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Now we understand why Larry Johnson was re-signed

Larry Johnson is signed and on the practice field today. And he is taking some repetitions as the club's No. 2 running back -- at least in the portion of practice open to the media.


Well, because rookie Daniel Thomas is injured. And he is not practicing. The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Thomas yesterday tweaked a hamstring injury he had earlier this preseason and so the club felt the need to buy insurance for Monday night's regular-season opener against the Patriots.

I have to tell you, Thomas has not had a great month. He's been tentative on some runs in training camp. He was told to stop "tippy toeing" by coaches at one point. And he got hurt. And now he's hurt again.

I've heard of better starts to an NFL career.

Now, let's think outside the box for a moment. Is this terrible news?

Given Thomas's obvious need to get better acclimated to the NFL game and the large stage on which the Miami season begins -- national TV -- would you rather hand the ball to the rookie or to Johnson?

I believe the moment won't be bigger than Larry Johnson. Monday night football?

Been there. Done that.

That does not mean it is certain Thomas will be out of Monday night's game. The Johnson signing is supposed to be for insurance. If it turns out that Johnson is thrust into a contributing role behind Reggie Bush, so be it.

In my opinion, at least. 


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another awful awful 2nd rd pick that they even traded up for

Wasn't happy with this pick when it was made. I thought he was a reach.

Guys the Johnson move isnt about DT.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 08, 2011 at 01:05 PM

Once again the master of all knowledge is wrong again.

Odin, Did Debo get checked up for Rabies? P.S, Id figure he'd get some sort of STD by biting you, But What do I Know?, LOL

just go ahead and release another bust of a pick

The Johnson move is exactly about DT. Anyways I wished we still would have done what everyone thought we were doing when we traded up and gotten Ryan Mallet.


You can only work with the knowledge available at the time. Seems those like you would rather jump to conclussion the move was about being unhappy with Thomas. Im always willing to first give my team the benifit of the doubt until further verified.

Im not a whiner and b1tcha*ss complainer such as you! LOL...

yeah and sad part is dan they didnt even need to trade up to get mallet. larry johnson is complete garbage. this is one bad football team

Not at all terrible news!

Didn't we draft another RB called Clay? Is he also injured? Has anyone ever seen him? Is he any good?

Some of you here who call yourself fans are nothing more than dirty dick suckers. Youre never happy until you have something dirty in your mouths. LOL...

maybe worst franchise currently in the nfl. im so sick of this bs


Thomas looks unexplosive. NEXT! I hate our front office.

zero reason for pats to worry at all about middle of the field running or throwing. this could get ugly, pressure will come every play from them


Another draft mistake, and they moved up to take hime and passed on the QB.

Why did we not resign one of your backs from last year?????????????????????????

How is it possible that some you are already calling Daniel Thomas a bust? It's ridiculous. The guy hasn't even played a full season yet.

Oy Vey!

Another witless draft day move/

Already with the Negativity Breed?, I'd figure around 7-8 o'clock, Oh Well.

We will prob have another injured RB after Monday. His name is Reggie Bush. Smart move to resign Johnson hes going to be our only hope for a running game this year

Worst franchise in the NFL? They haven't even played a game yet. Assbag. Why don't you go piss off and root for the jets or pats? Troll.

Kory Sheets is still available out there... Lorenzo Hampton? Ron Davenport? Where's Woooooody Bennett?

WHINE..................................... WHINE...................................... WHINE.....................................

What the hell is this a toddler baby nursery?


nad he never will phonto

Oh and Larry Johnson gets 2, count them, 2 short yardage TDs on Monday, along with 59 yards rushing and 23 yards receiving.

I've been in new born baby nursries and never heard this much whining>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Hey what's up fellas?

I didn't like the Daniel Thomas pick because it should have been Ryan Mallet but I did like Daniel Thomas the player.

However, he has a long way to go after watching him in the preseason. He ran way too much like Ronnie Brown. I am talking the tip toeing, ballerina trying not to get hurt Ronnie Brown. I didn't like what I saw at all out of Daniel Thomas in the preseaon but it was just the preseason. I hope he has it in him to be more physical then just being shifty. If he doesn't have it in him it's not something that can be learned or taught. Being a punishing runner is a mentality. I hope he turns it around and I think he can.

The coaches hinted Thomas reminded them of a young Larry Johnson. Remember Johnson was criticized for not hitting the hole hard and for being a soft runner by Dick Vermeil before he turned it around and had a couple monster seasons before fizzling out.

It's such a shame some of you call yourselves grown a*ssed men. Im sure I could take your b1tches while at the same time making you my b1tches!


let me get this straight, larry johnson is our only hope for a running game this year?? lol now say that out loud a couple times without throwing up

I was excited about DT, sad to loose R&R but things change. Now that he is injured, I am hoping this LJ signing isnt the same as when JJ signed lawerence phillips in '99.

ill take that bet smoke

we were this close to getting Mallet (). Look who we picked for a second rounder. As soon as we picked him I checked out his resume. All you have to do is check out the bowl he played in and the teams he went against. At this point I think this is a bad pick, again for a second rounder.

