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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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Craig M, please tell us again how NE and NY did nothing to improve themselves this offseason and how we did.

I hate to say it but the Phins won't be doing anything this year...again. Not until Brady retires. Good effort though...should be a solid season for Miami. Maybe you can edge the Jets for a wildcard birth, because we all know you won't win the AFC East.

Dolphins have a great defense, I would hate to see what Brady will do against a sub-par defense.

Cam Newton throws for 422 and the world goes crazy. Chad Henne throws for 416 (not including 2 nice chunk passes negated by Incognito penalties) and Dolphin press says still not good enough. Our offense looked beautiful. Brady's and Henne's completions look extremely similar. It isn't Henne's fault that Sapp looked like Betty White and Carroll looked worse. Once the Dolphin D gets it together, we're going to have a very solid team. Most of expected to drop this one, but I saw a lot of good things last night.

I'm not ready to agree with those that say Henne improved. He was better than his last few games last season yes, but before that, Henne was often pretty good between the 20's. Henne was consistently awful in the red zone though and he was again last night. 4th year pro and he still doesn't have the fade pass, maybe he never will.

Last but not least, I posted this comment a few times, so once again....4th and goal from the 1/2 yard line and we don't have confidence we can run it in behind Jake Long???

Reggie can't jump over the pile?

Henne can't QB sneak?

Lex couldn't pound it in one half yard?

LJ couldn't pound it in one half yard?

What an immense lack of confidence in your 'prized' oline.

Oh Man They Need To Call Will Allen Before Anybody Does , Nollan Carrol Is Realy Bad

Cam Newton throws for 422 and the world goes crazy. Chad Henne throws for 416 (not including 2 nice chunk passes negated by Incognito penalties) and Dolphin press says still not good enough.

Posted by: ncfinfan70 | September 13, 2011 at 09:12 AM

It's a stretch to say the world went crazy. Newton did have the best first game in NFL history, so yes, that gets press.

Henne is in his 4th year, tons more experience. Henne has so often been great between the 20's, some have forgotten that, but he just goes flat in the red zone time and again. That is where the majority of the criticism lies. Most said it was Hennings fault, well now we see...maybe it's just lack of talented players, be it Henne, the oline, or the receivers.

Hey Advocate...go root for the Jets....Henne played extremely well...This loss falls SOLELY on the defense!!!!

Was it just me or did we miss ricky and ronnie last night. Our starting RB was arm tackled last night on several occasions. In my opinion yr Starting Running back shouldnt be arm tackled

Egreen, just because you can't handle objective critisism or anothers opinion doesn't mean they are a Jet fan. I stand by my comments. Unless you have a compelling argument against them, your stupid comments do not enhance the blog.

Anyone look at the Temps up North in July and Aug. It is just as hot in Boston as in Miami.

The difference is that big expensive practice bubble with air.

No two a days, no off season, no dedication to train by a bunch of defensive players who read to much into the thought they were the best D in the league.

Hope they can get their crap together. Go Dolphins.

With the time Henne wasn't getting I think he looked pretty good and why the heck are Carey and Columbo on the line...they were getting beat all night. Did any else see a secondary back there. I know Brady is good but that was pitiful. All in all the team looks better than last year.

The Sparano watch is on. And it should be.
I'm disgusted by how this guy has the nerve to rationalize these losses. Telling us how his offense put up nearly 500 yeards against one of the best defenses? Hello - no - both pass defenses wwere pretty pathetic. There is no almost in football. You win or lose. And when you lose I expect to here - that was unnacceptable - not good enough - that stunk - I want angry, urgency, and energy like I see in the fist pump.

