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Offensive linemen day on Armando and the Amigo

Back to business following the NFL and Dolphins admonishment ...

Today was a lot about offensive linemen on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo. Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey joined the show in the 7 o'clock hour and former Dolphins Pro Bowl guard Keith Sims joined the show in the 8 o'clock hour.

Both were excellent guests. That's because both are interesting. Pouncey is three days from his NFL debut against no less competition than Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth.

Pouncey is a very, very, very upbeat individual. He explains why in the interview. You can go to the 640 Sports website to listen to the interview and all the show hours. Here is the 7 o'clock hour of today's show that included Pouncey in the first segment:


After we talked to Pouncey, we brought Sims on the show the next hour. Sims is something of an offensive line expert because he played there for 11 NFL seasons. That qualifies.

Interestingly, when Sims looks at Pouncey he sees a guard even though the Dolphins see a center.

"I still go back and, I'm the lone voice out here in the darkness, but I'd rather see him at guard. I heard him talk about how centers are more valuable and guards are a dime a dozen, well, that's not true. You watch that game last night [New Orleans at Green Bay] and the Saints had two All-Pro guards and they had a 13-year center from the Bears. It didn't matter, when they could run the ball, their guards weren't the ones who could do it. The Packers shut them down. How many third-and-1s did the Packers shut down because of their guards?

"There were two instances Where they were going into score but they couldn't do it and they got sacked for 20 yards. And they couldn't get one yard. To me, and I guess because I'm biased personally, I would love to see Long and Pouncey together for the next 8-10 years. And now your left side is done. You can move Incognito to center. I've said that the whole time.

"We're going to see how athletic Pouncey is and at the center position, you're not going to maximize that athelticism."

Having said that, Sims said Pouncey  "has all the tools" to be an "outstanding" offensive lineman. "He's smart, he works hard, Hes very athletic. He could be very, very good. Now I'm not an offensive line coach. I just played the position for 11 years. Don't you want your most athletic guy at left guard?" 

This is the interview with Keith Sims included in the entire 8 o'clock of Armando and the Amigo:


Also, since the NFL and the Dolphins don't want folks like me showing folks like you the press conference of their offensive coordinators -- thus encouraging you to be more interested in your team and perhaps buying tickets -- I will share with you another type of video for your entertaininment.

Below is the UGG's commercial, featuring Tom Brady, that will premiere during the Monday night game between the Dolphins and Patriots. Tell me what you think.



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did you see the Pack's second round pick? Pure dynamite.
did you see ours, you know, the one we traded up for?
Keep up the good work Jeff...


Wantto, did you see GB's 1st pick? No, he was in street clothes and completely healthy. Did you see New Orleans picks from 2 of the last 3 years get completely burnt? Everyone did.

Now go back in your hole!!

I'm sick of ignorance. Some people act like this regime busts picks left right and centre when they actually do a pretty good job of drafting. The only critique I can have of them is that the QB development has been below par but Henne can fix that with a good year. Drafting si not an exact science but the fact is between this regime's 1st picks, they all have or can be impact players at their position. That's quite good.

Jake Long
Vontae Davis
Jared Odrick (when healthy)
Mike Pouncey

have all showed that they were full value with their 1st pick pedigree. Nobody can complain about this regime there.

Let's here it for Canada...And Go Dolphins...Beat it all U haters!!

Mos Def (rapper) is the only good thing about that commercial. It makes you dizzy and it has Tom Brady, lose/lose.

As for the O-Line, I'm much more concerned about the right side than the left or center.


Wanttowastepics?...First let me commend you on your unique name , it is very original, now about that very dumb and stupid comment...

Did you know the draft record for the past seven years of the great beli-cheater himself up in New England ?....well I tell you , there are only thirteen players on the Patriots roster from the last 7 drafts!....(excluding this year)

the point is, EVERYONE KNOWS the draft is not an exact science, if you can get two to three starters or contributors out of every draft you are doing a hell of a job..

please don't post stupid comments like that again, people are going to think you are stupid and we wouln't like that. would we?

Evidently, Internet has drastically increased the spread of Information througout the World, and with Football, that is no exception. At this moment, many Entities are tring to limit or outright suppress this far reaching and detailed information from getting to People. You can't do it, and there is no turning back. Find some other way.

Oh did anyone see their Mark Ingram get stuffed on the one. After all the talk about how we should have drafted him, look at how he doesnt have any vision. The entire D was going to the middle and all he needed to do is make one cut, but he didnt and they lost. Now I am happy that the dolphins didnt pick someone who cant see the holes before they develop. I bet Reggie would have made the right choice, and went outside instead of the middle. That's to all the haters out there talking crap about the Phins.
Can't wait until Monday ready to shock the world.

