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Brandon Marshall most targetted plus more Daboll video

Brandon Marshall is a very self-aware individual. He is fascinating in that regard.

He isn't a perfect person. He knows he isn't a perfect person. He knows that applies both on or off the field. Right now I want to share with you his view of his situation on the field.

Marshall leads the Dolphins with 13 catches for 218 yards. That's very good, but it could be better and Marshall knows it because as the chart below shows, the Dolphins are looking for him a ton so far this year. That's why Marshall is tied for the league lead in targets -- meaning, the number of passes thrown his way.

Top 10 Targets 2011

1t) Miles Austin – Dallas Cowboys – 24

1t) Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – 24

1t) Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – 24

4t) Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys – 23

4t) Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans – 23

4t) Wes Welker – New England Patriots – 23

7) Mike Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars -21

8t) Matt Forte – Chicago Bears – 20

8t) Steve Johnson – Buffalo Bills – 20

8t) Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – 20

8t) Mike Wallace -- Pittsburgh Steelers - 20.

The fact Marshall is tied for most targets is great news because it shows progress over last year when he was sometimes lost in the offense. But getting so many targets while being tied only for 18th with 13 catches is not good news for the Miami receiver.

He knows the wider the gulf between targets and actual catches means something wrong is going on between the time the ball leaves the quarterback and arrives where he is.

"Last year was the first year that I wasn’t the most targeted receiver," Marshall said this week. "It’s always been that way and the thing being the most targeted receiver is good, but you want that ratio of completion percentage to go up so you’re targeted 180 something times a year, which I’ve been since I’ve been in the league means nothing if you’re only catching 50 percent of those balls.

"So we want to see that ratio change a little bit and be more efficient and effective when the ball comes my way whether it’s me catching the ball or throws, me being put in better situations."

So what is the ideal target ratio in Marshall's opinion?

“I’m not sure right now," he said. "I would like to be up in the 80s if possible, but I don’t know. That’s a stat that I have kept my eye on in the past and never liked where it was so I would like to see it go up a little bit.”

Don't misunderstand. Marshall is fine with the amount of targets right now. He merely wants to increase the number of catches. He definitely is not complaining.

“Wow, that would say a lot about me if I were complaining about the targets I’m getting right now, but I wish the ball would come my way every time," Marshall said. "But then that ratio would probably drop a little bit. We have guys like (Anthony) Fasano, we got (Davone) Bess, (Brian) Hartline, that we can get the ball to and win."


Yesterday, I shared with you Brian Daboll passionately discussing the need to improve the Miami red zone offense. Today, I want to share with you his views of getting both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas in the game at the same time.

And, you'll notice, he neither confirms nor denies the possibility the Dolphins might eventually run a Wildcat type formation once in a while. 

One more thing: Yes, I sit in the front row whenever I can so I can share these videos with you. And Daboll notices. As you'll see.



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I couldn't even sleep last night, thinking about the way you provoked me into..........acting............CHILDISH!

I felt bad and CHILDISH all night for the thing I posted. I don't want to be CHILDISH, but I can't clear my conscience and apologize until you do it FIRST!

Because..........you started it!

Na-Nuh Nannah Nah-Nah!

Said Oswald to his wife:

Et Tu, Marina?

(Yes I did) :)

Some observations:

1) If Jason Taylor gets to be called "JT," I want to be called "ND." Unlike JT, ND never abandoned the Dolphins for Washington or the New York Jets. Unlike JT, ND never married Zach Thomas's sister. Unlike JT, ND never played a game of tackle football in his life. Unlike JT, ND never displayed any real physical courage or ever played athletics through pain. Unlike JT, ND likes to build football and baseball stadiums out of Lego. Unlike JT, ND is kind of a man-child.

So take that, JT.

2) I think we've too quickly forgotten how good the Miami defense played at times during Wannestedt's early years here. I remember one year, well into the season, Miami actually had a defensive rushing average of 2.9 yards per carry. Astounding. Of course, the problem with that defense was they never seemed to come up big when they really needed to at the end of the game.

