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Brian Daboll on red zone, JT on kicking @ss

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has one glowing-in-neon issue with his unit and that, obviously, is Miami's red zone offense.

Yes, the Dolphins have been in the red zone a bunch so far this season -- 10 times in two games. That's very good. But they have scored only six times in those trips and that's bad. The 60 percent scoring rate is tied for 31st in the NFL.

The stat is important because the Dolphins are searching for a win and wins normally come down the highway of more points. So the topic of improving the red zone offense is something of a passion now for Daboll. And this video of Daboll speaking to reporters today makes that plain:

Did you catch that last part? No, not the part about the Colt McCoy biography. The part about Charles Clay.

Clay, Miami's rookie tight end/fullback, has not played yet this season as he's been recovering from a hamstring injury. But that might change this week. If he is active, and I believe he will be, Clay will have a package built for him.

Look for it.

You guys will remember I can show you only a limited amount of video. But audio? I can give you tons of unlimited sound.

I present to you today's Jason Taylor's press conference with the media.

He discussed his stance on where the team is. He talked about his disappointment that his talk about upgrading the team's practice habits, which I wrote about in Tuesday's Miami Herald, became public. (Sorry big guy, but news is news.) Taylor also made a very, very interesting point on what he thinks is going to happen this weekend in Cleveland:

"I always have a good feeling," Taylor said. "I believe we're going to win every game. And I believe we're going to get in this airplane Saturday and go up to Cleveland and kick somebody's ass."

For the Dolphins sake, that somebody should probably be wearing a Browns jersey and helmet.

The full audio:

Download Taylor


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That's why Conspiracies don't exist anymore, JT. No more secrets.


Anyone watch that 2 part documentary on Belichick last night? Even though we all hate NE, the guy is a great coach and let's everyone feel his wrath when he is not happy.

I was wondering the entire time how Tony speaks to his coaches and players.

Do the Dolphins have organization problems?
Perhaps but the real issue is; now the Cleveland Browns know how the Dolphins will be correcting their red zone problems. With some Clay! Moreover motivational speeches from a Miami Dolphin Icon will be in the Cleveland locker room. Everyone has a right to earn a living. However it is tough to earn a living winning with this kind of media exposure. So now the media are the winners but the Dolphins, fans and Tony Sparano are the loosers.

Why you no eat pork?




That's absolute BS. The same way they get our "secrets" from us, we can get them from them. No?


Besides, it makes the Game more interesting. Yes?

If you can't out execute the other Team you might as well get out of the Game.

How can anyone think Ireland is doing a good job? It's upsetting.



I love these company men in the media who are just an extension of the team's public relations department...anyone defending this regime at this point is just not being honest.

Oh, you mean the FA's and stuff? He certainly is not throwing Ross' $ away.

Maybe the wayward satellite will take out the practice bubble today forcing the lazy players to work extra hard in the heat and regain homefield advantage.

To score in the redzone you have to attacke the middle, we absolutley do not do that.

everyone here knows that, if you did your job the way these guys do theirs, you would have been fired a long time ago. i was one of those willing to give sparano a new lease on life this season with new coaches and new players but the team has gone backwards instead of moving forwards. i just don't see how he can turn this team around especially when you have someone like jt talking about the way they practice. you playe the way you practice and that is what has shown up on the field so far.

It is very clear that Ireland believes in building thru the Draft and only signs FA's that fit the Teams present scheme.

what scheme is that? the scheme that cheats fans out of their money?

enough with the excuses already. i saw nate solder get beat time and again by pass rushers in college and a guy like cam wake, who should have schooled him, couldn't get near the qb. belichick just knows how to get the best out of his players. i bet he turns stevan ridley into a 1,000 yd rusher. we will never see that from this team because the prevailing attitude is that mediocrity is ok.

JT, the dancing queen, is no better then the rest of the defense, he hasnt one sack, has he made a tackle? Hes as bad as the rest, all talk no walk. The Dolphins along with the media are looking more and more like a soap opera. As the Dolphins Turn, or swim. This is getting a little silly, no , a lot silly. Offense cant score, the defense cant stop anyone, 500yds a game?
Cleveland 24 Dolphins 13, and the hits keep on a coming.

dolphin, agreed. However, to attack the middle, you need a good TE (better if you have 2). We seem to either have a good one and not utilize him (which I think is part of the problem) or our TE isn't as good as many of the Coaches think (which is a bigger part of the problem IMO). Why doesn't Fasano ALWAYS get a play in the red zone? He's a big body, usually can catch. Either he runs bad routes, is too slow, or is too busy blocking (which would be a devastatingly stupid move by the OC, seeing how other TE's are tearing up the league).

