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Now we understand why Larry Johnson was re-signed

Larry Johnson is signed and on the practice field today. And he is taking some repetitions as the club's No. 2 running back -- at least in the portion of practice open to the media.


Well, because rookie Daniel Thomas is injured. And he is not practicing. The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Thomas yesterday tweaked a hamstring injury he had earlier this preseason and so the club felt the need to buy insurance for Monday night's regular-season opener against the Patriots.

I have to tell you, Thomas has not had a great month. He's been tentative on some runs in training camp. He was told to stop "tippy toeing" by coaches at one point. And he got hurt. And now he's hurt again.

I've heard of better starts to an NFL career.

Now, let's think outside the box for a moment. Is this terrible news?

Given Thomas's obvious need to get better acclimated to the NFL game and the large stage on which the Miami season begins -- national TV -- would you rather hand the ball to the rookie or to Johnson?

I believe the moment won't be bigger than Larry Johnson. Monday night football?

Been there. Done that.

That does not mean it is certain Thomas will be out of Monday night's game. The Johnson signing is supposed to be for insurance. If it turns out that Johnson is thrust into a contributing role behind Reggie Bush, so be it.

In my opinion, at least. 


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Allen, I loved Brown coming out of FSU. But that FSU curse on pass rushers continues. Is he the next Wadsworth?

yes mark, rosario is much better than any te we had. and mark any wr rb te should be able to beat man on man coverage

IrelandSucks, one minor point. This regime wasn't in charge when we passed on Drew Brees (twice). You can thank Saban and the Huzienga for that.

IMO...we should have taken Mark Ingram with the #15 pick, then wait to get the next best center in the draft after Pouncey gets picked by the Steelers.
Pouncy is good, but by all accounts so is Stefen Wisniewski @ Penn State or Kris O'Dowd from USC.
Both of whom were available in the 2nd round.

Moving UP to get Thomas was and always will be consider a bad move.


Valid point on FSU curse, but what do we have to lose--cut Spitler

The upside of everette brown trumps anything Spitler does on ST--

Brown should of been drafte dinto a 3-4--he is better suited at least a situational pass rusher---24 years old

Wow, the bandwagon fans are jumping off in groves at the first sign of bad news. Just stay off the Dolphins bandwagon all together would you please.

relandSucks, one minor point. This regime wasn't in charge when we passed on Drew Brees (twice). You can thank Saban and the Huzienga for that.

Posted by: DC Dolfan


Yes, DC Dolfan, you are correct. This administration shouldn't be blamed for that. But US fans have had to live with this ineptitude now for a long time... Doesn't matter who is in charge. Same old crap.

Dusty, correct on any NFL receiver beating one on one coverage but guys like Ricky and Ronnie weren't a threat catching the ball. Fasano works well underneath but can't work the seam.

having a RB that is part WR like Bush and a TE that can work teh seam unlocks everyone else on this offense because no more double teams.

Bush, Fasano, and Bess underneath.

Hartline and Marshall and Rosario in the intermediate routes

And Gates over the top. People will be open and I think Henne showed enough that given time he will be able to take advantage more than half the time. We don't need Henne to be all world, we just need him to be the Joe Flacco of last year comparatively speaking.

so true

Throw away Johnsons Pre Season numbers! Geez people(trolls), he was running behind a third string O-line and against a 3rd string defense. Get a grip!

For Johnson, pre season was a glorified workout. To see what kind of game shape he was in and to get him a little re-acclimated to the speed of the game.

He's proven commidity at this point in career, albeit obviously on the downside, but Johnson is what he is.

The MAIN THING is, we'll probably be better with Johnson on Monday Night than Thomas.

Despite the retardation of the troll that's crying "BUST" at every opportunity, any real fan realizes that Thomas is a rookie that hasn't played a down yet-Duh.

Anybody falling for this crash dummy routine has to be ALMOST as retarded as the TROLL HIMSELF-LOL!

ROTFLMAO-WHAT? THOMAS? Tweaked a HAMMY? Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk, he's a bust, he's bust!

He's a Rookie? Never played a down? Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk, he's a bust, he's bust!

PS: Troll, you got to come better than that-SHEESH-LOL!