3) So I was watching the Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central, and enjoying the hilarious routine of Jon Lovitz. And the next day, my co-worker accuses Lovitz of being gay. It never occurred to me he might be gay. I've always interpreted his foppish mannerisms as a form of eccentricity and comic delivery. Could I be wrong?

4) The greatest myth I was taught in school was that communism and Nazism (fascism) were polar opposites on the political spectrum. This is hogwash. They are both movements of the left. While fascism permits some private enterprise, the fascist state only permits private enterprise to the degree it believes those companies can further the interests of the state. Meanwhile, the fascist state reserves the right to confiscate any private property at a whim and to engage in boundless confiscatory taxation and regulation. Hitler didn't hate communists because of their economic philosophy. (After all, Nazis were "National SOCIALISTS") Hitler hated communists because they believed in internationalism. Communists thought a worker in Moscow should care about a worker in Warsaw should care about a worker in Detroit. Nazis were nationalists who believed in the supremacy of the "Aryan," and thus thought workers in Germany should have no allegiance or exhibit any fidelity towards "inferior" Slavic workers.

5) I wonder why Bob Kuechenberg maintains that Nat Moore was the greatest Miami wide receiver of all time when Kuechenberg also played with Paul Warfield.

Marshall is cruising along at about a 50% sucess rate.

If he were General Manager Jeff Ireland, he'd be doing GOOD!

But, HE's NOT!

My observation:

Marshall is cruising along at about a 50% sucess rate.

If he were General Manager Jeff Ireland, he'd be doing good!

But, he's NOT!

(Big SIGH)

Thanks odin. Going to a Mexican restaurant tonight that supposedly has over 100 different kinds of tequilas. I will NOT be remembering my bday banging!!! I just hope I get rid of the hangover before Sun 1pm.

"And, you'll notice, he neither confirms nor denies the possibility the Dolphins might eventually run a Wildcat type formation once in a while."

Wow. You are a shameless hack. THAT'S what you get from his comments? You are so unbelievably insecure it's astonishing.


Excellent observations as usual!

My FAVORITE was no. 4 with 5 being a close second! Huh?

Kooch is OBVIOUSLY correct. At least in terms of Warfield being a Dolphin. Nat Moore was a much more COMPLETE receiver.

Warfield was a master of the deep sideline, however his Helicopter imitation leaves a lot to be desired!

100 different kinds of tequilas.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 23, 2011 at 02:56 PM

Ah yes, Tequila.

Looking at my Liquor Cabinet in the way a Coach studies his Roster, Tequila is ALWAYS a PERFECT Change of Pace!


here's a link. dave is right: you're better off renting a car!


Miami has a subway?

Who knew?

I guess not me, since I've never been south of Washington, D.C. (I was born in Canada, you know.)


You're from Denmark!

And you actually think my Liquor is "stale"?

Heh, heh ;)


I played there in th 7........ah.......80's!

Denmarkians know how to PARTY!!!!


Anders asks that multiple times a season just to JO you guys!

Yes me visit from other country I want know is subway close to football and bars with nice breast girls and be fool to answer me.

Armando...a re-post form this morning.....you must be reading my mind....OR MY POST......
Will Brandon Marshall break out with a two TD perfomance....he is being targeted plenty...jump balls and all...

Can Henne continue is average play...and come away with a Win....

All these questions will be answered in a few days....

tick....tick, tick, tick......

Miami Dolphins....the best Soap Opera in the NFL...

Posted by: kris | September 23, 2011 at 05:05 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/09/offensive-coordinator-brian-daboll-has-one-glowing-in-neon-issue-with-his-unit-and-that-obviously-is-miamis-red-zone-offens/comments/page/3/#comments#ixzz1YnxWUHJ5

I still say Ross will move the team to Cali.

Miami and a to be determined Canadian City gets the expansion teams.

One of the major sticking points is for the NFL not to infringe upon any already established CFL teams.