I think Miami wins because they have to. However, I would not take a W as a sign that everything is rosey like I'm sure some here will.

If the players TRULY stand by this coach, they better win & look impressive doing it. I don't think it's too early to say this a must win.

If they flop & look bad again, I think Sparano is a goner sooner than later.

Sundays game against what 'should be' considered an inferior team should answer all questions. If we can't beat Cleveland coming in with the motivation of an 0-2 start and last place in the division, then this team is lost.

We are talking about Cleveland. Anything short of a blow out will leave me with all the same doubts.

Dragon, actually JT had a very crucial sack on Shaub last week. And he was pressuring a couple times too in that game. I thought he did well last week.

But, if you're looking to a 36 year old guy to be your defensive or sack leader, then that's your main problem. In DC, in NY, he was like a backup, he didn't have a prominent role (because he's near the end of his career). Much like Bush, this FO doesn't know how to best use the players they have. If they're relying on JT to be their main guy pressuring the QB, then it's going to be a long year. Where's Misi? Where's Odrick? These guys are newbies, should have lots of energy and fire to blast up there. But they don't.

Blame the GM. Blame the Coaches. It's kind of hard for me to blame a guy who's going to retire after this year.

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Joe/DA, it's my birthday. And the ONLY thing I'm asking for, is a Dolphins win Sunday. I don't want gifts from family, don't want to make a big deal out of it. Give me a win, and that's the best thing that someone could give me.

But DA, don't expect a blowout. When's the last blowout you saw this team deliver? I know, it hurts even thinking about it, it's been so long. I'm expecting something close (like last year), probably within 7 points.

Unlike Joe, I'm not expecting a win. Cleveland has a hungrier team (IMO), better GM, and are at home. I think they're looking at this week saying, "cool, we got a win against these suckers, just like last year." Look for big ST plays by Cribbs.

Also, if I'm more pessimistic than you 2, then you KNOW things are going in the wrong direction, lol.

Ohhh, F*CK MY LIFE!!!!

JT has a sack just saying, it was one of the only highlights of the Texans game.


First, Happy FKING Birthday!

If they play their usual game, struggling to dominate on any level against Cleve, who granted is an improved team but far from a powerhouse, then win or lose, it just doesn't bode well for what's to come. The three other teams in our division have all put on impressive performances while we still play like the first day of training camp.

Ultimately, it all falls on the dynamic duo, there decisions on players and Sparanos indecisions for the first 60 minutes of each game.

Now if your talking in his pants, you know JT a little to well... thanks

DC, funny post. Happy Bday btw! I'm never pessimistic. I see things for what they are. I see the same types of approach from DA.

Funny how the realists here are not jumping off the cliff with disappoint or shock. If you're a realist, nothing can ever disappoint or shock you!

Do I think we're better than the Browns right now? No. Do I think this game means trying to salvage the season & the players essentially playing for their coach? Yes.

I think those factors propel them to a win.
If it doesn't, Sparano should be buying his own plane ticket home after the game. If they lose, I can't see how he survives much longer.

Afterall, Ross was told the team was close. Close does not equal an 0-3 start.


Thats what I thought about the last game and they couldn't get it together.

Then, some here had the excuse that Houston is going to win their division, as though that justifies not beating them. I'll take a realistic fan over a fan blind with a defeatist, excuse-filled attitude any day.

Happy Birthday DC, Dolphins win for your birthday. ther in writing, you can enjoy now. :)

I understand that you can't win the rest of the games unless you win the next game yada, yada, yada and that the Browns should be the teams only priority, etc. BUT, a win at Cleveland means little to me. This team better crack off 4 or 5 wins in a row or the season is over before they even hit the halfway mark.

Do you hear what I'm saying? This team will be all but mathematically eliminated by their 8th game of the season.