The only positive was Henne. He played well and did so under duress. He constantly had guys in his face and completed a couple of passes while being hit. So after the first game the team seems to have the same problems and deficiencies as the last couple of seasons. The O line was and is terrible. Other than Long, the line was overmatched last night. Incognito killed a couple of drives all by himself. Columbo and Carey looked terrible and pressure came from the middle to right side of the line all night. Pouncey looked ok, I guess but again, the Pats pressured Henne all night up the middle. The Dolphins draft looks weak at best. Pouncey, again is average, Thomas has looked terrible and is now injured, Clay hasn't exactly lit it up and is also hurt, Gates was absolutely terrible on offense and on his returns. So as many of us predicted, the draft doesn't look good. The D? It is vastly overrated and looked slow last night. All the D Lineman in the world doesn't make the D look good. V Davis and S Smith are legends in their minds only and were toasted when they were on the field. The safety play is bad and along with the ilB's left the middle of the died wide open. The team had the money and ability to fix most of these things and refused to do it. Look at the schedule and if anyone here can make a viable argument for 6 wins, I'll give them $100. Hopefully they falter badly and get that first pick. Otherwise, it could be a long time before this team is good again. They need to replace the FO and coaching staff and that means another 3 year rebuilding project. Unreal.

I don't understand why we didn't go with the no huddle either.Did Larry Johnson not suit up.....he could've worn down the d line of the pats.Henne played great I thought....it's only one game but the d really needs to step it up because Schaub will shred that secondary apart too

Devil, Henne was not perfect in the red zone, but how come your not talking about Marshalls drop in his hands on 3rd and goal that henne put there where only he could catch it?

Henne did have maybe 2 bad throws in the red zone, but why does Marshall get off the hook for the drop?

Just curious? All the elite receivers in the nfl make that catch. I am not bashing on Marshall here, but I see criticiism for Henne a lot for inside the 20's, but no one is talking about the TD drop.

I HATE LOOSING! It is bad when a football game can destroy your week. I am here at work in Ma surrounded by gloating Pats fans!

I am going to go postal!

Defense?..........What Defense?................

Hard to lighten up when you feel so crushed.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Dispatch : This is 911 please state the emergency

Me : Yes I would like to report a hit and run at the Sun Lifelessness stadium....there are dozens of dead and dying Dolphins lying around and I saw some people wearing UGG's get into a vehicle with New England license plates leaving the scene.... please hurry.

Dispatch : We are sending a Jeff Fisher/ Bill Cowher unit right away

Soiled :)

I hear ya poizen. I live in RI and can't stand it. I can't watch TV or listen to WEEI because I'm sick of hearing about how good Brady is!!!

How do you defend that hurry up Offence in these days of substitutions? I don't know; but sure as Hell I would do the same thing to Them.


I was only commenting on Henne, how I see the same thing as the last two seasons, he looks great between the 20's and just inept in the red zone. It seems some here are stuck with the image of Hennes last few games in 2010 where he really looked bad, but before that, he often had some good performances between the 20's.

I did go on to say whether its Henne or the players around him needs to be considered. I will concede Henne is moving faster and deciding faster than before, that is encouraging, but....I still think he often throws too late, doesn't anticipate as well as he should by now.

It wasn't even a particularly humid evening. How much time does the team spend practicing in the Nick Satan air conditioned bubble?

NO team will be able to STOP "The BRADY BUNCH" this season... NOBODY!!!!

Hell, we don't need Dan Marino here(although he would be very welcomed). We just need to integrate, play together, gel, whatever you wanna call it.

Discouraging rushing stats:

Bush 11 for 38 3.5 avg
Woodhead 14 for 49 4.9 avg
Green-Ellis 7 for 34 4.9 avg

A guy name Woodhead out rushed #2 overall pick super star Reggie Bush.

Can someone please tell me why after the phins scored their first TD then they got the ball back they went to the standard QB under center run first? What the hell is that? Henne should have been in the shotgun all game long.

NOLAN.......1-8 @ HOME

This year was one of the hottest summers on record all over the US. The Patriots may feel the heat come December but early September? Nope. NE had training camp in the same heat Miami had.

Just another failed attempt to win at home.........same field same result...when are you going to wake up Ross and get a G.M and coach that knows football...15 more games with Sparano is going to be brutal...

Daboll blew his wad on the first drive, then went limp like Henning from there on.

Devils, I agree 100%. Henne was good between the 20's. Decisive, instinctive. But threw poor passes in close. That jump ball pass always sails out of bounds. It's impossible to watch. Saw it at least 3 times last night.

I asked Poizen in the last thread, which Pass did Marshall drop in the endzone? The one that was almost picked off where he was expecting a back shoulder throw?

And let's drop the conditioning or cramps nonsense. This D was getting gashed before cramps set in. We had NO answer for anything NE did all night.

We simply aren't good enough yet.

