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Patriots lead Dolphins 28-17 to start the fourth quarter

The Dolphins are got a field goal and a touchdown in the third quarter.

The Patriots got two touchdowns.

Yes, advantage New England.

The Miami defense is starting to look like a group of backups. Vontae Davis left the game with cramps. Sean Smith stayed in but suffered cramps as Aaron Hernandez caught a pass against him that set up a touchdown.

It's not looking good right now because the Patriots are looking like the team better equiped for the heat. Stunning.

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Oh well.

3 and out...It's over.

G'damn how many passes have they dropped tonight? Henne's getting smacked around too.

Ever notice how quick Bess looks when he catches the ball, yet how slow he actually runs?

Hartline SUCKS!

Don't shoot me, but the defense looked better with...with...with...Crowder.

New England responds to Dolphin scores with quick touchdowns. Miami responds with a 3 and out.

Love how Miami's starting CBs are out with cramps yet NE's TEs are perfectly hydrated.

Is it a terrible defense, an outstanding offense or a combination of both?

So sick of looking at the positives in a loss, why can't they just win dammit

And this is without their starting center.

A once proud franchise continues its travels on the road of mediocrity(sp),and thats being kind

need a turnover...for crying out loud we gotta get after Brady! Can't believe this!

Time to bring out the speedy receivers. We've got some, right?


Defence looks like crap. Some will blame it on the lockout but what I don't understand is how the Pats defence isn't cramping up also. I mean after all don't our guys practice in the heat and humidity all the time. Pretty sad!! Sean Smith looked AWFUL on that play to Hernadez. He completely quit on the play.

dusty bottoms, we're the negative ones...LOL!!!! Where are you guys? Calling us every name in the book because we're sick of losing. Bunch of ignorants. Start living in reality, not fantasy.

And we didnt need a receiver

Ahh, so after watching the NE DBs shut down the Miami WRs, -that's- how Miami's defense should work. Pathetic. I am so sick and tired of watching NE make great plays and then turn around and see "15 yard cushion" Carroll give up YET ANOTHER #(%* CATCH!

Anyone else wondering why we didnt go after Merriwether?

THATS IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nolan Carrol is having an OUTSTANDING game.

Why would any team ever run the ball against us when passing is so much easier!!!!!

And the humiliation continues...

and hernandez delivers a blow!!!!

Is it too much to ask millionaire "professional" athletes to be in shape and hydrated for one of their 16 games a year!

This is like batting practice now for the Patriots. Oh well...Time to focus on the draft...Go Jeff Go!


I had been called troll, jet fan and worse all because I gave my objective opinion in a tactful manner, which has been fairly accurate so far.

Man, this is painful

cut brian hartline yesterday players need to make plays henne is the hero the receivers suck

If the Phins Beat the Patriots I will Vote for Sparano for President ,Daboll Butter Ball Head O.C. for Vice President and Henne for Secretary of State in 2012 Election ;)

Whatever can be said about tonight, this is without a doubt the truth: the Dolphins were not prepared to play ball.


Apps still not working Mando! A year later

DevilsAdvocate, you mean you're not a Jets fan? Could of fooled me...LOL!!!


You just can't assume a team, or an offense or defense will just pick up where they left off season to season. This team got too impressed with themselves before they ever proved anything. Now its a week of humble pie and Tony telling us what is 'fixable'.

Cramps for any player on the dolphins should never happen! No team should be better prepared to play in the south Florida heat then maimi. It shows a lack of coaching in my opinion.

Slice and Dice by Brady.................

Guys. You all need to stop whining and back this team. We llok better and need to tweak a few things. Reality is 9-7 and probably no playoffs. But, it beats 1-15. The Patriots are the best and that is it.

I'm trying to be supportive. The fans are cheering loudly, trying to be hostile. But the defense has to show up. WHERE IS PAUL SOLIAI? Is Channing Crowder wearing Kevin Burnett's Uniform?

Mando...our secondary is less than pathetic. It's criminal we have TE's from any team embarassing our DB's.

They'll be lucky if 20 000 show up for the Texans game...

The lack of preparation and conditioning is frightening.

This is what real coaching looks like. Talk about effectively using timeouts and great clock management.

Jones could have taken that to the house


We need to get rid of TS and Ireland. Can we fire Ross too?

I have to admit that i didnt think we would win but to get ones ass kicked and then pretty much get your nose rubbed in it ...........hurts!!!!!!......and another example of a dolphin not making a game changing play right there

Jones nearly had a huge pick 6 there. A good player makes that play.

Who is going to cover Andre Johnson? And no harm to hartline. But that is what happens when your 2nd wide out is 5-8 150lbs. He drops the ball and is no factor.

Funny, Dolphins needed a TE, A pulling Guard, a beast at Safety, another pass rushing LB, and someone who could make an interception. Ireland addressed those issues how??? Ireland= A terrible GM even by Madden standards

the defense.... hasn't showed up today

two TDs in the next 11 minutes?

Same old Dolphins.

I get the feeling Ross can't wait to turn over the staff with his fingerprints

someone get me bill cowher!!!!!! :)


THAT WAS HUGE AND WOULD HAVE BEEN A 10PT SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's official....miami is in the lead for the #1 pick....they have become the new Detroit Lions. any one notice Ginns 2 TD's yesterday...FO are a bunch of idiots!!!!!!

We are the old lions now! What a joke !!

how is this team not prepared to play in a home opener on monday night football against a division rival no less. Are we on the clock yet for Andrew Luck. For good measure lets get bill Cowher as well. I can guarantee he will have the players ready to play and conditioned properly

Hey, there is always next year...........

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