Yes, I realize that means they have to fly across the country, beat the bolts, and then fly back to the east coast and beat the yets. I realize that. So what. That's what competitive teams do...so shut up and do it or find a new coach. Done.

DA, the Texans, a perennial powerhouse play off team? Who knew? LOL

A. Considering they have never made the playoffs before
B. Will likely only get in this year because Manning is out
C. Are in the 1st year of a new defensive scheme
D. Have beaten Sparano's Dolphins ALL THREE TIMES they've played them, even when they DIDN'T make the playoffs

The excuses & denial amongst fans is at epic proportions.

But Joe,

Houston has not been mathematically eliminated from winning the SB, therefore they could very well end up this years SB winners in which case we lost to a SB team which isn't so bad. We are 1-11 at home but have a great road record. We haven't won a playoff game since the Civil War, but we are just a couple players away now. The Jets just get lucky. Belichek cheats. Brady is getting old. Manning is injured. Rivers always chokes.

We could take the crown as soon as this year!

How bout a special package for Reggie Bush such as using him outside of the tackles and on punt returns??

How bout our defense getting better results too??

How bout not letting Trusnik play on return special teams plays since he cant stop himself from holding in the ref's eyes?

LOL DA, a little further on the Texans for a sec...

Don't they remind you of anyone? The `08 Phins perhaps? Carbon copy! Manning out in 11, Brady in 08. Weak schedules. Playoffs almost by default.

But, watch Houston the next 4 weeks against Pitt, NO, Oakland & Baltimore. They'll be lucky to be 3-3.

Then people can say they were 2-0 when they beat us.

Thanks DA/Joe/Poizen.

Here's to Henne throwing for over 300 yds, at least 3 TDs, Marshall actually catching a pass in the end zone, Thomas getting 100 yds, Bush NOT being used between the tackles, a couple of sacks by Wake and JT, and CARROLL NOT GETTING BLOWN UP BY MASSAQUOI!!!!

From my lips to God's ears, hopefully!

2 games into the season and we are 2 games behind Buffalo.

I think I'll stop shaving and fast until we win a game


Happy birthday man!! You're catching up with me.

Geez, you've really changed your tune from the guy that was so convinced the team would beat Houston last week. I'm more confident about this week than I've been all season. Doesn't mean they will win but just saying this is the first week I'm actually picking them to win. Let's see what happens...

dolphin, I agree. I'm not sure why we never throw to the middle of the end zone when we're down there. Its always to the corners which are very difficult. I think its sparano being scared. He's afraid of INTs and would rather have a over throw fade and kick the field goal than get a TD or an INT. He's Loser and has a loser mentality that this team has adopted. Get rid of sparano.


Your comment earlier about why the team very rarely throws the ball to Fasano in the red zone is a real mystery to me too. I've thought that for a while. It something that lots of teams in the league do. One of the things that Daboll was praised for coming here was how he used his TEs. Perhaps we'll see some of that this Sunday. We can only hope.

I think they don't throw to the TE because they have to bring in a 3rd tackle to compensate for the fact that they can't pass protect long enough to deliver the pass.

I'm not sure why we never throw to the middle of the end zone when we're down there.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | September 23, 2011 at 10:45 AM

I'm not sure why Henne shrinks from 6'4 to 5'3 when in the pocket. It only let the linemen bat his passes away again and again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ...............

Think they should take the whole team to see the movie "Dolphin Tail" maybe it would provide some inspiration - lol Seriously if Sparano is allowed to continue as head coach from this point on the year is a bust. It's not a bust yet but the possibility of winning one out of the next three games giving them a 1-4 record - the season is a bust. I believe Sparano must go now - he is clearly in over his head as stated so many times here. If this team continues to play like the past two games can anyone see them winning more than 3 games this year? Seriously - I have posted this before but it's worth saying again - taking into account the coaching staff and the on field antics the Fins will not win the remaining 7 AFC E games - looking at the rest of their schedule it's possible they can win 3 games with Sparano at the helm. They have been unable to shore up the O line with Dallas rejects and the defensive back ups.......don't see them getting any better if the injuries continue. Every team in they play will use the Pattsies game plan and wear down the D - pass rush Henne and we all know that outcome. I love the Fins and want to see them return to their glory years but it ain't happening this year or in the next few years. Just sayin Sparano needs to go now.

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