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Patriots defeat Dolphins 38-24 in opener

The offense wasn't good enough: No running game. Not enough protection for Chad Henne. Not enough drives ending in touchdowns rather than field goals.

The defense was terrible. Really, really, bad.

Tom Brady passed for 517 yards and the Patriots rolled up a total of 622 yards. If this defense doesn't get better, and quickly, this is going to be a long season.

New England had Aaron Hernandez go for 103 yards on seven catches. Wes Welker caught eight passes for 160 yards, which included a 99-yard touchdown catch.

The Patriots used the no-huddle and it caught the Dolphins unprepared physically. Ultimately, the Patriots wore down the Miami defense.

"We practiced it a ton," coach Tony Sparano said of the no-huddle. "They made too many big plays. We said it during the week, big plays are going to kill you. Some of their scores made it look kind of easy."

One word of advice: Bring back Will Allen. Miami's corners were terrible tonight. They were either cramped. Or unable to play physical enough to stay with New England tight ends.

Yes, that was progress we saw from Chad Henne. He completed 30 of 49 passes for 416 yards. He moved the Dolphins up and down the field between the 10 yard lines. But he couldn't convert inside the 10. Twice, he threw third or fouth-down passes from inside the 2 yard line that fell incomplete. One led to a field goal. One led to the Dolphins turning the ball over on downs.

Good. Just not good enough this night.