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Offensive linemen day on Armando and the Amigo

Back to business following the NFL and Dolphins admonishment ...

Today was a lot about offensive linemen on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo. Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey joined the show in the 7 o'clock hour and former Dolphins Pro Bowl guard Keith Sims joined the show in the 8 o'clock hour.

Both were excellent guests. That's because both are interesting. Pouncey is three days from his NFL debut against no less competition than Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth.

Pouncey is a very, very, very upbeat individual. He explains why in the interview. You can go to the 640 Sports website to listen to the interview and all the show hours. Here is the 7 o'clock hour of today's show that included Pouncey in the first segment:


After we talked to Pouncey, we brought Sims on the show the next hour. Sims is something of an offensive line expert because he played there for 11 NFL seasons. That qualifies.

Interestingly, when Sims looks at Pouncey he sees a guard even though the Dolphins see a center.

"I still go back and, I'm the lone voice out here in the darkness, but I'd rather see him at guard. I heard him talk about how centers are more valuable and guards are a dime a dozen, well, that's not true. You watch that game last night [New Orleans at Green Bay] and the Saints had two All-Pro guards and they had a 13-year center from the Bears. It didn't matter, when they could run the ball, their guards weren't the ones who could do it. The Packers shut them down. How many third-and-1s did the Packers shut down because of their guards?

"There were two instances Where they were going into score but they couldn't do it and they got sacked for 20 yards. And they couldn't get one yard. To me, and I guess because I'm biased personally, I would love to see Long and Pouncey together for the next 8-10 years. And now your left side is done. You can move Incognito to center. I've said that the whole time.

"We're going to see how athletic Pouncey is and at the center position, you're not going to maximize that athelticism."

Having said that, Sims said Pouncey  "has all the tools" to be an "outstanding" offensive lineman. "He's smart, he works hard, Hes very athletic. He could be very, very good. Now I'm not an offensive line coach. I just played the position for 11 years. Don't you want your most athletic guy at left guard?" 

This is the interview with Keith Sims included in the entire 8 o'clock of Armando and the Amigo:


Also, since the NFL and the Dolphins don't want folks like me showing folks like you the press conference of their offensive coordinators -- thus encouraging you to be more interested in your team and perhaps buying tickets -- I will share with you another type of video for your entertaininment.

Below is the UGG's commercial, featuring Tom Brady, that will premiere during the Monday night game between the Dolphins and Patriots. Tell me what you think.