The mention of Mexico City is just lip service, sort of like the "Rooney Rule". It ain't happening!


Canadian women give the worst head. They do it more as a favor than eager lustful desire.


whats that stuff earlier about you getting banged on your birthday??????

Yes me visit from other country I want know is subway close to football and bars with nice breast girls and be fool to answer me.

Posted by: Suckas | September 23, 2011 at 03:21 PM

Do the part about the muggers, pick pockets and car jackers next.

I always LOVE that part-LOL!

Seattle Scott, you've never been to Quebec.

Sure I've been to Quebec. I was 9. The women there were snobs, telling me I was too young for them. Imagine?

Odin, your commentary of Nat Moore>Paul Warfield has reaffirmed my deep conviction that you know about Football what I do about Astronautics.

Youse still mad at me, Man?

I am NOT responsible that you infected your Dog.

Odin, your commentary of Nat Moore>Paul Warfield has reaffirmed my deep conviction that you know about Football what I do about Astronautics.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 23, 2011 at 03:39 PM

You have not apologized, so until you do, I can no longer take part in sharing and exchanging deep, intellectual ideas with you.

As far as Warfield and Moore, SURELY you jest? You may have missed how I prefaced my comment with: As far as Warfield being a Dolphin!

Nonetheless, Nat Moore by far the best WR to have EVER donned a Dolphin uniform!

Ultimately, I could be misunderstanding your point. You don't happen to be an umitigated EXPERT in the field of Astronautics?

Heh, heh ;)

I am NOT responsible that you infected your Dog.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 23, 2011 at 03:44 PM

What? I don't have any infections. I am a very clean Person. Debo and Jiffy Brand peanut butter have made sure of that!

Since you refuse to "Man Up", I guess I'll just end this with:

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...........Meow!!!!

We know you're a loyal Guardian of the Dolphins, odin, but very unfortunately, you're wrong.

kris, by my wife, don't worry, won't catch nothin!

Yo... Mando, the video is great but can't hear anything. We need some audio ...keep it up!

This should be interesting to see if Daboll can outcoah his former team in plays etc. If not, we may as well just sign the forfeit column and call in the losses. Save on fuel for the plane, hotels and meals away. Then we'll have some extra $$$ to get us a coach who may be a relative of TRex! We have plenty of salons that can style his hair! He'll fit right in with all the gray hairs on S. FL...He'll make them feel good about their gray! We need the Ryan DNA to change the way we are!

Hoestly, if I was a player or coach of this team, I would try to keep a low profile, shut my mouth up and would not say anything until the team began playing better (if that ever happened). There is always a lot of talk, but they never say anything relevant. It is always talk about if's, when's, have to's, "manana, manana, manana is good enough for me".

I got tired of readin these comments, but I saw someone guessing that Bush had the 'rocket arm'.. wtf?

Do you guys not know that Thomas was a JUCO qb?

Search youtube for him and find some video of that, there is one where he throws a ball-with ease!- about 60 yards and hits the wr in the back of the EZ.

Thomas really does have a cannon, I dont know about his accuracy, but it would be stupid to not run some rb option plays at some point, AND some wildcat plays OCCASIONALLY!

On the wildcat,
Bush is faster than ricky, and w. that running start I think he'd beat most everyone to the edge, BMarsh can block so the edge should be set for Reggie to turn the corner and take it to the house. In time, DT will get more comfortable in Ronnie's triggerman role, if theyre indeed practicing it some, and they will whip it out sometime. I'd love to see it on the third play of a no huddle series, after the D is gassed and dont have the right personel(speed) on the field to defend it. Not making it obvious coming out of the huddle and seeing Henne running out wide. Just leave him on the field and run away from him.

BMarshall has a cannon too, so there are some intresting variations of those reverse plays that could be run or passed out of.

Maybe theyre waiting for the right time to unveil it, so its not on film, like maybe against the jets, when the offense isnt working and they need a shot in the arm.

WTH Bess??

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