I think this team is going to surprise some people, including many of the 'fans' on this discussion. The risk of injuries to players exist for every team. Johnson is an insurance policy; and has been pointed out, one that must have shown he has something to contribute.

I predict that Reggie Bush will have a relatively stellar season: Say 1200 yards rushing and 600 yards receiving and in the area of 12 total TD's. He'll probably miss a game or two being banged up. I think Henne is going to show marked improvement. 3800 yards, 23 TD's and less than a dozen picks. I'm expecting big things from Marshall and our defense could be top tier. As we start the season, why don't you weanies show a little optimism; or are you broken and aweary from your misplaced fandom?

Allen, I would be happy if they cut Spitler for Brown. Actually I think keeping Spitler for Edds was a big error. Spitler stinks - absolute garbage.

DC, you can also thank Wannstedt for picking a nickel corner over a Qb even though we had a young Surtain and Madison at CB and a stopgap in Fiedler playing Qb with absolutely nobody in the pipeline behind him. SHEEESH! One of the worst days of my life.

odin do we throw away last 3 or so years also?


Posted by: ALoco | September 08, 2011 at 01:49 PM

That's what they say, but I'm not so sure. I was pretty drunk at the time, I think he just got "BUZZED"!

Then again, I have been called a Rabid Phins Fan!

Who knows-Fist PUMP!!!!

Nobody has a bigger, harder skull in the NFL than Mark Ingram...the guy is a human battering ram.
We moved UP to get Daniel Thomas after passing over Ingram because we needed someone to "hit the hole hard" after releasing Ricky & Ronnie.
Now we have to hire old man Johnson who has not hit the hole since 2008.

Call me an arm chair GM but IMO, Ireland Fu**ed Up


This will go down as the draft we could have had Mark Ingram and settled for Daniel Thomas. Just like we could have had Matt Ryan and settled for Chad Henne.

TheOtherRick, if those things happen and the Dolphins stay healthy otherwise, that would make this team a SuperBowl contender.

lj had 2 huge years (2005,06) and the rest has been nothing. 3.3 ypc in 2009


I understand your frustration. I was where you are end of last Season, up to the Draft, and after when we didn't take a QB and then pick up a FA QB. Then something happened. Heard Henne took the lead in team practices during the lockout. Then in camp, started seeing them add speed (Bush). Started seeing Daboll's new system (MUCH BETTER THAN HENNING'S). Saw Henne develop some chemistry with the offense in Preseason. Saw the defense gelling with great additions at LB.

Finally, I've LOWERED my expectations. I came into this week feeling we'd be maybe 9-7. Not enough to get to the Playoffs, but a positive improvement from last year. And I figured, if Henne plays better, offense finally has a 21st Century philosophy, and we have the upcoming Draft to pickup possibly a franchise QB in waiting, then everything could work out for the best.

Now, I'm not so angry about the Season. I hope for the best but expect the worst. Much better on my stress levels.

Words Before Joe Robbie Passed Away

There's no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I'm gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!

mark there is nothing that can make this team a super bowl contender. thats pure bias bs

1. This doesn't do anything to the game plan for the first 2 and 1/2 to 3 quarters.
2. If we are down by 2 scores at that point in the game, it won't matter if our 2nd back is DT, LJ, or The Fridge.

For the record, I expect the Dolphins will go 9-7 also. The defense is TOO good to not have a winning record, as long as Reggie Bush remains healthy. If Reggie Bush goes down, the team will struggle to win every game...

Mark, agreed, horrible day. Actually I blame EVERY Coach (up to and INCLUDING Shula) for not drafting a legitimate QB to follow Marino. What's that, 11 drafts or so? And you're telling me we couldn't find a QB in all that time? Pox on all their houses.

bush,lol now we are relying on bush to win games. something he has never even come close to doing

Are you kidding me? If the defense improves from being 6th overall and into elite status, Bush gets almost 2,000 all purpose yards, Henne throws for almost 4,000, 23, 12 and the team stays healthy, explain to me how they wouldn't be in the mix?

Are they going to allow 48 tds on special teams????

odin is sexy !

Irelandsuxs, Still no Play=offs?, But its cool, where Iam At(San Jose,Cal.) It still makes the local team bad.

