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Now we understand why Larry Johnson was re-signed

Larry Johnson is signed and on the practice field today. And he is taking some repetitions as the club's No. 2 running back -- at least in the portion of practice open to the media.


Well, because rookie Daniel Thomas is injured. And he is not practicing. The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Thomas yesterday tweaked a hamstring injury he had earlier this preseason and so the club felt the need to buy insurance for Monday night's regular-season opener against the Patriots.

I have to tell you, Thomas has not had a great month. He's been tentative on some runs in training camp. He was told to stop "tippy toeing" by coaches at one point. And he got hurt. And now he's hurt again.

I've heard of better starts to an NFL career.

Now, let's think outside the box for a moment. Is this terrible news?

Given Thomas's obvious need to get better acclimated to the NFL game and the large stage on which the Miami season begins -- national TV -- would you rather hand the ball to the rookie or to Johnson?

I believe the moment won't be bigger than Larry Johnson. Monday night football?

Been there. Done that.

That does not mean it is certain Thomas will be out of Monday night's game. The Johnson signing is supposed to be for insurance. If it turns out that Johnson is thrust into a contributing role behind Reggie Bush, so be it.

In my opinion, at least. 


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Why don't you register so we have an accurate history of your lunacy?

I have a confession to make. I dont use LOL to be funny nor descending. I use it to irritate hell out of you dumbass ninnies.

Same exact effect soap and clean bath water has on you dirty dick suckers!


So I guess you agree that the offense is going to suck. Are you riding on hennes jock already? I do believe henne should not be starting for the dolphins and again and it will prove to be true.


Feeling down today? You've only called the posters a bunch of idiots and ninnies 19 times, well under par.

Apparently these idiot, ninny posters do something for you, otherwise you wouldn't come back.

Man! I didn't eat lunch & people are talking about nachos! Gonna be a rough 90 minutes!

i don't know but i think that odin and db have finaly lost it.lol

Wow Breed, Have you lost your Mind?Or is this Aloco posting?


Perhaps the best football player of all time went to Mississippi Valley State, another small school. You're right doesn't have any bearing on who you become as a pro.

WOW... And we did not need to keep Ronnie or Ricky... interesting.

Henne will still be VERY good this year. Just had to say that.

Oh yeah....I should have mentioned that was Jerry Rice.

thus proving my point ive been saying all along, this owner and gm have NO clue about talent and how to draft. i mean come 1st round traded up for a average Rb from where... kansas state come on man. please once agian can "SOME RICH PERSON THAT KNOWS FOOTBALL PLEASE BUY OUR TEAM AND MAKE US CONTENDERS AGAIN....PLEASE!!!!!!"

Posted by: TRICKY | September 08, 2011 at 03:18 PM

Apparently somebody knows a little more about it than you.

We traded up into the END of the 2nd round for Thomas, not the 1st.

We used our first pick on the best interior lineman in th draft. I probably would have went a different route, but Pounceys has looked good and IS IMPROVING week to week, SO FAR.


you actually did post a few comments without the LOL...
Didn't enjoy them one bit. LOL...

LOL!!!! Are you talking about the Patriots or the Dolphins?

WR corps? Come on Wide Stance Bangee.

Corners? How many games were lost because our corners got burned or got called for pass interference?

Offensive and Defensive schemes? 7-9 Bangee. 7-9 Bangee. Obviously that trash didn't work.

Then you list all the weaknesses which DIRECTLY contradicts your nonsense Jim Jones Koolaid drinking arse.

DyingBreed comes here to spend the day calling the bloggers idiots, yet considers himself a more of a contribution to the blog than they are.


Hope you change your tune once Pouncey becomes a pro bowler this year. If we could have trade back into the 2nd rd and one of those guys were available Im sure we would have taken them.

Consider we have only had one hit on taking an olineman in the draft(Jake Long). We used a 1st rd'er right? So conventional wisdom states if we wanted another hit on the oline possition we used another 1st rd pick.

Now at least 2 oline positions, barring serious injury, are now solidified for the next 10yrs. The average shelf life of an nfl rb is about 5yrs.

Pouncey over your rb's is a complete no brainer! LOL..............................................

C'mon people, Thomas as a number pick (and a 3,4,5) is no worse than a second for Pat White, is it? ;)

All you do is wide stance

All you bloggers are nothing but complete idiots!

2Watt, Odin still has his mind(??) But I got a feeling aloco has Hijacked Breeds Moniker, I havent seen anything like this since 9/11.. Just saying this guy has jacked more names then Frank Abagnale Jr,Just saying.


I had no problem with the Dolphins taking Pouncey in the first. I wasn't big on the Thomas pick in the second. Yes, I would have pushed harder to get one of those other two backs instead of Thomas. He just doesn't overwhelm me.