Lots of keys to the game Monday night (Henne may need a bigger keyring)!

Football is a TEAM Sport!!!


"That's why girls don't play the game!"


Power to the people man! You can't keep the Internet down. Right on - soul power!

With all due respect to Mr. Sims (whom I have much love for), the NFL has changed. Gone are the days, for a lot of teams, when you wanted athletic pulling Guards (although many teams do still use the concept). Nowadays, the new thing is two large, massive guards with an athletic pulling center to use in your running game.
The reasoning is that a pulling left guard has to cross over the center and another guard to help with an off-tackle run to the right side. The athleticism of today's defensive linemen doesn't allow for enough time for that to develop. Having a pulling center allows the team to run to either side , right or left, by having the center pull to the other side of the guard on the running side for an off-tackle ground game. It's more versatile!


Becareful Mando, The NFL will make you remove those mp3 files

thanks for the video, mando. but lets keep it pertinent :)

Damn, I love this time of year!!



Cool to know that we're up to date! All eyes on Pouncey!

Mortensen, one of ESPN's experts predicting winners this weekend says the dolphins win. Awesome!!! he's the only one, LOL...

1) GB had their 1st round pick in street clothes, and they put 42 points on NO. What they have is a luxury problem, not a drafting problem. In deed, they have drafted so well over the last few years that they can afford to be patient with their young players.

2) with all those draft picks that were burnt yesterday, NO won the SB in 2010.

3) with all those great Ireland 1st round pick, we stay on consecutive 7-9 seasons

I agree with Keith Sims who played the position very well for 11 years. You can't maximize an offensive atheleticism playing him at center. Incognito is slow. As soon as Pouncey trips over him a couple of times pulling to the left, Sparano will switch their positions.

Nothing that NO or GB have any effect on us at all.
The only way that Henne can beat NE on Monday is the same way that Henne beat NE in 2009: Throw the ball 53 times.
Belichick's roater moves of earlier this week where he got rid of some db's and signed interior defensive players is a FEINT.
Belichick wants us to believe we can run inside so that we'll waste our time and plays doing so.
Don't Fall For It

something tells me sparano saw to it that henne was elected a captain.

Jake Long -> Matt Ryan would have been a better pick!

Vontae Davis-> Okay, this was a good one. (Dumb luck!)

Jared Odrick (when healthy)-> Dez Bryant would have been a better pick (instead of Gates this year who is a BUST!)

Mike Pouncey -> MARK INGRAM would have been a better pick. He will be a stud (unlike Daniel Thomas who will be a BUST).

^^^^haaa, idiot...thank god you run a fantasy team and not the Phins.

Dear Fans,
We are happy to announce that CHAD HENNE will be a captain on our football team this year! We see it as a deserving honor as we see Chad developing into a HOF QB within the next 7-10 years. Luckily for all of you, you will be able to experience that journey beginning this Monday night against the Boston Patriots. And if that isn't enough, the game is sold-out! Don't be disappointed as the Houston Oilers game is also almost sold out. Buy your tickets now before they are all gone!



P.S. We kindly ask you do not boo Chad anymore at the games. It hurts his feelings. We asked all of his teammates to vote him as captain so that his feelings are alright. Please don't tell Chad that though (it is our secret!) GO FINS!

IrelandSux: Ryan would've been dead meat w/o Jake, and probably Pouncey.

^^^^haaa, idiot...thank god you run a fantasy team and not the Phins.

Posted by: LordDong


I think half the people who play fantasy football could put together a better team then this clown!

IrelandSux: Ryan would've been dead meat w/o Jake, and probably Pouncey.

Posted by: stevemuhkween


Doesn't matter if you have an OT if you don't have a franchise QB. Atlanta got their QB first. Sure Jake Long may go to HOF one day. But if Miami doesn't have a franchise QB, it doesn't matter!

Houston "Oilers"...dude that was like 15 years ago.

IrelandSucks, you're not serious... Matt Ryan over the best left tackle in the game protecting the QB's blindside? Agree on Dez Bryant. Running backs are not equal to great linemen. Denver puts backup RB's in their backfield & they gain 1200 yards. Pouncy a better pick than Ingram - Ingram way better than Thomas.

I want to confess to my fellow bloggers that I have been a pro-Ingram guys since last spring...I even posted my love for him before last nights game.

...with that said I am eating crow now as he could not punch it in from 1 yd out to WIN THE FREAKIN GAME.

I personally would have called a different play as the Packers DL line was owning the Saints OL all night.

Anyway, I still think Ingram is a fine RB...but he failed when the lights were shinning the brightest last night.



I want to confess to my fellow bloggers that I have been a pro-Ingram guys since last spring...I even posted my love for him before last nights game.