DC, I'll be very happy to see, believe me. BTW, grew up in PG county for a few years, hope the area has gotten back on their feet after the eventful couple weeks you guys had. though I'm a dolphins junkie still quietly root for the skins when they can do something right.

Mark, What they got up there in the Water?

Not in order of priority, but here are:

5 Things That Worries Me:
1. Red zone offense
2. Lack of TE depth
3. Marc freakin' Colombo
4. Running game
5. Defensive turnovers (lack of)

5 Things That I'm Confident About:
1. WR corps
2. Brandon Fields
3. DL and LB corps
4. Nolan and Daboll
5. A hungry team wanting to prove the haters wrong

So the guy Miami traded up to get in the 2nd round isn't quite ready for prime time huh? Wish I could say that I was surprised, but I can't. Ironically there was a time early in Larry Johnson's career with KC that Dick Vermiel once told the media that it was "time to take the diapers off (LJ)"

DC, agreed. Anyone who has been at a Dolphin draft table including Shula is to blame for the team being where they are and how far they've fallen. Did they think Marino was Methusulah and going to live forever?

Indy is about to fall to the same fate this year. You have to have 2 Qbs on you team in today's NFL. Relies too much on the passing game. Even if you have a QB in his prime, you still should be spending significant resources deeloping another one, never stop. Look at GB, not just now but throughout Favre's career for how it should be done. They never stopped producing top QBs. That's why they won 2 super bowls and appeared in another since Favre broke in. And that's why our stadium sits half empty.

It was Pornstache that passed on Brees in the 2001 draft and Saban really wanted him but the Saints were willing to give him a 7 year 50 Mil deal which we coudn`t match because we were already to close to the cap ceiling. I think had he gotten Brees Saban mght still be Coaching in Miami

EP4FGs, those stats weren't my prediction, they were someone else;s. I simply commented that if they happened, this team would be a contender.

We don't know the extent of Thomas's injury...it could be a week to week thing, meaning he could be back for the Houston game?

More concerning to me is his apparent lack of instinct for hitting the hole.

Hamstring injury aside, he looked tentative in lowering his head and drawing contact.

Every good to great RB came out of the rookie gate HOT.
You knew very quickly when a RB had talent and was going to be "special"
No one I've seen has used the word special to describe Daniel Thomas.

odin do we throw away last 3 or so years also?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 08, 2011 at 01:57 PM

I did Bill, you should try it. Then maybe you wouldn't sound like SchlebRock: Wowsy-Wowsy Woo-woo!

Ah Ha ha! Get a Grip Bro, it's a brand new season!

PS: Look on the bright side, when we loose our first game, you'll be able to cry: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk, the sky is falling, the sky is falling-LOL.

Wasn't Tony saying how confident he has been with Thomas in the last several practices?

So who did we cut off the 53 man roster to make room for Johnson?
Is Thomas on the PUP?

WOW this team is in the pressure cooker lol. They better come out of the gate on fire monday night or its gonna be a quiet stadium this year. accept for the fans that show up for the visiting teams

Things Iam Worried about
#1 Global Warming
#2 Fins offensive line
#3 What will the new Jessica Simpson look like
#4 Katey Perry..She is hot as nutzs
#5 Did Odin Really contact Rabies from his dog biting him?
#6 Wll I finish the project my boss said I needed to by 5PM PST?
These are all things rushing through my mind.
Your Thoughts People?


Is it me, Or Is FP4Fg Soiled Bottoms?, Just saying the humor is the same., Makes Me say HUMMMMMM


Are you honestly telling your loyal fans that Ricky and Ronnie were worse than the garbage we have now? Please write an article explaining how Reggie Kardashian is going to make up for the loss of Ricky and Ronnie.

Everywhere I look on this team I see GARBAGE.

Can you please post another Christine, "I'm not a homer", O'Donnell speech again?

We can allow everyone a second chance except Larry Johnson? I guess as long as that player doen't play for us it is okay. I hope he has a great game and negative fans choke on crow!!