Phontsolo, forget an entire season, he hasn't even played in ONE game. If that's the case, Peyton should have been released, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Parcells should have been replaced by the Giants, Belicheck should have been let go by the Pats.

People just like to complain, it's cool though. As if we were expecting a 100 yard outing from Thomas. Obviously no one here's been watching our Preseason. This is spread football, runs up the middle are a thing of the past. Plus, who was gonna run up the middle against Wilfork. This will have ZERO effect on the outcome of the game. It's like complaining about one of the lights being 10W dimmer than the rest. AND? SO? WHO CARES?

Now lets not all whine at the same time. There's plenty of time and space for all of you girlie a8ssed b1tches to whine all year long!



Everyone knows Miami's running backs & depth were questioned. If Bush stays healthy, BIG if, he can be explosive. Other than that, relying on a rookie to carry the load if Bush is ever out, is NOT a wise practice in the NFL.

Not only will Larry Johnson probably stick most, if not all season, with Bush's inujury histroy & Thomas's injury / tentativeness, LJ may well be the feature back at some point this season.

Look a the bright side, at least he must have shown enough to the FO that he still has some gas left in the tank.

I think that DT will be good, he has shown some quickness and agility for a bigger back. I was hoping that LJ would have made the team anyway, always good to have solid proven backups. The Fins can have a good year, get behind the team. I know that Ireland is very frustrating with his moves, should have kept Edds, and resigned Ronnie, just to name a couple, but what can you do about it? I am very excited about Monday's game.


Just follow the thread.

He already knows when Armando will post the new blog(#1 YEAH!). He runs through a bunch of offensive one liners, with a bunch of different names to get the hits rolling.

It's the exact same with every new blog. Just look at his writing style, it's very limited and always the same. In short, The Blog Hit Troll-LOL. This is his life, let him have fun and ignore him.

As Steven Tyler once sang: It's the Same Old Song and Dance-LOL!

Having said all that, it is getting frustrating with our rookie injuries the past two years.

Odrick, Edds, Thomas, Clay..............I'm sure there's more.

On the bright side, Johnson can play the role quite nicely, if not temporarily. Nobody wanted to take a chance on Johnson anyways and I think the FO was wanting to bring him back for less money all along. With two rookie RB's geting nicked up and tweaked, it made it a no brainer.

Overall, I think it'a a good thing. We have a proven vet filling in. Now our two rookies can heal up properly and learn in practice as opposed to being thrown into the fire withnagging injuries.

They haven't even played a game yet. Crappy fans. Why don't you take your premature, negative comments and fist yourself with em. No wonder they have to prepare for a HOME game by piping in crowd noise. Shitty fans.

You can only work with the knowledge available at the time. Seems those like you would rather jump to conclussion the move was about being unhappy with Thomas.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 08, 2011 at 01:17 PM

And what knowledge did you have? You pointedly stated, 'guys this isn't about DT', well you were only guessing, but acting once again like you know everything. You could have said, 'maybe this has something to do with Clay', but no, you come out guns firing wrongly stating it wasn't about DT. If you are going to talk down to people as though you are the only true source of knowledge, please be ready to accept the consequences.

I'm only commenting. I have jumped to no conclusions.

18 carries for 59 yards... 3.2 ypc
3 catches for 29 yards, one of them being a check down that gains 14-15 yds in one play.

Not very good stats, but servicable. Johnson will be playing with a chip on his shoulder on MNF.

Pedestrian stuff...except for the 2 TDs, but who else would run it in inside the 5 yard line?


Just do not see LJ getting the job done. It is what it is. Parcells always drafted in doubles when he was here now you can see the wisdom of dafting that way. Did anyone else notice that this is the first year since Ireland showed up that we have not done that. I predicted we would take 2 RB's but that did not happen. Oh well gotta hope Bush can carry the load not get injured and DT can play in week 2. DT will be a fair to good RB in my opionion too worth the pick yea. Leshoure and the RB from VT 2 higher round running back picks in this draft all already out for the season with injuries and Ingram while still healthy was injured last year in college so I don't balme the front office for the pick but they should have had better insurance on the roster than just Bush. Ronnie would be making us all feel better on the roster right now.

If I remember correctly, larry johnson wasn't immediately ready to contribute as a rookie or even a 2nd year player for KC and we all know he was a huge bust for the Chiefs - *cough*.

I'm not completely won over by DT but writing him off is definitely premature. Would I have liked Ryan Mallett as the pick instead? Obviously, but that's water under the bridge. Thomas is a Dolphin, and I will cheer for him, Mallett is a Patriot and I hope he stinks.