...with that said I am eating crow now as he could not punch it in from 1 yd out to WIN THE FREAKIN GAME.


They should have spread the field and let Ingram run it. It was a poor formation and execution. It wasn't Ingram's fault. The Saints were trailing all game, they had little time to run the ball. Ingram is going to be dynamic.

I agree with Keith Sims. Matter fact, been saying the same thing since Sparano made it known Pouncey was going to play center.

Square peg/round hole or the song remains the same.

This entire season comes down to how the O-line plays and what it produces. Make holes and the RB's look great. Protect the passer and he'll find receivers.

The pick that bothers me the most, and I mean really bothers me is the Pat White pick.....That was an absolute waste of a pick.

I'd also say Ted Ginn, but these guys are responsible for that one.

How about Yatil Green?

You almost had Ryan. Think back to before the draft.
Parcells had agreed to become the head of the Falcons and then Wayne H offered the guaranteed contract to Parcells and he turned his back on ATL and came here.
That was right after 1-15 so another person might've taken Ryan first and Parcells still would have gotten Long & Henne in ATL though.
Or Parcells could have taken Ryan first and then Ryan would have help Pennington's clipboard and learned to stand on the sideline while the BACKDOOR wildcat was invented to cover for Parcells $10mil mistake.

I think he looks like a girl.

And here's my message to the Patsies and Tom Brady. As local hero Hulk Hogan once said:

Patsies, whatcha gonna dooooooo, when Chad Henne, and the Miami Dolphins, run wild on yooooou? Brother!!!!

Fins 38
Patsies 9

Write it down, brother!!!


Posted by: jamesthefinfan


If Fins draft Dez Bryant like they should have, no need to waste a pick on Gates this year. The Fins constantly don't take the top guy and pay for it.

PASS ON Matt Ryan to take CHAD HENNE
PASS ON Mark Ingram to take DANIEL THOMAS (& trade up!)
PASS ON Dez Bryant to take Clyde Gates.

Imagine this team with Matt Ryan, Mark Ingram & Dez Bryant. (Instead of Chad Henne, Daniel Thomas and Clyde Gates).

By the way, the Falcons and Dolphins both had rock bottom years at the same time. Look at what the Falcons have done with their roster as opposed to the Dolphins. Sure we have a very good defense, but you think it is going to stop a top offense like New Orleans or Green Bay? No way. And Miami has no ability to score points to keep up with these guys. You can't win without a franchise QB. Period.


just a few words to express my envy of your expertise. You would make a swell GM! Keep up the great work.

You know what's funny. Ya can't even blame the NFL! Most of the blame should go right at the ambulance chasing lawyers. you're allowed to "attend a press conference, tape the press conference, and post the entire freakin' transcript of the press conference" ...and the only thing that is left is the fans actually seeing with our own two eyes what the coordinators are saying. The tape.

And all I can think of is that the NFL is afraid of a million frivolous lawsuits over ,,whatever, you name it someone will sue over it. They're probably also afraid that in this day and age with all of our technology that a video tape can be doctored to somehow make the NFL or it's teams look bad.

It definitely sucks but I'm not surprised. Our freedoms in this country have been slowly eroding ever since 9/11.

Grateful To Have Seen the Light who would you rather have? Mark Ingram or Daniel Thomas? One of these players will be an all-pro, one will be primarily a back-up and be out of the league in 3-4 years. Who do you want to put your money on?

Ok, here's my fear. Contrary to popular belief, I think it's pretty clear that we *should* win this game. I'm actually afraid there has been too much hyper-over-hyper-over analysis of poor Chad (who will be a great QB in this league) such that there is too much pressure on this ONE game vs a team that was 14-2 last year, and I'm starting to fear that we'll get unlucky and lose based on a fumble or missed FG or something, and then all you haters will take the opportunity to gloat against your home team, forgetting that there will be 15 more games and we'll be fine, and that will just be a miserable week to have to read that crap for a week if we lose.

Fins, please win!!!!

This is a good team. The haters are wrong. But it's not fair to say this ONE game determines all--as we saw the last two years, the games at the end of the year are just as important. We could start 1-4 and still end up 10-6.

Fans should cheer their team and stop being so negative.

I hope the team doesn't actually read the comments on this blog.

It's like a little TOO much expectation on this first game.

We have a good run n shoot offense this year and that is the case whether we mess up this first game or not. I feel like they might be a little too hyped up. I hope I'm wrong.

NE 38
Miami 13

Miami will start off 0-2.

Lou D --- it has nothing to do with freedom. It has to do with MONEY. NFL wants to control all sound and video of everything so they can get paid top dollar for it. Look at ESPN's new MNF package.