Yes, 1 TD up on NE, won't cut it.

Mondo, as usual, u my friend, have missed the point. Sparano, Sparano, Sparano. Conditioning is the answer. That havent practiced enough. Once aday isnt enough for a young team that doesnt know their jobs. They dont run enough, they dont run enough, they dont run enough. They dont work on conditioning, it should be very obvious. I have played the game and in So FLa heat and humidity. Run, run, run, its the only way. New England was in shape, the fish were'nt.

It's easy to say "why we don't run in the 4th and goal" after we known the result, I think the play calling was good, but the execution was not so good, first becuase NE was expected us to run, second because we don't have Lousaka Polite, and Johnson is not well tested in short yardage. So I bame in part Jeff Ireland for cuttin Polite.
The thing that I can't get off my head is the VERY poor trayectory Jones took in the 99 TD reception by Wes Welker. Chris Clemmons should play better.

A guy puts up 3the touchdowns in 5the chances in the red zone, has another dropped and all of a sudden, he's awful in the red zone???

This loss falls on the defense and the o line. Isn't this where the regime spent their money and invested high draft picks. If this continues through the year, epic fail on the front office. Four years is enough time.

Devil no biggie, I have been on the defending Henne bandwagon for a long time now, becasue the kid is talented.

He made some bad throws in the red zone, but he seems to take way to much criticism in my opinion.

Between the 20's there is ample space because D's tend to spread back more. In the red zone everything "cramps" up, like the phins.

I really wish our receivers could create more seperation in the red zone so we do not have to rely on these fades and jump balls. Or maybe we get a f'n running game.

so frustrated!

Henne was fine, nice job.

The offensive penalties were ugly and hurt us.

Our DBs and receivers cramping up? WTF?

Lack of a running attack hurt big time. Especially near the goal line. Missing Polite already.

Go Dolphins!

I think the problem is the Bubble... I maybe wrong but don't the Fins practice inside most of the time? DUH that kind of blows the whole "use the heat/humidity for home field advantage. You wouldnt have seen em gassed like that prior to the bubble.

Lol @ Soiled Bottom....

Disagrre with Devil's Advocate. Henne had a nice redzone throw to Hartline for a TD. Marshall dropped another nice throw at the goal line. It was a tough play, but Henne put it where he had to. Overall, Chad played a solid game. No turnovers till the last play of the game.

The fade to Hartline was a bad throw (also a bad call), but considering the coverage, if it had been a decent throw, its incomplete anyway.

Bottom line, we could have had Brees or Rivers at QB, it wouldnt have mattered. Brady, his receivers, and Belichik put on an absolute clinic. Defensive coaches, D-Line, Secondary were all obliterated. Scary part is those facets were supposed to be our strength

Henne can throw for over 400 yds a game all year, put up a 4 to 1 td to int ratio and keep the phins in every game. And if the defense plays like this all year and God forbid we are in the Luck sweepstakes, that is who everyone will be bitching for the phins to draft. I don't care who is back there, if he is running for his life because the line SUCKS, there is no running game, and the receivers don't catch what hits them in the hands the Phins aren't going to win! Putting the blame on Henne for the field goal and the missed score is wrong. Yes the fade pass sucked but with half a yard to go he shouldn't have even been in a position to have to throw it. Everyone knows the Phins don't have a line or a back capable of gaining a half yard consistently on the goal line or on 4th down for that matter. And as Poizen pointeed out, if Marshall holds on to the ball, then it would have only been one possession we are talking about.

Joe seems you did not learn from the last thread. Many questions out there for you to ponder. Yes Marshall dropped a pass in the endzone he had his hands on, and that's your definition of fighting for the ball.
Another point was Marshall was great between the 20's, pretty bad after that

THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS!!! Henne played pretty well in spite of how pathetic this group is, lots of penalties, can't run block and can't pass block. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!! Ok now I feel better

And while we're at it, what is so wrong with Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams? Bet Sparano wishes he wasnt such an idiot and still had both Brown and Williams. Wheres the #2 pk in the draft? Oh yeah, he tweaked his hammie. Its conditioning, its getting in shape. The Dolphins are slowly but surely getting the "Cleveland" syndrome,,,as yearly losers.
By the way I predicted a 31 10 score,,Pats, was far off. You guys have the "Homer" day.