B1tcha8ss fake dolfans seem not to realize every team has injuries. Hell you dont have to look any further than this year alone.

These same pink cookie b1tches arent posting the fact that the rb's they wanted us to draft #1 are already on IR. They're quick to point out supposed fo mistakes. But bury thier own deep up thier cavernous a8ssholes!


LJ will run for 180 yards against the Patriots at the start of the 4th quarter the Larry! Larry! chants will be heard and Ross will ruin Ireland evening by asking why the hell he traded for Daniel Softer than Baby wipes Thomas instead of waiting on former Michigan QB Ryan Mallett??

A large crashing sound will be heard as one of Boss Ross GUMBA body guards tosses Ireland out a Sradium window! The jumbotron will catch this and Paizan Sparano will give the body guard a game ball.

Baby wipes Thomas will be cut imediatly drink heavily and get busted for a DUI after arrivivg in Jail he will be raped. Joe Rose and Jimmy Ceffalo will go for the interview and find Baby wipes in heels and lipstick procclaiming he finally knows who he is inside making for a human interest story.

The networks get excited but the human interest piece is watched by 4 people on TV and one of them had fallen asleep with the TV on!! Upon release LJ is forced to put Baby wipes up as part of his court ordered rehab for being a batterer.

People arriving at the house find Baby wipes in dark glasses hidding the shinners LJ gives him every night once he gets drunk with Reggie Bush who for some reason drinks and likes calling Kim Kardashian a wh ore! Says all Basketball players are tall and short at the same time if you get what he means??

Nevin Shapiro from his jail cell confessions says he paid Kim K to hang out with Reggie, OHH what a tangled web we weave indeed!!

hoping Long and Incognito can create some monster holes because I don't see how we're going to run through wilfork and haynesworth. Definitely going to rely on the passing game on monday.


Bbigger question for me is, how many TE's are we having active week 1?

Yeatman (must be on the 53 per rules)??

What a mess, but, I think Rosario, given his age and ahtleticism has a chance to stick around for a few years. God knows we need a decent #2 TE. Now, all we need is a good #1!

As I said in the previous post, the lack of RB depth is a joke. Gates & Thomas are COMPLETE BUSTS! This regime NEVER goes out and gets the top guy. They always think they can do it with subpar talent later in the draft. It ALWAYS comes back to bite them in the butt.

They pass on DREW BREES (Twice!)

They pass on MATT RYAN to take CHAD HENNE in the 2nd.

They pass on MARK INGRAM to TRADE UP (Are you kidding me?) to take DANIEL THOMAS.

They pass on DEZ BRYANT.

They pass on several top WRs to take CLYDE GATES.

They pass on QBs.


johnson has been finished for over 3 years now.

By the way, I am not worried in the least that LJ wikll carry the rock a lot for this team, it's in good hands. I don't see how last year's Ronnie Brown was a lot better. I loved Ricky but he can't carry the load anymore either - he proved that TWO years ago when Ronnie went down and he showed obvious signs of fatigue. So enough of this why didn't we keep Ricky or Ronnie. Ronnie should've showed that he still belonged and Ricky's time of being a primary carrier is done.

I said 2 days ago they would regret letting Johnson go. So fate stepped in & saved Ireland & Sparano from themselves.


Good signing never should of been cut---

Daniel thomas jury is out, but can you give the kid a chance hasnt even played a real game yet---

Garrard should be next signing but i think he going to San Fran ---easier division to play in and he would beat out Alex smith in 25 min of first practice

Still waiting on Everette brown news---seems like there has been little action on a talented 24 yr old pass rusher

dolfanSF, Daboll's smarter than Henning, it was NEVER the plan to run over Wilfork/Haynesworth. They're gonna pass to Bush out of the backfield so he can run past them, or just throw over the top of them and take them out of the play.

We've lost 7 out of the last 10 against the Pats with that stupid run first mentality. 3 yards and a cloud of dust, gimme a break!

Team wised up and decided to try something new. Better than losing the same old way we always have.

JS, I like the Rosario pick up too. He has a chance to damage in this system if he can get up to speed rather quickly. He has the tools to shred that seam and make all the eligible receivers work one on one. Bush, Marshall, Fasano, Hartline, Bess, Gates can all beat one on one coverage. Someone will be open.

They haven't even played a game yet. Crappy fans. Why don't you take your premature, negative comments and fist yourself with em. No wonder they have to prepare for a HOME game by piping in crowd noise. Shitty fans.

Posted by: MiamiDolphans | September 08, 2011 at 01:36 PM

Dear MiamiDolphans,
This REGIME has given us VERY LITTLE to cheer for since Marino left. That is why we are bitter and negative. We are tired of getting fooled. That is why the games are going to be hard to sell out. Keep feeding the fans crap and they will eventually rebel. This administration is a bunch of CRAP.




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