So we should take the word of a slightly above average olineman(Keith Simms) as being an authoritarian on where Pouncey should be playing? Hell Pouncey's probably athletic enough to play LT too. But it doesnt mean we have to place him there.

Again, Armando with a totally meaningless blog just so again he can snub Chad Henne. A more meaningful blog today would be about Henne being voted a team captain,

Where's that blog deutsh Armando? Heil Hitler you effing jerk! LOL........................................

Pat white outrushed CJ Spiller in college AND outpassed Tony Pike.
The one season White was on the team he put up identical stats to Lex Hilliard.
After Penny was lost in game 3 Henne became the starter and Pat White became the backup and the team could not call the plays they had designed for White because they couldn't rsk injuring him.
That's normal for the NFL.
What's not normal is that Mando pounded White every week for not putting himself in the game and calling whatever play he wanted.
Mando never pounded Thigpen for anything (Thiggy did qb the only game we got shut out last year). He never pounded Hilliard for doing nothing. He never pounded Cobbs for doing nothing.
Pat white should still be on this team.


just a few words to express my envy of your expertise. You would make a swell GM! Keep up the great work.

Posted by: Jeff I.


Thank you Jeff I. You are a handsome guy.

tracey is correct. center is most important OL position

Just watched the commercial. WTF was that? Did they realize that when the stupid rap song was still playing at the end and Brady was bobbing his head up and down like some hip hop want to be that he actually wasn't anywhere near the timing of the song? Did anyone watch that before they aired it? It just makes the stereotype that white people have no rhythm look true! Look man I can dance my butt off and I'm white! I can't jump but that's another matter. But I can dance and why don't they use someone that has rhythm from my fellow Caucasians in the NFL? We're not all that doofy! :)

Ireland sucks, you are living in the past. WE have a great high scoring offense this year. We're using the run n shoot -- 4 and 5 wide, 45 passes a game. We will be a top 5 scoring offense this year. Just watch.

Grateful To Have Seen the Light -- I don't claim to be a guru. Frankly I think half the people on this board would do a better job drafting then Ireland. INCLUDING YOU.

irelandsucks, you are a moron with that game prediction. really????

I will come back here tuesday to gloat in your face after we win 31-10.


Keith Simms pretty much sucked as a rg. He more rode Richmond Webbs's coat tails than anything else.

Hell, I forget he was ever on the Dolphins team until occasionally his name pops up. LOL...

Ireland sucks, you are living in the past. WE have a great high scoring offense this year. We're using the run n shoot -- 4 and 5 wide, 45 passes a game. We will be a top 5 scoring offense this year. Just watch.

Posted by: Fins 38 Patsies 9


If our offense looks ANYTHING like the game last night, I will be in shock. And there is no way this team could sustain it over the course of the season. Is it possible for one night? Maybe if the stars are aligned right like when we first unleashed the wildcat at NE. But doubtful.

All Matt Ryan fans,
The following Elite QB's will fail to win the super bowl again:
Matt Ryan
Philip Rivers
Matt Schaub
Donovan McNabb
Jay Cutler
Kyle Orton
Matt Hasselback
Michael Vick
Joe Flacco
Josh Freeman
Rex Grossman

Fins 38 Patsies 9 --- I hope you are right. I do not like seeing the Dolphins lose. I do not take pleasure in seeing our team lose. Just cause I think Ireland sucks doesn't mean I am not a fan.

Fins 38,
I agree with run-n-shoot.
We have 6wrs and 4te's and 3 rb's.
We are not built for a balanced attack.
We are built to throw the ball 50 times a game.
And no QB has put up more 50+ throw games in the past 2 years than Henne.

I NEVER complain about draft picks until there's a body of work to judge by. I like to give rookies 2 full years and usually start judging them in their third year.

I warned people of this since the lockout lifted, this years rookie draft class can not be judged on the same scale as past rookies. It actually would be incredibly stupid and short sighted to hold them to the same standards considering they had no OTAs, playbooks, etc. until 4 weeks ago. Usually rookies get to work full time the week after their drafted. They missed 8 weeks! So I do not hold any other rookies in the league responsible for making early showings. Just like I warned against judging D. Thomas yet. Give him 8 more weeks and lets see how tentative he is then.

I will say RBs get a much shorter time with me. They traditionally have had less of a workload study wise as compared to WRs,QBs, and others. The RB position is more instinctual than most other positions. D. Thomas should be showing us a little something by week 8. And then we definitely will know what we have at the end of next years training camp.

Ireland sucks - so Ingram is going to be dynamic based on what you saw last night? Hmmmm - no based on what you think you know. Gates is going to be a bust based on what? His preseason stats? No based on the fact that you think you know. You sir suck.. Ireland is fine thanks.

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