Joe, it was 3rd and goal, Marshall was slot left ran a 4 yard route, turned and he was coming to the ball, hit him in the hands/chest inside the goal line and he dropped it. 3rd quarter I believe before the field goal.

Ask a fin, the qb throws for 400 yards and the o line can't pass block, not much sense there.
Now run blocking, they did not try enough runs to know.

Craig M, from last blog, yes, I was extremely happy to see this style of football (offensively). And not for the reasons you think (well, yes, I prefer this style, it's more entertaining). But also because it gives us THE ONLY CHANCE to win in this division. No, I don't think we can win in a shootout with Tom Brady, but no, I don't think the answer is to slow the game down and let your offense get out of sync.

What needs to happen is the defense needs to learn to cover TEs and get off the field. This is how we lost twice to NE LAST YEAR. Why couldn't Nolan figure out a better game plan in ONE YEAR? Not only were the TEs open, they were WIDE OPEN. Why not leave the WRs open and JUST cover the TEs?

Really, really big disappointment in the defense. Also, our strength was said to be the DL. NO PRESSURE!!! Can't have that against Brady. Why didn't anyone else step up besides Wake (who will see double-teams all year)? If he's the only one getting pressure, defense won't be that good this year.

All in all, feel more comfortable in the offense, less in the defense, and I'm pretty much where I predicted we'd be (8-8, 9-7). Unfortunately, that's good enough to get into Playoffs in the NFC East maybe, NOT the AFC East.

You fans that dont believe this team will win more games this year need to get the a new team. Not only is the media always putting this team down now you the fans are falling into it. Henne played dame well. Buy tickets and go to the game and support this team

I thought the O-line did a decent job. Maybe I just had low expectations, but other than Incognito's 2 penalties, and 1 play where Henne got mauled before he could even drop back, I thought they were OK.

Pass protection was pretty good, run blocking wasnt great, but thats also the best interior D-line they are gonna see all season. Everything gets easier from here. Until they go to NE

DC, it is brutal here!!!! I do not take losing well!!1 LOL

Henne may have turned the corner, too early to tell but he certainly showed more pocket presence than I've seen in the past. And his ability to run a little is an added dimension. And he looked just fine in the shotgun to me. But I have a couple observations not about Henne.

1. Do we need a kickoff specialist? Love DC as a field goal kicker but he struggled to get the ball to the goal line which cost us field position almost every time. Not acceptable.

2. We should have resigned Larry Johnson for those goal line situations. Wait...

3. While we threw a lot of mid range passes I didn't see much thrown deep.

That being said the better team won and hats off to them. Barring a Brady injury they are going to win the AFC East.

Is Sparano trying to be the players best friend instead of working them hard and getting them in good shape.

I half expected the headlines to read, "Dolphins Out of Shape".

Mando and others, we will be negatively affected by the lockout and all new agreement with fewer practices (esp. with a young team) since they won't be acclimated to Miami weather. Yes, they've had a month or whatever, but OBVIOUSLY that's not enough. Not sure why all the cramping, that's gotta be a hydration issue, NOT conditioning. Team docs did a poor job re-hydrating players (completely unacceptable for a Florida team).

Also, penalties hurt us. Once again, ST was not good, penalties hurt there. And offensive penalties stalled drives. We should have put up 35 points, but again, if Henne/offense puts up 24, that should be good enough to win. But, discipline, smarts, we got beat on both those counts AGAIN (and that's coaching/conditioning).

I remember it now, Thanks for the refresher!
He wasn't inside the goal line though. I'll watch the replay tonight.

His body was in front of the line & the dback was all over him. Didn't look like it would have been a td . He would have been down at the half yard line just like in the 4th.

If I recall, we were already at the 2 yard line as someone commented it was like an extra point.

Not being able to run in the red zone will haunt this team all year. The modern passing offense is nice but we need a run game inside the 10.

I am also a bit sour grapes here...

But does brady deserve the praise as much as he gets it? OR does that o-line deserve to all go to the HOF.

The 4 times we got pressure on Brady all night he missed open receivers.

Every other play he had a minimum of 7 seconds if he wanted it. Pat White wiould be a pro bowl QB with that kind of time... wait... OK not pat white, but Cleo Lemon would be!

