I think Brandon misses that point some times.

Good stuff Mando, Thanks!

I read my post, Selfish was harsh. I know the guy wants to score and win, but to just start winging it out there is not the best way to go.

We need the wildcat back. Enough said. And if we lose to the browns, or don't win two of the next three, bring mile Nolan as interim and let's start looking for REAL answers.

Ohhhh, and ANYONE who
Has any problem with Brandon Marshall that's a dolphins fan is a douchebag and needs to move to
NE Or new York (jets). They love bags of douche.

Our beef with Ross and Ireland has never been in regards to their goals for the Team but, sometimes, in the way they tried to accomplish them.

Here are Henne's numbers from Sunday...not impressive at all.

12/30 170 5.7 1 1 56.2

Our major beef goes like this

Nhfinsfan, I'm not making excuses, I hate the inconsistency, but it was against the leagues best defense. But I def get it.

When LV has made Cleveland a 2.5 favorite(going up to 3 in one Book) for Sunday's game against the Dolphins means they expect more or less the same score as in our loss to Houston.

I totally agree.

Sparano's career as a head coach is on the line for certain. But I do not see it as coupled with Ireland. They both came in at the same time but do different jobs. Ireland's job is to bring in talent - and our talent has improved remarkably since he came. One remaining question is QB but if Henne succeeds Ireland is okay and if not that becomes his next key. Sparano's job is basically to make the talent he has outperform their abilities. So far my take is that they are underperforming their abilities. Parts of it related to his coaching are a long record of excessive conservatism in play calling, poor conditioning translating into early season losses at home (something that never happened under Shula's three-a-day regimens), slowness in replacing poorly performing assistants, churning the OL and similar mishaps. I think he can turn it around but it definitely has reached the point where it is a turn around. I hope he does. But I also think Ross did the right thing in trying to get Harbaugh and I wish he had succeeded. Ireland on the other hand seems a keeper unless an incoming mega-coach becomes available and insists on total control and his own guys.

Sweet pea. I love the warmness of Southern Ladies.

Susan, Stephanie and Carol have a secret, they are bad mouthing me because I found out... dirty dirty girls.

Has anyone else seen the daily fact on the 2011 dolhin desk calender today? WTF?


Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

Well!, somebody on my side(for a change). By the way, Susan.......


I have to disagree on the Sammie Smith/Daniel Thomas comments.

Other than the obvious fumble, nothing compares.

In Thomas's first game I saw him run tougher and make moves that Sammie Smith only wished he could have.

Additionally, Thomas is an excellent and smooth pass catcher. I don't think Smith had the hands or the natural ability to really excel in the pass game.

Also, to DD's comment, with Thomas's pass catching skills, he won't be a liability(or dead give away)when he's in the game on early downs.

These of course are just my opinions. Other than that:


Et tu, odin!

Franchise of clowns.

Franchise of clowns.

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