@you idiot Keep drinking the Jones Bangee, Los lobos whatever you are what say on the subject of the dolphins you expert , because apparently you have all the answers...... i guess you are a consultant for a an nfl team huh ?

@you idiot Keep drinking the Jones Bangee, Los lobos whatever you are what say on the subject of the dolphins you expert , because apparently you have all the answers...... i guess you are a consultant for a an nfl team huh ?

DC, our job market is flooded. Our govt was smart enough to keep our bankers in check. We've had handcuffs on our bankers always. Our govt insures that the current banks enjoy a monopoly in return we make sure they do nothing too risky. It put us in a good position to recover. In addition, we are also a resource heavy economy and the commodities continue to be strong. I had a tough time finding consulting engagements in 2009-10 but otherwise hasn't been too bad.

Some states are in bad shape job wise. Why not come to Canada? Was recently talking to a waiter who had Greek, Canadian, and US papers. He said Toronto was in a lot better shape in the service and hospitality area than both New York and Greece (obvious).


so far Thomas is still a better pick than Ted Ginn. Although, in all fairness, everybody just loved the Ginn family!

Fins had to already know pryor to the draft they had Bush in the bag. Thus they were looking for the best big back they thought was available. D Thomas seemed to fit that bill.

A big back in college who had rushed for nearly 1,600yds on the division 1 level seemed to speak for itself. Dont know what it is with some of you, at best D Thomas is a glorified 3rd rd pick. Especially being selected so far down the 2nd rd shelf life.

I say getting a "glorified 3rd rd pick" with D Thomases division 1 collegiate numbers was a no-brainer. If they thought he could come in and set the league on fire right away. He would have been either our or another team's 1st rd pick.

The fire at rb position was why they signed Reggie Bush you dumbass ninnies!


DC, don't let Jeff Ireland know there is an Acorn St. Our entire draft will come out of that school from here on.

odin, these people are crazy today, aren't they?

The only 2 people on this board who know anything are BrownEye & HalfBreed. The rest of you are crybabies!

Just leave us to our love & we'll find new people to LOL & ROTFLAMO with!

I, for one, am glad they didn't take a QB from this class (no offense Pat Devlin). I don't think there were any that would have unseated Henne, so what's the point?

nabbing Devlin post-draft, as a prospect and project, was a high value move and I give Ireland credit for that.

I think it's wise to give Henne a year as the QB in a new offense. If he fails this year, in a legitimate offense, then it'll be time to invest a pick into a QB that can lead the team.

Gotta Hit lunch kids, Breed,Odin You guys keep hitting what ever your hitting(LOL) I'll see you in a hour.

Craig, who went to Miss St.? Jerry Rice?

Boy, whoever was it that got rid of BOTH Ricky and Ronnie? You could understand 1 of them but not both considering the needs of this team but then again, when personal vengeance is involved, as it was towards Ricky, well you see it. Just another one of the many nails already in the coffins of those responsible. What forthcoming events/blunders will be their final nails?


Thier not crybabies, they just love showing thier pusses in public for free. Cant you see the "free p*ussy" signs on thier low brow slopping foreheads?


Peyton manning had a 2nd neck surgery this morning - out for 2-3 months. Great job, draft guru Bill Polian for not supplying your QB pipeline. Manning out for 2-3 months, season over, thanks for coming out.

Why didn't they go out and sign Garrrard anyway?

I said this a a few weeks ago. Not bringing back Ronnie Brown OR Ricky Williams will bite this team in the ass. How does the dog bite feel Tony and Jeff?

Mark, lol on Acorn St. Makes you wonder what the curriculum is.

Great, there goes my fantasy season in 1 league. I had Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. UGH!


I think it's pretty interesting that not a single person on our whole board here is disappointed in this move. It just goes to show you how disappointed we were when LJ was cut in the first place. The voting to cut LJ was 8 million to 2. Us 8 million vans lost to the 2 votes of Sparano and Ireland. I could understand if they have a proven track record and proved that they "know what they are doing." But they do not.

I would hire the "Swami" to come in and run my fo before most of you loserville idiots!

Signed: Steven "At Least Im Not That Stupid" Ross

Mark, big news there. Sadly, for Miami, it means nothing. Unless we win the AFC east, there is only a remote chance Miami gets a Wildcard ahead of NE/NY or Pitt/Balt.

Looks like Houston will finally make the post season on a gimmie & Kubiak saves the job he should have lost last year!

Joe, what if Brady's next? Out for season. You think we have a chance then?

