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Now we understand why Larry Johnson was re-signed

Larry Johnson is signed and on the practice field today. And he is taking some repetitions as the club's No. 2 running back -- at least in the portion of practice open to the media.


Well, because rookie Daniel Thomas is injured. And he is not practicing. The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Thomas yesterday tweaked a hamstring injury he had earlier this preseason and so the club felt the need to buy insurance for Monday night's regular-season opener against the Patriots.

I have to tell you, Thomas has not had a great month. He's been tentative on some runs in training camp. He was told to stop "tippy toeing" by coaches at one point. And he got hurt. And now he's hurt again.

I've heard of better starts to an NFL career.

Now, let's think outside the box for a moment. Is this terrible news?

Given Thomas's obvious need to get better acclimated to the NFL game and the large stage on which the Miami season begins -- national TV -- would you rather hand the ball to the rookie or to Johnson?

I believe the moment won't be bigger than Larry Johnson. Monday night football?

Been there. Done that.

That does not mean it is certain Thomas will be out of Monday night's game. The Johnson signing is supposed to be for insurance. If it turns out that Johnson is thrust into a contributing role behind Reggie Bush, so be it.

In my opinion, at least. 


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Up to now, nobody knows how to stop Aaaron Rodgers.

There is no doubt, the Blitz is going to kill us next Monday.

Those receivers are not in optimal condition. Understandable.

GB linemen seem much bigger than NO's.

Ryan Mallett is a self-centered whiner and wigger wannabe. Remember him saying he'd get "revenge" for sliding. Riiiiiight. He'll hold a clipboard like he belongs.

As to Thomas, yeah, he's had a tough summer...but let's remember: NO ETAs. Limited preseason. Give the kid a chance to get going.

C'mon, I know my fellow dolfans are whiny and virtually don't understand the simplest concepts of football; I've been reading some of the Einsteins on this board for months and let me tell you...its mind-numbing. My only hope--and its a slim one--is that this site is favored by 3rd graders.

IrelandSucks said:

"They pass on DREW BREES (Twice!)"

No...they did not. Wanny passed on Brees (once) as did Saban. Ireland/Sporano had no choice with him.

"They pass on MATT RYAN to take CHAD HENNE in the 2nd."

No. They did NOT. They passed on Ryan to take Jake Long and build the OL. Like it or not, that is a logical method, especially considering the misses the team had had. They elected to take as close to a Sure Thing as they could ever hope for...and it has NOT been a mistake.

"They pass on MARK INGRAM to TRADE UP (Are you kidding me?) to take DANIEL THOMAS."

You mean the guy getting savaged for losing the first game of the year with his lack of strength and vision? THAT guy? Whatever, dude. You're so beyond lame you make lame seem cool.

"They pass on DEZ BRYANT."


"They pass on several top WRs to take CLYDE GATES."

Yeah, and we'll see how Gates does. He has played a grand total of ZERO downs, you moron!!!

"They pass on QBs."

So did most teams. And the ones that didn't do NOT have first rounders starting...they have third round backups.


You are, yes. On that I think we ALL agree.

"Dt is yatil green part two

Posted by: orktucker"

Yatil had two major knee injuries...DT has a tweaked hammy. C'mon. Don't give FireIreland a run for his money as Supidest Poster On This Board.

What's going on?

Solution is quite simple, get a real GM, and real coach, we have no one that can scout talent, and we always give up too much to get less than nothing.

Thomas is looking like a great pick, good job there Tony.S

Maybe Thomas is just happy to have his signing bonus. He doesnt look to have the heart.

thomas must suck when rookies are good they do what adrien peterson did. rookies rule at RB position. no need to get used to NFL at that position. thomas sucks. bad draft.

Not crappy fans, realistic fans, instead of living in "GO DOLPHINS" La La Land. Did you see the surveys where most "fans" think Miami will win TEN games?

What does it take for this town to learn? The team is never going to be ready for prime time when they won't spend money or take chances like the other teams (in our own division) and when they do stupid things like stick with Henne, and grab Jared Odrick and pass on Dez Bryant. You'll see on Monday night.

I am a little dismayed at all the whining going on in this comments column. Well folks, if you are indeed Dolphins fans, you might want to get behind our team and cheer them on.
I think Larry Johnson still has gas in the tank and he could be very helpful to the Dolphins in 2011. I thought it was a mistake they let him go in the first place. It is too soon to tell if Daniel Thomas pick was a success or a failure, time will tell. Meanwhile, LJ can be that big bruising back our offense needs, and I would love to see him score 2 rushing TDs against the Patsies Mon.nite! Go Dolphins.


Another Miami Dolphins draft bust.

Do not follow CFB so yes i was shocked by the selection of thomas because I had no idea about him and unfortunately still don't and thats not a good thing. Maybe we should just trade our 2nd rd pick ,it hasn't helped us MISI??? will not mention the previous....

Here is why we know he's a bust. The RB position is dominated by rookies with fresh legs. The league's rushing champion is USUALLY a rookie!!! Look at Adrien Peterson. And many others--1000 yard rushers as rookies. The RB is the one position that does not need NFL experience to catch on. He should already know how to run hard. He's been playing since age 12. So this kid sucks. Period.

It's a good thing we run the Run 'n Shoot now. 5 wide, brother!

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