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Patriots lead Dolphins 14-7 to start third quarter

The Dolphins still have not figured out how to stop the New England tight ends.

Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez have combined for seven catches, 95 yards, and one touchdown. And the galling thing is the Dolphins were matching up with corners for part of that time.

Tom Brady had plenty of time to throw until late in the second quarter when the Dolphins finally started getting pressure. Cameron Wake got a sack.

Jason Taylor is out of the game with a right ankle injury.

The third quarter is about to begin. The live blog continues. Join me in the comments section for it.


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Defense needs to stiffen up. Safeties need to cover SOMEONE! Stop running Bush UP THE MIDDLE!

Man, the Dolphins O-line hasn't opened much room for Reggie. That needs to change!

Reality bites. I guess the entire nation wasn't wrong about the fins.

The defense needs to nut up in the 2nd half. They were supposed to be the strength of this team.

you can't have too many 3 and outs with this team. We need to start opening up the offense. Use the weapons.

I can hear the Pats ACLs snapin!

Lets teach them about loss and pain!

Soprano is in the locker room FIST PUMPING the O line for some Bush action.

In the end, same ole' same ole'

It's anyones ballgame still no need to freak out yet

If the Phins Beat the Patriots I will Vote for Sparano for President ,Daboll Butter Ball Head O.C. for Vice President and Henne for Secretary of State in 2012 Election ;)

Throw the ball or get someone over the 200lbs range to run between the tackles...seriously.

By the time we are done with their O-line they will be hittin the waver wire...

Ted Ginn anyone? 2 TD and Ginn would have caught that overthrown ball that Marchel went for. But then again...

Bush is looking really effective as well but who I really want to see get involved is Clyde Gates that guy can fly

I love me some Fins In Depth Blog!

really disappointed in the DEF, which was suppose to be the cornerstone of this team. OFF is looking "Decent" but too many Bush runs up the middle are not going to cut it. DEF needs to nut up and make Brady pay with some hits.

DC, I'm wondering how much of that is Daboll's calling vs Henne shrinking back to the old Henning's game plan of conservative, up-the-middle running.

Also no more Bess PR duty give the rook all the opportunities

Dolphins running game looking like it could be a real problem!

Maybe all of that Bush pounding the middle has soften up NE's defense?

Sure hope Mr. Nolan made one hell of an adjustment

14-7 isn't insurmountable. We need to suck down deep and get it done.

Reggie Bush 9 carries 32 yards for 3.5 average.


Many of the "experts" pick NE to go to the SuperBowl and we are down by 7 at half. Think positive. Lets go Phins...NO..LETS GO PHINS.

Well that didn't go like I was expecting. I am sort at of a lost for words about Miami's defense and it's lack of pressure. One would think that after getting burned that last two years this team would address the embarrassment that is the covering of TE's. But so far doesn't look like anything has changed. We'll see if they can adjust, if not looking like another blowout at the hands of the pats.

The secret weapon LARRY JOHNSON will have a BIG TD in this half.

One play and NE is well into Miami territory. If the defense gives up points here, Miami is in trouble.

And they follow that up with a penalty.

Some of these comments are really inane. The Pats are a very good team, so far I've liked what I've seen from the offense. Sure I'd like to see more points but They have been aggressive and Henne has looked good so far.The defense needs to step up and make a big play.

Is it me or is Gruden painful to listen to?

Can somebody tell me why we cut Allen now?

Benny Sapp...One of my favorites...F****n Stiff...

I say Run-N-Shoot.
Good Luck Phins


Holy cow!


Ok, go now!

Daboll, you're trying my patience now.


Terrible first down call by Daboll. Running Bush inside isn't getting it done. You take a shot at the end zone there,\.




Good protection

Finally and Henne took that hit

Atta way, Henne! Great throw!

Odrick makes up for earlier abuse.

I'M LOVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrunkenPhin!!!DrunkenPhin!!!DrunkenPhin!!!DrunkenPhin!!!DrunkenPhin!!! come back! screw the naysayers!

hartline w the low jump rope

Win or lose it is NOT HENNE'S FAULT

The odrick INT return was 40 yards.

And just like that, we're back in it. C'mon D!

Now is the time to strike!!!! D has to Fu&k Brady...keep the pressure on. It has to be now

D up!

thats how you capitalize off a turnover, great job guys

Now we gotta finish. DEFENSE STEP UP!

Fat Albert Haynesworth couldnt get to Henne.

What a lard arse.

Henne is making beleivers out of some fin fans tonight!

Armando, when did Odrick get abused?

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