You are comparing guys with talent with guys with no talent. Jerry rice went to mason dixon but he had talent. plus J. freeman has proved nothing yet so its not a knock on small schools its knock on collage programs that do not coach or bring up certian positions, Kansas state has not been known very well for grooming running backs for the nfl. so quit making haste out of what you read and think about what people are saying there is a differance.

I said this a a few weeks ago. Not bringing back Ronnie Brown OR Ricky Williams will bite this team in the ass. How does the dog bite feel Tony and Jeff?

Posted by: albert | September 08, 2011 at 03:48 PM

Okay, Larry "the steamroller" Johnson might end up being as good at this thing as R&R. We'll soon find out a whole bunch.

OH, and AndyNJ is the guy from NJ Philly area. Sorry Andy, forgot your name yesterday.

Whelp, that's a dubious start for ALL those DT lovers out there. Yeah, hella pick that kid is. No I have not said he is a bust in these early goings but I see notyhing to think he will be special.

Especially the trade UP into the 2nd round special.

Mark my words... the Fins draft should have gone:

1 Pouncey. He may not be his brother but he won't be too far behind. Nice bloodlines. He will shine.

2 Brandon Marshall. Essentially that is what is was for so let it be.

3 Stay put and take Ryan Mallet. He has legit star caliber assets. He is the guy that could have pushed Henne. Contrary to what many believe I think he could have seen playing time this year if Henne faltered. He will be a stud later.

4 RB Taiwan Jones. The kid is tall, athletic, has soft hands and is WICKED fast. He will emerge this year and will push McFadden and Bush for playing time.

This would have added more Offensive playmakers and the Fins would be deadly on OFF.

Larry Johnson will play and will play well. I believe he is the better player between he and DT.

Time will tell... well, back to work!

I'll check in in a while.


PS... on a side note.

Ronnie Brown (the same one Ireland ran out of town) will have a nice year with the Eagles. He was not Miami's problem. Mush better than DT imho.


sorry for the miss info i did goof he was a 2nd round but and jerry did go to miss. but does it really matter d. thomas is not going to be a good rb in this leauge, too slow and sluggish.



Missippi Valley State for Rice.

Guys that are downplaying the fact the Colts are in trouble for the playoffs this year are nuts. There's only six spots open this year and you can pretty much scratch one of last year's playoff teams off the list in Indy without Manning. This in itself you at least be cause for some celebration in Miami.


Manning went in the 4th round of our fantasy draft last night. It was weird to still see him on the board, as he's normally gone very early. Betcha the guy who drafted him last night is kicking himself.

On offense, the key is to think HYBRID, think "unconventional," think "unpredictable." Henne is not a good enough talent at this point to go toe to toe with the likes of Brady, Manning, Rothlisberger, Rodgers etc etc. Nor is our offense gelled together enough yet. The BIG question is the O Line with a human sieve called Colombo, I'm afraid to watch.

Rob OC,

If we werent so far down the 3rd drafting peck order we would have selected D Thomas 3rd rd. The fo had to have inside info he going to get grabbed.

Taiwann Jones? We did take him, only we took the more experienced and dynamic version of him in "REGGIE BUSH".

Taking Jones we still would have need an inbetween the tackles big back. Jones is under 200lbs. Good luck on how long he would have lasted running inbetween the tackles. Especially seeing how some are even doubting Bush and he's a ThangsGiving turkey over 200lbs.




Dear Mr. Salguero

With the signing of Larry Johnson I can honestly say I havn't been this happy since we signed Cecil Collins or Lawrence Phillips.

Will the Phins pro shop be selling any Larry Johnson gear...like a wife beater Tee shirt or maybe some mugshot photo's of him in a police lineup...I'd buy that gear to help support my team.

Hell I just might assault the old lady to help celebrate Larry's signing.

Soiled :)

Is that all you've got Armando? For your daily dose of negativity about the Fins whether it be a player, the HC, front office or owner?

He was told to not tap dance at the line.

He has a tweak in his hamstring.

That's all the amunition you've got?


Manning out only means the Colts arent a shue-in to win the afc south. Besides Peyton and Indy's dominance, the afc south has been relatively mediocre.

With Peyton's abscense the playing field has been leveled somewhat. The Texans arent a shue-in because of thier track record for "underachieving" year after year!



JS, this news definitely is making teh Texans feel better about themselves although I think Indy's talent is rubbish without Manning and a good team would've gave them fits regardless. What is Bill Polian waiting for to start grooming a Qb anyway? Manning was drafted in the 1990's. And this is the guy some Dolphins' fans want to run our talent evaluation? Manning was the amkeup that covered the pimple's on the pig's @ss. Man, he hasn't drafted anyone that's of any significance in forever - maybe since Dallas Clark.

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