Daniel Thomas looks like one of those players that you say ( What were they thinking about ?)' Thank GOD we got Reggie BUSH!

watch though, it will be impossible for the both offense and defense to be good. if the offense sucks which will most likely be, then the d has to step up all year long, and they will not last through the whole season. but again every season it's the d that has to carry the whole team, and again we see them fading out in the end. same thing this season.

Okay you pile of horses dung who call themselves a fan. Could you like have the team actually play a game that counts before you hurls insults and negative comments?
This team is going to shock the work this year and make the media and all you fair weather fans eat your words.They will start by beating the most overrated team in the league and continue on to the playoffs with a 12-4 records(i may be optimistic) but we are to much improve to will less than 9 games. What people dont see i that Henne is going to have a great year along with the skill players and the D. so fans save the insult for the jets and pats fans when we are spanking the league aye.
dolphins 12-4 playing in the Superbowl against Philly
go Phns!!!!!

If it not's Pat White, it's Daniel Thomas... The Dolphins love drafting 2nd round busts... I realize some may think it's too early to declare Thomas a bust, but have you honestly seen him do anything so far that gives you enough confidence to say he could be a no. 1 running back one day?

People, get some perspective. Look around the league and what do you see? Several high round RBs have had SIGNIFICANT foot, ankle, knee, etc. injuries.

If it's only a hamstring requiring some time off, we are the fortunate ones.

The lock-out hurt a lot of players/teams in many different ways. Look at Manning, that's an entire organization in a world of hurt.

Thomas is not a bust...let the kid get a season under his belt before you get your undies in a wad.

Mark in Toronto...keeping Spitler for Edds was a big error. Spitler stinks - absolute garbage

''Yeah Spitler is garbage ..Stiff' Can't get off blocks!'''...WEIRD MOVE!

I have two insiders of the Jet's organization. Rex says he is highly confident in his team.

Using Mando's theory... They should win.

I mean really, Belecheat says he's upset with his team and Mando wants us all to place a million dollar bet on the Dolphins to UPSET Brady and Belecheat.

LOL!!!! Its the most INSANE way of picking a winner that I have ever heard. I guess its impossible for Belecheat to say that to get his team motivated to play hard for him.

LOL!!!! Monday NIGHT and Bill/Brady are going to get upset by Tony/Henne?

If Miami wins then the Patriots plane must have crashed on take off.

Daniel Thomas looks like one of those players that you say ( What were they thinking about ?)' Thank GOD we got Reggie BUSH!

Posted by: BLACKECEROTE | September 08, 2011 at 02:25 PM

Ouch, That bad?LOL.

dolfanSF, PG is going through it right now. Earthquake, hurricane, now flooding. If the 'Skins lose then I'm worried there will be a mass suicide, lol. Thank GOD I live in DC!

I will never forget when I evaluated Daniel Thomas' film. I was not impressed one bit. I'm convinced he was drafted because he is BIG! The front office needs to realize that, regardless of how big a guy is, if he can't play his size does not matter. Thomas reminds me of a dumbed down version of Ronnie Brown. Neither are naturally gifted runners. As a RB, you either have it, or you don't. The latitude fir improvement is very small.

I wanted us to re-sign Ricky all along for this very reason.

Dolphin 77,

You think anybody is going to listen to anymore of you're predictions-ROTFLMAO!

Flashback: Mark it down, Henne will never start another game in MIAMI!

-dulphin 77-

2. You heard it here first, Henne will never start another game in the NFL!

-dulphin 77-

BHwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaa!

Way to go Nadda-Homous, ROTFLMAO!!!!

Let me guess Mando. The Saint's got rid of Mr. Kardshian because he was just so good.

Come on Mando! Ricky is 28 years old in football years. Dude had a lot of down time in his career. Same with Ronnie. They ran him into TWO season ending injuries. The guy has two or three REALLY good years left in him.

teway14...Yeah man ..I saw his runs in college big A@#$ holes!Reminds me of Patrick Turner's plays in college no seperation!

Here's my Other things that has me worried.

#6 Cross contamination.See Jersy Shore
#7 Bad Breath.See Oin
#8 Sea Levels increasing(Actually I like this Idea, I've got some lan in Orlano that may be beachfront in 20 years)
#9 No more movies about Apes.
#10 Those Damn Dirty Apes.

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