Well I keep looking at that pass to Hartline in the end zone, it was overthrown.


You were supposed to call me a loser Jet fan. Look, as I wrote, yes Henne looks like he has got a little more spunk in his game, reacting faster, but he was already pretty good between the 20's, with the exception of a few awful games at the end of last season. So, I think some have forgotten that. His end zone performance looks exactly the same though, inept. Therefore, it can no longer be blamed on Henning...either its Henne or the personnel around him is not helping him out. I'm still waiting to see Henne throw a nice end zone fade pass. If he doesn't have that, why keep calling it?

And one more time, 4th and goal from the 1/2 yard line and Tony 'Mr Prized Oline' Sparano doesn't have the confidence to run it in? That is what haunts me the most from the whole game. Why are Lex and LJ even on the team taking up a roster spot then? He wimped out.

So in year 4 a coach who was hired with his expertise being in coaching an offensive line and having a strong running game, still has no o-line or running game. After all of this time he and Ireland have had, the area that they should be strongest in they are the weakest. A defense that has many talented players and should be tops in the league is unprepared,over matched,over worked, AND under conditioned. Not only do you lose the game which wouldn't have been a big deal but you also let the Pats set an NFL record in your home, in your opening game of the season.

And all of this after you first warn everyone that it's going to take some time to get this thing going on offense, only to change that stance 2 weeks later at a dinner saying we will fight for a division and people better not take this team lightly.

We have Reggie Bush and already you're not using him properly,trying to run him up the middle with a crap o-line against two of the biggest defensive linemen in the league.

Using Marc Colombo like he is fraking blind and can't see what the rest of the world sees, the guy stinks and now Carey is playing out of position which is causing even more problems. Hey, at least we saved that extra cash Carey was making! Bot that helped a lot, I mean we were able to sign Will Yeatmen and Donte ROsario with that money! Didn't everyone see how valuable they are too the team?!

Clay goes down and we have no true full back to play in the game. What happens if Bush goes down and Hilliard is playing FB? Does Larry Johnson get to play? Do we want him to play?! Or do we just scrap 1/5 of the playbook by taking out and 2 back based plays?

Why no second receiver? A talented one who can actually get open and/or catch the ball in the red zone so Marshall isn't the only target? Funny that we have a two tight end set and still refuse to throw to the tight end in the red zone like the rest of the league. Ohhhh yeeeeaaahhhhh that's right, our tight ends have to stay in to help block because the o-line is putrid.

Lastly, how does Henne throw for over 400 yards with no running game and no o-line? You still don't believe in this kid people after all of this crap he plays with and behind and under and still manages to throw the ball with that kind of efficiency?@!! And if Marshall makes that catch that's 3 tds in the air and 1 rushing! I can't even imagine what he could do with a real o-line, running game that would allow him play action something he had none of last night, a real Tight End, and a true #2 WR.

I am definitely not ready to throw in the towel on Henne after last night but I think it's time to wave the white flag on this regime. I've had it, I'm almost done. Tony better figure something out quick and get this team to at least a 2-2 start or he will be done. I'm not even sure if it's worth waiting for at this point, they've had 4 years and seem to be regressing.

Agree on the running game. Joe I think if he actually caught the ball he would have been just in the goal line then momentum takes him out, I think he would have gotten the TD call, or replay would show he was @ the goal line the very least.

Either way we will never know. OH and we bring Solai in as a fullback and he got stood up at the line... wtf?

How do we not have a running game? Unbelievable.

I thought Henne showed improvement, he stayed in the pocket against the rush longer, he even made some nice decisions to tuck the ball and run, the guy ran for 59 yards, that is probably the most he rain for in his entire career. However the guy can not throw a fade pass when in the red zon, he should be working on that with marshal every practice. But the playing calling on the goal line was pretty awful. why not a naked boot leg or quick toss to the outside to bush and he runs to the plyon. Henne cant throw a fade or ball with touch so stop calling those plays near the goal line, Henne even said last year he doesnt even like throwing the fade.
Other than that this game was definately about the swiss cheese out of shape, no pressure defense. Brady had a cleaner jersey in the first half then the Brady jersey you can buy off the rack in the store.

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